Russian Politicians Mock Boris Johnson’s Dancing

Boris Johnson’s dancing has been ridiculed by hardline Russian politicians on state TV as they quipped about destroying London but sparing Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Footage of the Prime Minister boogying with a lightsabre-wielding London Assembly member when he was mayor appeared last week amid the continuing partygate scandal.

The viral clip reached state channels Rossiya 1 in Russia with pro-Kremlin host Vladimir Solovyov joking about the famous dancer with hardline politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

The pair scoffed at the dancing Prime Minister making threats towards Russia as they also warned of a big catastrophe ahead for Europe, with London in the crosshairs.

Vladimir Solovyov said, how could one live without London’s famous dancer Boris Johnson? And that they could rob world culture of such a renowned dancer.

In the stark and chilling ramping up of rhetoric amid fears of a new European conflict, the ultranationalist figures ridiculed the West with obliteration if it fails to give Vladimir Putin the security guarantees he demands.

While Zhirinovsky, a veteran MP and Liberal Democrat Party leader, has no power over the Russian government, his anti-Western threats are aired prominently on state TV.

He said that they were partying for the last time. Champagne, whisky – there’s a big tragedy ahead for humanity, for Europe and that there could only be one solution, by force, no other, and he said that after the start of an armed conflict in Europe, the count of victims would be in their millions and that there would be no time to count.

He told the TV audience that they should stop flying to New York because the metropolis would soon no longer exist, and he said that it’s time for events that no one desires, that seemed a fantasy and that the great America, the rich Europe, it can all stop. With some regions of Europe vanishing – Kyiv, Warsaw, Riga, Tallinn and London, and that not all of Europe should be destroyed, but London yes! Let the Scots, Irish and Welsh live, but not London because it was always the centre of anti-Russian propaganda.

Zhirinovsky, 75, is the leader of the ultranationalist Liberal Democratic Party and a six-time nominee in Russian presidential elections, and his pro-Kremlin is the fourth largest in the Russian parliament, and he said that they demand that the West’s weapons be moved away from the border with Russia.

And while this is going on Boris Johnson is dancing and having fun. Perhaps we should just give Boris Johnson over to the Russians. A bottle of Vodka would be a lovely gesture of goodwill, but actually, the gift would be all ours.

But the fact that the Russian are actually talking about nuclear Armageddon is more frightening than Boris Johnson’s dancing and they’re not to be trusted as far as you can throw them.

However the Russian’s are talking about nuclear weapons it’s because they’re weak and they can’t win conventionally and Vladimir Putin is like a schoolboy bully throwing his weight around, knowing that really, he’s not that tough at all, but always threatens to bring in his big brother in when things don’t go his way, but big brothers tend to come down and get lamped, and Russia is just a horrible barbaric nation.

They mocked Boris Johnson’s dancing, but clearly, they haven’t heard bagpipes or seen a Scottish man leaping about in a kilt and dancing shoes, or for that matter a Welsh woman in a top hat brandishing a Leek, or an Irish person dancing with their arms glued to their sides. We all have our idiosyncrasies and quirks, thank goodness they didn’t see Morris Dancers.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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