Channel 4 Is Condemned For Putting Women In Danger

Channel 4 has been accused of running a creepy bus advert that puts women at risk because it says the person sat above a section of the advertisement ‘loves being naked.’

The broadcaster’s endeavour at humour to promote Naked Attraction has rebounded amid criticism it’s improper given how many sexual attacks occur on public transportation.

Others have also expressed concerns that children and young people could find themselves sat in a seat with the wording directed at them.

Transport for London has announced that it’s essentially reassessing whether these adverts should continue to run.

Under the heading Altogether Different, the advertising panel which covers almost the length of the bus has three descriptions of people written out with an arrow pointing up to the person who is sat above it, inside the vehicle.

One is captioned ‘Loves Naked Attraction’, another ‘Hates Naked Attraction’ and the last one reads ‘Loves Being Naked.’

Naked Attraction is Channel 4’s dating program, hosted by Anna Richardson, where a contestant picks a partner based on what they look like without any clothes on.

Writer Tracy King put a photo of the advert on social media along with her critique of it. Her post got thousands of responses.

She wrote, what the hell is this creepy bus ad? And that you can’t just label non-consenting passengers like that, and she said that doesn’t Channel 4 know how many sexual attacks take place on buses?

She added that people should be extremely careful with adverts that include the public without their permission, and she said that if they’re going to make the public the subject of the joke then the joke certainly shouldn’t be a sexualised one.

Others joined the critique calling the advert inappropriate and disgraceful, and one said they’d been disgusted by it.

Concerns were expressed about the fact that children and young people sit in these seats and also that it could lead to people being targeted.

Lothian Buses in a tweet said it had passed on concerns expressed by one of its customers, and Channel 4 has apologised, and a spokesperson said that it was not their aim to offend and that they apologise if it has done so.

Who thought this advert was a great idea? They must have realised that it would be embarrassing to people, men, women or young children, to inadvertently sit in that seat and be laughed at, but then, of course, this isn’t surprising from cesspit TV.

Not only is Naked Attraction the most ridiculous show I’ve ever seen and so pointless, but the program also shouldn’t be allowed to run, not after these ridiculous adverts.

But then the advert appears to have generated a lot of attention, which I guess is the point of advertising, but even so, this is so obviously inappropriate.

The advert is trash, also offensive, and the TV show is puerile.

The TV show is offensive, and I’m not a spoilsport, but this is just a foolish gawking program, all the while encouraging leery and superficial behaviour in society, and I can’t believe that this rubbish passes for entertainment.

This is terrible TV and pure cringe, and whoever thought up the idea was probably doing it for a laugh, but the shock factor has gone, time to ditch it – the show is disgusting, never mind the bus advertisement, and then we wonder why western culture is going down the pan, it’s because our values are being eroded by the rubbish spewed on our televisions.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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