Michael Gove Says Millions Of Britons Are Open To Accepting Ukrainian Refugees

Under the ‘Homes for Ukraine’ program, sponsors who provide rent-free accommodation for at least six months will receive a monthly fee, regardless of how many refugees they take in.

Michael Gove has suggested that millions of Britons could be ready to host Ukrainian refugees with a £350 a month government ‘thank you’ as he said the first arrivals should be next week.

The Cabinet minister pointed to surveys revealing that as many as one in 10 people were willing to put up people escaping from the Russian invasion, but Michael Gove who recently divorced, revealed he wasn’t yet sure whether he personally would be able to contribute. Sir Keir Starmer confirmed that he’s planning to be a host.

Michael Gove

The comments came as Michael Gove revealed that 3,000 visas have now been granted for Ukrainian refugees, with the new sponsored route due to launch this week.

Under the ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme, sponsors who provide accommodation rent-free for a minimum of six months will receive a monthly fee of £350 from the government, however many refugees they take.

Individuals, charities, community groups and businesses will all be eligible to bring those escaping the Russian attack of Ukraine to safety.

Sponsored refugees will be granted three years’ leave to stay in the United Kingdom and be allowed to work and access public services.

Michael Gove said the United Kingdom stands behind Ukraine in their darkest hour and encouraged people to join the national effort to support refugees.

He said he hoped tens of thousands of people will be accommodated in Britain as part of the new scheme as Europe buckles under the weight of its biggest humanitarian crisis since the Second World War.

He said that people can register their interest on Monday and matching will be taking place from Friday and that he would hope that in a week’s time they’ll see the first people coming here under the scheme.

But asked whether he personally would be willing to host refugees, Michael Gove told Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday that he was in the process of seeking to see what he could do.

Michael Gove stressed there will be money available for local authorities to support new arrivals and that there would be just over £10,000 per person available to local authorities.

Then there would be extra payments for those children who are of school age and who need to be accommodated within the educational system.

A United Nations official said that more than 2.3 million people have escaped the conflict in Ukraine and another 1.9 million have been displaced within the country.

Does this mean that every MP with a second, third and fourth home et cetera is going to use them to help with the Ukrainian Refugee crisis?

It’s fantastic that people want to help, but let’s be realistic about this, how on earth is the NHS, schools et cetera going to cope with the additional millions of people?

Can the UK actually afford this sum of money when they still have Afghans in hotels waiting to get housed, and the amount of money must be astronomical?

Perhaps Boris Johnson could invite them all over to Westminster, just tell them to bring a bottle!

And how many refugees is Michael Gove going to take in? But it doesn’t really matter because nobody is being forced to do it, or will MPs be exempt because of data protection reasons because they work from home and handle constituents’ details?

Let’s face it we have no idea of the background of these people, so why would we have them in our homes?

And a year ago we weren’t even allowed to socialise with people we actually knew, including family members, and now they’re asking us to have strangers into our home that we probably won’t even be able to communicate with.

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