The Nanny Of Boris Johnson Alleges That The Prime Minister Dismissed Her For Comparing Her To An ‘Ugly Old Lamp’

An ex-senior assistant to Boris Johnson has said her position was constantly like being his nanny and claimed she was sacked by the Prime Minister after being compared to an ‘ugly old lamp’.

Cleo Watson, who was drafted as head of Priorities and Campaigns by Dominic Cummings, has raised the lid on the mess in Downing Street in the early days of the COVID situation.

Cleo Watson, who’s presently penning a book about ‘sex and skulduggery’ in Westminster, compared Boris Johnson to ‘a great unruly golden retriever’ in an article claiming ‘karma’ had been returned to him recently.

She claimed a ‘puppy gate had to be installed to prevent him from mixing with staff when he was supposed to be isolated and said the Prime Minister took naps during the day as he recuperated from coronavirus, which had earlier been denied.

She also alleged that she repeatedly had to reprimand Boris Johnson for making quips about ‘Kung Flu’ and saying ‘Aye! Corona’ in the days before his own brush with death.

The ex Downing Street insider said she was relieved of her responsibilities in November 2020 in a cruel exchange in the Cabinet Room which may have been familiar to many of his girlfriends.

She said Downing Street careers end sooner or later, but said Boris Johnson has had karma repaid with interest recently.

Mr Cummings, who the Prime Minister had gone out of his way to defend after he made a pilgrimage to Durham while lockdown regulations were in place, quit in November 2020 as relations with his boss soured.

In an article in Tattler, Ms Watson said the Prime Minister told her she had to leave two weeks later because she reminded him too much of him.

She claimed Boris Johnson told her that he couldn’t look at her anymore because it reminded him of Dom, and said that it was like a marriage that had ended. We’ve separated up our things and she’s kept an ugly old lamp, but every time she looks at that lamp, it reminds her of the person she was with. You’re that lamp.

In a cunning dig at her former employer, she said he probably knows better than most how it feels when a marriage breaks up.

She said the Prime Minister gave a sad, off-the-cuff address to a baffled clutch of advisers before she left, but denied a departing do was thrown for her.

But Boris Johnson needs to take a hard look at himself in the mirror before demeaning anyone else, but then perhaps he was when he was describing her because all that he really is – a nincompoop with a silly hairstyle.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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