The Home Office Orders Councils To Care For Unaccompanied Migrant Children

Councils will be forced to take migrant children into their care systems as Kent gets overwhelmed following a record 4,000 making the perilous crossing this month.

Unaccompanied migrant children were previously moved around the UK based on a voluntary scheme to lessen the impact of migrants crossing the English Channel on Kent County Council.

But more than 200 councils could now be forced to take on migrant children unless they’ve got a good reason why not.

It comes as Home Secretary Priti Patel confirmed talks over possible joint British-French sea patrols in the Channel that would strive to stop and return migrants were ongoing.

Roger Gough, Tory leader of Kent county council which took 247 children this year, told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme that it was the right thing to do, but Nick Forbes, Labour leader of Newcastle county council called the plan a blunt tool that wouldn’t suit every council.

Roger Gough added, 247 young people came into their care and they transferred 150 into other councils, and that they’ve had two occasions last year and earlier this year when they’ve indicated they can’t take young people because they weren’t able to offer safe and effective care at that time.

Nick Forbes, Labour leader of Newcastle county council, revealed the local authority has taken about 27 migrant children recently.

He added they originally agreed they’d take six, but took an additional ten, and they’ve taken 16 from Kent. In addition, they’ve had seven who arrived as adults but when assessed turned out to be children.

He said that they’ve taken 27 in the last year, and that they’re happy to do that, and that it was part of national responsibility, and that burden shouldn’t fall to some councils.

Nick Forbes said the problem with forcing children to take migrant children is that it’s a blunt tool.

He added that some councils have existing high levels of looked after children in their own areas. Some councils have real difficulties obtaining social workers, and he said that he thought what’s really happened is the reverse and that they’ve seen councils who’ve got several children in the system making offers to take more. It’s a matter of political preference.

He maintained there are 15 councils that have not taken on any migrant children, and that he wholly acknowledges the situation in Kent but it’s not fair to punish councils with a very large part. There are good reasons availability of foster care beds for example, and they want to assure a long term strategy.

The number of migrants crossing the Channel hit a record 4,019 this month, surpassing the previous high of 3,879 in September, with this year’s total now a record-breaking 23,761.

All this does really make you question who the Government serve these days because it’s certainly not the British people, but they’re quite willing to take in migrants when the British people can’t even see a doctor, dentist, and people are dying in ambulances because A&E is overcrowded, and there are countless British Nationals who are homeless, with many struggling to feed themselves or keep warm. Meanwhile, we get taxed to death, and beyond.

The mainstream political party’s don’t represent the British people or our values and culture, and they’re just trying to replace us with migrants who will work for less money, that’s until they see the writing on the wall and start challenging the Government for more, then what will happen with them?

However, services in Kent, particularly child services have been struggling for years due to illegal migration, whether by lorry or boat. This is just Government deception and incompetency and it’s not a new thing, but it is getting more serious.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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