Boris Johnson Is Talking To His Lawyers

Downing Street insiders have claimed that Boris Johnson is threatening to take legal action over Lord Ashcroft’s bio of his wife Carrie.

The Prime Minister was said to be raging about the book, which was serialised in a newspaper outlet last weekend.

A newspaper outlet reported that Boris Johnson told colleagues the book was defamatory and said he was taking advice from his lawyers.

Reading the extracts left the Prime Minister distracted and angry all weekend, despite the Partygate political scandal swirling around him and criticism of him over his Jimmy Savile attack on Sir Keir Starmer.

The book, First Lady: Intrigue at the Court of Carrie and Boris Johnson, makes a string of claims about Carrie Johnson and her influence over her husband.

It proffers the view that faultlines in her relationship with the Prime Minister have had an impact on No 10, with one source describing it as a Greek tragedy.

It follows allegations over her involvement in Wallpapergate, the redecoration of their No 11 flat, and her role in the evacuation of animals from the Nowzad charity in Afghanistan.

Sources close to Carrie Johnson have claimed bitter ex-officials are using the book to conduct a brutal briefing campaign against her.

Her spokesman said that she’s a private person who plays no part in government, and on Monday Health Secretary Sajid Javid accused the author of sexism.

He said that first of all, the partners of politicians should be off-limits and that he did believe there was sexism involved in this and that going after Carrie Johnson was extremely unfair, that it was undignified and it was just wrong.

A number 10 spokesman said it was completely untrue that Boris Johnson was contemplating legal action, and a spokesman for the book’s publisher, Biteback, told a newspaper outlet that it should help worldwide books sales and publicity and that all authors’ royalties were being donated to NHS charities.

But before Boris Johnson decides to take this to court, he needs to be certain of his grounds because more may come out than he might want because clearly someone or multiple people have given Lord Ashcroft the information for his book, and Lord Ashcroft got the title of his book wrong, Carrie Johnson isn’t the First Lady, the Queen is.

Boris Johnson should just bail out now because if he has time to worry about what people say about his wife while our country falls to pieces, then he’s not focusing on the job he’s paid to do, and now, maybe, Boris Johnson will understand how infuriating and damaging it is to throw lies around and smear people in the way that he does.

Boris Johnson spent years in Fleet Street belittling other people. What goes around, comes around and he should just get over it and do his job.

Boris Johnson should be attempting to lower the cost of living in the United Kingdom, telling us the truth about the wasted billions on poor PPE contracts, the thousands of illegal immigrants that are costing the taxpayers millions a week, telling us the truth about Partygate, explaining why the Track and Trace cost £37 billion among other things, and he should be getting his priorities in order.

And I hope this private matter doesn’t cost the taxpayer money while he pays for the expenses for his lawyer to take this case to court, and it’s Lord Ashcroft that’s talking about Carrie Johnson, so shouldn’t it be her who sues?

Published by Angela Lloyd

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