Britain Loses Patience With Sleepy Joe

Tony Blair has blasted US President Joe Biden’s asinine decision to remove American troops from Taliban controlled Afghanistan, calling the scuttle tragic, dangerous and unnecessary and claiming the move had every Jihadist group around the world cheering.

Tony Blair, who was in Downing Street when London sent British troops into the Middle Eastern country 20 years ago following the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York and Washington, said Britain has a moral responsibility to stay until all those who need to be are evacuated.

In a 2,700 article on the threat of radical Islam, the former British prime minister said the exits weren’t in the West or Afghanistan’s interest as he lamented the likely reversal of gains made during the occupation, with the Taliban reasserting itself across most of the country in recent days.

Tony Blair issued a stiff warning to Boris Johnson that the manner of the US’ handling of the exit of the United Kingdom could be relegated from the top division of international powers, with reports Britain was chiefly kept in the dark about when American armed forces would leave.

Relations between Britain and the US are strained, with Defence Secretary Ben Wallace warning no country will be able to get everyone out of Afghanistan as Joe Biden’s August 31 date makes the mission even more time-pressured, in what is expected to be regarded as a plea to Washington.

Cabinet insiders have suggested the President was gaga and doolally for withdrawing so swiftly, while the Prime Minister has supposedly privately referred to Joe Biden as Sleepy Joe, the nickname coined by Donald Trump. Boris Johnson also allegedly remarked Britain would be better off with Donald Trump, allegations branded categorically incorrect by Downing Street.

Tony Blair also claimed that Russia, China and Iran will see and take advantage, and anyone given assurances by Western leaders would understandably view them as unstable currency.

Both the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab have suggested that Britain will now have to turn to Beijing and Moscow to assist with exercising a moderating influence over the Taliban post withdrawal.

Tony Blair said that for Britain, out of Europe and suffering the end of the Afghanistan mission by their greatest ally with limited or no consultation, they have a serious reflection to do and that they don’t see it yet, but they’re at risk of relegation to the second division of global powers.

But what the hell does Tony Blair know about moral responsibilities? And is he still looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction! And who moved the rock and let him slide back out? I wish the media would stop giving this guy a platform.

And Boris Johnson allegedly said the US would have been better with Donald Trump. Well, the majority, particularly Tory voters believe the United Kingdom would have been much better off with a proper Tory Government, and half-decent cabinet, because he’s made the UK more divided, more divisive, more crime-ridden, and he’s ruined the lives and prospects of too many good decent folk.

But putting aside views on both sides, did anyone ever contemplate not going in at all? Although, it’s a tad late for that, but it was a bad judgment call, and one would expect hindsight to be an exact science, but then….

The trouble is Tony Blair and Bush didn’t consider anything, they just did as their puppet master instructed.

And it strikes me that no matter what Boris Johnson says these days, Downing Street always denies what he said, even if he didn’t say anything at all.

Also, Tony Blair branded Joe Biden as an imbecile, but as the old saying goes, it takes one to know one, and it appears that the entire world is being run by imbeciles.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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