Labour’s Nick Thomas-Symonds Wants Violent Felons To Fear Police Again

Nick Thomas-Symonds said that his aim was to refurbish trust in Labour as the party that will keep neighbourhoods safe, adding that in the working-class communities he represents – in South Wales there are people who have preyed on defenceless people. And if we think of the disturbing growth in domestic abuse through the lockdown,Continue reading “Labour’s Nick Thomas-Symonds Wants Violent Felons To Fear Police Again”

Vladimir Putin Has A Dozen Sleeper Spies

Deep cover Russian operatives are rooted in our society, security officials believe, and up to a dozen highly trained illegals may have been here in the United Kingdom for years in one or two-person cells. Now the Government is poised to ramp up M15’s abilities to stop undeclared spies by making their presence in theContinue reading “Vladimir Putin Has A Dozen Sleeper Spies”