It’s A Rip-Off For Drivers

Motorway forecourts are ripping off motorists by charging £10 more for a tank of petrol than the national average.

The retailers were accused of cashing in on the February half term getaways as figures revealed they’re charging an average of 165.5p a litre for unleaded.

This is 17p a litre more than the average of 148.06p across all forecourts, already a record.

It means filling up a typical 55-litre tank on the motorway costs an average of £91, compared to £81 across all forecourts.

It comes as it was announced that millions of families could save £144 on their broadband bills with their current provider, but only 1 per cent have taken up the offer.

Ofcom said 4.2 million households receiving Universal Credit were eligible.

Amid Britain’s fuel crisis, experts have warned motorists face surging prices at the pumps for weeks.

They look set to mushroom if Russia, the world’s third-biggest oil producer invades Ukraine, with any resulting Western embargoes potentially choking off supply and driving up prices.

The global price of oil also soared in recent weeks due to rising demand amid economics reopening as the pandemic subsides.

Diminishing competition between supermarket forecourts, traditionally much cheaper, has also been blamed for increasing prices.

It’s sparked new warnings about the cost of living, with household budgets already being squeezed by increasing energy bills, inflation, and from April, the Government’s 1.25 percentage point national insurance hike.

Howard Cox, the founder of the FairFuelUK campaign group, called on ministers to cut motoring taxes to help workers and families who rely on their vehicles to make ends meet.

He said that when he and FairFuelUK questioned Boris Johnson prior to the EU referendum, asking what exiting the EU would mean to UK drivers, the then future Prime Minister told him that they’d get back control of their taxes, notably VAT and fuel duty.

He said that the cost of living situation was now the perfect time for a visionary, in touch leader to take that control and lower taxes to really help those who put him into power.

He also called for an independent watchdog to police fuel prices and protect consumers after motorists were ruthlessly fleeced at the pumps over the Christmas period.

Over December and January, wholesale fuel costs decreased by around 10p a litre, but hardly any of the savings were passed on.

The RAC’s fuel expert, Simon Williams, said that if motorists were shocked at how costly fuel on their local forecourts were, they would be truly shocked to know that the average price of petrol at motorway services was now at a record high of 165.5p a litre, while diesel was almost 168p.

But this is the most common knowledge. If you fill up at motorway services, you’re either wealthy, desperate or as daft as a brush.

Next, they will be telling us that Easter eggs are more pricey than the equivalent bar of chocolate – shock, horror!

Motorway service fill-ups should be for emergencies only unless your company is paying for it, but the answer is that if you do find yourself caught out, put a tenner in, drive off at the next exit and find a local station so that you can pay the regular prices.

Filling up at motorway services, or even just eating there has always been a complete rip-off, although some might say that wherever you fill up that you’re screwed, by the government because this is rip off Britain! That’s unless you’re an MP.

But then anyone filling up at motorway services is choosing to pay those prices, they’re not being forced to.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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