Boris Johnson’s Sibling Rachel Ridicules Lockdown


What the dickens is going on? Even Boris Johnson’s sibling isn’t playing by his rules any more, staying overnight at her London residence and enjoying a bit of tennis, and it appears that radio hostess Rachel is attracting more contention for the embattled Prime Minister, dividing her time between her family farm and the metropolis.

She has made no secret of the fact that she’s isolating in Somerset, with essential journeys to her job in London as a presenter on LBC, yet she hasn’t mentioned that her work journeys have involved overnight stays at her Notting Hill home.

Rachel has unquestionably played it to her advantage, fraternising with friends and savouring the sunshine despite her brother’s guidelines putting second homes well beyond reach during the lockdown, as well as banning movement between two homes.

And the apparent double fault in the wake of the national wrath over Dominic Cumming doesn’t look great for anyone, and the narrative Boris Johnson is attempting to skirt right now is of one rule for the elite and another for the rest of us.

First, his sidekick Dominic Cummings and now his sister has been caught with their pants down, twisting the rules, if not breaking them, and after her show, Rachel retired to her West London home where her two sons also stay, and then on Saturday, following a quick knock up with her buddies and a canine walk, she took the train to Somerset.

But according to a spokesperson for the radio host, in line with the preponderance of broadcasters, she’s allowed keyworker standing, and that the programme ends at 7 pm and that it’s a four-hour journey back, so she sometimes stays over, and that in line with guidance, she makes a collective endeavour to stay alert at all times.

It comes after the Prime Minister’s top aide Dominic Cummings rode 260 miles to Durham after suffering coronavirus symptoms. The former Vote Leave boss also made a 30 mile trip to nearby Barnard Castle to examine his eyesight after recuperating from the virus.

He held onto his job by the skin of his teeth but was made to give a humble press conference to the country, and Durham Police ruled his Barnard Castle journey may have been a minor infringement of the lockdown regulations, but it also seems to be various rules for different players.

So, Rachel has now breached the rules. What next Boris, family snaps with the new baby?

And I’m sure that technically it would be possible for Rachel to work from home, but then who listens anyway and is anything she has to say worthwhile?

Boris Johnson said that we have to stay alert and save lives, but it doesn’t appear to be working Boris, even your sister isn’t listening anymore, and opening schools, more shops and pubs soon, there is no lockdown and there never was one, it’s a shambles and no one listens to Boris Johnson anymore since Dominic Cummings bent the rules, it’s a sham and a second wave will certainly happen and soon.

And how speedily we move on from ‘we’re all in this together, to some animals are more equal than others’.

But it now appears that everything is open to interpretation, particularly for loving families and who don’t know what tomorrows convoluted message for the masses is going to be.

I sure don’t, nor do I care anymore because I, like many others are simply trying to keep it together, but that doesn’t mean we should break the rules because Dominic Cummings did, and more to the point, made it an excuse.

He violated the rules and the media had a field day with him, and then we get thousands of fools protesting, every person infringing lockdown rules, and all those people should be punished the same way that Dominic Cummings should, but then we shouldn’t be shocked by MP’s and Boris Johnson’s sister breaking the lockdown rules because they all bred from the same gene pool.

Boris Johnson has started using the expression ‘let’s move on’ to bring to an end problematic cankers he has no idea how to fix.

Dominic Cummings lies through his teeth and has this complete disregard for lockdown rules, and Boris Johnson failed to achieve lockdown a lot earlier than he should have, whilst people in care homes have been put there with a heard of death lottery.

We have the second-highest coronavirus death rate in the world, but it’s okay, let’s just all move on. The only way we’re going to move on is when Dominic Cummings is fired and they all move on and get the hell out of Westminster, but then you can’t fire someone who doesn’t do anything useful, that includes Boris Johnson.

The problem is that there has been so much confusion, dishonesty and deception and now the British people are going to snub Boris Johnson because our government are leaderless, and Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings have shown their ineptitude too many times and now they’re regarded as irrelevant.

Yet there appears to be a daily sermon that’s being dished out by bigots like Matt Hancock, Jenrick, Gove and Boris Johnson, but it’s now being disregarded because all the government are doing now is extracting the urine.

And let’s face it, how can the people be expected to respect Boris Johnson’s decisions when his chief aide and his sister take little notice? And there appear to be no rules for this lot, ‘Oh, I say, anyone for tennis?’

I’m now questioning if anyone around Boris Johnson is following the rules because supposedly only us commoners have to follow the rules, and what a magnificent example our government are setting to the rest of the nation, no wonder some people are already confused and think lockdown is ending soon.

The English for centuries has allowed themselves through royalty, church leaders and politicians to be bullied through smart eloquence, with land, people, assets and livelihoods all stripped away and to rub insult to injury, the commoners have to bow, scrape and doff the cap, and the thing is, it’s still going on today.

But then we sit back and allow them to do it to us, but then again it’s not what you know, it’s who you know in government and Boris Johnson is the boss, and like it or not you will do as you’re told because that’s just the way it is.

And when all said and done, this government does nothing for the people, it’s all about them, and to them, the people are simply disposable objects to be used in their get rich plans, but I do wonder what sort of people we’re becoming and let’s be clear, the social class divide is getting bigger with the attitude of certain Tories and make no mistake they don’t like the working class because it’s against their ideas and beliefs.

So, don’t think that this Tory government is doing this to protect us all, we’re just being carefully misled by ill-advised loyalty, and their elitist, public school Eton upbringing has cultivated that dogma and power corrupts, and if they don’t want to follow the rules, that’s their problem, but then that’s private education for you.

The elite clearly can’t read and certainly don’t listen – how unfortunate for their parents who squandered a packet on their education, and the lockdown rules seem not to apply if you’re rich and have more than one home.

But it’s sickening when we the common people can’t see their family’s or bury their dead, yet these fools can do what they want and it does appear like we’re being repressed by our government, and it also seems that the media is no longer a newspaper but a political platform.

And the government are overcompensated dishonest reprobates and Boris Johnson is a bell end in reverse, but it’s a shame we have all these rule-breakers – anyhow, I’m off to a big BBQ, and I’m going to have a glorious day, and as for getting ill, I’ve probably got more chance of getting food poisoning from my son’s cooking than the virus!

Tory MP Took The Train From London To North East


A Tory MP took a train from London to the North East whilst displaying coronavirus symptoms.

Darlington MP Peter Gibson said he travelled 250 miles by train from the metropolis prior to lockdown to quarantine at home.

Peter Gibson made the comment on Facebook when posting about the Dominic Cummings debacle, and when questioned why he’d not stayed in London, he replied that it had been numerous weeks before lockdown and at the time he had no London address.

Peter Gibson explained he was staying in the spare room of someone else’s flat and didn’t have a permanent London base.

He later told a media outlet that he’d been coughing on March 11 and called the MP’s coronavirus helpline.

He was informed that if his usual method of transport was a train that he should use that, but should isolate and keep himself to himself. He stated that he self-isolated at home for seven days and his illness was short-lived.

He further said that whilst some might say that he should have stayed in London, what was he meant to have done, move into a hotel? Was he supposed to go back to the flat of another MP when he had nothing aside from a few changes of clothes? Or did he run the prospect of possibly contaminating the friend whose flat it was?

Boris Johnson’s chief aide Dominic Cummings was indicted of violating lockdown rules by travelling from London to County Durham, including taking his wife and four-year-old son to Barnard Castle on Easter Sunday, despite professing to be presenting COVID 19 symptoms.

He dismissed any wrongdoing and received the full support of the Prime Minister, but has received requests from across the political rainbow to stand down, but it’s been reported that Dominic Cummings is weighing up resigning later this year.

Minister Robert Jenrick, meanwhile, drove 40 miles to visit his elderly parents, on more than one occasion, also during the lockdown, stating he was transporting essentials.

They should all be leading by example, and they haven’t even apologised – delivering essentials my butt, and seemingly MP Peter Gibson didn’t want to chance to contaminate those he was staying with but it was okay to spread it to people on the train?

This is typical Tory bigotry and they simply want to take the people down and if they can’t kill people they’ll spread COVID 19 and take people out that way.

And didn’t all MP’s get 10K to help them through the crisis? So Peter Gibson should have got a hotel because by using public transport, he was more inclined to contaminate others and he should feel ashamed of himself, but then perhaps, this is being used to divert from Dominic Cummings bungle.

Peter Gibson later explained and stated it happened on 18 March. This was 2 days following Boris Johnson’s address warning against all non-essential travel for everyone – he should have been self-isolating, not travelling by train.

There had been a lot of uncertainty about this when it transpired, and parts of the public had been in contact with photos from the MP’s own Facebook page, showing him out and about at numerous times.

It was said to be 1 March and then 11 March but then it was eventually clarified that it took place on 18 March and the guidance at that time was quite apparent and this was a definite infringement of the rules.

Peter Gibson should have stayed put where he was and not go on trains to contaminate god knows how many people.

I’m not a Tory supporter but it does always appears to be the Tories that are being rebuked and apparently mocking the rules, but I’m sure if you try hard enough, you’ll find Labour ones as well, and why do MP’s have their own Coronavirus Helpline number?

Did he know he had the virus? If he did know he had the virus and travelled, then that is sickening because then he consciously knew he had the virus and that he would contaminate others, but if he didn’t know he had the virus, then surely he can’t be condemned or held accountable even though most of us don’t like the Tory schmuck.

The point that we’re actually missing is that it doesn’t matter because they appear to be part of the ‘do as I say and not as I do club’.

Peter Gibson stated he was worried about only having a couple of changes of clothes, well, I’m certain he could have washed one set and worn the other set and vice versa, how dense can these people really be?

At least we know where the unexpected spread of infections in the North East came from, carriers from down south supposedly brought it here. So, it’s one rule for them and one rule for the rest of us.

Dominic Cummings Says He Acted Fairly And Professionally


Downing Street has broken its silence concerning the Dominic Cummings coronavirus lockdown debate, but it’s been alleged that his infraction was inside the guidelines, and a statement was issued which supported the chief aide, despite renewed calls for Boris Johnson to dismiss him, yet ministers hurried to Dominic Cummings defence after the Prime Minister backed the strategist.

Downing Street has now been accused of a cover-up and said that Dominic Cummings thought he acted fairly and professionally when he travelled more than 250 miles from his London home to his parent’s house in Durham, a journey which came about as the Government advised Britons to stay home to save lives.

And No 10 seems to have accused the police of exaggerating, and a spokesperson for the Prime Minister maintains that the police didn’t speak to Dominic Cummings or his family, even though a Durham police spokesperson verified that officers spoke to the owners of the home and explained self-isolation and basic travel guidelines to the family.

A lockdown visit when known to be contaminated with COVID 19 is most ill-advised, and the county’s acting police and crime commissioner stated he backed the officers, and there have been calls for the Prime Minister to clarify what he knew about the visit.

However, a Downing Street spokesperson said that because Dominic Cummings wife was suspected of having coronavirus and he believed that he would become ill himself, he needed to ensure his child could be suitably cared for.

And that his sister and nieces had offered to help so he went to a house near to but separate from his extended family in case their help was needed, and that his sister had shopped for the family and had left everything outside, and that he was at no stage or his family spoken to by the police about the matter, as it was being reported, and that he thought his actions were in line with coronavirus guidelines.

But Labour stated that Downing Street’s statement raised more questions than it answered.

The lockdown rules are quite clear, if you or anyone in your household is suspected of having COVID 19 you must immediately self-isolate and not leave the house, but it appears that the Prime Minister’s chief adviser seems to think that it’s one rule for him and another for the British people.

This will cause understandable anger for the millions of people who’ve sacrificed so much throughout this crisis, and the hypocrisy of Dominic Cummings who seems to believe he’s above his own Government’s guidance is unbelievable. Particularly when the vast majority have made such extraordinary and heartbreaking sacrifices throughout this pandemic.

And now the people of this country will be horrified and will rightly expect this immoral person to be punished for his deeds, which is an affront to the people who’ve lost their lives across the country, and if Boris Johnson doesn’t take immediate action against Dominic Cummings, then that only conveys a message out there that there’s one set of rules for those who make them and another for the people of the United Kingdom.

And what we should find interesting, is that, according to some reports, members of Downing Street knew about this, including Boris Johnson, first and foremost, and now he has some serious questions to respond over what now seems to be a cover-up.

And this is the height of irresponsibility for someone who believes that this was a sensible course of action because here we have the highest official in Government, the most intimate adviser of the Prime Minister who was prepared to break the rules that the rest of us are being asked to follow.

And we can’t have a situation where there appears to be one rule for the powerful and the millions of the rest of the people are being told they must obey Government guidance, and demonstrably, this is a person who’s broken the advice he has been, in numerous cases, the architect of giving.

And the Prime Minister needs to understand how heartbreaking this lockdown has been for so many families and the sacrifices that have been made up and down the country, especially when Dominic Cummings was seen running from No 10 after Boris Johnson was tested positive for coronavirus four days after the lockdown.

This man travelled 250 miles, putting his elderly parents at risk, and many others as well, with no consideration for other people other than himself, but then we shouldn’t expect anything else from a self-entitled vested skinny little rodent.

But this is about an unstable parent taking his child 250 miles to endanger his elderly parents to a virus that’s killed up to half a million people, and if Dominic Cummings thinks he acted fairly and professionally, then he’s a bigger fool than we first believed.

As for him telling people outside his door they should be following government guidance and standing two metres apart, who the hell does he think he is to be giving such advice in the circumstances?

He violated every rule in the book and still wants to give guidance, and it wasn’t legal to put his child at risk, which is what he did on that car journey, and we should question if taking a COVID 19 person to the home of elderly people would be bordering on offences of causing grievous, or actual bodily harm, especially if there’s a transmission of COVID 19.

The child was not a bit of baggage that can be discarded anywhere and is the responsibility of the parent, but then Dominic Cummings likes running away, and putting a child in a car for hours with a COVID 19 patient was hardly in the child’s best interest.

This isn’t about political point-scoring, it’s about a dishonest man who’s failed to do his job – all he had to do was heed government guidance and stay home, and using a child as justification for his thick-witted behaviour was repugnant.

Dominic Cummings might think he’s got the power to do as he wants, but how many innocent people had that power to say goodbye to their loved ones? How many people have died alone? How many elderly folks are living in isolation?

But the main thing in all of this is how much hatred and suffering can one man cause because he believes he’s above the law? And how disillusioned can one man be when he stated that his dreadful behaviour was reasonable, and how can our Prime Minister back such a man?

And now, of course, if anybody else is caught brazenly flouting the lockdown, they can simply maintain, quite logically, that they’re simply following the example set by none other than the Chief Adviser to the Prime Minister – that’s fair enough, isn’t it?

And it’s no wonder people are outraged because Dominic Cummings didn’t follow the Government rules and did everything people were prevented from doing and got away with it, and it’s even more insulting to learn that the Government knew about it for weeks, yet this man is still getting a public pay packet, and it’s stomach-churning.

COVID 19 patients aren’t allowed to be with their family when they’re dying. Children and grandchildren are not allowed to meet up, but a man with a contagious virus thinks it’s okay for him to travel with a young child to another household 50 miles away against government advice that he probably had a hand in devising.

And then we have the very government that issued that advise and threatened us with being fined if we disregarded it, are now lying and making excuses, and then he dares to stand on his doorstep telling people to keep two metres apart.

And the Conservative party needs to distance themselves from Dominic Cummings as fast as they can because no self-respecting party should be defending the indefensible.

He should be fired because he’s paid from the public purse when frontline NHS workers are dedicating their lives and the public are dying in their thousands, with people having lost their livelihoods and we don’t expect our public servants to be wandering the country doing as they please.

Now people are beginning to not believe Boris Johnson, it’s only the sheep that jump every time he says ‘Baa’, with Boris Johnson being almost like a populist clod who only sees politics as a game of football.

And this is a typical Trump-style politics, lying through their filthy Tory behinds, and the line between truth and lies has become so clouded that the Tory government can’t tell the difference anymore – fortuitously, the people can.

Two senior medical officers were made to quit for doing the same as Dominic Cummings, but this Tory government are taking their ineptitude and self-importance to a whole new level.

Well, we should be done with listening to all this hypocrisy from a government that can’t seem to get it right, from the late lockdown, to scarcely getting anything right. They all need sacking because they’re not fit for purpose – this country needs direction and we’re not going to get it from this assemblage of fools.

Sadly, we elected this government to get Brexit done but we didn’t think about their capability in a health emergency. However, I’m not sure that whoever we had voted in would have performed any more fairly.

The Labour party weren’t listening to the voters, so I’m not convinced they’re any less hypocritical than Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson or his cohorts, and it appears that a good number of our politicians think they’re above the electorate and hold the moral high ground.

Michelle Obama’s comment indicated that when she eventually got to sit at the top tables around the globe she then understood that the great and the good were no better than she was, and in some cases were less intelligent.

The problem is Dominic Cummings retribution will come in the form of a nice big pay off from the government via the taxpayer’s wallet, and the point is, Dominic Cummings isn’t like everyone else, he’s the Prime Minister’s Chief Advisor and if he can’t follow government guidance then he’s not fit for purpose and should be hounded from his job.

Of course, caring for your wife and child is not a crime in normal circumstances, but spending numerous hours in a small enclosed space with other people in a car when you have COVID 19 symptoms of a respiratory infection isn’t caring for them.

He should have been in another room, self-isolating so that he didn’t transfer it onto his immediate family, and he shouldn’t have been driving if he was that sick because it then puts every other road user at risk, but Boris Johnson will never let him resign because he can’t function without him.

And don’t forget the risk he put on his elderly family members too, and if this man can’t take care of his own household, what chance do we have of him trying to take care of the country?

The Tories have been in control for a long time now, they’re the ones in command and they’re the ones that are demonstrating they have no management or organisational skills.

They’re the ones that have allowed thousands of people to die because of their inaction and this has nothing to do with any other party. This mess is a shamble of their own making and to say it would have been worse if Jeremy Corbyn had been in charge, is as ludicrous and desperate as saying it would have been worse if Charlemagne, Sitting Bull or Ivan the Terrible had been in charge.

But the truly frightening thought is that there are people out there that will still defend all the truly terrible and dangerous actions of this government, and if Dominic Cummings is capable of driving 250 miles, then surely he can cope with looking after his own child.

This had nothing to do with caring for his family, as some Tories are implying but more to do with a superior and insidious man who thinks he can do as he wants and will get away with it, as I’m sure he believes he’s above the law – a law that he had a hand in delivering.

So, look closely folks, this is now our Conservative Orwellian Britain, where Conservatives scrupulously support Conservatives just to feel like they’re on the winning side.

Their voters don’t care if they’re actively allowing their fellow countrymen to be left for dead. All they care about is blaming immigrants and brown people for every misfortune they’ve ever had.

And no matter where you look, we all have to pay, even the ultimate cost, just so Conservatives can get to feel like they’re number one again, and the constant dumbing down and dividing of society that’s been coming for decades so that the immoral amongst us can take over is now complete.

And if Dominic Cummings believes that he’s a political genius, then he should think again because he’s just made the biggest mistake he could have made. He’s destroyed any reverence people had for this government in a stroke, and he disparaged public opinion and if Boris Johnson can’t see that, then clearly he needs to go to Specsavers.

Dominic Cummings has no excuse, he could have picked the phone up and asked for help but evidently, he was so unwell he couldn’t manage that, but managed to drive hundreds of miles, and of all the stories they could have concocted you’d imagine they would have come up with something more plausible.

If Dominic Cummings was ill like he stated he was, then he should have self-isolated for 14 days, if he was having symptoms. That means to remain in his own home, not leaving it at all, even for supplies, exercise or non-essential travel.

He should never have been driving in his car all that way. He broke the lockdown rules, no matter how you slice it, and he should resign for infringing his own advice.

And so the great coward cover-up begins, and Boris Johnson should be the one, as a leader, who should be answering questions about this, but of course, he won’t because this is how the Tories deal with things like this.

Ignore it so it goes away or chuck a rubbish minister to the animals, and Boris Johnson is just as dangerous as Dominic Cummings, and he should resign, and if he doesn’t he should be fired, and if that happens, then Boris Johnson should go as well.

This is simply another example of how this Tory government are being run by self-important, shallow, self-serving dolts, who’s only mission is to fleece the country and line their own pockets at the expense of hard-working people.

And now people want to have a say because they’re beginning to have no faith at all in Boris Johnson. After all, he doesn’t listen to the people of this country, and the Tories simply press ahead regardless.

And what a load of twaddle Boris Johnson comes out with: stay at home, save lives, save the NHS, and yet Dominic Cummings is infringing the law himself.

A cover-up, wouldn’t you say? One rule for us, and another rule for them. So, why should everyone abide by the rules when they don’t do it themselves – sod that, I’m off to the beach…

But honestly, the police should have named and shamed him earlier – they’re quick enough to throw celebrities to the wolves, so why not politicians?

This man has no decency or regard for the 40,000 people who have died alone and he also doesn’t believe he’s put a foot wrong, yet Boris Johnson is supporting him, and the facts don’t lie, but it seems that the Tory party do.

They’re coming up with ridiculous reasons to justify why Dominic Cummings violated the law, but the preponderance of the public aren’t dumb, they know he’s depraved and the more the Tories attempt to cover up for Dominic Cummings the more the public is going to believe the Tories are a pack of misleading bigots, well more than usual.

And if Boris Johnson doesn’t fire him, it shows the public that the Tories are not taking this national emergency seriously, and that is why the death toll is the highest in Europe, and why people have sadly died, and by the Tories standing by Dominic Cummings, they’re going to be finished, and why the dickens should the people listen to the government who can’t even listen to themselves?

And, oh my God, those who voted for this carnival of a government, gave them a totally free reign, and if all of those people put their hands up, it would be like a Mexican wave, I certainly won’t be in that line-up.

And I’m guessing from now on people out there are going to be sticking their middle finger up at Boris Johnson’s lockdown rules and laws, and he’d better get SAGE working, recalculating the magic R numbers because he’s now given the green light to people all over to go out, stay away from home overnight so that they can see their friends and loved ones, mixing different households if he doesn’t fire Dominic Cummings.

And it appears that even though Dominic Cummings isn’t elected to any position in government, he seems to have tremendous power within it, but then that’s a democracy for you, and it seems that since the 1600s politicians have dominated parliament to accommodate themselves.

Perhaps it’s about time we shut the lot of them down and let the people run this country because all this government seems to do is help themselves to whatever they want and then do what they like with immorality.

They seem to make rules for everyone else, but they’re never relevant to them, and it’s sickening, and how are we meant to trust anything the government say now?

Boris Johnson knows it’s Dominic Cummings who’s running the show and Boris Johnson wouldn’t know how to run a tap and remember Boris, you will be held accountable at the next election, if not before.

The Tories don’t have the same laws as the rest of us, especially during the expenses scandal when Tory MPs made blunders when filling the expenses forms, but if that had been Joe Public who’d made the mistake, we would have been perpetrating a deception.

Dominic Cummings doesn’t even have the self-respect to hold his hands up and walk away, and he should practice what he preaches because he’s making this coronavirus a huge joke, and these so-called MPs not obeying lockdown rules makes one think that perhaps Boris Johnson actually wasn’t sick, or was he simply trying to scare us all into lockdown?

Thing is, Boris Johnson doesn’t have the bottle to can Dominic Cummings and the rest of his hypocrites that have violated the rules. They should all be fired with no severance pay, and what they would have got for severance should go towards the NHS or towards the cost of the borrowing to cover the coronavirus outbreak, then pensioners and taxpayers wouldn’t have to cover the cost that this inept government has imposed on us for not taking action earlier.

And what Boris Johnson and his bum licking companions should bear in mind is that the British public will remember these things.


Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist Rips InTo Boris Johnson

A Nobel prize-winning scientist has ripped into Boris Johnson’s leadership during the coronavirus crisis.

One of Britain’s most distinguished scientists said the United Kingdom has been left to play catch up due to a desperate lack of clear leadership.

Sir Paul head of the Francis Crick Institute in London, said it was not clear to him who was in charge and the country, including the ‘lions’ on the front line, necessitated much more leadership, and that we were desperate for clear leadership at all levels.

And there’s the feeling that the United Kingdom has been too much on the back foot, increasingly playing catch up, firefighting through the progressive crisis, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government being profoundly reprimanded for its response to the pandemic, with opposition politicians, unions and scientists accusing it of being too slow to introduce a lockdown, mass testing and protective equipment for medical staff.

Official statistics show the United Kingdom’s COVID 19 death toll has reached approximately 43,000, underlining the country’s status as the worst hit in Europe.

The government has stated it’s following scientific advice and was taking the right decisions at the right time. However, the Nobel laureate said the government and its scientific advisers needed to set out a distinct approach and the proof that underpinned it, and then learn from blunders.

Maybe there’s a strategy there, but we’re not seeing it, and the question is, who’s in charge of those decisions, whose developing the strategy, and the operation and implementation of that strategy?

Because at the moment it looks like this country is being led by a complete pack of fools, and we certainly shouldn’t be counting on Boris Johnson, and this pandemic has definitely highlighted just what he is and always has been, simply someone with a gobby mouth, and to add insult to injury, a dishonest one as well.

And where is Boris Johnson when we need him, he appears to have vanished again after he popped up to stutter and mumble to the public, then vanishes again, that’s not a leader, that’s a coward hiding away from reality, and Winston Churchill would be ashamed of him.

Boris Johnson is a one-trick pony – able and capable of manipulating the voters when it comes to Brexit, but when it comes to a genuine emergency, you certainly wouldn’t want him in the driving seat, and clearly, he’s doing no driving at the moment.

And this government is stocked full to the brim of loyal, hysterical fanatical Brexiteers and as for Boris Johnson, he’s not very good unless he’s able to deflect and crack one-liners which are not exactly traits that the people of this country want, they want someone with a spine, not someone who’s trying out to be a comedian.

We don’t need a jabbering babbling Boris, because he’s not a leader, he’s an opportunist, and let’s face it, if Winston Churchill had been anything like Boris Johnson, he’d have shot himself in the foot at the outbreak of WWII, and we’d all be goose-stepping and speaking German right now.

So, where is Boris Johnson, probably hiding under his bed because he’s not a huge supporter of public scrutiny?

General election – Boris under the bed. Devastating floods – Boris under the bed. Brexit negotiations – Boris under the bed. COVID 19 – Boris under the bed, so just another day in Boris land, and it doesn’t take a Nobel prize-winning scientist to tell the growing majority of us that this country needs leadership.

The problem is, we’ve had years of these worthless space cadets destroying people, and now thousands are suffering and dying, and our government are dividing and conquering the people of this country.

And sadly, recent events have shown that Boris Johnson is a straw Churchill, and despite having months and months of warning to organise resources and testing, we now have the second-highest death toll in the world, although even that’s confusing.

Official government figures say 36,000 dead, yet the Office of National Statistics says 4,000 have died from COVID 19 on the death certificate.

Is our government under-reporting the figures and if so why aren’t our usually vocal media not criticising this from the rooftops?

Boris Johnson is feeble and unreliable when he should be robust, particularly with lockdown breakers, and resolute when he should be conciliatory, and overall, Boris is presenting a very second-rate performance.

Boris Johnson certainly never wanted this crisis, but then nobody else did either, and it’s how it was handled that was immoral, and Boris Johnson isn’t the statesman he makes himself out to be, he’s just a celebrity Prime Minister who will go down in history as a fool, but you can’t just blame him because it was the people of this country who voted him in, and now they’re all looking frantic because they don’t know what the hell is going on.

But what I can’t understand is that Jeremy Corbyn had no chance of getting voted in, maybe his face simply didn’t fit the bill and he wasn’t like other MPs or the bunk that came with it, and unlike Boris Johnson, he’s a radical, and the government don’t like radicals because it stunts their cancer, and the voters thought that Jeremy Corbyn was much less prime ministerial.

However, Jeremy Corbyn did come out on top in terms of being in touch with the ordinary people, and he seems nice enough, and no I don’t believe it’s an act, and he was always consistent in his messages.

He never said anything to make others happy and he didn’t do something because others said that it had to be done, and at least he had some sincerity – more than we can say for Boris Johnson.

Admittedly, Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t have much charm, but then many MPs don’t either, yet he was despised, and he was seemingly the only MP who was honest about his viewpoints on the EU.

He said that the EU had helped to protect civil and workers rights, and he said that he believed there were problems with the EU, but that we would be better of staying in and working to make adjustments.

He said the immigration problems had been made by the negligence of the government to stop them being exploited to undercut UK nationals wages, and that housing, schools and the NHS should have been raised to meet demand.

About the Israel remark, he was simply making a point that intolerance towards both Jews and Muslims was wrong, and Jeremy Corbyn is well known as a long term campaigner for human rights, non-discrimination and anti-war, and to simply imply he was anti-Semitic was absurd and was just put out there to smear and undermine him, and what’s more disturbing is that everyone fell for it.

Jeremy Corbyn wanted to keep our National Health Service and to massively boost funding to the NHS, and those were his principal priorities, and I believe that Jeremy Corbyn would have managed this crisis better than this drizzle of right-wing libertarians who weren’t prepared to act as it went against their Thatcherite liberal illusions.

Top Tory Reveals Government Chose Not To Test In Care Homes

A top Tory has revealed the government decided not to test people for coronavirus in care homes for more than a month while the pandemic unfolded, and now there are enormous concerns in care homes with at least 38 per cent of which have a COVID 19 outbreak with more than 11,000 deaths.

And now we’ve seen a great tragedy in our care homes, which the top Tory said was a huge regret, and this is a rare admission from the government that it was a choice to stop widespread testing in care homes.

This is the most explicit admission yet, that ministers did not give care homes the protection they needed at the start of this pandemic, and social care and the NHS are both equally crucial in the battle against this virus and are inextricably connected, one can’t be prioritised above the other.

Ministers must give social care the support, care and attention it requires to prevent the spread of this wretched virus.

Care home residents, new arrivals and staff with symptoms were not routinely tested from mid-March, when community testing ended due to lack of capacity, to April 15.

Testing has since ramped up about 100,000 a day and there’s been a promise to test all staff and residents, even without symptoms, but this will only be completely rolled out by June 6.

Until April 15, not even new arrivals into care homes from hospitals were routinely tested, but Cabinet minister, George Eustice, maintained that they didn’t accept the caricature that they took an approach that was wrong.

And Dame Angela McLean, Chief Scientific Advisor to the Ministry of Defence, stated bluntly that with the testing they had, the right thing to do was to concentrate it on people who were sick in hospital and it was the right thing to do at the time.

And Mr Buckland admitted it was a choice to test in the NHS over care homes, and asked what mistakes the government made, he stated that they extensively highlighted the importance of making sure NHS services and hospitals were places that could continue to admit patients and wouldn’t be incubators of the virus.

And that they achieved that and that they protected the NHS and ramped up capability, which meant it didn’t thankfully fall over at a time of immense pressure and was he saying the government centred on the NHS to the detriment of care homes, he answered, that they needed to make a judgment about testing and that they chose to concentrate on the NHS over care homes.

And he stated that he believed the problem with care homes was that we’ve got many thousands of different providers, different settings and that there have been lots of cases of care homes that have mercifully stayed infection free, but sadly too many instances of infection and mortality.

And that he thought that every country in the world will look back and say there were things they could have done differently, but for now that they’ve got to concentrate on the here and now, and that now is not the time to condemn people because that would be counterproductive.

And that we’ve got to work together, not only with the care home sector but with our scientists, and with all the people who advise Government and then come together with some practical answers.

What’s happened in our care homes is completely overwhelming and it’s now thought that 1 in 10 of the care home community has died during the pandemic, and this wasn’t inevitable, it’s the result of repeated government failures.

And it appears that their motive was that care homes could easily be isolated so that the virus wouldn’t get in, sadly they were mistaken, but then it’s the perfect way to save money, now they don’t have to pay dead folks pensions and healthcare et cetera.

It’s been 75 years since VE day and the last few people who survived the war as adults and children and who were praised by this government have been thoroughly betrayed.

We are now battling an obscure war but our Government are still perpetrating atrocities by freely allowing this virus to thrive in care homes, sending the elderly back to care homes to spread the virus, and then there are the Nightingale Hospitals that are empty, that doesn’t sit right, does it? And it seems like the cull of our elderly and vulnerable was intent.

The one principle of an elected government is to ensure the safety and well being of its citizens, but the Tories are only interested in themselves and Brexit, and appealing to the narrow-minded brain dead foreigner shunning Alf Garnetts of this country.

And they’ve put party concerns before the well being of this country and its citizens, and it’s cost tens of thousands of lives, and it will leave the economy crushed and the country divided between the post-COVID and post-Brexit world we will inhabit next year.

And given the background, it’s no wonder we’ve got the highest coronavirus death count in Europe because this administration is equipped only to carry out its brainless prejudices and is too incompetent to do the things that matter.

Our young will pay the enormous price of these bitter fruits and will bear a bitter and justified resentment towards those born before 1975, who’ll lump it upon their shoulders for years to come, and I dread the future of this generation, once the reality sinks in of the nasty party’s ineptitude and complete disregard for all, but the Alf’s out there, they’ll reap their just rewards.

And really, what our government are admitting is that they annihilated 10,000 plus people, essentially the elderly.

Gordon Brown Savages Boris Johnson

Gordon Brown has lashed out at Boris Johnson for supposedly hiding from the public over coronavirus and he told the Prime Minister to get a grip.

The ex-PM, who led the United Kingdom in the global economic crash a decade ago, demanded Boris Johnson attends Parliament to explain his plan for rescuing care homes and stricken firms.

Gordon Brown stated he would take into account the fact the Prime Minister had himself been unwell with coronavirus, including three nights in intensive care, but he said the nation has lost 12,000, maybe 20,000 lives in old people’s homes and known about the crisis in care homes for two months.

Boris Johnson has got to get a grip of the testing, he’s got to get a grip of what’s going to happen to the economy as it pushes ahead because all of these obstacles lie ahead.

The easiest thing is giving up money and supporting people. The most challenging thing is preparing for the future and making sure good businesses don’t go under.

Boris Johnson has led the daily Downing Street press conference only twice since he returned to work on April 26, and aside from PMQs, which is on all subjects, he’s just given one Prime Ministerial statement to the House of Commons on coronavirus since the pandemic started in January.

But a spokesperson for Boris Johnson confirmed health reasons were not behind his failure to appear more frequently and said that the Prime Minister was fine and maintained that he’d not failed to appear and that he’d been seen on several occasions.

Alongside a televised address to the nation, Boris Johnson has also been pictured numerous times going for a morning stroll with a coffee near 10 Downing Street, but he’s not appeared lately on a series of morning TV interviews, and Good Morning Britain has been avoided by ministers for three weeks.

Gordon Brown said the wave of mortality in care homes was tragic and sad and that he did worry about the number of lives being lost and that the government need to act expeditiously, and he pointed out that despite a promise weeks ago to test all care home residents and staff, even without symptoms, this will only be rolled out by June 6.

It’s been more than two months and not everyone has been tested, even people who may be at risk, and we all know that the virus can speed through an old people’s home very quickly, and our government should have been testing but that fateful determination was made not to test people in the community and we’ve been paying the price of it ever since.

Care home residents and staff were not even routinely tested with symptoms until April 15, and Gordon Brown told the GMB that instead of the slogan saying ‘stay alert’, the slogan should be ‘get tested’ and that they should be providing the means for that to happen, mobile testing, and much more.

And as much as Gordon Brown has his flaws, I can’t help thinking he’s right, and it appears that Boris Johnson is just a scaredy-cat and if he’s well enough to do the job, then he should do the job he was elected for or he should quit, it’s as simple as that.

And this has nothing to do with Boris Johnson being ill, he was incompetent even before he had his skirmish with the virus.

And we all realise that Boris Johnson had to recover from the coronavirus, plus he has a newborn to deal with, but that’s why they have staff, but to be fair, lots of front line care workers could say the same, but they manage to get out there and give their all, and by the way, since when has Boris Johnson ever had to get involved with child care, child making, but not childcare.

Boris Johnson simply lives in a careless chaotic soap opera, with his thoughtless disregard for social distancing advice, even passing it onto his pregnant concubine, and he’s not up to the job he was elected for and never was, and now the NHS is struggling at the hands of these despicable Tories and we must open our eyes to see this.

But despite what side of the political divide you’re on, most people would agree that Boris Johnson has barely been seen since taking office, and I’m sure that the Tory establishment has spotted he’s just a fabricating fool and he needs to be ushered under the stairs.

Boris Johnson must have been amazing at hide and seek when he was a kid, but then he’s still performing like a kid and not a Prime Minister, and Boris Johnson appears to be only able to do one thing at a time, otherwise, he gets overwhelmed and runs away.

Perhaps he should have read the job description for Prime Minister because it’s a remorseless job that takes up all of a person’s time, and rather than be defeated, he’s content to just hide away, and it seems that Boris Johnson wanted the position, he simply didn’t want to do the job.

And Boris Johnson letting the airport’s stay open and allowing people free travel without even having their temperatures checked from China and Italy at the height of their pandemics was one of the most shameless derelictions of duties by a Prime Minister and quite honestly unpardonable ignorance.

Every other country either closed their airports or only allowed essential travel, and were monitoring people entering the countries by taking their temperatures, and if people had a temperature they were sent packing.

What other governments did was to apply these basics because it’s quite evident that if you want to stop a pandemic spreading into your country you stop it at the source, but we didn’t do that and now we have one of the worst outbreaks in the world, which isn’t surprising when we didn’t do what everyone else was doing, sensible basic measures.

Boris Johnson is not fit enough, both mentally and physically to task as Prime Minister, and there’s a potential vacuum and judgments are not being made, deadlines are not being satisfied and blunders have been made.

They seek him here, they seek him there, and he’s definitely not a dedicated follower of fashion! He’s the imponderable Boris the Bad, in hiding so he doesn’t have to face up to his killing incompetency.

Well, if it’s okay for him to remain at home as Prime Minister while the country is in crisis, making sure his son is safe, then we should be entitled to do the same with our children by not sending them to school and keeping them safe, after all, what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.

Because we’ve all seen how this virus can spread and mutate, and it would be better to test people so that we can attempt to phase the virus out, rather than split hairs over whether or not it was worth the economic sacrifice or it turning into political point-scoring.

Gordon Brown bestowed much better direction than Boris Johnson has in this wretched pandemic because Gordon Brown always responded decisively and didn’t faff around like this government.

And Boris Johnson shouldn’t be free to hide from scrutiny, he should own his mistakes virtuously.

Donald Trump Maintains He’s Taking An Unproven Drug


President Donald Trump said that he’s taking hydroxychloroquine, a malaria remedy which he thinks could be used to manage coronavirus, but allegedly using it for managing COVID 19 symptoms has been unproven.

Donald Trump stated that he’d been taking a pill a day for about ten days after his doctor offered him a prescription and Trump said that he’d been having zero symptoms and he revealed that he’s been getting tested for the virus every day but insists he’s not been exposed to the virus.

It came after Donald Trump implied that it could be used in the struggle against coronavirus, despite limited scientific evidence to substantiate his assertions.

People around the globe have used hydroxychloroquine for decades to tackle malaria as well as inflammatory diseases like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis but researchers are seeing sporadic incidents of coronavirus infection in these patients despite long term use of the medication.

And Donald Trump said he would issue a statement about the World Health Organization in the near future and said it had done a very sad job in its handling of the coronavirus and Donald Trump told a White House event he would decide on US WHO funding shortly, and that he had considered decreasing it to $40 million, but some thought that was too much.

And we should be concerned about this man, as president of the United States, diving recklessly into using an unproven, possibly fatal drug due to his age and morbid obesity, but several doctors have been prescribing hydroxychloroquine in the US, as an unproven cure for the virus, and it appears that people who present themselves with symptoms, do seem to improve after taking it.

But then the pharmacies who were issuing the prescriptions for this became suspicious and it swiftly became compulsory for doctors issuing prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine to tell the pharmacies what diagnosis the doctor gave their patient before a prescription for hydroxychloroquine could be given.

This seems to breach patient confidentiality but now Donald Trump is telling the world that he takes it, so how was he able to get it without any problems?

Hydroxychloroquine has three proven medical side effects, heart arrhythmia, severe liver damage and paranoia and mental disabilities, but the third wouldn’t seem to affect Donald Trump!

It might not be known yet if hydroxychloroquine will stop the coronavirus but it’s being used to try to stop coronavirus from spreading inside the body, and its use is still speculative, and it does have numerous dangerous side effects and should only be used under medical guidance.

But then vaccines contain things like Mercury and Aluminium, which we quite willingly put into our bodies without question because someone out there said that it’s been tried and proven and is innocuous.

We don’t know what goes into our bodies, but we have to believe the people who say that it’s harmless, or we don’t! But if you’re truly concerned about what goes into our vaccines, then I would recommend you also quit eating and drinking as well.

Donald Trump has become quite a cult of personality and his followers hang on to his every utterance and what he needs to understand is the only thing he’s protecting himself against is Malaria and what he hasn’t figured out is that Malaria is not a viral infection, it’s a parasitic infection, a little like the infection America is suffering from having Donald Trump in the White House.

I wonder if he’s trying his other treatment suggestion, injecting bleach and shining ultraviolet light into every orifice, but on a much more serious note, please don’t try any of these things at home, or anywhere else for that matter.

Michael Gove Admits He can’t Promise all Teachers Will Be Safe

The dispute over reopening schools is mounting after top Tory Michael Gove declared he could ensure teachers would be safe, but then quickly declared they might get coronavirus.

Questioned if he could ensure teachers would be safe when classrooms reopen, he answered yes, and that he’d talked to the chief scientific advisor for the government, and running through the figures, the R number, the rate of infection in the community overall, they were confident that children and teachers would be safe.

Yet when he was questioned over his claim, Michael Gove then declared he couldn’t promise all teachers would be safe, and he stated that you can never eliminate risk and that there’s always, in any loosening of constraints, risk of people getting coronavirus.

But less than an hour before his comments, Michael Gove had himself announced the government’s plan was balanced between keeping people safe and ensuring children get an education, and he said that the only way in which to guarantee that people don’t get COVID 19 is by remaining at home throughout and have no social contact with anyone.

But that they wanted to progress in a balanced way, to ensure children have the chance to go back to school, so that they can profit from learning and as a result ensure their future can be more secure.

However, leading unions are saying that they can’t yet support plans to bring back schools that early until there’s more scientific proof it will be safe, with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland having refused to back England’s policies, and Liverpool and Hartlepool having maintained schools will stay closed.

And the government’s guidance admits that while classes will be divided into groups of 15, those 15 children can’t always be kept two metres apart, and if one of them gets COVID 19, the group of 15 will need to quarantine at home for two weeks.

The government’s advice further says there’s tangled data on whether children pass on COVID 19 less than adults do, and it warns there’s only low confidence that children are less inclined than adults to be affected, although scientific advice does make it clear that children are far less at risk of becoming seriously ill or dying from COVID 19.

However, official figures also show that even with only priority children in school since the end of March, 47 teaching and educational professionals died from COVID 19 in England and Wales up to April 20.

But is it possible to ensure the safety of all children if schools don’t go back, and sometimes we have to look at the larger image rather than only the part which simply affects us? And if they don’t go back to school will we see a negative gain in consequences in children? And is there the perfect solution, I pretty much doubt it.

And I like it how all Tories have that 20/20 vision that hindsight gives you, but fair play to the Tories for doing such an inadequate job with this virus, letting people travel in from China and Italy at the height of the pandemic in those countries, while we didn’t have a problem and this will go down as one of the dumbest decisions of all time.

Children can spread COVID 19 and a 1,000 COVID 19 droplets can survive in the air of a classroom for 8 minutes simply from one person talking.

There are numerous children from the United Kingdom that have died from COVID 19 and countless more that have been hospitalised, along with teaching staff that have died from COVID 19 in March and April.

In China, the children on arrival to school go through a routine to disinfect shoes, clothes and hand washing. They use Plexi screens around each desk and all children wear masks in the classroom.

The teacher has a Plexi screen at the front and even when talking wears a mask, this makes it harder for the virus to travel in air droplets from teacher to children and vice versa, but what has our government got planned for our children?

And remember that under this Tory government, child poverty has gone through the roof, and now we’re supposed to believe that these self-same Tories care about our children’s education?

It just seems like the Tories want to feed our children to the machine, just so they can reboot their economy because children will ultimately be a huge contributor to the economy, what with all that tax they’re going to have to pay.

And the Tories want teachers to put their lives and the lives of their students at risk so that they can act as no more than glorified baby sitters so that parents can then endanger their lives by returning to work too soon – perhaps Michael Gove wants to go work with them?

I bet Boris Johnson won’t go anywhere near them and Michael Gove will run a mile, and the key test for returning to normal is when the House of Commons is full again and not a minute before.

And why are the Tories in such a rush to put our children in the firing line? What’s their motivation because it’s plain it’s not pupil, teacher safety, and I realise that our children are slipping behind with their education, especially in state schools, but if they’re dead it won’t make a shred of difference.

This isn’t about children getting an education, it’s about getting them back to school so that parents can go back out to work, and another PR stunt, but the problem is the advice differs according to whom in the government is telling you.

What we need are clear and specific guidelines so that parents who are worried as well as teaching staff can make a precise decision on whether or not it’s safe for their children to return to school.

The biggest worry for countless teachers is, are they going to be given proper PPE so that they can do their job safely? Because the government’s history so far on implementing PPE in care homes et cetera is appalling.

Therefore, it’s natural that teachers have concerns, and when this pandemic is over, this government will have numerous questions to answer on so many levels.

Why have they been conveniently leaving out the deaths in care homes when recording deaths in hospitals?

We now know the death count in care homes is a monstrous 40 per cent on top of the government’s official death toll and this government’s handling of this pandemic has been shocking on all levels and they should hang their heads in shame.

Why are we even considering putting our children at risk, low level or otherwise? I guess because essentially everything in life bears a risk. Still, this risk is extremely dangerous and unnecessary at this time, and there’s too much at stake now – you know, our children’s lives.

Michael Gove has children, would he send his children back to school and herd them into a classroom like cattle, I think not. And why do children have to go back to school in June, why can’t it simply wait until September when they would go back to school from having a summer holiday, that’s if it’s safe to do so.

Teachers can directly home school remotely to teach our little government Guinea Pigs, I mean children, which would then ensure social distancing. It’s the right thing to do.

And how are construction workers going to manage to do their job, it needs multiple people having to work alongside each other? But you see the dilemma, don’t you?

The thing is, humankind has for the past three decades lived on borrowed time with greed, greed and more greed where economies have grown from hundreds of millions into billions with trillions just around the corner.

And now this virus has shown the vulnerability of human vanity and pride, money, it’s as simple as that and life is cheap so it would seem, and our government are foolish, insensitive, incompetent nationalists supervised by a real empirical revolutionary who cares about nothing unless it’s lining their own pockets.

And if our government expect most workers, including teachers to go back to work, then all MPs should as well because we should be expecting them to set an example before the remainder of us do, and does this mean that private schools are going back as well?

Never trust a Tory because they profess to care about others, but that’s twaddle, they simply want a system that takes the money of the working classes and the disadvantaged, and they don’t seem to want to earn their wealth, they just want to take someone else’s and keep it. That’s not only self-indulgent, but it’s deceptive as well.

And who is Boris Johnson, the invisible man we once knew as our Prime Minister but we only catch a few words from him that he was deemed to have composed, and his last public performance was so poor it could be used for training purposes of how not to perform?

And this is proof that we now know that private schools will remain shut and not state schools because this government seems to think that ordinary teachers and children are expendable lab rats.

And Michael Gove has finally acknowledged that the government can’t guarantee their safety, especially as the death toll proceeds to increase and that the number of new cases hasn’t decreased significantly.

This makes this hapless government’s decision to relax the lockdown even more of a catastrophic error, and that will lead to a second wave, and meanwhile, Boris Johnson wants to fast track the easing of lockdown by getting back to near normality, but won’t allow people to comment.

And has the government even considered the emotional effect of sending our younger children back to school? Not being allowed near their friends, and handwashing, which I’m sure will be more frequent than if they were at home, and it’s troubling because if this easing off doesn’t work and we all end up on lockdown again, children will be extremely confused and it’s definitely not good for their mental health.

And it seems that secretly Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings and the rest of the depraved riffraff want to do. For the masses of low IQ, low skilled workers and families to die because they’re of no use economically and they’ve outstayed their welcome.

And what will happen when all school’s go back with no PPE with teenagers who may or may not be able to social distance, but will be asking for 1-1 help when they don’t understand the work that’s been set out for them and then invading the teacher’s personal space.

So, are the teacher’s safe? Well, they won’t be when hundreds of pupils are back at school in the next few weeks, all of them chatting, giggling, sneezing and drooling over each other, then going into classrooms and touching door handles, books, chairs, desks et cetera.

And it appears now that children are of very low risk of spreading the virus if they get it. That seems like great sound scientific evidence based on what kind of statistics? Considering children have been in quarantine for so long and not mingling with other children and adults besides their immediate family.

And how anyone can support the actions and the decisions that this government has taken during the pandemic is beyond me because they’ve brought ineptitude to an entirely different level.

And most people have more trust and confidence in the guy that manages behind the fish counter at the local supermarket than they do in this government now.

This government have definitely flaunted their true colours and it’s clearly all about money with them, and making sure they cover their own backsides, along with shifting the blame.

And health should always be before education or the economy.


Lockdown Easing Prompts Surge In The Number Of People Going To Parks

There’s been a surge in the number of people going to parks as lockdown relaxed.

Footfall in UK parks shot up in recent days and is now higher than it was on some days just before lockdown started on March 23.

More people also went to grocery stores and drugstores in recent days, as well as stations, but the rises were far less climactic, and overall, mobility data revealed park use has gone down from 24 per cent since late February, up to 4 per cent, on a seven-day rolling average.

It comes after the lockdown was eased in England from Wednesday this week, and it’s estimated to rise further on a sunny weekend, and Health Secretary Matt Hancock said this weekend with the good weather and the new rules, that he hopes people can enjoy being outside, but that we must adhere to the rules, keep an eye on our families and to not take chances.

There is, of course, an increase in the use of parks coming forward now and it’s expected that within social distancing measures, that will increase, and since Wednesday, people in England can now exercise infinite times per day and relax in the park or other open areas.

One person may now also meet one person from another household, as long as the group is only two people and they stay two metres apart, but constraints continue in Scotland and Wales and the government is entangled in a dispute over its policies to ease more lockdown restrictions from June 1.

Teaching unions say the date is too early to send the first children back to primary schools in England, and Liverpool has ordered schools to oppose the government and stay shut to most schoolchildren.

But Health Secretary Matt Hancock maintained that we’re beyond the peak of the virus, as it emerged that more than 12,500 people living in care homes have now died from COVID 19, with the preponderance dying in their care home.

And we have a Prime Minister who sends out mixed messages, why? Because when the death rate goes up again, the government don’t want to take responsibility.

The problem with people is that they can’t seem to think outside of the box. Most of them are like sheep and they have to have pictures drawn for them, particularly when they fail to understand, and so now you have a nanny state.

But the government’s policies are not there to protect you, they’re there to hinder excessively with the personal choices that you make, down to the food that you eat, inadequate diet and unrestricted smoking.

Now we live in a deranged world of calorie counting, banning energy drinks for under 18s because our government are full of great ideas on how to protect people from themselves, and one of the earliest uses of the idiom in Parliament came in 1980 during a discussion on strategies to make the wearing of car seatbelts, for drivers and front-seat passengers, mandatory.

But former World War one fight ace, and Conservative peer, Lord Balfour of Inchrye contended with an unrivalled enthusiasm that seatbelts can kill, but his principal objection to the idea was that it was yet another state narrowing of individual freedom and individual responsibility, and where would it all end?

There are numerous deaths a year from lung cancer but there was no medical compulsion on the matter at the time, and regarding alcohol, there was legislation to restrict the amount and conditions in which alcohol was taken, which of course would conquer the misfortune of bones being broken and constitutions impaired by alcohol, but I can’t remember any medical people having lobbied for constraint there either.

Therefore, if we’re to have the term nanny state, why don’t we also go for compulsory wearing of life jackets for people who swim, sail and row in boats?

It’s clear that times have changed and also transformed us as human beings, and too frequently we hear about not drinking too much or eating too many doughnuts or enjoy the warm glow of our wood-burning Goves, I mean stoves.

And it appears that the mood of the public has been misread and who are getting increasingly fed up with being told what to do and how to live their lives, and the people’s backlash has never been reflected enough in the media.

And it’s mostly the underprivileged and marginalised who don’t get a voice and bear the brunt of food, alcohol and tobacco taxes, and banning things is a really simple thing to do, and it’s something that makes an immediate impact on people’s lives as politicians make a name for themselves.

Surprisingly few people choose to be overweight, but their options can be defined by their economic circumstances, with economic forces having made it more accessible and more affordable to consume high energy, palatable, affordable foods and have allowed us to be increasingly idle at work, at home and in between.

A typical junk food meal contains approximately twice as many calories as a traditional British meal, whether its pasties, pizza or pop, junk food is on the rise, and so are our waistlines, and remarkable investigation has revealed that junk food affects the brain in a comparable way to cocaine or heroin, commandeering the dopamine system in the brain that is associated with feelings of reward and satisfaction.

And that’s why we crave junk food, eating more until we’ve eaten too many calories, and chocoholics do exist and food companies know exactly the right combination of fat, sugar and salt to maximise the dopamine effect.

Some medications, such as those for Parkinson’s disease, alter dopamine levels, and dopamine levels decline as we age, affecting appetite, but dopamine does determine our passion for food.

And junk food appears to affect the bowels as well as the brain, and junk food significantly affects the bacterial population in our stomach – ten days of a junk food diet kills over 1,000 of the 3,500 species of stomach bacteria.

By the age of five, children in poverty are twice as likely to be overweight as their least deprived peers, and by the age of 11, they’re three times as likely. They’re also more likely to live in an area with more takeaway and fast food outlets, more likely to live in inadequate, unsuitable or overcrowded housing, and more likely to encounter a combination of family collapse, stress, mental health problems and financial difficulties, all factors which can weaken a parent’s capacity to make reasonable and compassionate choices.

In Britain today we have the highest taxes on cigarettes, the highest taxes on wine, and the second-highest levied on beer. Then tax in sugar came in and sugar was phased out of hospitals and stripped from confectionary and sports drinks, and what was it they called it? Health by Stealth.

England, if not Britain as a whole, was once a land where unless something was explicitly prohibited, it was allowed, but as time has carried on, government enthusiasm for banning, controlling and nannying has led us down a pretty shady path, where legislation exists at every turn and supposedly for our own welfare, but what I’d like to know is, when did the British people come to think that this was acceptable?

Because state interference in these matters proves that those in government consider themselves to be better than others, and control of sin products are there for our own good, but this betrays a supreme disdain and hatred for ordinary people’s freedom.

Because as far as our government are concerned, people need to be told, and they need to be educated, but that suggests that those they talk about are uneducated, and this is really not true, because there’s no way that smokers, drinkers and overeaters aren’t conscious of the dangers of what they do, as one can’t move for being reminded of it.

What many fail, or possibly refuse to acknowledge is that smokers and drinkers continue their habits because they really enjoy them, and believe the risk is worth taking, and I would think that a nation that recently voted to take back control could possibly be of a mind to cede personal responsibility for the amount of cake and fine wine it consumes to a bureaucracy, having just fought so hard to leave one.

Encroachment by government breeds discontent amongst people who simply want the freedom to live their own lives, and now we have our Loony Tune government telling people they can go to work and people cramming themselves onto buses, trains and tubes.

And then we have Boris Johnson clapping for our NHS, wondering if the cameraman has enough propaganda footage, but they won’t pay for those same heroes, but then that’s the typical Tories wanting something for nothing.

Cabinet Minister Branded Irresponsible

A millionaire Cabinet minister has maintained he’d board a packed bus or train to travel to work, even if he couldn’t stay 2 metres apart.

Robert Jenrick acknowledged overcrowding was a problem but stated he would even get on a busy bus because we have given guidance on how to protect ourselves but the cabinet minister was slammed for being irresponsible and dangerous by shadow housing secretary Steve Reed, who accused him of being negligent.

Robert Jenrick was further slammed soon after the UK lockdown when it emerged he’d driven 40 miles to visit his elderly parents, while the remainder of the country was not able to do so, and the Housing Secretary, who owns numerous homes, sustained critique for moving around between them.

Despite serving the Nottingham electorate of Newark, he drove from London, where he’d been working, to his family residence in Hereford and then on to see his parents too deliver essentials including medication.

Meanwhile, images of packed tubes and buses have sparked concerns that passengers could be putting themselves in jeopardy by commuting to work, and there was a 10 per cent rise in London Underground journeys early on Thursday compared with the same period last week.

It comes after the Prime Minister asked Brits to return to work but urged them to avoid public transport where feasible, which seemed somewhat confusing for numerous people and what we needed from the Prime Minister was transparency about travelling to work safely, not mixed messages that could end up spreading the virus and costing lives.

And this is a dangerous absurdity from our Government Minister and confirms that they couldn’t care less about keeping their safety guidelines on buses, tubes and trains and transport workers have died throughout this crisis in excessive numbers and it’s horrifying that Ministers seem ready to condemn others to the same fate.

And it seems to be one rule for MPs in parliament and another for transport workers and passengers, and this is merely another Tory minister that needs to pull his trousers up and give his mouth a chance, and this is more evidence that we have a government that contains not just nincompoops but unstable and neurotic fools.

Maybe it’s our government that should be showing real leadership, and they should go back to work first, then we can be a little more confident on going back to work ourselves, and then if they start falling like bugs that they are, we’ll know it’s not safe to go back to work.

And then, meanwhile, over in the other room, his fellow cabinet member Grant Shapps is saying that it’s our public duty not to get on public transport, so it’s crystal clear that our government doesn’t know what it’s doing.

Using public transport is torture at the best of times, even without a virus with people crowding onto trains like sardines, with enough bacteria to sink a ship, but now we have the virus, it’s even more so, and then we have a most elite MP who’s securely ensconced in his home, what does he actually know about living with coronavirus? And it makes me question when he last had to use public transport.

Yep, we’ve all be given this guidance, but you actually can’t keep a 2-metre safe distance on public transport because if you face one way you’re facing someone or another, and to think our government gets paid for this drivel.

I guess if everyone wore a face mask that might help, but that’s a face covering that for the last 6 weeks they’ve been telling us has no effect, so that’s not inspiring trust, and it’s easy for this MP to spew utter baloney when he’ll probably never be in a position to mount a bus, and he’s probably only seen a bus from the outside and never had to travel squashed up next to a stranger’s sweaty body, and to be fair would he even know where his nearest bus stop or train station was?

And he certainly doesn’t care about the well-being of others, unless, of course, they’re fellow Tory cohorts, and this fool and the rest of those incompetent government will have blood on their hands when the inevitable second wave comes as a result of Boris Johnson’s imbecility of easing the lockdown when we’re nowhere ready.

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