According To Facebook Researchers, 1 In 8 Users – About 360 Million People – Are Addicted To The App

According to a report, Facebook’s researchers found that about 1 in 8 of the social network’s 2.9 billion users has an addiction like problems.

The problems associated with using the platform are said to affect users’ sleep, work, parenting or relationships.

The social media platform euphemistically describes the issues problematic use but in the wider world, it’s more commonly known as internet addiction.

According to the report as seen by the Wall Street Journal, the usage patterns are perceived by users to be worse on Facebook than any other major social media platform, which all endeavour to keep users coming back.

The information was all contained in documents leaked to the press part of the Journal’s Facebook Files, a trove of reporting based on internal documents provided by whistleblower Frances Haugen who testified before Congress last month.

Whatever the term, the numbers involved are tottering with problems said to be affecting 12.5 per cent of Facebook’s users or more than 360 million people.

The researchers concluded that about 10 per cent of US users engage in such behaviour with numbers thought to be as high as 25 per cent in the Philippines and India, the company’s biggest market.

The research into how the use of social media might negatively influence people’s day to day lives was started numerous years ago to mitigate any harmful behaviour the company identified.

Researchers noted how some users lacked control when it came to the amount of time they were spending on Facebook.

They noted that activities like shopping, sex and Facebook use, when repeated and excessive, may cause problems for some people.

Problems included things such as a loss of productivity with people unable to accomplish tasks in their own lives because of the amount of time they were spending on Facebook.

Other users reported a loss of sleep because of late-night scrolling, and in some cases, parents concentrated more on Facebook than caring for or bonding with their children.

Researchers noted that it wasn’t just Facebook that was being used compulsively but a variety of other social media apps, including Instagram and WhatsApp which are owned by parent company Meta.

Twitter and Snapchat were also mentioned with users feeling compelled to reply to messages and continually checking for new content on their smartphones.

Various app designs trigger addictive usage including the presence of red dots which would signify when new content is available to be clicked on, and videos that autoplay was also seen as another factor that made it difficult to put the app down.

These apps should be removed because no one needs to read about something while they’re stuck in traffic, and your real friends will text you when they need to or want to, and there’s more than one way to keep in touch with your friends, and the question is, why are we accumulating virtual friends?

Social media apps are dangerous, although I don’t suppose Mark Zuckerberg thought that his programme would go that far. Still, I’m sure he’s pretty pleased that it did. However, the programme can be dangerous, and there are many fragments of its use that get numerous people into trouble, especially with the number of trolls and bots that are on there.

And if you’ve ever been trolled before, you would know that people are on there to leave you intentionally provocative or offensive messages on the internet to get your attention, which could cause trouble or upset to someone, but instead of ditching Facebook or any social media site we strive to catch whoever was doing it, and in our frustration, other people add to that frustration by writing cowardly hateful comments, and God knows what this could do to the mind of a vulnerable young boy or girl who could eventually be moulded by this frustration.

Real friends, real interactions, real life, that’s always going to be the winner!

So, Mark Zuckerberg, unplug yourself and allow people to come back to some kind of reality please, for all our sakes.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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