Tories Have Systematically Stripped Support

The British children over the last decade have been systematically stripped of its support, and footballer Marcus Rashford has been called brave in his drive, urging ministers to change their decision not to award free school meal vouchers in England. But it shouldn’t take a high profile sportsman to disgrace the government into action, addingContinue reading “Tories Have Systematically Stripped Support”

Gordon Brown Savages Boris Johnson

Gordon Brown has lashed out at Boris Johnson for supposedly hiding from the public over coronavirus and he told the Prime Minister to get a grip. The ex-PM, who led the United Kingdom in the global economic crash a decade ago, demanded Boris Johnson attends Parliament to explain his plan for rescuing care homes andContinue reading “Gordon Brown Savages Boris Johnson”

Gordon Brown And Tony Blair Call For Global Government To Tackle CoronaVirus

The Coronavirus pandemic can offer lessons about global coordination and that we should seek more join-up Global thinking on the subject according to a recent speech by Globalist politician Tony Blair. Speaking at a live-streamed event that was hosted by the Progressive Policy Institute and the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, Tony Blair describedContinue reading “Gordon Brown And Tony Blair Call For Global Government To Tackle CoronaVirus”

If Boris Loses No-Confidence Vote

The Queen is not amused, and she is reportedly troubled at being drawn into the escalating Brexit mess, and if Boris Johnson loses a no-confidence vote and refuses to budge then it will be up to the Palace to determine whether the squatter should be ousted from Downing Street. It smashes the myth that theContinue reading “If Boris Loses No-Confidence Vote”

One In Four Military Homes Empty

These houses could be perfectly sound family homes, but no one is living in them. They’re former Ministry of Defence houses, meant for military families, but they’re abandoned and many are slipping into dilapidation. Some of these houses have been for more than a decade, and local people residing near them in Cambridgeshire are madContinue reading “One In Four Military Homes Empty”

Gordon Brown Honoured

Once prime minister Gordon Brown has been praised for his special work in striving to ensure every child across the globe can attend school. Mr Brown was named as the latest recipient of an award scheme set up by Norwegian novelist Jo Nesbo to identify those who are simply doing good things. The ex-Labour leaderContinue reading “Gordon Brown Honoured”