Britons Face Tax Hikes… But Not In No 11

Rishi Sunak is scrambling to suppress a row over his billionaire heiress wife’s non-dom status amid claims she could have evaded millions of pounds in UK tax.

Akshata Murthy, whose father is one of India’s wealthiest men, is facing scrutiny after it emerged she’s kept the status despite living in 11 Downing Street with the Chancellor and their children.

It means she was not liable for tax on overseas earnings, including dividends from her father’s company that reportedly came to £11.6 million last year. That sum could have meant £4.4 million to HMRC.

A spokeswoman for Ms Murthy pointed out she is an Indian citizen and stressed she pays UK taxes on UK income. There’s no indication any laws or rules had been violated.

Nevertheless, reforms brought in by the Tory government in 2015 stated that non-dom status was intended to help those from overseas who come to the United Kingdom but don’t plan to remain here permanently.

Shadow business secretary Ed Miliband acknowledged that the arrangements were legal but pointed out the government was making Britons pay more tax after the national insurance hike came in.

He told Sky News that he is the UK Chancellor asking people to pay more taxes, so was it right that his immediate family was sheltering from UK taxes? And that Rishi Sunak and his family should reflect on that.

Mr Miliband also sparked questions by suggesting non-dom status should have been repealed by the last Labour government, although it’s not clear whether that’s the party’s present position.

Boris Johnson blanked questions about Mrs Murthy on a visit to Somerset, saying that as far as they possibly could in politics it was a good thing to steer clear of wives and families in political debate, but in a round of interviews, Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said the emphasis on Ms Murthy was totally unjust, repeating similar comments from Mr Sunak last week.

Questioned if she was sheltering herself from tax, Mr Kwarteng said he didn’t believe that was true at all and that sheltering sounded as if you were avoiding things.

He said that he believed that she’d been extremely clear, very transparent and that the Chancellor had been extremely transparent, and that this non-dom status had been part of the UK tax system for more than 200 years.

A spokeswoman for the Chancellor’s wife said Akshata Murthy was a citizen of India, the land of her birth and parents’ home.

Rishi Sunak should be made to resign over this debacle.

His wife lives in Downing Street, is married to a man who decides how much tax we pay, and it’s extremely curious that she can dodge one tax, live in the heart of London, in the heart of Government, but claims she doesn’t for tax.

This tax loophole is only legal based on temporary residence. Does this mean that she’s going to leave Rishi Sunak in the near future? It seems extremely unlikely, thus she should consider becoming a permanent citizen so that she can be taxed accordingly.

In order to be exempt, you can only live in the United Kingdom for a certain amount of time. She has lived here continuously since 2018, and this is what people are upset about because it appears there are two laws, one for the wealthy and one for the poor.

Of course, Rishi Sunak will not resign, nor will the Prime Minister for lying to Parliament. When will the penny drop that our present cabinet isn’t even trying to hide their true colours, whilst they cheerfully tax the little people, whilst dodging paying it themselves?

Published by Angela Lloyd

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