Where Is The Humour In This?

Brian Laundrie’s reclusive father broke cover on Thursday and even cracked a smile, in exclusive photos obtained by a newspaper outlet, as he joined federal investigations in their search for his runaway son in a snake and alligator-infested Florida reserve.

Christopher Laundrie, 62, seemingly didn’t have a care in the world as he was photographed helping in the manhunt in the immense 24,565-acre Carlton Reserve, where police found remnants of a fresh campsite Wednesday and believe Brian Laundrie could be hiding.

Christopher Laundrie left his North Port home and arrived at the park near Venice before 10 am, where he waited for police and park rangers to open the gate so that he could search the forested area along with the FBI, who have been on the hunt for the prime suspect in Gabby Petito’s death since September 14.

Strangely enough, he was spotted alongside a young officer who resembled Brian Laundrie and the two shared a laugh as they walked along the trail.

Wearing a grey T-shirt, cargo pants and holding a plastic carrier that appeared to contain papers, or possibly a map and food, Christopher Laundrie spent hours in the park with around five FBI officers and was dripping sweat in the Florida heat.

He took breaks to drink water on the outskirts of the park along the road as a police helicopter was also flying overhead to assist in the search.

Investigators had brought in Christopher Laundrie to help lead them along the trails Brian Laundrie was known to frequent. However, his guidance displayed little fruit as officials made no discoveries and Christopher Laundrie returned home, where his wife Roberta, 55, was supposed to have been waiting for him, and the couple have hardly left their home since their son disappeared.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo reported that in the meantime, an attorney for the family said that Brian Laundrie’s parents believe that’s precisely where he’s located.

Attorney Steven Bertolino said that there were no discoveries on Thursday but the effort was helpful to all and that it appears that the water in the Preserve was declining and some areas are more accessible to search now.

He said the whole Laundrie family are appreciative of the arduous work of the dedicated members of law enforcement that have been searching the Preserve for Brian over the last few weeks, and that hopefully Brian will be located shortly.

However, we can’t imagine how frustrating and maddening this must be to Gabby Petito’s family, and how they’re not losing their minds every day is unbearable.

Sadly, everyone wants to be Columbo at the moment and has an idea of what happened and how it happened, but nobody will really know the truth until Brian Laundrie is found, if he’s ever found, or even if he’s found alive.

How could any parent find something funny when out looking for their son? And how awful it must be for Gabby Petito’s parents to see this.

This doesn’t look like a father who has a missing son!

And there appears to be so much confusion about what’s going on and so many odd things about Brian Laundrie’s parents, but hopefully, there will soon be closure for Gabby Petito’s family.

Unfortunately, this has become almost like reality show TV. This is reality because a human being got killed, but it’s coming across like a show, and what could Brian Laundrie’s father possibly do to assist investigators in the manhunt?

Therese Coffey Slammed For Belting Out ‘Time Of My Life’ At A Boozy Conference Karaoke

The Cabinet Minister in charge of Universal Credit was slammed for belting out ‘Time Of My Life’ at a boozy Conservative party conference karaoke bash, hours before cutting payments to six million people.

Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey enthusiastically belted out the 1987 power ballad from the movie Dirty Dancing in a duet with fellow Will Quince, a former welfare minister.

It came as a £20 per week COVID uplift payment was removed from Universal Credit for families across the United Kingdom.

The Government has pushed forward with the cut despite concerns from Tory backbenchers, that hundreds of thousands of people would be plunged into poverty.

From today, no assessments will include the uplift, meaning that from October 13, a week later, no payments will be received that include the additional money.

Shadow work and pensions minister Jonathan Reynolds said the Secretary of State singing that she’s having the ‘time of her life’ while making families £1,000 a year worse off today was frankly an insult and a disgrace.

Lib Dem health and social care spokeswoman Munira Wilson said that she had no problem with politicians having fun and that she enjoys hitting the dancefloor, but that just hours before, this woman had plunged thousands into poverty by slashing Universal Credit. How could Therese Coffey even live with herself, let alone belt out ‘Time Of My Life?’

Therese Coffey was one of several MPs who took to the stage at the event at the Manchester conference site.

Levelling up Secretary Michael Gove took to the dancefloor with Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Tom Tugenhat, while Foreign Secretary Liz Truss also dropped in.

Justice Minister Dominic Raab defending cutting the Universal Credit uplift today said that the £400 billion boost was always going to be short-lived.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that what they’ve done – National Living Wage, personal allowance, the ending of the over-reliance on cheap labour from overseas which reduces wages was so important to their vision for the economy.

He said the Government was absolutely committed to making sure people could meet the cost of living through rising wages, and that their rate of increasing jobs was incredible, and that youth employment was going down, and that they have a million job vacancies being advertised.

This is all very insensitive, to say the least, but then this is typical of the Tories, who have no remorse.

Of course, we all know that this was a temporary payment, but the Government are now taking it away whilst the cost of living is going up.

I don’t use benefits but have had to in the past, so I do have compassion for those that are wanting.

Women don’t intend on being single parents, and some have to give up a career to raise their children and then get abandoned with no income, which means they’re screwed and have to start from scratch. And those families that are on minimum wage have no other option but to be subsidised by the Government.

Inflation has gone up, the cost of everyday things has gone up, and people that are below the breadline are then forced to make choices, but Therese Coffey appears to be having a fabulous time with the karaoke machine, but then as they say, ‘Stupid is as stupid does.’ And she’s definitely being judge by her actions, and her appearance has a lot to answer for.

Apparently, we have to build back better. I wonder how we’re going to do that with our wicked, shameful Tory party, with gas and food now being so expensive, doesn’t it seem wrong to remove this uplift for the most disadvantaged in society?

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries Is Slammed By Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson slapped down one of his newest Cabinet ministers after she questioned the BBC’s long term future.

Boris Johnson insisted the great institution would be around for a long time to come after Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries’ attack on the media monolith.

She told a fringe event at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester that the public broadcaster could be killed off by streaming services like Netflix within a decade.

She also took aim at the corporation for alleged nepotism and elitism, despite herself once employing her two daughters on her parliamentary team.

Asked about Nadine Dorries comments, Boris Johnson told GB News in Manchester that the BBC had been around for a very long time, and that it was a great national institution, and that he had no doubt it would be around for a long time to come.

Nadine Dorries, 64, demanded change at the organisation, saying its workers needed to reflect a wider demographic than just people whose mum and dads work there.

Talking at a Conservative Party fringe event, the Liverpudlian Bedfordshire MP said its groupthink mind prohibited minorities and people with regional dialects.

Asked whether the licence fee would still be mandatory in 10 or 20 years, she said that she couldn’t look into the future and that would the BBC still be about in 10 years?

She said that we can’t look into the future, but that it was a very competitive environment at the moment, and that we have Amazon Prime, Netflix and other bods coming down the line.

She continued that this younger generation that was coming through, certainly watch their television in a somewhat different way to how her contemporaries viewed its TV, so who knows where we will be?

Her remarks about nepotism sparked a turbulent blast from BBC staff, including presenter Clive Myrie, who used the Twitter hashtag #mymum to collate examples of staff who didn’t get jobs through their parents.

Nadine Dorries herself hit the headline’s in 2013 when, as a backbench MP, she was reported as being amongst 28 MPs who gave relatives pay rises at the taxpayer’s expense.

The MP for Mid Bedfordshire, increased the salary of her daughter Philippa, then 28, into the £40,000-£44,999 pay band from the £30,400 she was getting as a constituency caseworker.

The one time I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! contestant also paid her daughter Jennifer, then 26, up to £35,000 to work as a senior secretary.

Boris Johnson is transforming the Tory party into something else altogether, and he’s totally abandoned 50 years of Conservative orthodoxy, and he adores the BBC, and the environment, and every other lefty cause – soon the Tories will be indistinguishable from Labour, or maybe it’s already happened with this chancer who bends with any wind.

The British public are fed up with financing this biased broadcasting corporation, and I think that if Boris Johnson won’t cancel it, then the British public will, and this is why numerous Cabinet Ministers can’t get on with their jobs because Boris Johnson keeps slapping them down.

He’s not a Conservative in any shape or form. He’s lied to the British people, flouted his manifesto and is forcing us all on to this Green course, at a huge expense to everyone, and he makes it perfectly obvious that he doesn’t give a stuff about the British people, and he smirks and laughs as if everything is a huge joke, even doing the same when COVID struck.

Boris Johnson is an ignorant, overbearing, self-serving chucklehead, and we really are in trouble folks, and we now need a new political party, one that actually represents the people.

Bible Downpours Cause Rush Hour Chaos

Biblical downpours have pounded parts of Britain overnight leaving passengers facing travel chaos and submerged roads this morning as the Met Office warns some areas could see up to three inches of rainfall today.

Forecasters say that St Jame’s Park in London has recorded 26mm or just more than an inch of rain in the space of an hour this morning while videos from the nearby Knightsbridge and Hammersmith areas show extensive flooding affecting roads and businesses.

Meanwhile, Transport for London (TfL) warned of severe delays on the circle and district lines this morning due to flooding which caused signalling problems.

On the Overground, the service has been suspended between Kensington (Olympia) and Clapham Junction due to flooding in the Imperial Wharf area.

Passengers in Essex reported biblical rainfall which has also caused significant disruption to the C2C rail network.

The Met Office has confirmed that between midnight and 6 am this morning, St Jame’s Park in London saw 35mm of rain while Storrington in West Sussex saw 30mm and Market Bosworth in Leicestershire recorded 29mm.

Passengers have been warned to expect disruption due to the bad weather which is set to clear by the end of the day before a spell of brighter weather throughout the remainder of the week.

Forecasters predict persistent and at times heavy rainfall and robust winds for northern England and southeast Scotland, while rain will clear to blustery showers and sunny intervals in the south and west.

In a statement, the Met Office said that rain, accompanied by increasing winds, will travel north and eastwards across the area early on Tuesday, becoming slow-moving over parts of northeast England, and later, also eastern England, and that 15-30mm of rain is supposed to fall quite extensively.

Over eastern and northeastern England, 40-50mm of rain is expected to fall in some parts with 50-75mm also likely in a few places.

From tomorrow, the Met Office said early cloud and rain across eastern areas will clear, bringing fine weather across Scotland, Wales and England during the day, predicting that it will be dry with loads of sunshine.

Thick clouds will swell in from the west across Northern Ireland, bringing rain, which will spread into western Britain throughout the evening.

The balmy weather from midweek will be driven by the remains of Hurricane Sam currently making a beeline for Britain.

People are calling the heavy rainfall Biblical – I noticed a few vehicles sloshing through the water, but I didn’t see any Ark! Perhaps someone could part the English Channel to allow more people to cross?

What we should be doing is blaming it on Britains inadequate drainage systems, but now every time we have heavy rainfall in Britain, it seems that they’re attempting to poke the fire to use climate change as the reason when in fact this occurs almost every year and has done since I can remember.

But now they’re calling it Biblical, talk about sensationalising rain. Maybe now, councils will clean the gullies regularly, instead of only cleaning them once they become blocked, which then causes problems, although it might keep the eco loons indoors.

35mm of water isn’t Biblical – when it’s forecast to rain for 40 days and 40 nights that we should start worrying.

The rain must have been that bad if they’re saying Biblical, perhaps we will get locusts as well! It was just a heavy deluge of rain that has become rainfall of Biblical proportions, how bad is that? Well, not that bad at all because it sells newspapers.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant Will Be The Largest Ever Held

Organisers have said that next year’s Platinum Jubilee celebration will be the biggest ever put on, even topping events held in 1897 for Queen Victoria’s diamond milestone.

Victoria & Albert Museum chairman Nicholas Coleridge, who is co-chairing the celebration, said 6,600 performers will take part in the closing day of celebrations in June.

He added that the BBC predicts that the jubilee celebrations, marking the Queen’s 70 years on the throne, could attract a global audience of one billion.

Nicholas Coleridge said that celebrations over the prolonged Bank Holiday weekend from Thursday, June 2 to Sunday, June 5 will include the Trooping The Colour, a great lunch led by the Lord Mayor of London, the Queen lighting bonfires and a BBC concert.

Talking at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester, Nicholas Coleridge centred on what the celebration, with a budget of between £10 million and £15 million, will involve.

He said that it was going to be the largest that’s ever been put on, larger they believe than that was put on for Queen Victoria in 1897, and he said that was pretty big, but this one was going to be larger, and that it was going to have 6,500 people taking part in it.

Nicholas Coleridge said he hopes the pageant will attempt to cheer up the people following the COVID pandemic, and he added that at the same time, they were going to make sure that whilst the Jubilee was based in London, and the procession was going to go around the parks, through Westminster, under Admiralty Arch, down the Mall, past Buckingham Palace, and up past Constitution Hill, it’s not going to be London-centric.

He went on and said that even though they have an enormous map, making sure that they have people from every part of the country and certainly every part of the Commonwealth, and that they were going to have people from all 54 Commonwealth countries who were going to be taking part in this astounding parade.

And that they were going to have all the creative industries in it, and that 17 different theatre groups have so far signed up to be in it, and that they were having huge sculptures the size of four-storey houses being pulled down the Mall, and that they were having a mysterious celebrity singer, and that if he said who it was, the entire Team Jubilee would be so annoyed with him and that he would probably never be able to go back into the office.

However, isn’t this a tad overkill? Because sometimes, less is more. And let’s hope that there’s not another variant that mysteriously turns up, pushing us into lockdown again because then, it will be like throwing money down the drain on an old woman, and let’s face it, she’s got to make it until June.

Oh, and it will be great for the environment with 54 Commonwealth countries flying in and loads of carbon emissions, and it’s going to cost millions of taxpayers money, although I guess people need some joy after all the COVID suffering. Still, I won’t be watching it, as there are better things to do like mowing the grass or cleaning out the cat tray.

And I could think of far better ways to spend taxpayers money on, than dragging sculptures down the Mall.

A Thanksgiving service in Westminster Abbey, Trooping The Colour, a garden party, fireworks and lighting beacons across the country should be enough.

It is the time for a celebration, but keep in mind that the Queen is an old lady who might not have the endurance she once had to be involved.

Boris Johnson Threatens ‘Reckless And Selfish’ Protesters With Jail

Boris Johnson is to speed through legislation to prevent demonstrators from blocking motorways, as he declares his decision to protect the interests of the law-abiding majority.

Under the proposed new law, activists who bring vital transport arteries to a standstill will face up to six months in jail or extensive fines.

The move follows complaints from the police that they have lacked enough abilities to stop eco-protesters from the Insulate Britain group from bringing some of the country’s arterial roads such as the M25, M1 and M4 to a standstill.

Some motorists have been stranded in gridlock while taking relatives to the hospital or transporting essential supplies.

The Prime Minister said that Government will always stand on the side of the law-abiding majority and ensure the toughest punishments possible for offenders who intentionally bring major roads to a standstill.

He said that they will give the police the powers they require to end their thoughtless and selfish ways, and he said the right to protest is sacrosanct, but there’s no right to deliver chaos and misery on people trying to go about their lives.

Boris Johnson outlined his hardline position as he appeared at the Tory Party conference against the backdrop of the separate road chaos created by the fuel crisis, which has led to a severe deficit of petrol on forecourts in London and the South East.

With almost 200 troops prepared to swing into action to help alleviate the situation, the Petrol Retailers Association reported a distinct improvement in the situation across much of the country due to the restraint of drivers.

Nevertheless, deficits seemed to be worsening in London and the South East.

A former Tory Cabinet Minister criticised industry bosses for demanding the return of cheap foreign workers rather than expanding the skills and earnings of British workers post-Brexit.

Writing in the MoS, David Jones said that the Remain lobby is both hostile and influential, even now, and that the fuel crisis is an all to useful shroud, and they’re waving it with vigour.

The Cabinet Office started a leak inquiry into how particular briefings from a meeting about fuel supplies found their way to ITV News, stoking the fuel crisis, as the MoS revealed last week.

The Government has accused the Road Haulage Association of doing so to force Ministers to let in lower-paid foreign workers, which the RHA has flatly denied.

But I’m beginning to believe that these rebels actually have a point because the Government have been resting on their laurels doing nothing for far too long, and a peaceful demonstration is fine, but an intrusive continued rally is anarchy, which is disrupting normal law-abiding people from going about their business.

And let’s face it, Boris Johnson is a tad late because this mob have been causing chaos for weeks now and the Government and the police have stood by and watched them, and this is probably all talk by Boris Johnson and nothing will really be done because the police are totally worthless, keystone cops, and it seems that talk and bluster are the only things Boris Johnson is good at.

Contraception is cheap, but he didn’t appear to be interested in that either!

And perhaps he should just focus on getting fuel to London and the South East, as it would be most appreciated. And if he can hurry through this new Protest Law, why can’t he rush Priti Patel’s New Immigration Law and stop all of these migrants coming over the channel?

The Fuel Crisis Is Getting Worse In The South East!

The fuel crisis is getting more serious in London and the southeast, an industry expert warned, as retailers demand urgent action to restock filling stations.

Soldiers will begin delivering petrol from Monday in a drastic attempt to end the turmoil of recent days.

However, industry bosses are calling for certain dry sites to be prioritised, amid warnings for motorists that they should expect a rise of up to 3p a litre at the pump.

Brian Madderson, chair of the Petrol Retailer’s Association, told BBC Radio Four’s Today programme that in the north, Scotland, some parts of the Midlands there was a definite improvement in fewer dry sites, however in London and the southeast if anything, it had got more serious.

He said that he passed no less than five filling stations in Kent which were dry and that it was a huge problem, and that this wasn’t going to be a major relief, it was a great help but in terms of the volume, they weren’t going to be able to carry that much.

He continued that they need prioritisation of deliveries to filling stations, particularly the independent ones in neighbourhood sites in London and the southeast starting now.

Mr Maddison said local retail sites lying closed without fuel affects consumer confidence and called on the government to speed up deliveries to those areas over the coming days, and he added that this week they’ve seen the wholesale price for fuel increase by 3p a litre for unleaded and diesel.

He said that this had nothing to do with the driver deficit, and that this was solely to do with global factors, and that Brent Crude had risen by almost 50 per cent this year and had been skirting $80 a barrel lately, but at the same time, the pound against the dollar has weakened so those two factors have driven up the wholesale price.

He said, next week, because forecourts have been depleted, new stocks coming in will be at the higher price to them, so they should expect a 3p increase at the pump, and this was not profiteering, it was just genuine wholesale price rises caused by global circumstances.

However, Health Secretary Sajid Javid said the fuel situation was stabilising in most parts of the country and the military was being used as a precaution.

Sadly the media has not helped the situation and has created more panic at the pumps, and now people are filling up their jerry cans when they can just fill the tanks on their vehicles.

But is this all just a coincidence with the big green tax push happening next month, with these charlatans wanting everyone to buy overpriced electric cars?

And where is this Brexit dream that we were all promised? People who voted out believed that Brexit would solve all of our problems, it appears not!

Or is this a totally fabricated crisis, because another lockdown wouldn’t be tolerated, but has the same outcome – stresses the public and hinders them from being able to work and then the mainstream media distracts the public whilst Boris Johnson’s totalitarian regime endeavours to shove medical apartheid and digital surveillance systems through Parliament whilst no one is watching.

Shortly we will have the Army on our streets, best get your COVID papers ready to show, and this is just the tip of a very scary iceberg.

The Kremlin Denies Vladimir Putin Selected An Attractive Interpreter To Attend The Trump Meeting In 2019

The Kremlin has denied that Vladimir Putin personally chose a particularly attractive interpreter to sidetrack ex-president Donald Trump at a 2019 meeting.

The extraordinary claim is from former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham in a forthcoming publication.

The interpreter, seen in a photograph of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump shaking hands in Osaka, Japan two years ago, can be identified as Russian foreign ministry specialist linguist Daria Boyarskaya, 36, who is also an amateur salsa dancer.

According to a newspaper outlet, Stephanie Grisham told how Fiona Hill, the former administration’s Russia expert, had seen the inclusion of the interpreter as questionable, and as the meeting started, Fiona Hill leaned over and inquired if she’d seen Vladimir Putin’s translator, who was an extremely beautiful brunette woman with long hair, a comely face, and had a pleasing appearance.

She then continued to tell her that she speculated that the woman had been chosen by Vladimir Putin specifically to distract the then president.

Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov hit back at the report, rejecting any role for Putin in choosing Boyarskaya, a keen dancer, who he didn’t name, as a secret weapon.

Dmitry Peskov said that interpreters were provided by the foreign ministry at the behest of the presidential administration and that Vladimir Putin himself was not involved in the process of that.

However, it wasn’t the first time that Vladimir Putin had used Boyarskaya to translate in a session with an American president.

Before the Trump-Putin talks in Japan, the same interpreter had been deployed in 2016 at a meeting between Vladimir Putin and the then US president Barack Obama in Hangzhou, China.

This and the 2019 meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are openly recorded by the St Petersburg School of Conference Interpreting and Translation (SCIT), part of Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, from where she’d graduated in 2009.

Initially, she’d studied at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University in Kaliningrad.

According to the SCIT records, she additionally worked for Vladimir Putin at a session with US National Security Advisor John Bolton in Moscow on October 23, 2018, and she interpreted for the Russian president at a meeting he held with FIFA President Gianni Infantino in April 2016.

According to her social media, Boyarskaya works regularly at the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

She wasn’t there to translate for Putin, but probably for other dignitaries because Vladimir Putin speaks excellent English, probably better than Donald Trump does. The story is yet no more than anti-Russian propaganda, and from the photos, Donald Trump didn’t even seem to notice she was in the room.

Although Vladimir Putin is an intelligent person, so why wouldn’t he do that for Donald Trump, knowing that he has a fondness for the ladies, which was a masterful move, I’d say. Although she didn’t turn up in exotic attire, she turned up professionally to do her job, but then being an attractive working woman frequently creates excitement in the loins of men.

This was pretty sexist from the Daily Mail. The lady was dressed professionally and looks like any average woman in the photos, and just because she does other things outside of her job doesn’t mean her only purpose was to be eye candy.

I doubt that she was sharing her social media pics in the meeting, and whoever was making this connection was really stretching to find a point.

Andy Burnham Wants Council Tax Slashed

Andy Burnham yesterday called on Labour to support a wealth tax based on the value of the property.

The Greater Manchester mayor said he wanted to see council tax scrapped and replaced with the new tax.

The proportional tax would see homeowners paying a yearly levy worth about 0.5 per cent of the value of their home instead of council tax and stamp duty.

Supporters, such as the think tank Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), say it’s unfair that those who have benefited from rising house prices should pay so little, and talking at an IPPR fringe event, the former Labour MP said that there was a really interesting discussion about how they reform property tax, and he said that the party couldn’t tiptoe around it anymore and that Council Tax was carrying too much weight.

Wes Streeting, Labour’s spokesman on child poverty, told the conference the Government was punching down on families with the cut to Universal Credit.

He continued, Boris Johnson dares to tell parents slogging their guts out on minimum wage to work harder, and that this was coming from a man who hasn’t done a single day of hard work in his life.

Andy Burnham added that the party should push for property tax reform and that this could be a form of Land Value Tax or Proportional Property Tax, but he said they should rename it, saying, call it the levelling up tax.

The council reform should be based on square footage, the number of occupants and local amenities provided, not value.

If five adults live in a house, they all benefit from the services provided, so why should a home of one or two occupants pay the same as a multigenerational home that has several incomes coming in or houses where a specific number of people are jammed into a three-bedroom house? Therefore, a family of six over the road might pay less than a family of two just because their home is detached and the other is a semi.

Council tax should have no bearing on what your house is priced at, and we should all pay the same, it’s the only fair way, but then again it appears that councils are having a disco with our money.

Numerous people who have bought their house, but have a mortgage basically means that the bank, or whoever you got the mortgage from owns your home. Does this mean that if the bank owns your home because you have a mortgage with them, that they should pay the tax and not the person living in the property?

High prices for property means that people have to take out massive mortgages and work twice as hard to pay them off. And countless young people can’t even get onto the housing ladder.

Immigration has taken precedence in the United Kingdom in the last two decades, making house prices high.

Seven million people have entered the United Kingdom since the year 2000, and there aren’t enough properties for all those people, so it’s the basic economic law of supply and demand, and then property prices shoot up.

What we need to do is reduce the UK population to what it was in 2000, to get property prices back down, but of course, things are too late for that, but it’s the working classes who will suffer
the most with these high property prices, so what needs to be done is to get to the root of the problem, the current overpopulation and the ongoing immigration issue.

Are Brian Laundrie’s Parents Using A Burner Phone To Communicate?

Brian Laundrie’s mother has been accused of buying a burner phone to keep in touch with her runaway son as the hunt for the prime suspect in Gabby Petito’s death continues.

A popular Twitter account created to help find Brian Laundrie tweeted the claim that Roberta Laundrie, Brian Laundrie’s mother, has a burner phone. Confirmed by FBI. However, the claim hasn’t officially been confirmed or rejected by the FBI.

The FBI said, according to 10 Tampa Bay reporter Shannon Clowe that they did not confirm or deny contact with any person or entity to preserve their privacy, and that as such, they didn’t confirm or deny the receipt of any tip, and that they had no further comment.

Lyssa Chapman, Duane Chapman’s (Dog the Bounty Hunter) daughter, tweeted that the FBI confirmed the accusation that Roberta Laundrie has a burner phone but didn’t present any proof of the evidence.

The Laundrie family’s attorney, Steven Bertolino, had no comment.

Internet sleuths have claimed that Brian Laundrie is using a burner phone after supposedly noticing changes to his Instagram and Spotify accounts since he disappeared two weeks ago.

According to Inside Edition, Brian’s Instagram account reportedly became active for three seconds on Monday showing waves and just a peak of an olive green boat. The account also allegedly unfollowed numerous people.

There have also been claims online that Brian’s Spotify playlist name changed from ‘Selfconsomption’ to ‘Nomatic Statik.’ The playlist was reportedly created after Gabby Petito’s disappearance.

Brian Laundrie has been named a person of interest in the investigation into his fiance Gabby Petito’s death. Her remains were discovered in Wyoming and her demise was ruled a homicide after she was reported missing on September 11.

Dog the Bounty Hunter joined the hunt for Brian Laundrie on Saturday and was immediately inundated with tips, one of which claimed that the Laundrie family spent the night in Fort De Soto Park with their son twice after he came back alone from Wyoming in early September.

Dog told TV reporter Brian Entin Monday night that Brian Laundries parents spent the night in For De Soto in Pinellas County, Florida, from September 1 to 3, staying in spot number 1.

He further claims that they returned with Brian to stay on spot 15 from September 6 to 8.

To be fair, this has been a particularly interesting case, and there’s been a lot of TV coverage on it, with loads of people online sleuthing about it, but we have to remember that these are human beings that we’re talking about, and this isn’t a game of Inspector Clouseau. An actual crime has been committed, whether Brian Laundrie did it or not!

He may be the perpetrator of a crime, or he may not be, but at the moment he’s just a person of interest. At the moment it’s all speculation, and no one will really know anything about what really took place until Brian Laundrie is found, that’s if he’s ever found.

We do know that before Gabby Petito’s disappearance they were both seen at a restaurant in Wyoming where Brian Laundrie was reportedly involved in an inflammable argument with a waitress.

Nina Celie Angelo, of New Orleans, said that she’d been visiting the state with her boyfriend on August 27 when they stopped for lunch at Merry Piglets, a Tex Mex restaurant in Jackson Hole between 1 and 2 pm, and she claimed that she watched on in shock as the agitated Brian Laundrie started arguing with a waitress and that Gabby Petito was with him at the time.

And that while she couldn’t hear what words were being exchanged between Brian Laundrie and the woman, she believed the dispute was either over the bill or about money, and she described Brian Laundrie’s body language as aggressive and said that he left and returned to the establishment about four times, continuing the conflict and that at one stage Gabby Petito came inside and apologised for Brian’s behaviour.

Brian Laundrie clearly had an aggressive nature, although that doesn’t mean that he killed Gabby Petito in cold blood.

Perhaps with all this rage pumping they both got back and argued. Maybe he shoved her and she got wounded in the fight – maybe he didn’t realise she was dying when he sped off in the truck to get away from her, and then came back and realised she was dead, and just panicked because they’d been stopped by the police earlier on, and that’s why he went to his parents home because after calming down, having realised what he’d done, and maybe that’s why they had their attorney on speed dial because they knew what would happen.

Sadly, there are a lot of maybe’s and people making hypotheses, with everyone wanting to be the Pink Panther. But this is not a movie, nor is it funny, and hopefully Brian Laundrie will be apprehended and then we can find out what the actual truth is.

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