Brighton’s Green Council Angers Residents

A Green council is under fire from residents who’ve been forced to stay in their homes because of the dreadful smell caused by the 13-day bin strike.

Householders in Brighton complained that towering quantities of waste from overflowing rubbish bins had become an attraction for rodents and a serious threat to health.

Talks between the Green led city council and the GMB union fell Friday night when a union representative accused the council of prolonging the agony of residents.

The crisis affected 120,000 households and came after dozens of refuse workers from the union walked out two weeks ago as part of industrial action over pay and working conditions.

Heaps of uncollected bin sacks, spanning 10 feet high in some parts of Brighton and Hove, have formed in numerous streets, spilling waste onto pavements and roads across the seaside city.

Rats, foxes and seagulls have been ripping open the discarded bags, leaving decaying refuse scattered around the fashionable Georgian streets, and drinks cartons, rotting food waste and nappy sacks have all been spilt out.

One Brighton local said that they’ve had to keep all the windows closed because just opening them during the day, it’s awful, really awful.

Another added that heaps of waste was increasing every day and the smell was shocking, and the danger to public health was very worrying as vermin were everywhere.

Refuse workers have been in a lengthy dispute with the council over imposing changes to daily duties and the elimination of drivers from long-standing rounds without warning.

The GMB said that changes in driver duties, crew variations and changes in collections has had a damaging impact on the well-being of HGV drivers, and a council spokesperson said the pandemic and a deficit of HGV drivers had created pressure and it was felt fitting to make crew changes or move a member of staff from one round or crew to another.

For health reasons perhaps people should throw some petrol over the rubbish and stand well back before we become rat-infested and end up with the plague again, then they might send someone in, but I doubt it, and while they’re at it they should put the Green party on top of it, then we could have a pyre full of greens.

In this day and age, this is disgusting and unacceptable, we don’t live in the 18th century anymore and things should have progressed not regressed, and now they should just bring in the army to get rid of the waste before people start to become seriously sick because these rat-infested heaps must be pumping a massive amount of methane into the air.

And then Boris Johnson goes on about going green, yeah, Boris, that sounds like a great plan.

The United Kingdom has become a rubbish dump with litter everywhere, and nothing is being done about it, and if the greens have their way, it will soon be the stench of dead bodies if the power is cut this winter, but this is what happens when you vote green, and all other cities should take note because this is what you’ll get. As Kermit the frog once said, it’s not easy being green!

Published by Angela Lloyd

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