Britain Is Set To End Unnecessary Web Cookie Requests

The Culture Secretary will announce proposals to sweep away swathes of the EU’s flagship data laws which could spell the end of pointless web cookie warnings and red tape.

In what is the first post Brexit shake-up of the UK’s digital economy, Oliver Dowden is set to outline how Briton’s data can be used more flexibly.

Speaking to a newspaper outlet, Oliver Dowden said the Government plans to peel away from key parts of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, which came into force in 2018.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which dictates how people’s personal information is collected, has been criticised for being too bureaucratic and overly rigid.

Oliver Dowden suggested the new reforms would also cut down on cookie banners, which are used by websites to secure users permission for collecting their data.

At present under the GDPR rules, sites have to give users a genuine choice over whether to say yes or no to cookies that process and share their data.

Ministers are also said to be preparing to shake up Britain’s data watchdog.

The Government is set to select John Edwards, who’s currently New Zealand’s privacy commissioner, to head up the regulator.

Oliver Dowden described the reforms as a data dividend of Brexit and said the new British framework would be more proportionate, and he added that it would help to cut the costs for businesses and facilitate great innovation which would also encourage growth, opportunities and jobs.

However, the EU continues to trumpet GDPR as having improved data privacy measures across the world, meaning the United Kingdom could trigger fresh tensions with the bloc by deviating from the rules.

The policies will also likely be scrutinised by privacy campaigners who fear further online profiling of individuals and greater massing of personal data by large companies.

Oliver Dowden said the reforms would bring an end to unnecessary bureaucracy and box-ticking but would still protect people’s privacy.

What’s irritating is that some sites make it virtually impossible to decline cookies, while other sites give simple options – accept, chose or decline all.

Most sites use cookies, but it’s not about that, it’s what the cookies are being used for, like the information that they collect about you, and the profile that you build up – a digital footprint of your life.

And of course, with that digital footprint, they have the ability to track you, your data farmed out and sold. So, what that implies is that all this data that your cookies are gathering are collecting all of your data, and ultimately it will be without your say so.

Eventually, they will eliminate all barriers, it will be a total take over by the oppressive elite, who couldn’t care less about you, and I bet Governments have much more in store for us, and it seems that we have no privacy online, whatever box we tick.

The problem is the law doesn’t go far enough. The law should be that there should be no cookies unless a person explicitly gives consent, and the default should be a ‘no’ button.

And if the information is to be used, that data should stay where it’s put and used for the purpose that person provides it for.

Welcome to the 21st century where our privacy rights have also been eroded.

These cookies track your digital behaviour (digital footprint) and numerous companies use them for many reasons because the cookies build a profile of the user and this information is sold on or used for other reasons, but it’s making a mockery of your rights.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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