Snap Inspection Of Russian Troops’ Combat Readiness

Russia held snap combat readiness inspections of its troops, as several key Ukrainian government websites were taken offline by a huge cyber-attack.

Russian military manoeuvres are being closely monitored due to a troop buildup close to the Ukraine that has stirred fears in Kyiv and the West that Moscow may be preparing to invade, but Russia repudiates any such plan.

In response to the Cyber Attack, EU unfamiliar policy chief Joseph Borrell aid said the bloc was mobilising all its resources to assist the Ukraine.

No breakthrough was reached at meetings between Russia and Western states, which fear Moscow could launch a new attack on a country it invaded in 2014.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that all communication channels between the EU and Russia were now closed.

The events came the day after Poland warned Europe faces its greatest threat of war in the last 30 years, and as Russia threatened military means if it demands over Ukraine were not met by the West.

Senior US diplomat Michael Carpenter said that the drumbeat of war was sounding loud, as the talks to find a diplomatic solution to the worsening problem between Russia and Ukraine tottered on the verge of collapse.

Defence Ministry footage released by the RIA news agency showed multiple armoured vehicles and other military hardware being loaded onto trains in the Eastern Military District, and the ministry was cited as saying that the exercises would make it possible to assess the readiness of the troops, to carry out missions as needed after regrouping at far distances across Russian territory.

Open-source intelligence analysts have for weeks been examining social media footage of Russian military hardware being transported, including by train.

Russia says it’s up to Moscow alone where it moves its forces around on its territory and that they pose no external threat.

Rob Lee, a military analyst and a fellow at the US-based Foreign Policy Research Institute, said the exercises would test the ability of units to complete missions after conducting long-distance travel, and he tweeted that it was likely cover for the units being moved towards the Ukraine.

The inspections came as several key Ukrainian government websites were taken offline in an exhaustive cyber attack.

A foreign ministry spokesman told AFP that as a consequence of a huge cyberattack, the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a number of other government agencies were temporarily down.

Could you imagine the turnout for draftees if war was declared? There would be very few under thirties volunteering due to all this wokeism – they would sooner fight statues that can’t fight back than for their own country, but then why should anyone in the US or the United Kingdom volunteer to defend the Ukraine when our governments are refusing to protect the sanctity of our own borders?

The trouble is Vladimir Putin won’t be satisfied until he’s recovered the old Soviet Union territories because he has little man syndrome, and Putin is extremely set in his ways. Russia needs a more youthful, more vibrant President who can roll with the times, and all that Putin is doing is alienating Russia and hauling them back to the dark days, and the Russians are just poking a hornet’s nest to see what response they get, or they’re getting ready to annihilate thousands of innocent people, and it wouldn’t surprise me if America is stirring up rubbish so that they can sell more weapons, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Ukraine will be asking for assistance from the United Kingdom.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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