Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Sister Rachel Says Tory MP Caroline Nokes Isn’t Playing The Game

Boris Johnson’s sister has claimed that Tory MP Caroline Nokes is not playing the game by alleging her father Stanley Johnson slapped her on the bottom nearly two decades ago.

Rachel Johnson questioned the value of the Romsey and Southampton North MP making the 2003 allegations in 2021, by asking: “What does it actually achieve?’

Speaking on her own podcast ‘Difficult Women’, the journalist and broadcaster said she did ‘not defend male aggressive sexual behaviour’, but the 56-year-old said she believed that making allegations as those made against her father by Caroline Nokes redounds against women in the end.

It comes after the Tory MP claimed Stanley Johnson forcefully smacked her on the backside and made a remark at the Conservative Party conference in Blackpool in 2003.

The allegations sparked claims by journalist Ailbhe Rea, who says she was groped by Stanley Johnson, 81, at a party conference in 2019. Stanley Johnson says he has no memory of either event.

Ms Nokes, 49, has been widely applauded for speaking out about Stanley Johnson’s alleged conduct, including by International Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan who said women had for too long had to deal with casual sexism, the wandering hand.

But talking on her podcast about the accusations, Ms Johnson said that her father had been in a bit of bother because a female Tory MP didn’t play up and play the game because she revealed he slapped her bottom about 20 years ago.

She added that what troubled her was that she wasn’t sure what it would achieve and that she feared that it would encourage other women to come out and say things that have happened to them, but that she’s also heard men saying that women couldn’t be trusted and that they don’t know how they behave anymore.

She said that she wasn’t defending any kind of male aggressive sexual conduct but that she didn’t believe it redounds against women in the end.

Ms Johnson made the comments in the podcast while talking to former Weakest Link presenter Anne Robinson, who has previously rallied against modern-day feminism and the #MeToo movement.

Anne Robinson, who recently had Johnson stay with her and described him as her best guest, also gave her opinion on the accusations made by Ms Nokes.

So, not playing the game. Is Rachel Johnson attempting to change the rules of the game because it’s her father, and can anybody show or tell me when was the last time, if any, when any member of the Johnson clan was held up as paragons of virtue and morality?

They appear to be a very peculiar family indeed, with no morals and it’s self, self, self and self includes those closest, and maybe it was Stanley Johnson senior that wasn’t playing the game?

And it seems that Rachel Johnson saying that Ms Nokes isn’t playing the game is a code for women should put up and shut up. How extremely ignorant of her and it also gives a very negative message to women who are or were suffering from sexual harassment.

The rules are that you shouldn’t be going around touching anyone unless you’ve been invited to do so, anything else is assault.

And what game is that? The one where we let abusers off the hook if they’re rich and powerful enough because Rachel Johnson is saying that part out quite loudly.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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