Fashion WOKE-Walk!

From Birkenstocks with tube socks to clunky trainers and baggy cargo pants, a stylist has revealed why Gen Z trendsetters are choosing deliberately genderless garments in a bid to signpost their woke ideals to the world through fashion.

The latest A-list trend has seen celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid embrace the world of baggy Hawaiian shirts, sleeveless knits, beanies and anoraks to create a more relaxed, gender-fluid aesthetic.

UK celebrity stylist Miranda Holder, who founded The Feel Good Fashion Coach, told FEMAIL that she believes the rise in large and rather unstructured attire was because the younger generation was moving into a woke generation of fashion and didn’t want to be associated with labels who make garments specifically for men and women.

The stylist, who’s worked with a variety of high profile names including Little Mix and Boy George, said the younger generation were voting with their wallets to introduce a world of non-binary fashion.

She said that post-pandemic there’s a universal sense that the world is shifting into a new woke era, and one of the concepts which is rapidly developing is all matters gender-related, and she said that Gen Z is voting with their wallets and many no longer want to be associated with labels that are strictly designed with a male or a female in mind.

She said that as a result, they’re seeing more gender-fluid garments in shops, with numerous designers and labels creating collections that are deliberately unisex, and that this has filtered down onto the high street as we become used to seeing the Fugly trainer, oversized shirts and tailoring. Sleeveless knits, beanies, raincoats and similar dad inspired pieces modelled by the savviest of fashionistas.

Miranda said that fashion was enjoying a new lease of life post-pandemic and that Gen Z was throwing away the rulebook when it came to what’s deemed attractive.

She said that following sporadic lockdowns throughout the past two years, during which loungewear or lycra was the order of the day and every day felt like groundhog day, fashion was enjoying a new lease of life.

She said that micro trends were popping up all over the high street and gathering unprecedented momentum thanks to the likes of social media platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat, and that the younger generation, in particular, were eager to have their clothing cake and eat it, and that there was a sense of rules schmules in the air as shoppers voiced their newfound freedom by sporting whatever they please.

I might have dressed like that about 40 years ago, it was called being a tomboy, however, I believe that this fashion will be short-lived or maybe not, who knows what the future holds for us.

I can’t see this catching on when celebs walk the red carpet where they will be wearing next to nothing to get themselves in the papers and let’s face it, they really aren’t genderless clothes, are they? They’re oversized boys clothes.

Perhaps the point that they’re making is that if they wear these big baggy clothes they won’t be sexually victimised and they’ll be able to get on with what they need to do out in public.

To be honest, I’ve been wearing these sorts of clothes for years. It’s called being comfortable and being able to wear what I like. We don’t need approval for what we wear as long as we’re comfortable in it, who cares what anyone else thinks?

Back in my day sleeveless knits were called tank tops. It’s just fashion that we’ve had before, it’s just gone full circle and we all make mistakes and in ten years time, women will be saying: ‘What was I thinking?’ and trying to hide the photographs.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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