New Universal Credit Mobile Phone Deal

Households on some of the lowest incomes can now apply for a £10 a month mobile phone tariff and it includes unlimited everything.

Voxi, which has launched the new deal, said people on certain means-tested benefits, such as Jobseekers Allowance can sign up for the price plan.

The ‘For Now’ tariff, which uses Vodafone’s network, is accessible to those on Jobseekers Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance or employment-based Universal Credit.

It’s a sim only price plan, which means you can use it with your existing device and won’t have to pay an additional expense for add on services.

The plan is accessible for up to six months and can be taken out at any time before January 31 on the Voxi website.

To apply for it, you’ll need to confirm you qualify and claim specific benefits.

As a result, you’ll need to upload an image of your Universal Credit statement or a letter from the Department of Work and Pensions that confirms you receive state support.

Voxi said that customers will be immediately verified, meaning you won’t have to wait to be verified.

You also won’t have to carry out a credit check as it’s a monthly rolling contract which means you can cancel at any time.

The deal is similar to BT’s basic package which is aimed at those who claim Universal Credit and the telecom giant’s £5 a month plan has been developed in collaboration with the Department for Work and Pensions.

It costs £5.16 a month and includes a call allowance of £1.50, plus free weekend calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers lasting up to 60 minutes.

The tariff also includes a monthly £10 price cap on numbers beginning with 01, 02, 03, 07 and 08, which means you’ll never spend more than £15.16.

It’s accessible to anyone on Income Support, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Pensions Credit, Employment and Support Allowance and Universal Credit, providing you have zero earnings.

BT said this means that the claimant has no earnings from employment or self-employment during the assessment period for their benefit.

BT also offers a broadband option for those who need access to the internet, too.

BT Basic plus Broadband costs £10.07 per month.

The package includes the BT Basic £1.50 call allowance and a £10 monthly call price cap and there’s no connection charge for the broadband but customers will need to pay postage and packaging for their BT Home Hub, which is needed for BT broadband to work.

There will presumably be a bunch of people out there that will be saying that it’s a fantastic idea, but it’s a good way for them to monitor people on their texting and calling to see if they’re scamming the benefits system by having partners or jobs that they don’t know about.

They do the same thing to catch people out, spying on their bank accounts and what they have and what they’re buying, believe me, they’re not doing it for the sake of your health!

And it’s not like they’re giving it away for free, but now people that are on benefits can’t come up with the excuse that they don’t have any credit, but don’t stress, chill out because everyone will be on Universal Credit by January with the way that our Government is handling the COVID situation.

Secretly Relieved

Melania Trump has been quiet over the past week as her adopted country decided if her family would stay in the White House for another four years.

Has she evaded the limelight because of the outgoing US President’s tantrums over the election result that saw Joe Biden become president-elect, or is she calmly planning her next move, which could be significantly different to Donald Trump’s?

Nobody could blame Melania Trump for being relieved to say goodbye to her essentially undefined, unpaid, a high-pressure position as First Lady and Kate Anderson Brower, a journalist and author of First Women, a book about the partners of presidents said that she believed Melania would probably be secretly relieved because this isn’t what she signed up for.

So what will Melania Trump’s next move be? Will she follow other first ladies and go on to write a tell-all book, take up worthy projects, help her husband navigate his new endeavours, which experts say is the least likely, or just concentrate on her position as a loving mum and live life as a lady of leisure?

She has numerous possibilities, especially where the family might relocate to and whether she will choose to live with son Barron separately to her husband.

Speculation surrounds whether Melania and Barron will go back to New York so he can return to his former private school in Manhattan, or stay in Washington while he completes high school in Maryland, not far from the White House.

The Obamas stayed in Washington so their two daughters could finish up at their private school, but after January 21, Melania could return to the Trump Tower penthouse in New York City, the Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, or head to the Seven Springs estate in Westchester and the Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster.

Experts say it could be Florida because she voted in person at Palm Beach County, registered as the Trump’s official home.

Historian Katherine Jellison of Ohio University told USA Today she assumed Melania Trump would go back to Florida, or perhaps she will be able to persuade her husband to return to New York as their official home and resume the kind of life she led before the White House.

Anita McBride, who runs the Legacies of America’s First Ladies Initiative at American University and was former first lady Laura Bush’s chief of staff, said she felt Melania would concentrate on her family and her son, helping him to manage the transition.

Mind you, nobody actually cared about her when she was the First Lady and they probably won’t care about her after.

Fatigue Syndrome Exercise Therapy Loses (NICE) Recommendation

A controversial exercise technique used to address chronic fatigue syndrome is no longer being recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

The decision to stop recommending graded exercise therapy (GET), which involves gradual increases in physical activity to slowly build up tolerance represents a crucial victory for patient advocates who have long said the practice causes more harm than good.

Patient groups have claimed that the use of exercise therapy suggest that those with chronic fatigue syndrome, also known as ME have no underlying physical problems but are suffering manifestations due to inactivity.

ME patient Glen Buchanan said that they have been widely ignored and had their suffering at the hands of this illness continually diminished by the improper and harmful guidance or notice that they can just exercise or think their way out of a physical illness none of them asked for nor deserve.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is believed to impact about 250,000 people in the United Kingdom and has been calculated to cost the economy billions of pounds yearly.

One in four are so severely impacted they’re unable to leave the house, and frequently, even leave their bed.

Other manifestations can include pain, mental fogginess, light and noise sensitivities, as well as trouble with remembering and sleep.

No effective treatment exists, although cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and graded exercise therapy have been utilised in an attempt to control symptoms.

Clare Ogden, head of communications and engagement at UK charity Action for ME, said that NICE’s earlier guidelines had been produced with what NICE thought was the best-known evidence at the time, but it’s become abundantly evident from patients that their experiences differed from that.

NICE last issued guidance on Chronic fatigue syndrome in 2007, but the new draft guidelines state that it’s a complicated condition with no one treatment suitable for everyone, especially where there’s a potential for an intervention to help some people but cause damage in others.

Even with the help from a specialist, only about one in 10 patients said that exercise therapy helped control symptoms, while almost half reported a worsening effect, according to a 4,000 patient survey conducted by Action for ME last year.

And following patient complaints, the NICE guidelines also highlighted that CBT was not a treatment or a cure, but may be useful as a supportive psychological therapy.

This is such wonderful news for some, and even though it might sound far-fetched to people who don’t suffer from the illness – increased activity at any level, can cause excruciating relapses and pushed repeatedly to do so, by the only sector of the medical community who seemed open to treating this horrible illness, is distressing beyond belief.

And when these people told their physicians that the exercise physically harmed them, they were largely met with funny looks and I’m sure that numerous people with Chronic fatigue syndrome will have sobbed with relief when they see this, and that finally, these people who are in charge have listened to the decades of research that discredited the ridiculous study they’ve been clinging on to.

In terms of the misinterpretation of the condition, this is purely graded exercise therapy to make sure that you’re fit for work for assessments – if you can lift your arms, back to work you go.

Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) or Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), whatever you want to call it because some people like labels – I love labels because it helps to know what’s wrong with you and that it’s not all in your head – mushrooms grow in the dark and these people are not mushrooms!

This is a complex chronic disease that presents with manifestations in multiple body systems – ME is a neurological disease according to the World Health Organisation.

Militants Decapitate More Than 50 People As A Football Pitch Is Turned Into A Killing Field

According to local media reports militants have beheaded more than 50 people in a football ground in a village in northern Mozambique.

The attack was carried out by an ISIS-linked group in the village of Muatide in conflict-ridden Cabo Delgado province and spanned several days.

A Mozambique news agency said the assailants set fire to several villages and assembled people they’d captured from nearby forests on a single football pitch, where the victims were then decapitated and their bodies chopped to pieces, while women from the villages were abducted.

The gas-rich northern Mozambique region has witnessed several harrowing attacks involving slayings by the ISIS-affiliated local group known as Ahlu Sunnah Wa-Jamo, or simply al-Shabaab locally, though they have no connection to the better known Somali group.

In another attack in April 2020, fifty-two people were either shot or decapitated after they refused to join the militant’s ranks, while in March the militants torched government buildings including police headquarters in an attack that left dozens of law enforcement officials dead.

In May 2018, at least ten people were beheaded in two villages in northern Mozambique that are close to their border with Tanzania.

The militants have targeted isolated villages over the past months as they endeavour to exercise greater influence in the area, as a result of which thousands of people have escaped.

According to a BBC report, Mozambique’s government has already sought international assistance in preparing its troops to contain the rebellion.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, human rights activist tweeted that these were heinous and horrendous offences in the name of faith and ideology and that they must all unite to put an end to this totalitarian ideology that’s bereft of mercy and redemption.

International lawyer and human rights activists Hillel Neuer also voiced dismay at the incident, saying that fleeing villagers were captured, decapitated and chopped to pieces in an atrocity carried out from Friday night to Sunday.

Why has the entire world not stood together on this fight to protect lives? These people were farmers and workers and we need to have an international force to help protect them and it’s extremely difficult to comprehend this level of violence and someone should be protecting them.

This is horrendous and brutal and these perpetrators should be found and justice should be served.

The issue with this is that a bomb will be the thing that will do this and then blameless civilians will die, and then everyone will whine at the bomb droppers, but they’ll also moan if nothing is done – what would be good is if someone could bring these murders to justice.

This is utterly barbaric by an extremist militia, whereupon these poor people have to suffer and we can’t condemn a whole population for the actions of certain individuals, and there’s no depth to which the sheer depravity of these varmints will not sink to.

These are people that have been groomed and conditioned within extremist terrorist groups. These were militants, not Islamists and we should be cautious how we communicate and read things.

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but it can get a tad disconnected, especially with all the media output, and it’s about time the media called them assassins or terrorists. There’s no need to mention religion, these people are killers, full stop!

The media is helping the terrorists get more popularity and also jeopardising the lives of people in other places and what ugliness this world is with poor people being killed in such a way and evil is evil in any language.

Prince Harry Deeply Saddened

The Duke of Sussex was reportedly denied permission for a garland to be laid at the Cenotaph on his behalf, in the latest sign of a family rift.

Prince Harry, who spent ten years in the armed forces, made a personal request to Buckingham Palace but was refused due to the fact he’d left royal duties in March.

The Queen was not thought to have been notified of the request or its refusal, which is said to have profoundly saddened the Duke of Sussex.

Prince Harry highlighted the importance of Remembrance Sunday during an appearance on a military podcast to mark the event.

On the interview with the Declassified podcast, he described the day as a moment for respect and hope and the ex-royal said that it was the act of remembering, of remembrance which was a profound act of honour.

He said that was how we preserve the legacies of whole generations and offer our appreciation for the sacrifices they made for us to be able to live the lives we live today.

In previous years, the Duke has celebrated the day with visits to the Cenotaph and Westminster Abbey’s Field of Remembrance, and he first attended the Cenotaph in 2009, aged 25.

Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, was also not expected to attend the ceremony and Buckingham Palace refused to comment on whether Prince Harry’s request had been denied and Prince Harry’s spokespeople had been contacted for comment.

During the podcast, Harry even spoke about his experiences and said he treasured his association with veterans, describing coming together as like meeting an old friend.

He added that he will wear a poppy to remember all those who had served – the soldiers he knew, as well as those he didn’t – the soldiers that were at his side in Afghanistan, those who had their lives changed permanently, and those that didn’t come home.

And he said that he wears the poppy to commemorate the courage and determination of all our veterans, and their loved ones, particularly those in our Invictus family and he said that these were the people and the moments he recalls when he salutes and when he stands to attention and when he lays a wreath at the Cenotaph.

Harry started the Invictus Games in 2014 for injured, wounded and sick armed service personnel and veterans from around the world to compete in a range of sports.

Services for Remembrance Sunday this year are significantly impacted due to the pandemic, with a full lockdown in England and other constraints in place across the United Kingdom, with the UK Government urging councils to ensure remembrance services are brief, completely alfresco and held in front of limited numbers.

We understand that Harry left the United Kingdom, but he still served as a soldier and he served for a long time. He saw lots of his friends that he served with wounded, some of them died.

Just because he left the United Kingdom doesn’t make him some kind of robot, bereft of any feeling for those that died for our country. However, the people that are devoid of any feeling are the Royal Family, and it just shows what reprobates these people are, those boys weren’t even allowed to cry at their mother’s funeral – what are these people, monsters?

The Duke of Sussex, who now lives in the United States with his wife Meghan and their son Archie said that even when we can’t all be together, we always remember together.

This man, this human being, this SOLDIER served his country and he should never be denied!

Strictly’s Maisie Smith Finally Addresses Romance Rumours With Beautiful HRVY

Strictly star and Eastenders actress Maisie Smith has been shrouded by a barrage of love life speculation in the last few weeks and strictly fans very quickly picked up on her chemistry with co-star and main competition HRVY, a flirty social media exchange convincing them that the two would ultimately get together.

And now Maisie Smith has refused to rule it out but said not right now and she told a news outlet that he’s a beautiful looking guy, but that she’d only seen him for a couple of hours a week so she was still enjoying getting to know him.

She said that she didn’t know what would happen in the future, but for now, they were just getting along really well as friends and it’s been said that the BBC are keeping an extra close eye on the series youngsters to make sure there’s no kissing, banned by social distancing rules.

HRVY, meanwhile, wrote in OK! That he’d seen her the least out of everyone because she’d not been in any of his rehearsal spaces, but that Maisie was so lovely and beautiful and that she was a really good friend and that he thought she was an incredible dancer.

And he added that not a lot could happen between them because they have to be two metres apart, but that he was a little excited to see how things blossom.

At the beginning of the series, he said that he loved Maisie, she was a wonderful girl and that she had excellent repartee and he said that when he saw her in her blue dress last week, that she looked amazing and that he couldn’t wait to see her grow and look fantastic every week.

And they haven’t been bashful about a few flirty exchanges on Instagram either and after comparing HRVY to Justin Bieber, Maisie quipped that he’d just reminded her that her spaghetti was nearly done. HRVY came back and said stop flirting, you love spaghetti.

But HRVY’s been told that they both have to follow the rules, which means hanging out on set is a no go and he explained that he’s spoken to Maisie at the studios, but the thing is, legally he’s not even allowed to go near her.

He said for the moment he’s going to concentrate on the dancing, and that all that stuff can come second, but who knows what will happen after the show.

Maisie Smith is stunning and a fantastic actress and dancer, so who knows, she might even be good for HRVY.

Boy, 17, Who Offered To Build Weapons For Neo-Nazis Imprisoned For Terror Crimes

Paul Dunleavy, 17, kept a haul of knives, shotgun cartridges, bullet casings and air rifles in his bedroom, plus face coverings and camouflage face paint and makeshift targets.

The ex-Royal Air Cadet, who can be named for the first time following a court ruling, had researched how to transform a blank firing gun into a live weapon.

On Friday Dunleavy, of Rugby, Warwickshire was jailed for five and a half years at Birmingham Crown Court. He admitted nine counts of collecting terrorism information under section 58 of the Terrorism Act.

Last month a jury also found him guilty of the commission, preparation and instigation of terrorism under section 5 of the Terrorism Act.

The court heard how police found a notebook containing swastikas, details of lone-wolf attacks and mock-up logo representing an extreme-right group he wanted to form.

There were also numerous tools, camping gear and makeshift cardboard targets.

Officers said he said his idols were Adolf Hitler and influential neo-Nazi James Mason.

They further discovered more than 90 documents on his mobile phone on firearms, explosives and military tactics, plus online material with extreme right-wing rhetoric as well as online chat discussions.

Police also found phone video clips of the New Zealand attacks in Christchurch mosques in 2019 and the Anders Breivik terror attack in Norway.

Dunleavy had become a member of the online extreme right-wing group Feuerkrieg Division (FKD) in July last year and in a string of online discussions, he voiced radical ideas and indicated he was planning to convert a blank-firing weapon to fire live bullets.

The head of West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit Detective Chief Superintendent Kenny Bell said that the boy had an unhealthy interest in other aggression across the world and he knew precisely what online platforms to join to communicate his radical views and that he thought he had the skills to transform a blank-firing weapon into a possible firearm and was keen to help others with his abilities.

Detective Chief Kenny Bell highlighted the commitment by counter-terrorism policing to tackle all forms of extremist ideology and he added that they’ve seen numerous convictions over the last few years in connection with extreme right-wing terrorism and that this work continues apace and that these extremist groups have the potential to endanger public safety and security.

This should be extremely alarming because this boy was an ex-Royal Air Cadet and it doesn’t seem that they’re screened before enrolling, or do they get radicalised later on? And if this is happening then they need to find out who they are, where they come from and especially how this corruption took place.

The problem is this is the United Kingdom and being a cadet isn’t part of the army – it’s basically an after school club where all children are allowed to join from all different walks of life and there is clearly something wrong if a person goes fanatical over something, no matter their ethnicity or religion.

This lad has clearly taken the wrong steps in life and we as a society have failed him by not playing a positive part in his upbringing and this isn’t the first time someone with military ties has been caught like this and there should be serious concerns that right-wing elements are inside a military organisation.

These kids either have some form of mental health problem or they’re being brainwashed, and if they’re being brainwashed, then we need to get to the bottom of who is doing the brainwashing.

Joe Biden Faces Rocky Transition

Joe Biden won the race for the White House on Saturday but compared with what lays ahead, that may have been the easy part and in his speech to the nation, the president-elect said he would unveil a group of scientists and professionals on Monday to enable him to formulate a strategy to tackle the coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout.

Joe Biden said that their work starts with getting COVID under control, adding that Americans can’t restore the economy or relish life’s most precious moments without doing so.

Joe Biden’s presidential transition team has already spent months preparing for his first term and accelerated their activities in the hours before his victory becoming official.

The team launched its presidential transition website a day before the election was officially called for Joe Biden.

Now, Joe Biden and the transition team have to build a Government largely remotely, during the pandemic, and while engaging with a Senate that could stay in Republican hands, a House sure to feature fewer Democratic allies than it did previously and a public that includes more than 70 million people who voted for Donald Trump over Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is already said to be planning to sign a string of executive orders soon after being sworn into office on 20 January that would reverse the work of the Trump administration, including rejoining the Paris climate accords and reversing Trump’s withdrawal from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

With the President refusing to concede on Saturday, it’s not apparent how cooperative the Trump administration will be during the transition process.

The transition process formally begins once the General Service Administration determines the victor based on all available facts. That’s vague enough guidance that Donald Trump could pressure the agency’s director to stall.

It’s also vague whether the President would meet personally with Joe Biden – Barack Obama met with Donald Trump less than a week after the election.

By law, presidential campaigns have to set up a transition team and begin the first steps needed to inherit the totality of the federal government – long time Biden aide Ted Kaufman, a former senator from Delaware, was appointed to run the team back in April.

A senator for decades and vice president for eight years, Joe Biden has a profound knowledge of the workings of government and he’s encircled by a small group of top advisers with equally deep institutional experience.

What Joe Biden has to do now is stamp his own mark, whether it will be good or bad, only time will tell and the fact that it wasn’t an overwhelming win in the ballots indicate that any lingering damage that Donald Trump did will continue with his voters.

David Marchick, director of the Centre for Presidential Transition at the nonpartisan Partnership for Public Service said that the Biden team was the most experienced, most prepared, most focused transition team ever.

However, Joe Biden will encounter numerous challenges after his inauguration on January 20 2021, but now that the tumour has been cut out, it will take some time to reverse the damage done.

However, while many people are relieved that Joe Biden won, there’s the reality that 70 million Americans believed Donald Trump was doing well which is so heartbreaking, but when people start to see the benefits of the new policies for themselves, hopefully, they will begin to see the imposter that Donald Trump really was.

Donald Trump has never accepted that he’s failed at everything, but he always sued people, although likely lost more than he won. Blamed it on others, endeavoured to repackage his failures with the Trump University as wins et cetera.

Now he’s having to face losing on the world stage and he can’t bear it, although he knew that he might lose, so he was readying the ground to renounce any possible loss for months, but the lawsuits presented so far are lacking proof of what they claim.

However, lawyers will make lots of money out of preparing multiple failed lawsuits and the lawsuits aren’t because there’s any evidence of widespread fraud, they’re about Donald Trump’s ego.

Couple Without Credit History Denied COVID Test

A couple has been denied an at home COVID test because they didn’t have enough credit history and now there are fears that thousands of others could be in the same position.

Laura McCormack and her partner had three of the main manifestations of coronavirus and endeavoured to order a test online, but despite being on the electoral register and having a bank account, she was told they would have to go to a test site because their names and addresses couldn’t be confirmed in anti-fraud checks using the database supplied by a credit reference agency.

Laura McCormack said she had been in the United Kingdom less than a year and hadn’t built up a credit history and feared this was why she was refused.

Talking on BBC’s Money Box podcast, she said that the situation seemed a bit crazy and that they were guests in the United Kingdom and they were trying very hard to keep the population safe by self-isolating and getting tested.

But not being able to prove their identity was extremely bizarre. They’re both on the electoral roll, they both have bank accounts here in the United Kingdom, they’re on a lease and they both have bills.

There are numerous ways the Government could have accessed their identity information, so the reason the Government has chosen the credit path is a mystery to them.

The Government uses credit reference agency TransUnion to check addresses to reduce deception or misuse of the home testing system and to prevent multiple testing kits being ordered.

Both the Department for Health and Social Care and TransUnion told the BBC that it was not necessary to pass a credit check to get a home test kit.

TransUnion said that in some cases they may not be able to verify the individual’s identity, which can happen for several reasons, but they said there were other ways to request a test, including calling 119 or going to a walk-in test centre.

Research from credit experts Experian in 2018 suggested that there could be almost six million people invisible to the credit system and it’s not just happened to them, there have been other people that have not been able to get a test done because they couldn’t be verified, so had to go to a test centre, which is a complete travesty.

And it’s more than a little worrying that they’re checking credit files at all, but this is what happens when the Government outsources identity protection and the system for getting a test is far too complex for those without transportation or internet access.

And it doesn’t make any sense that just because a person hasn’t had credit or paid their way that they’re not allowed these things and it seems that when the Government outsource a public service to the private sector you’re dealing with people for whom you don’t exist except in financial terms.

So what does our credit have to do with this? Are they expecting us to all pay for the Test and Trace system now?

This is an excellent way to check people’s identification!

And the present moronic functionaries in Westminster have decided that evidence of identity should not rest with proof such as National Insurance number, bank account, a UK address or even household bills.

Instead, they’ve decided, no doubt to line the pockets of their equally corrupt friends to make proof of identity reliant on credit history and because of this a lot of people are being denied tests.

Would You Move Christmas Festivities To Summer To Contain COVID 19 Spread?

Members of the Government’s Scientific Group for Emergencies (SAGE) want Britons to ditch plans for family reunions over the festive season, weeks after millions are set to be released from lockdown.

The advice presented to ministers says that whenever announcing that a particular form of social interaction needs to be avoided, then they actively propose and reinforce a less risky form of socialising.

These could include carrying out the activity at a later date, such as planning a summer family get together to replace meeting at Christmas.

If people find it emotionally or almost impossible to avoid making contact with someone outside their household then they should be encouraged to make meeting that person as safe as possible.

For instance, if you want to meet someone, then you should self-quarantine before having contact for at least 14 days and then avoid direct and lengthy contact when meeting.

Boris Johnson has insisted the four-week lockdown, due to expire on December 2, should be enough to get the COVID rate down and protect the NHS.

The Prime Minister said England will return to the three-tier system after the nationwide shutdown comes to an end.

This could mean some communities will be under stringent constraints over the Christmas period, including a prohibition on the mixing of households.

Speaking at the Downing Street press conference on Friday, he acknowledged many were worried, weary and fed up after a rebellion on the measures from Conservative MPs.

Boris Johnson said he had every confidence the measures would work so hospitals would not be overwhelmed and the lockdown could be lifted as planned.

Christmas is in December and should stay as such, but we just have to adjust and accept that things might be a tad different this year. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing and some of us are fortunate that we live in an era where we can remain connected with our loved ones through technology, unfortunately, not everyone comprehends that technology, particularly the elderly, so they’re totally isolated.

But let’s not forget that as human beings we do need social contact and not just tech, but just for the time being while this virus has a hold on us and has taken us all prisoner we might just need to make the best of a bad situation – it’s not ideal, but what other choice do we have?

And I know we have plenty of conspiracy theory people out there that believe that this is a ruse for our Governments to control us, and they could just be right – our Governments might never allow us to have freedom again.

Boris Johnson might be spewing all his rules, we can’t do this, we can’t do that, but I can bet your bottom dollar that families will definitely be going to see their families Christmas Day, and they won’t give a damn if they get fined for spending time with their families over Christmas – what are the Government going to do? Police everyone over the Christmas period?

Should we cancel Christmas and remain at home? Perhaps we should, and be thankful that we still have our families fit and alive. Maybe we can have the biggest Christmas ever next year and the Government can give us all an extremely nice bonus for forfeiting this one this year.

But by that time we might all be mind-controlled by then!

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