A Migrant Faked Being In A Diabetic Coma

A migrant has faked a diabetic coma to claim asylum at a hospital in Majorca while 15 of his companions are still on the run after escaping from a plane when it made an emergency landing.

Paramedics boarded the aircraft that was diverted to Palma Airport for the medical emergency and the group of Moroccans took advantage by escaping through the open door and vanishing into the night.

The man accused of feigning a diabetic coma told medics he was fine when he got to the island’s Son Llatzer hospital and a companion allowed to travel with him to the medical centre was still on the run after disappearing shortly after their arrival.

Police are treating the incident, thought to be a first in aviation history, like a well-orchestrated and clever move by more than 20 Moroccans who made it off the aircraft.

The aircraft, travelling to Istanbul in Turkey from the Moroccan city of Casablanca, made an emergency landing after one of the men on board went into an apparent diabetic coma.

Well placed sources said the passengers who escaped the aircraft massed on an exit door as medical responders arrived to treat the sick man and made their escape soon after the paramedics had left the aircraft for the hospital with him and his companion.

Their escape from the aircraft, which was originally thought to belong to Air Maroc but was being identified locally as an Air Arabic Maroc operated aircraft, led to the suspension of all airport operations for almost four hours.

Spanish airport authority Aena confirmed business had been resumed in a tweet just before midnight.

It confirmed 13 flights scheduled to arrive at Palma had been diverted, five to Barcelona, four to Ibiza, and two to Menorca, one to Madrid Barajas and another to Valencia.

About 40 incoming and outbound flights, including several international flights, are said to have been delayed, and Margo, 25, from London, told a newspaper outlet that she was on the plane and had been stuck on the runway for two hours as the airport had gone into lockdown and that just before they were due to take off it was announced that a plane travelling from Morocco to Turkey made an emergency landing due to a passenger having a diabetic fit.

She said that as the plane landed 24 people pushed past medics and security and ran off the plane, and that the police were trying to find them.

The only thing that these illegals are interested in is free housing, free money, free healthcare, and a free ride for life, and all at the taxpayer’s expense, and a nice hot cup of tea as a greeting from Priti Patel.

And they seem to be such honest people, don’t they? Yet we welcome them with open arms and put them up in the best accommodation whilst we sort out their benefits and prepare them for a life of unemployment and comparative luxury, but they’re great for cheap labour and our Government is lapping it all up.

Oh, and look, Gary Lineker is reportedly looking for another illegal he can take in and mould.

Illegals are incompatible with our western life, our laws, whilst they’re on their way to claiming benefits that British people are being denied, but who paid into the system.

They have no money, no ID, some have no skills or qualifications, so they shouldn’t be entitled to anything, particularly if they’ve not paid into the system.

Some Brits have paid into the system for years and are being denied things that they should be entitled to, yet boat people come over and seem to be allowed everything that they’ve not paid for.

If they want to live here, then they should be paying into the system, but this country is so soft and politicians are tripping over themselves to welcome them to the huge detriment of our culture, and our way of life. This is our history, our country of birth and everything that we stand for, or at least we did!

Published by Angela Lloyd

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