Millennials And Gen Z Workers Want To Ban Phone Calls Because They Consider Them Intrusive

According to a survey, office workers want to prohibit telephone calls in the workplace because they find them aggressive and confrontational.

Three-quarters of people would rather communicate by email or social media than speak on the phone, which they find stressful.

The trend is driven by Generation Z and millennial workers under 40 who prefer text messages and WhatsApp.

More than three in four respondents (78 per cent) confessed to frequently ignoring calls when they didn’t recognise the caller’s number for fear it could lead to a hostile dialogue, and one in ten admitted to going out of their way to sidestep face-to-face conversations because they left them feeling on edge.

Tim Agnew, from, which commissioned the survey, said that while younger office workers undoubtedly prefer messaging to talking, they also discovered that across age groups there was a feeling that phone calls had the potential to quickly become confrontational.

He added that numerous people prefered to ignore calls but at the same time they were prepared to respond to email and social media messages.

According to the communications regulator Ofcom, the total time spent on landline calls in 2018 was 44 billion minutes, down from more than 100 billion minutes six years before, but mobile calls increased over that time but fell for the first time in 2017 by 1.7 per cent because people had diverted to other forms of online messaging.

In a report that year, Ofcom said falling call volumes were symptomatic of a fundamental shift in behaviour as people turned to messaging.

However, the pandemic led to a peak in calls made from landlines, up 15 per cent in 2020 compared to the previous year, as friends and families unable to meet in person kept in contact by phone.

The survey also uncovered that nine in ten workers want the working week to be lowered to four days.

All too often people will just sidestep uncomfortable conversations, and emails and letters are amazing, but then you have those people who have fallen behind on their payments that will ignore emails and letters, and sometimes the best way to deal with things like this is to just pick up the phone with a cordial voice that deals with the problem with empathy, which usually gets the most promising outcome.

Sometimes the perceived uncomfortable conversation that people believe it will be isn’t as menacing as they make it, and being nice over the phone can get you more cordiality than an email where it’s difficult to read a person’s tone, but then I guess it depends on who you’re talking to on the other end of the phone.

People used to spend a good chunk of their lives dealing with people in positions of authority where they’ve been assured of something via the phone and then later on flatly denied, but things that are written with transparency can’t be denied later on because it’s in black and white, so now, people are using email and texting instead of having an adult discussion with someone else – I actually do feel sorry for the next generation.

The younger generation is now heading for some extremely serious mental health problems, along with working from home which will stunt their social development, and who will have scarcely had any experience of interaction in the workplace, and if people believe that a phone conversation is confrontational then that’s an extremely worrying sign of things to come.

You Can Make Your Children Violent Towards Their Partners If You Spank Them

A new study claims that children who are disciplined by spanking are more likely to be abusive towards their partners in later life.

Almost 800 young adults were involved in a study which looked at whether being hit as a child resulted in more aggressive tendencies as a grown-up.

It found that hurting a child led to more aggressive behaviour and that most adults who were violent in their relationships were smacked as a child.

The study, from the University of Texas Medical Branch, asked 19 and 20-year-olds how frequently they’d been spanked, hit or slapped.

Researchers found that the 758 children who’d been disciplined with physical violence were much more likely to become aggressive with a future romantic partner.

Data from the study discovered that almost one in five (19 per cent) admitted to violence towards their lovers.

Sixty-eight per cent claimed to have encountered corporal discipline as a child.

The study’s lead author, Jeff Temple, a psychiatry professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch, said that they had to decide what they considered punishment and what they considered abuse.

Speaking to CNN, he said that they define child abuse as being hit with a strap or board, left with bruises that are apparent or going to the doctor or hospital, and that children who said they’d encountered corporal discipline were more likely to have recently engaged in dating violence.

The study discovered it wasn’t just children who’d been abused with physical violence who turned out to be nasty in later life.

Spanking as a form of discipline was enough to increase violent behaviour in adults.

The participants had been part of an ongoing scientific trial in Texas since they were mid-teens.

The tendency to become violent in adulthood was true regardless of sex, age, parental education, ethnicity or childhood abuse.

Researchers controlled these factors in their research and found that they made no difference.

Smacking a child as a form of chastisement has been banned in several nations across the globe such as France, Scotland and Sweden.

Just a couple of months ago, a man was jailed in Somerset after smacking his son’s backside which resulted in bruising.

There are strict guidelines in numerous nations relating to the use of smacking, and in the United Kingdom, it’s unlawful for a parent or carer to hit their child, except where this amounts to reasonable punishment.

But there have been loads of children that have been smacked in the past and have said that they understood the boundaries set and that they had respect for their parents and appreciated the lessons that their parents taught them in life, and haven’t gone on to beat their wives or husbands, nor suffered violent outbursts towards anyone. Snowflakes are for Christmas, not a way of life.

All children are different. Some are compliant, unassuming and mild and some are determined and self-driven. What suits one child does not fit all and some children need a firmer hand, whilst others can be reasoned with.

This isn’t about smacking for discipline, it’s about serious abuse.

I was a mother of four boys and they were extremely strong-willed children. I would smack them when they crossed the line because children need discipline, boundaries and consistency, but I also used to show my love for them by sitting them down afterwards and explaining what they’d done wrong and that I still loved them very much, and that it was my job as a mother to teach them right from wrong, otherwise if I let them get away with what they wanted to do I wouldn’t be doing my job very well as their mother.

There were many children that got smacked but didn’t raise their hands to their women, but if people believe that smacking children is bad and insights bad behaviour towards their partners, then what about television?

Our televisions show all kinds of brutality which children watch and then go on to believe that it’s okay to do because the television said so, and then, of course, there are computer games, the internet and the playground.

Children’s Immune Systems Have Been Worn Down By COVID Measures, Which Have Led To The Spread Of Up To Three Viruses At A Time

Children are turning up in doctors’ clinics infected with as many as three different kinds of viruses, in what experts believe is the result of their immune systems being weakened from two years of COVID lockdowns and mask-wearing.

Medical staff have come to expect a swell in cases of flu and harsh colds during the winter, but they’re reporting that there isn’t the typical downturn as the summer approaches, and they suspect it could be due to the strict pandemic practices.

Also, some of the familiar strains of the flu seem to have vanished, puzzling scientists.

Thomas Murray, an infection control expert and associate professor of paediatrics at Yale, told a newspaper outlet that his team was seeing children with a combination of seven common viruses, adenovirus, rhinovirus, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), human metapneumovirus, influenza and parainfluenza, as well as the coronavirus.

He said some children were admitted with two viruses and a few with three, and that it wasn’t characteristic for any time of the year and definitely not typical in May and June.

CDC data acquired by a newspaper outlet revealed lower overall levels of influenza infections among young children, but an abnormal surge starting several weeks ago during the start of the summer months, typically a dead period for respiratory infections – other irregular patterns have appeared.

The rhinovirus, known as the common cold, is generally not severe enough to send people to the hospital, but now it is.

RSV usually tapers off in the more hospitable weather, as does influenza, but they’ve not, and the Yamagata strain of flu hasn’t been seen since early 2020, which researchers say could be because it’s extinct, or maybe just dormant and waiting for the right moment to return.

Michael Mina, who’s an epidemiologist and chief science officer at the digital health platform eMed said it’s a massive natural experiment.

Michael Mina added that the change in what time of year Americans are seeing infections is probably due to the population’s lack of exposure to once common viruses, making us vulnerable when they return.

He said when you have a ton of people who don’t have immunity, the impact of the season is less. It’s like a free rein.

The virus can thus overcome seasonal barriers.

But some people are saying that they think that it’s the vaccine that’s destroyed children’s and adults’ immune systems and that a lot of people are having health issues that were once fit and healthy, but it’s not just the vaccines that have weakened our immune system but the fact that children need to be outside with other children for the body to learn how to fight off infections by getting infections – the saying goes, ‘You have to eat a peck of dirt before you die.’

But then you can’t blame this all on COVID. Children should be children and play outside and not hide indoors playing video games all day because we all need to build our immune systems through the benefits of mother nature.

Then there is the fact that we are constantly using chemicals to clean every surface and isolate our children from the world, which suggests they will have weak immune systems.

There are countless parents, mainly mothers who are scared of a little dirt on their children, or more worried about a little speck of dust or mud particle on their floor.

We need to let our children play outside and get muddy so that it helps their immune system.

When my children were younger I would go to friends and their children would be ill with something like mumps or measles and I would still go in with my children because it’s better that they catch these ailments when they’re young, rather than when they’re older, and it helped to build their immune systems, but it seems that in this day and age we’re all afraid of our own shadows.

Despite The Partygate Scandal, Boris Johnson Is Still Preferred To Keir Starmer As Prime Minister

A poll has revealed that Boris Johnson is still a preferable Prime Minister to Sir Keir Starmer.

Boris Johnson, who was dealt a political blow last week when 148 of his MPs voted for a no-confidence motion in him, has seen his popularity eroded since the 2019 election by the Partygate disclosures and the cost of living situation.

Nevertheless, 28 per cent of voters still believe he would make the best Prime Minister, compared with just 26 per cent for Sir Keir Starmer, according to a poll for The Observer.

Boris Johnson also improved his approval rating by three points to minus 27, although he’s still trailing the Labour leader, who remains on minus 6.

In the poll, conducted by Opinium, 35 per cent of respondents also said neither of the party leaders would make the best prime minister.

Half said they couldn’t envision Sir Keir Starmer in the position, compared with just 37 per cent who can, while 47 per cent felt Labour wasn’t ready to form the next government.

Sir Keir Starmer has failed to put any daylight between Labour and the Conservatives ahead of two crucial by-elections, with the governing party closing the gap by just two points in the most recent survey.

Labour are now on 36 per cent of the vote, with the Tories up one point on 34 per cent. The Liberal Democrats and Greens remain at 13 and 6 per cent respectively.

Boris Johnson’s approval ratings remain low after he was fined for a lockdown violation in 2020 and the release of the Sue Gray report which criticised the leadership in No 10, but once again he leads his opponent in the poll of who would make the best Prime Minister, climbing two points while Sir Keir Starmer dropped two since the last survey.

The polling comes just days after the Labour leader failed to make an impact at the despatch box during Prime Minister’s Questions following Boris Johnson’s vote of no confidence.

Deputy leader Angela Rayner later said that Sir Keir Starmer needed to put some more welly into his speeches.

But who out there really believes these polls, or even believes that newspapers are a trustworthy source of information, and let’s face it, when talking about who would be the best prime minister, really, none of them are actually that good and probably not fit for purpose, and why do people keep voting for this worthless man, it’s almost like Stockholm Syndrome.

Some people might think that Sir Keir Starmer is a fool, but what about Boris ‘wallpaper’ Johnson? But then most British people would rather choose a charismatic charlatan over a slightly boring technocrat, which is why we’re where we are now.

And who precisely believes that Boris Johnson is doing a wonderful job?

His term has been a mess from start to finish. One chaotic moment to the next.

If our Government can’t do what it pledged to do then it must either reform the courts with its massive majority or it must quit and let someone else do it.

And this vote is a pile of fertiliser because Boris Johnson is a lame-duck ready for the chop, it’s just a matter of when it will happen, and people need to wake up and smell the coffee. However, the public isn’t getting much of a choice on who they want voted in – Boris Johnson or Sir Keir Starmer, no choice at all!

To be honest a brick would be a more suitable choice than Boris Johnson or Sir Keir Starmer, at least a brick wouldn’t sink us into an ocean of oblivion on a weekly basis.

A Pair Of Baby Girl Twins Born Black And White Defy The Odds

Like many twins, they are dressed alike, right down to their pink and white booties, but Kendall and Baylee are no ordinary twins, they’re one in a million.

An unusual peculiarity of genetics means that one sister has black skin and the other is white.

The effect is so amazing that even their own father has said it’s difficult to believe that they’re related, and their mother, Rebecca Horton, said that when they were born, they kept staring at both of them because they just couldn’t believe it.

She said it was a lovely feeling and a big shock, but one thing was for sure, family and friends wouldn’t ever struggle to tell them apart.

The little girls’ contrasting looks can be traced back to their parents. Their father, Curtis Martin, is half Jamaican, while their mother is white.

As non-identical twins, they were created when two eggs were fertilised by two sperm. This means they inherited different genes from their parents, but normally, you would have expected both to have inherited a mixture of black and white genes and be born with a similar skin tone.

Every child is special and beautifully made, no matter what form they come in, whether black or white, no matter the parents they’re born to, they will always be special and amazing.

Some children stand out from others who are born with unique characteristics that we just can’t ignore, and this was the same with the twins of Nigerian Canadian photographer Judith Nwokocha.

Judith’s daughter, Kachi was albino while her son Kamis, had her dark skin, hair, and eye colour.

She said that she remembers going for her first scan when they told her that she was having a baby and she said that she was having two.

The second scan revealed that she was having twins, but she was told the twins might have Down Syndrome.

She said that at 7 weeks Kachi was always behind, was extremely small, she stopped growing, and she remembers the doctors telling her that she might not make it, but she’s so thankful that she did.

She said that she didn’t cry initially, so she was thinking about what was going to happen and how she was going to be, and that she was stunned and thought that they’d handed her somebody else’s baby and she couldn’t believe that she was her baby.

She was short of words and didn’t know what to say while staring at the magnificence she was carrying. But she was just happy that she was perfect, and both were healthy and they’d made her stressed out for nothing.

She said that other than the fact that she’s a different colour, she looks exactly like her.

Kachi is a perfect baby apart from her sensitive skin and eyes and that she’s doing absolutely fine, and that she always turns eyes on the street each time she goes out with her mother, but Judith actually doesn’t care what people have to say about her daughter.

She continued that it took her a while to realise that she was going to be raising an albino and that she was concerned about what people were going to say because it’s not a very usual thing to have an albino and a black baby.

She said that she was also sad because she was worried about how her daughter was going to go through society and how people were going to treat her.

She said that the twins didn’t act differently towards each other and that they have a good sister-brother relationship. That the twins were in the best state, and that every child is beautiful and unique, and we should always remember that.

These are gorgeous babies and their parents are extremely lucky to have such unique children, and this is the sort of thing that people want to read about instead of all the brutality that’s going on in the world, and this just demonstrates that we’re all one ethnicity and no different from each other.

It’s Dangerous To Walk By Granny’s Bush Because It’s So Large

A grandmother is defying an order to trim back the bushes in her front garden after her local council ruled that they were a health and safety hazard. Nevertheless, Becky Curtis regularly gets admiring comments from neighbours and passers-by who are impressed by the shrubs outside her grade two listed home in Dedham, Essex.

There’s been plenty of rainfall in recent weeks that has seen the greenery grow and as a result, the plants have spilt over the 84-year-old’s 30-inch high wall and onto the pavement.

Becky Curtis, who was born in her 18th-century home, insists there’s still a three-foot gap which allows people to use the path without a problem, but Dedham parish council disagrees and has ruled that Becky’s balotta, acanthus and choisya are a possible danger and need to be trimmed back.

In a letter, the parish council clerk said various complaints had been received about foliage creeping onto the pavement.

It read: ‘Please can you cut back the overhanging vegetation so as not to obstruct the pavement for pedestrians. Thank you for your co-operation with this.’

But Becky, who’s a long-standing member of the Dedham Horticultural Society, is resisting the demand with the support of numerous villagers.

She worries that any large-scale pruning will rob bumble bees of her two oversized balotta flowers when they flower later this summer.

Becky said she always cuts the balotta back as hard as she can every Autumn and doesn’t see why she should act any differently this year.

She said that we must do what we can to help the bees.

She said that she was completely taken aback when she received the letter saying the council had received complaints, although they didn’t say how many complaints there were and that she guessed it might only have been one person.

She said that she spoke to a lady from the council, and she told her that she had to comply as it was a health and safety issue.

Saying that they don’t say that when someone stumbles up on one of their paving slabs and breaks their neck because it wasn’t fixed when it should have been.

Becky said she’d been told someone with two children, a pushchair and a dog might find it difficult to pass the bushes but said the more she thought about trimming them back, the less she wanted to do it.

Bees will adjust and find alternative sources, although there is a lack of vegetation now and if we’re not careful bees will become extinct because now more than ever bees are endangered, and because bees are endangered, nature, ecosystems, and our food supply are also at risk.

But bees are not endangered because of pruning back bushes, they’re endangered because bushes and tree life are taken away altogether, which in this case it’s not, and the bees wouldn’t be affected by a little pruning.

What about those people that are disabled and use mobility scooters and wheelchairs? If bushes and plants are overgrowing and in the way they get hit in the face by hedges, and then sometimes they have to go in the road because they can’t get past, but I’m sure if someone on a scooter was hit by a car, she might think differently about the consequences.

I personally wouldn’t have all that greenery in front of my home, but each to their own. I just think that when it’s all pruned back it looks nice, but when it starts to overgrow it begins looking a mess, but I must admit, it looked like there was plenty of room for people, prams and wheelchairs to get past.

Family Furious After 89-Year-Old Left Outside For Over Eight Hours In Ambulance Queue

An old man who required critical medical care after falling on his head was given a 21-hour wait time for an ambulance and then forced to queue in the ambulance for eight hours outside the hospital.

The family of Roy Clare, 89, from Southend-on-Sea, called 999 on Tuesday when he fell out of his wheelchair and cut his head open. They were told they shouldn’t move him from the floor, but he would have to wait almost a whole day for an ambulance.

Roy Clare’s daughter, Diane East, who has basic nursing training, cleaned up her father, who has a history of strokes and put him to bed. The family called 111 on Wednesday morning and was told to get a doctor.

Roy Clare’s breathing worsened and the doctor who saw him on Wednesday evening feared that he may have had another stroke and advised that he be admitted to hospital.

Paramedics initially told Roy Clare’s family on Thursday that no ambulances were available before three vehicles arrived for him by error at 2 pm.

He was taken to Southend Hospital, but instead of being admitted to its Accident and Emergency unit, he had to wait in a queue of 22 other ambulances outside the hospital.

Roy Clare was eventually admitted to A&E at 10.15 pm on Thursday, more than eight hours after he was put in an ambulance and almost two days after his family first dialled 999.

Mrs East told ITV News that they’d sent him into a situation where it was even worse, and that why is there such a dire situation at the hospital?

A spokesman for Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust said that their hospitals were encountering an incredibly high need for their services, with many arriving at A&E by ambulance, reflecting just how busy local NHS and social care providers are.

The spokesman said that they were all working together to respond to this higher demand for services so that they can deliver the best possible care for their patients.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson came under fire over NHS waiting times when his Labour counterpart argued that things were getting worse, not better in the NHS.

Keir Starmer said during Prime Minister’s Questions that in March, he suggested changing the NHS contract and that he wants to double the length of time patients can be made to wait for surgery, from one year to two years, and that on top of that he scraps zero-tolerance of 12 hour waits at A&E, 24 Hours in A&E used to be a TV programme, now it’s his policy.

Now people are paying increased taxes on the basis that billions would be available to the NHS, but patients are still waiting hours, and those that need surgery, well it’s become a lottery of where you live, but the NHS should be universal which it’s not.

Clearly, the NHS is no longer fit for purpose, but if we whine about it, it just gives the Government a reason to privatise it, but will it make it any better, of course, it won’t, and people should seriously start making provisions for private medical insurance because paying your taxes is just like pouring money down the drain, while Chief Executives get more money and fatter pensions.

Boris Johnson should also make doctors see their patients again because then it would take a load off A&E, but at the moment you’ve got more chance of seeing a unicorn than a GP.

Next week, Three Asylum Seekers Scheduled For Deportation To Rwanda Will Not Be Removed

Three asylum seekers who were set to be deported to Rwanda will not be removed, the Home Office revealed, as opponents sought to scupper Priti Patel’s flagship policy with a last-ditch High Court legal challenge.

About 100 people have been told they will be put on a flight to the Central African nation next Tuesday, but charities, campaigners and a union representing Border Force staff have brought a legal challenge on behalf of a number of them.

Lawyers acting for the groups say the policy is unlawful and LGBT migrants could face discrimination. They’re pursuing an urgent injunction to stop next week’s scheduled flight, and any other such flights, ahead of a full hearing of the case later in the year.

The fightback is being led by top QCs Raza Husain and Chris Buttler, both from Matrix, a chamber of liberal barristers co-founded by Cherie Booth, the wife of former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair. She left in 2014.

The Home Office insists their claim should fail because it’s not justified and that Priti Patel’s policy is in the public interest to discourage migrants from crossing the English Channel. The flight could be grounded if the High Court grants the injunction.

Raza Husain QC, for the claimants, told the High Court that the system’s not safe. It’s not that it’s not safe after July, it’s just not safe, and he said: ‘You may be arbitrarily denied access to it. If you do get into it, there are concerns about the impartiality of the decision-making.’

He continued that the evidence is that if you’re not from a neighbouring country, then there are high levels of rejection.

Mr Husain said this included asylum seekers from Syria, who were largely tolerated by the UK system, and he added that the procedure was simply unsafe.

Calling for an evidence-based assessment for the procedure, not an aspirational basis, or hopes, Mr Hussain said that the Secretary of State’s conclusion as to the safety of Rwanda was irrational and that they had an extremely strong case on that, later adding: ‘We say there is no answer whatsoever to this case on irrationality on the assessment that Rwanda’s procedures are safe.’

The barrister later said that the agreement between the two countries, known as a Memorandum of Understanding, was unenforceable.

Some would say that they shouldn’t be here in the first place. That they arrived illegally, and who is paying for their lawyers?

If the United Kingdom had proper checks in place this wouldn’t happen. Let’s face it, it doesn’t happen in Australia because they have very strict immigration laws.

Name one country in the world you can enter, and get free hotels. All expenses paid and access to all services. Our judicial system and illegal border enforcement are a complete shambles, but then it can only happen in the United Kingdom.

Our charity and generosity have been badly taken advantage of over the years, and those charities that are supporting migrants should perhaps be supporting our homeless or veterans that are in need of assistance instead.

Charities require charitable donations from the public, but of course, now you at least know where your donations are going and it’s not the citizens of the United Kingdom, and if you were one of those people that donated to one of these charities, I’m guessing you didn’t know that your donations would be used on legal fees to oppose the British government? And could someone at least name these charities so that people can stop giving them support?

Putin’s Ukrainian ‘Show Court’ Sentences British Fighters To Death

It has been revealed that two British fighters captured while fighting in Ukraine were forced to beg for their lives during scripted phone calls to family members and UK journalists by the Russian-backed separatists who are holding them captive.

Aiden Aslin, 28, and Shaun Pinner, 48, were convicted of being mercenaries and conducting terrorist activities for fighting with Ukrainian troops, in what Tory minister Robert Jenrick called a Soviet-era style show trial, weeks after they were captured during the siege of Mariupol.

The pair, both signed up members of Ukraine’s 36th Marine Brigade, were condemned to death and are set to face a firing squad, pending appeal.

Aiden’s family has urged the UK and Ukraine governments to help bring them home safely in an impassioned statement shared on Thursday, but according to a newspaper outlet, both Shaun and Aiden made a string of phone calls in the weeks leading up to the sham court trial.

The pair said they faced the death penalty unless the demands of their captors were met, amid fears they were forced to make the calls at gunpoint in April.

The newspaper reports that both men made virtually the same pleas and warning that they faced 20 years in prison of the death penalty after being charged with being illegal combatants.

According to a newspaper outlet, Shaun’s mother, Denise Price, 65, also reported getting a phone call and said it seems as though the British fighters were being exploited for propaganda.

His wife Larysa voiced frustration at the absurdity and cynicism of this terrible and false event called a trial.

Writing on social media, she added that they also understand that Russian propaganda uses this case to the fullest and that this circus will go on for a long time.

Meanwhile, it’s understood Aslin’s mother Ang Wood found out about the barbaric sentence while watching the TV news at the family home in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

His devastated family, who met officials at the Ukraine Embassy in London on Thursday, demanded he was treated with respect and urged both the UK Government to help bring them home safely, something a Whitehall source has cautioned could make matters worse.

In a statement, the family said that they’d heard the news from Donetsk and needed some time to take everything in.

The family said that they love Aiden with all their hearts. That he and Shaun, as members of the Ukrainian armed forces, should be treated with respect just like any other prisoners of war, and that they are not, and that they were never mercenaries.

If someone is legitimately in the army fighting in a war and then captured, then they become prisoners of war, but these British soldiers are being used as propaganda and are being regaled as hostages rather than prisoners of war.

Of course, our hearts should go out to those in Ukraine, but this isn’t our war and we shouldn’t be involved.

I never thought the possibility of world war could even be considered ever again, but we’re living on a minefield here and being our true evil selves is putting all the ingredients in place, and the last thing we need is for Boris Johnson to get involved. We know what happened the last time he stuck his beak in to help. No, Boris Johnson should sit this one out and let the adults deal with it!

Let’s hope that there can be an exchange of prisoners, maybe the exchange can be for Boris Johnson and Liz Truss!

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