CCTV Footage Shows A Road Rage Argument

News footage reveals that a road rage killer walked out in front of a BMW driver before stabbing him to death as his four-year-old son watched in fear from the back seat.

The CCTV reveals that Alexander Layton, 34, got off a bus and cut off 40-year-old James Stokoe’s vehicle before the malicious attack.

The driver was furious and pulled over to shout at Alexander Layton, not knowing he was carrying a 12-inch kitchen knife in his rucksack.

James Stokoe was on his way home from his parents and his wife Alex, a lab technician at Durham University, even tried to call him to warn that the traffic was bad due to a killing.

Layton, who’d been feeling suicidal hours before he deliberately walked out in from of James Stokoe’s vehicle, was sentenced to murder.

A judge at Teesside Crown Court sentenced Layton to a minimum of 23 years in jail following the attack in Thornaby, Teesside, in May 2020.

The new footage showed Layton getting off the back of the bus wearing shorts, a polo shirt and carrying a plastic bag containing a large knife.

He appeared to say thank you to the driver as he stepped off and walked ahead of the vehicle.

The driver then pulled away as Layton let it pass before he walked out into the road in front of the BMW.

The white car slammed on its brakes before the driver got out and began yelling at Layton.

He got back in the vehicle and pulled over at the side of the road close to the pedestrian.

Witnesses said Mr Stokoe shouted asking him if he was daft and that he nearly knocked him over and that he had a child in the car.

Layton was on the other side of the road at that point, apparently shouting back and asking if Mr Stokoe was talking to him and that he was there and he should come over.

The killer stabbed Mr Stokoe three times in the leg and once in the arm before escaping on foot.

CCTV also captured the moment the criminal was arrested in a pizza shop, as police busted him before he was served.

He casually turned around to face officers while wearing headphones, a baseball cap and he was carrying a rucksack.

He crawled onto his knees before laying down as policemen swooped in to handcuff the criminal.

This man robbed a wife of her husband and a son a father for the rest of their days, and a life sentence should mean a life sentence for those who believe it’s acceptable to carry knives because there are some seriously shocking people out there.

The crime was described as disproportionate and unjustified when Layton was sentenced to life in prison, well, I guess that’s one way of putting it.

Never get out of your vehicle if you’re in a situation like this. Keep the doors, windows shut and then drive away.

This man should never be let out of prison. It was a brutal, unprovoked crime that occurred in front of his four-year-old son, and those clearly weren’t the actions of a person with a healthy mind, and if you’re walking about with a 12-inch knife, you’re clearly an unhinged lunatic, and the only time he should be let out of jail is to be buried.

We’re not safe anywhere really and it’s disgusting.

The world is a really dangerous place and out of control.

Published by Angela Lloyd

My vision on life is pretty broad, therefore I like to address specific subjects that intrigue me. Therefore I really appreciate the world of politics, though I have no actual views on who I will vote for, that I will not tell you, so please do not ask! I am like an observation station when it comes to writing, and I simply take the news and make it my own. I have no expectations, I simply love to write, and I know this seems really odd, but I don't get paid for it, I really like what I do and since I am never under any pressure, I constantly find that I write much better, rather than being blanketed under masses of paperwork and articles that I am on a deadline to complete. The chances are, that whilst all other journalists are out there, ripping their hair out, attempting to get their articles completed, I'm simply rambling along at my convenience creating my perfect piece. I guess it must look pretty unpleasant to some of you that I work for nothing, perhaps even brutal. Perhaps I have an obvious disregard for authority, I have no idea, but I would sooner be working for myself, than under somebody else, excuse the pun! Small I maybe, but substantial I will become, eventually. My desk is the most chaotic mess, though surprisingly I know where everything is, and I think that I would be quite unsuited for a desk job. My views on matters vary and I am extremely open-minded to the stuff that I write about, but what I write about is the truth and getting it out there, because the people must be acquainted. Though I am quite entertained by what goes on in the world. My spotlight is mostly to do with politics, though I do write other material as well, but it's essentially politics that I am involved in, and I tend to concentrate my attention on that, however, information is essential. If you have information the possibilities are endless because you are only limited by your own imagination...

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