Social Media Star Addicted To Surgery

Social media star Mary Magdalene has amassed a tremendous following online after spending more than $100,000 on extreme plastic surgeries, and now the 25-year-old has revealed her latest round of procedures after getting her fourth nose job to create a ‘Barbie nose’, as well as ‘cat eye’ surgery to create a more slanted eye.

Documenting the procedure on Instagram, the American model bragged that her new face looked like a ‘forest fairy elf’.

She said in a brief clip that her top lip was still not moving from all the surgery and that it was still swollen from the nose surgery and that talking was even strange.

Over the weekend, Mary posted a photograph of herself eight days post-op with her face swollen and bandaged.

In the photo, she wore a custom T-shirt that stretched over her size 38J breast implants and listed all of her various cosmetic procedures.

She captioned the image which said that next week she has her eyebrow transplant, jaw and lips booked then her face would be complete.

She continued that she had to wear a nose Band-Aid for one more week but that she’s already seen her nose without it and it looked excellent.

She said that it’s a very fake looking Barbie nose which is what she asked for, but that so many surgeons said it wasn’t possible for her to have this sort of nose because of her three previous nose jobs.

It’s thought that Mary flew to Russia for the surgeries because she was unable to get the extreme procedures done in the United States.

She revealed earlier this month that she was worried the tensions between Ukraine and Russia could potentially derail her travels, but the heavily tattooed socialite underwent her first cosmetic operation at the age of 21 when she was performing as a stripper and escort.

Over the years, her surgeries have included a brow lift, fat transfers, multiple nose and boob jobs, veneers, liposuction, injections and three Brazilian butt lifts.

She told the No Jumper podcast in September that she looks very trashy and cheap.

Her breasts are presently a size 38J, but she also has expanders in her chest to keep her breasts growing bigger.

She said that she can keep growing them and that she’s going to keep growing and growing until she dies, and that she doesn’t care because for her there’s no endpoint.

It should be illegal for someone to do this to someone else, and technically it’s almost like getting others to do self-harm to themselves, and no surgeon would do this, well not a moral one anyhow. However, she didn’t do it against her will, it was her choice, although I’m not sure why anyone would do this to themselves.

This type of self-mutilation is extreme and especially heartbreaking, but it couldn’t be made illegal when there are other countries in the world and they would just go somewhere else underground, and there are lots of things that are illegal, but it still happens.

This lady clearly has an incredibly warped sense of reality perception, which is called Body Dysmorphia, and a responsible surgeon wouldn’t touch her, but then I guess if there’s cash involved, any doctor might do it for a buck or two.

Some surgeons might even call it an act of mercy before she turns to someone who has no surgical qualifications.

All vanity surgery is risky and some women are choosing to deform themselves one way or another, whether it’s with giant duck lips, artificially paralysed faces, fake backsides, fake breasts, or giant silly eyebrows, and I’m not sure how a surgeon would be able to definitively draw the line and say what ought to look good on a woman.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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