The CDC Issues A National Alert After A Mystery Outbreak Of Hepatitis

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are expanding their investigation after scores of young children came down with severe liver inflammation

US health officials have sent out a national alert, alerting doctors to be on the watch for signs of unexplained hepatitis in children, after groups of mysterious cases in the US and the United Kingdom.

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention is extending its investigation after scores of young children came down with severe liver inflammation but didn’t have the viruses hepatitis A, B, or C that usually cause it.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are expanding their probe after scores of young children developed severe liver inflammation

In the alert, the CDC said it’s working with partners in Europe to understand the reason for the infections, and urged doctors across the nation to report possible cases.

A common cold virus known as an adenovirus has been confirmed in several of the European cases, but not all.

In the United Kingdom, researchers have speculated that children may have depleted immune systems due to rounds of COVID 19 pandemic lockdowns.

However, the US cases of pediatric hepatitis are so far all in Alabama, a state that didn’t follow the most stringent pandemic restrictions, deepening the mystery.

UK health authorities said they’ve identified a total of 108 cases of pediatric hepatitis. In some instances, cases were so severe that children needed liver transplants.

According to the European Centre for Diseases Prevention and Control, more cases have been reported in Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands and Spain.

Hepatitis just means liver inflammation, which can have causes varying from viruses and toxins to alcohol abuse.

The US alert directs doctors to report any suspected cases of the disease that occur with obscure origin to their state and local health departments.

It also suggests doctors conduct adenovirus testing in young patients with signs of the disease, which include fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dark urine, light-coloured stools, joint pain, and jaundice.

The warning followed a CDC investigation with the Alabama Department of Public Health into a group of nine cases of hepatitis of obscure origin in once healthy children varying in age from 1 to 6 years old.

The first such US cases were identified in October 2021 at a children’s hospital in Alabama that admitted five young patients with significant liver damage, including some with acute liver failure, of unidentified cause.

It’s funny how many conspiracy theories really turn out to be true! But then everything in this world is getting weird and strange illnesses are happening everywhere, so why is this occurring and what is the connection?

There are many shoes left to drop and this is just the beginning, it’s not the end, but if we read the article it said that it had impacted children between the ages of 1-6 years old, the vaccine wasn’t approved for children under 5.

And it seems that the CDC has washed every last speck of credibility they had down the toilet – welcome to the side effects, and as for it being a mystery hepatitis, it’s no mystery because unfortunately, big pharma has zero liability.

Honestly, the whole thing chimes like a John Grisham novel. But really, who do we trust, I’m genuinely curious. Do we believe in governments, health experts or the mainstream media?

And if this weakened immunity was from lockdown like they’re suggesting, then it would be rampant, but the fact that we only have a few isolated cases at the moment clearly points to the vaccine, and We’ve just been used as lab rats. Even Forrest Gump could have worked that out!

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