After Spending £50k On A Fake Bimbo Look, Her Parents Disowned Her

She has spent a great deal of money on cosmetic surgery

A plastic surgery addict who was banned from playing with Barbie dolls as a kid has now spent nearly £50,000 to become one in real life, but the change came at an even greater price for Jessy Bunny, because her family no longer talks to her.

The 20-year-old upset her parents when she used the funds they gave her for a car on a boob job instead after turning 18, and the OnlyFans model, who lives in Vienna, has since spent up to £20,000 on more ops to look as artificial as possible.

Speaking to a newspaper outlet, the real-life Barbie said that her parents didn’t allow her to play with Barbie, so she decided she wanted to become a Barbie and that when she was browsing the internet in her early teen years she found those extreme 3D models of bimbos on pages like Deviant Art, and that since then it became her dream to become such a doll.

Jessy now strips off on saucy subscription site OnlyFans to finance her bonkers mission, and so far she’s had two boob jobs, a BBL, chin surgery, liposuction and numerous lip fillers, and her family remains unimpressed.

Jessy, whose implants are now 2000cc in size, said that she doesn’t have any contact with her family and that they broke up every communication with her after she started becoming a bimbo.

However, Jessy is committed to continuing her plastic pursuits regardless, even planning to have two ribs removed, and when asked if she was yet satisfied with her extreme look, she said that she likes that she’s super-feminine and also incredibly fake. She said that you could say that it’s the ideal feminine body on steroids and that she believed that over 90 per cent of all men loved bimbos, so embrace your bimbo love, and although she gets no attention from her family, she makes up for it online and in the public.

She said that when she’s out on the streets everyone is staring at her and that she can understand it because she doesn’t just have the largest boobs and the most enhanced body in Vienna, she also has the largest boobs in the entirety of Austria.

She said some people make offensive comments, others want to take a photograph and that the fun fact is that numerous women on the streets love her look, which makes her extremely happy.

However, there were numerous people who said that her look made them feel sick and that she must be suffering from a mental illness.

Perhaps she needs to stick her lips on an iced window, that would stop her from getting more plastic surgery.

It really is a horrific sight, she looks more like a Catfish. She might say that her cash was well spent, but it really wasn’t, and I’m not sure what she thinks a Barbie doll looks like, but she certainly doesn’t look like one, she looks weird, and it’s definitely not empowering, nor desirable or normal, and there must be something wrong with this world if people pay to look like that, and she said that she looks super feminine. Well, she must be bonkers because that’s got to be the furthest away from feminine you can get.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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