Singer’s Opera Dream Is Under Threat

A music student fears her odds of fulfilling her dream of becoming an opera singer could be ruined without an operation to reduce the size of her breasts.

Maddie Boreham, 22, says she’s in agony because of back pain, which is making it increasingly difficult to stand straight and sing.

The 5 foot 8-inch singer is crowdfunding through the internet to raise the £7,000 she requires for the operation to reduce the size of her 34KK breasts.

Describing the impact on her performance, she said that as an opera singer, you have to hold yourself in a certain way when you sing, and she said that she was rehearsing for a concert recently, doing a chorus piece, but that by the end of the day, she could hardly stand anymore because of the pressure her breasts were putting on her back, and that rehearsals were agony for her now.

Miss Boreham, of Kettering, Northamptonshire, is due to graduate from the Royal College of Music in Kensington, west London, next June.

She added that the pain she’s feeling because of her breasts is getting worse and she’s struggling to stand up straight to sing for long periods, and she said that she’s been working for years to become an opera singer, but that she’s at a point now where if she doesn’t get the surgery then she’s not going to be able to carry on, and she worries that she will face a lengthy wait to have surgery on the NHS, adding that it doesn’t feel right to put added stress on the NHS right now.

Ideally, she said she would like to reduce her cup size to a C or D.

To donate to Miss Boreham’s appeal, visit

I just don’t understand why this isn’t being done on the NHS, given that it’s causing her medical problems and affecting her daily life. It’s not like women have any control over their breast size, other than general weight control, although you wouldn’t expect her to be given priority over a cancer patient, and I’m sure that Miss Boreham wouldn’t either.

Sadly, this was one of the cuts a few years back, but annoyingly they will give fertility treatments to a woman who’s already had children, but treatments like breast reduction were considered irrelevant.

This is one particular operation that should be done on the NHS because not only can it cause health problems, but psychological problems as well, and why should she pay when the cost to the NHS for a breast reduction would be far less than the continuous cost for musculoskeletal problems – this is not a cosmetic procedure.

But let’s hope that her singing career eventually busts out. However, her back must be in agony, and I can’t blame her for going private, and of course, the aftercare is better too.

And just because the good Lord gave her an extra helping, doesn’t mean she should be penalised because of it, and I hope that she does get her breast reduction because it beggar’s belief when we have all these new dinghy arrivals who will get treated, yet someone with a genuine problem like this can’t get relief.

It’s not just the back pain, it’s pain that they can cause to the neck and shoulders. Rashes because large breasts trap heat and moisture underneath them, causing persistent rashes and skin infections, along with shoulder grooves, numbness and headaches, and in some cases shortness of breath.

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