Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, And Carrie Will Be Fined For Partygate

He also attended a Christmas quiz night at No10 (pictured).

Boris Johnson became the first serving Prime Minister in history to be punished for law-breaking as No 10 confirmed he will be fined by the police for attending an illegal Partygate event.

Boris Johnson, his wife Carrie and Chancellor Rishi Sunak are among a tranche of 30 more fixed penalty notices dished out by Scotland Yard to people who broke lockdown rules.

The PM’s wife, Carrie, and Boris Johnson were fined today for attending illegal lockdown parties at Number 10.

They’ve been sanctioned by Operation Hilman for breaking the law at illegal events that took place while millions of ordinary Britons were showing self-sacrifice and following restrictive COVID rules for the good of the country.

The news will put tremendous pressure on the Prime Minister, who’s encountered calls from opponents and within his own party to resign if sanctioned. Boris has resisted giving a definite answer.

Questions will also be raised over his openness towards MPs. Last year he told the Commons that all guidance was observed completely in No 10. Rishi Sunak, last December, also told MPs he didn’t attend any parties.

The Metropolitan Police didn’t reveal if Boris Johnson was among those to be sanctioned with a £50 penalty. Downing Street originally indicated that he wasn’t.

But a No 10 spokeswoman said that the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer received notice that the Metropolitan police planned to give them fixed penalty notices and that they had no additional details and that they would update again as soon as they do.

The statement didn’t cite Carrie Johnson, but her spokeswoman later said that in the interest of clarity, Carrie Johnson could confirm that she’d been informed that she would receive a Fixed Penalty Notice, but that she’s not yet received any additional particulars about the nature of the FPN.

It’s not known which event the trio were censured for, but they all attended a party arranged by Carrie Johnson for Boris Johnson’s 56th birthday in June 2020.

The Prime Minister, who’s at his Chequers country retreat, has yet to publicly admit that fines being administered by the police were proof of lawbreaking by senior figures in his Government and Whitehall.

Grieving families said there’s just no way the Prime Minister and the Chancellor can continue in their position after the duo were told they would be fined as part of a police investigation into allegations of lockdown parties held at Downing Street.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer demanded both the Prime Minister and Chancellor Rishi Sunak quit, saying that Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak had disregarded the law and continually fibbed to the British public and that they must both quit.

So, it’s out in the open now, Boris Johnson did lie, and he lied to parliament. It’s time for him and Rishi to sling their hook. They both have to go because they have decimated this country of ours, but I also fear that his replacement could be much worse.

Boris Johnson has acted illegally and yet he’s still Prime Minister. What sort of rule of law is that in the United Kingdom then?

This is a reminder that Allegra Stratton, the Prime Minister’s press secretary, was forced to quit for quipping about illegal parties during the lockdown.

Now it’s official, the Prime Minister has lied and violated the law, and we now have a Prime Minister who’s culpable of perpetrating a crime and he must resign. It’s Election time now!

But then, didn’t Tony Blair send men to their death over a false dossier. It’s apple and oranges and let’s face it we have bigger fish to fry, such as Russian aggression in Ukraine in which Boris Johnson is playing a blinder.

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