Hundreds Of New Yorkers Descend On Manhattan

Hundreds of New Yorkers assembled outside City Hall in Manhattan on Wednesday to oppose COVID 19 vaccine mandates.

Demonstrators claimed that they should have the right to be routinely tested for the virus instead of being made to get vaccinated or otherwise lose their jobs.

In light of the extremely contagious Delta variant, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio stated earlier this week that businesses have a grace period until September 13 to begin implementing vaccine checkpoints before facing $1,000 penalties, but numerous bars and restaurants are already demanding evidence of vaccination to enter.

He said there won’t be an option of a weekly test in place of a vaccine.

Demonstration organiser Michael Kane told Pix 11 the rally was about choice, but he wouldn’t tell the local news station if he was vaccinated but called the recently imposed mandates authoritarianism.

In his announcement, de Blasio also said that every staff member at an NYC public school must get at least one shot of the vaccine by September 27, and he said that he thought that a vaccine mandate for all adults that work with children was the right thing for the city.

The mayor’s announcement came just 24 hours after de Blasio broke from Governor Andrew Cuomo and said he wouldn’t bring back an indoor mask mandate in the city.

De Blasio said last week that if people want to participate in society fully, they’ve got to get vaccinated, but businesses, unions and critics of the mandates were quickly angered, citing personal freedom arguments.

In parts of the city where the majority of people were resisting the vaccine, business owners were worried the mandates would be a fatal setback after the virus stopped them from working at full capacity for months last year.

It will fall largely on businesses to implement the policy and de Blasio maintained it wouldn’t be too different from a host escorting someone to a table or a box office assistant selling a ticket.

The Big Apple now requires documentation of vaccination for people attending indoor venues such as restaurants, gyms and shows, as the city attempts to get back on its feet. However, the vaccine mandates are laden with complications as restaurants servers, bartenders and ticket brokers at already understaffed businesses now must implement the vaccination rules.

But mindful that another economic shutdown could be unfavourable, some restaurants and bar owners are embracing the mandates as a way to manage the virus and are keeping their doors open, and there’s something chilling when a government attempts to force its people to take a vaccine – next, they’ll be putting people into quarantine camps.

And if they can force a vaccine, then they can force anything.

If the vaccines work like they say that they do, then why would vaccinated people fear those that haven’t been vaccinated – it either works or it doesn’t!

The problem is people have no idea what goes into these vaccines, the side effects, injuries or deaths that will come from them, not in the long run anyway. Everything appears to be hidden from the public, and there’s no informed consent either, you either get the jab or lose your job.

So, what comes after the vaccine mandate – chips to control people, or are they already doing that?

And the thing is you can’t sue if the vaccine makes you sick or worse, and there’s zero accountability by the vaccine dealers and pushers, which is basically what they are.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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