A Homeowner Was Ordered To Demolish A Monster Mansion Worth £200,000

Gurwinder Singh is being forced to demolish the large new house he built in Willenhall after only obtaining planning permission for a modest extension

A man has been ordered to destroy his monster mansion by council chiefs after he built it without planning approval.

Gurwinder Singh bulldozed his modest semi-detached house and replaced it with a four-bedroom property which has made his neighbour’s lives hell.

Here is an image of Gurwinder Singh’s property (left) before the building work began.

Walsall Council has slapped Gurwinder Singh with an enforcement notice ordering him to pull the building down following complaints from neighbours in Willenhall, West Midlands.

It’s believed the brand new house would have cost in the region of £200,000 to build and would have been the largest property in the area.

Gurwinder Singh had planning permission for a mediocre extension in the 1960s house but he went one stage further and demolished the entire structure.

Councillors vetoed a retrospective planning application for the new structure and ordered Gurwinder Singh to pull it down after they received 95 complaints from residents.

Committee Chairman Mike Bird said it was an extremely serious situation, and that an extension was approved and what they got was a brand new house to the disadvantage of the adjacent neighbour. He said that Walsall Council was going to put ‘force’ back into enforcement.

He said that he was sick and tired of seeing breaches of planning regulations around the borough because people believe that they can do it, and the committee is now telling them that they can’t do it because they won’t let them and that when they find out, they will prosecute them.

He said that adjoining neighbours have suffered hell. That there’s been a lack of co-operation from day one and that he welcomed the enforcement, and that they’ve got to be shown to make a stand against people who believe they can build anything they like in relation to the planning permission they receive.

Frank Whiteley, Senior planning enforcement officer said ordering a demolition was a last resort, but he added that it would be extremely difficult to change the current structure which would be similar to demolition.

Residents living near the house, which sits on the corner of Sandringham Avenue and Arundel Road, welcomed the decision.

One neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, said: ‘I think it’s right that he should tear it down. They said why should anyone get away with breaking the rules. That the house was huge and looked like a horrible monster mansion, and that none of the other houses in the area were that big.

This monster of a house was no doubt developed for his extended family who clearly haven’t arrived yet, perhaps fresh off the boat.

Let’s hear it for the council – singh out loud.

However, you could also say the same about the billionaires and their sub-basement extensions.

Sadly some people believe they can get away with anything. The house looks like a pile of rubbish and perhaps it was a good decision to pull it down.

The house is hideous and looks extremely out of place, and this is yet another story of people not following the rules. Generally, if you ask nicely, and in the right way, you can get planning permission for quite a lot.

The house really looked lovely before Mr Singh destroyed it, and I wonder who the builders were? They must have been some rather dodgy builders because clearly, they weren’t following compliant plans from the council.

Sadly people are doing it everywhere, and Mr Singh was apparently another self-entitled fool who believed the law didn’t apply to him.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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