The Entire Amazon Web Services Infrastructure Goes Down

Amazon and all of its services have crashed across the globe, knocking out popular websites like Tinder and Venmo that rely on the company’s cloud server, affecting thousands of customers.

The platform, Amazon Music and Prime video, Alexa, Ring and Amazon Web Services, which offers a range of services for online applications, all began encountering problems at 10:40 am ET.

The Amazon Web Services interruption was far more serious than the others because it provides cloud computing services to people, universities, governments and companies around the world.

The outage affected a wide variety of service providers worldwide, amongst them Chime, CashApp, CapitalOne, GoDaddy, the Associated Press, Instacart Kindle and Roku. Some users also reported problems with Disney+, but the app appeared to be back online just before 1 pm.

Amazon’s website was down for at least 20,000 users in the US, but others say the app and ability to checkout carts were also not working properly and was frustrating for those trying to purchase Christmas presents.

DownDetector, a site that monitors online outages, shows North America, parts of Europe and Asia were all encountering problems.

As of 12:35 pm, the site showed more than 28,000 issues reported with Amazon Web Services.

The crash came with just 18 days until Christmas, so numerous people were buying presents, but now they will have to wait a little longer to fill their holiday list, and numerous consumers flocked to Twitter to share their disappointment.

Twitter user ‘The Public Archive’ tweeted: ‘ Amazon is down. The war on Christmas has begun.’

While ‘MoonChild’ is upset the platform crashed right in the middle of their Christmas shopping.

Some users were also having problems with Amazon Music, which some customers pay $16 a month to access.

Amazon encountered a similar problem in July when its services were interrupted for almost two hours and at the peak of the disruption, more than 38,000 user reports indicated problems with Amazon’s online stores, and in June, the company encountered another outage.

The Jeff Bezos founded company was one of the hundreds of websites around the world that went down on June 8, others were CNN, The New York Times, Shopify, Paypal, Reddit, the White House and British Government.

Reports said issues were caused by a service configuration at their server provider Fastly triggered mass outages.

It’s unclear what the configuration was or whether or not Fastly meant for it to happen but it took three hours for it to be fixed, during which time government websites, media outlets and online shopping sites encountered enormous problems.

Oddly enough for some people in the United Kingdom, it worked perfectly. I wonder if they could log on for the rest of the world, please?

I know this is a new invention and it might not catch on, but there are these places called shops, where you can go and buy your goods, and even look at them and check them out before buying, and the best thing, no waiting around for deliveries.

The problem is people have got used to buying online so they don’t have to get off their idle behind to do their shopping, and eventually, everything will be online and there will be no stores, they will be a thing of the past, but when it all goes tits up and all the platforms fail, nobody will be able to buy anything, including food which is vital to us.

Are these outages human error, or is it deliberate so they can see how people manage without their commodities and especially food? Perhaps even another form of control!

Published by Angela Lloyd

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