Plasterer, 57, Who Pulled Van Over To Take Pictures Of Jack Russell

A plasterer who pulled over to take photographs of a Jack Russell because he couldn’t get over how fat it was, was accused of being a dog thief by the animal’s owner on social media.

Dog owner Kyle Bridon put a warning post on Facebook last week after spotting a suspicious van driver taking photos of his canine, Skye, in County Durham.

Kyle Bridon urged other pet owners online to be cautious, writing that he took a photo of the van which he posted so that anyone with dogs could be careful, but the following day Jack Bainbridge spotted the post circulating on social media and realised the van belonged to his father, 57-year-old plasterer Brian Bainbridge.

He explained his father had taken the photo because he couldn’t get over how fat the dog was, adding that he’s a plasterer, not a dog pincher and that if he was going to steal the dog it wouldn’t be that fat lump.

The 26-year-old posted a snap of his father’s photo of Skye on Facebook on Friday.

Mr Bainbridge, from Winning in County Durham, said that just to get things straight. That was the dog his dad took a photo of, and some dope spotted it and chose to take photographs of his dad’s van and post it all over Facebook, telling everyone to watch their dogs, basically going around saying he was stealing dogs.

The post garnered more than 84,000 likes, 49,000 shares and 43 comments, and Darren Roberts wrote that you’d need a flipping crane and a large rig to steal that thing, not a transit van.

Emily Blaylock commented that you can’t even take a photograph of a chubby dog these days.

Kyle’s initial warning post about dog nappers read that he was standing outside Sainsbury’s talking and that when he turned around to go home he noticed this fella in a van taking photographs.

Mr Bainbridge, who works for his father’s plastering company, added that he found out the night before, so the next day he asked his dad about it. His dad showed him the dog and he said he was in stitches, so he had to put a post up to clear his dad’s name, and he had a feeling it might end up going viral.

And how awful is it to see a dog that fat – the owners are killing it with what they think is kindness, and they need guidance to get the dog slim.

Generally, people steal dogs to sell, but nobody would want to buy this poor mite because it’s obvious how high the vet bills would be. Perhaps somebody should steal the pooch and hand the canine into the RSPCA because he clearly isn’t being taken care of, and they would need a forklift to lift it if they did.

And a seriously overweight dog isn’t funny in the slightest and hopefully, it’s not in any discomfort, and this guy was hardly a dognapper with the company name emblazoned on every panel – a bit of a giveaway.

Kyle Bridon should be ashamed of himself for inferring that a perfectly law-abiding citizen was a thief, and what he should be ashamed of is letting his poor pooch get into such a state, and it’s time he looked at the diet food available, and had a word with his vet to see how best to help the poor animal.

Prince William’s Fellow RAF Sea King Airman Wins MoD Payout

Prince William’s fellow RAF Sea King airman has won a payout from the Ministry of Defence after his rare cancer was linked to noxious fumes from the helicopter.

Flight Sergeant Zach Stubbings, 42, from Cardiff, spent his 15 years RAF career inhaling the fumes from the now-retired aircraft’s powerful twin engines.

The MoD has been forced to admit that the fumes caused Flight Sergeant Zach Stubbings bone marrow cancer, multiple myeloma, following a six-year legal battle.

Prince William also piloted the aircraft, which was first flown in 1969, for three years while serving in the Royal Air Force Search and Rescue Force at RAF Valley, Anglesey. The two men are not believed to have flown together.

The Duke of Cambridge carried out 156 search and rescue operations, saving 149 people, during his time there before leaving in 2013.

The last new Sea King was produced in 1995. The fleet was completely retired from the RAF by 2018.

The fume hazards highlighted by Flight Sergeant Zach Stubbings legal bid will no doubt cause concern inside the Royal Family.

RAF Sea King has also been linked to asbestos poisoning after thousands of military engineers were feared to have inhaled the possibly lethal chemicals.

Flight Sergeant Stubbings uncovered documents from 1999 revealing that the MoD were informed of possible problems caused by Sea King fumes by experts, but a news outlet said that nothing was done to correct the problem.

Flight Sergeant Stubbings told the newspaper that the Government decided to disregard it and that it was a disgrace.

An MoD spokesperson said that the health and safety of their personnel were of the highest importance and they were committed to rendering a safe working environment.

The spokesperson said that three studies were undertaken by the RAF Centre of Aviation Medicine into Sea King, and found there were no definitive conclusions in terms of health risk and that RAF Sea King reached the end of service in 2016.

In 2018, thousands of military engineers were feared to have inhaled lethal asbestos chemicals while working on Britain’s Sea King helicopters.

Defence chiefs confirmed they’d issued a warning in a drastic attempt to warn Royal Navy and RAF personnel who maintained the Sea King since it entered service in 1969.

In an unprecedented move, the Ministry of Defence also contacted foreign governments that purchased the helicopter and civilian contractors operating ex British military Sea Kings.

Serving personnel or veterans with health problems caused by exposure to asbestos on Sea Kings were able to sue the MoD for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The only difference here is that Prince William has the best of the best health checks and health care on demand. He will never have to struggle to get a doctor’s appointment and he will never have to wait weeks for an appointment.

And he will never be fobbed off by doctor’s and his health concerns will immediately be taken seriously and doctors will stumble over themselves in the rush to treat him, but it’s a pity that Flight Sergeant Stubbings had to struggle to get justice and admission.

The MoD frequently seem to try to avoid liability for such matters, and it shouldn’t need a connection to a royal to make them do the right thing, and we hear much empty drivel from politicians about our courageous servicemen and women, but when it comes to the health and welfare of veterans, the actions by officialdom usually falls short of the fine words, and they were informed of potential side effects, and yet it still took years to win this man’s case, so it just goes to show how little their regard is for them.

Harry Plays The Rock Star

Prince Harry had his name in lights as he was welcomed with excited applause and a standing ovation by a delighted crowd during a speech at a star-studded concert in Los Angeles on Sunday, while his heavily pregnant wife Meghan Markle stayed at home.

Harry, 36, told the audience of vaccinated frontline workers and that every single one of them was outstanding before asking them to look beyond themselves as he joined an A list of Hollywood celebrities at Vax Live, an initiative to encourage wealthy nations to share vaccines.

After an announcer read out an introduction to please welcome Vax Live campaign chair Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, the royal stepped onto the stage to a rock style reception, with his name beamed in large letters on a flashing screen behind him.

Harry, who appeared in public for the first time since the funeral of his grandfather, Prince Philip, gave a five minute speech, calling for vaccines to be shared with poorer countries, which was repeatedly punctuated by more ecstatic cheers.

Articulating in a particularly different accent than his former Queen’s English, Harry said that they must see past themselves with compassion and sympathy for those they know and those they don’t and that they needed to lift all of humanity to make sure that no person or community was left behind.

The event, which was being recorded for broadcast on TV on May 8, was the first speech Harry had given since he and Meghan made a string of damaging allegations about their family during an appearance on Oprah. The Duchess of Sussex is supposed to be recording a message to appear in the final broadcast.

The royal was amongst numerous high profile stars, including Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, Gayle King and Ben Affleck, to take the stage at Vax Live, which was hosted by campaign organisation Global Citizen at the So-Fi Stadium in Inglewood.

Harry and Meghan, 39, are Campaign Chairs of Vax Live, which strives to encourage vaccine confidence worldwide and help get the COVID 19 vaccines to everyone, everywhere.

In promoting the event organisers, it’s said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would deliver an important global message for vaccine equity.

Meghan, who’s several months pregnant with the couple’s second child, trusted Harry to share that message on her behalf as she stayed home on Sunday.

In his address, Harry said that it was a night for celebration of each of them there. The vaccinated frontline workers in the audience and the millions of frontline warriors throughout the globe.

These people have got together to acknowledge the frontline workers and raise funds for nations that would otherwise be at the back of the line. Countries that have people dying on the streets, and it’s great that they’re showing some kindness.

This is seeing their true value and applying it towards good, and of course, their faces sell newspapers and magazines. But this is something good, even if there are people out there seething in their coffee about what they did or didn’t do.


It’s been reported that a wannabe momfluencer in California who went viral after alleging that a Latino couple tried to steal her children has been charged with giving false information to the police.

A news outlet reported that Katie Sorenson now faces two misdemeanour counts after she alleged that Eduardo and Sadie Martinez had attempted to steal her two children.

In her initial videos, Katie Sorenson sat in her car as she relayed the allegations about Sadie and Eddie Martinez, saying that her children were the victims of an attempted kidnap which was such a ghastly thing to even vocalise but that it happened and that she wanted to share the story. She later made a complaint to the police.

The Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office has now charged her with one count of giving false information to a police officer and another for giving false information to a police dispatcher, which each carry a maximum punishment of six months in jail.

Erika Margarita Mitchell, a family member of the couple, posted on Facebook praising prosecutors for charging Katie Sorenson for the case that has been extensively criticised as an instance of racial profiling.

Erika Mitchelle wrote that it was great news for them all but mostly for her cousin, Sadie Vega Martinez and her husband Eddie because they were wrongly accused by the influencer of trying to steal her children at a local Michaels store.

She said it was a major allegation, and that she didn’t know who she was messing with in her cousin.

Erika Mitchell added that there needed to be consequences for attention-seeking influencers that make up drama for likes and views on social media.

She said that Prosecute Katie is now Convict Katie and could anybody imagine this happening to them – it totally could and that it was unreal.

The Martinez family, who have five children of their own, told a news outlet that they were really happy with the news, and Sadie Martinez told the outlet that it was a nice step towards justice.

Sadie Martinez has also been appointed to Petaluma’s citizen-led advisory committee on policing and race relations by Mayor Teresa Barrett.

The news outlet said she recently unveiled a local version of San Francisco’s CAREN Act, which made racially motivated 911 calls a crime.

The saga began when Sorenson posted two videos on December 13 in which she detailed claims that she dodged the so-called kidnapping attempt, which racked up more than 4.5 million views on her defunct Instagram@motherhoodessentials.

Her defence with probably be her lived experience – the stress of social media and that she’s a mother, all in the hope of a get out of jail free card, but hopefully the judge will see her for what she is, and let’s face it, she goes to Michaels store and then comes out spinning yarns, and this is a disgusting woman who uses her children as clickbait.

This is terrible, abusing her children to get social media attention for herself. This is totally false and so very Munchausen, and there need to be laws that allow people like her to receive the same sentence her victims would have got if they’d been found guilty of the offence she dishonestly accused them of.

Ashli Babbitt’s Family Ready To File $10 Million Lawsuit

The family of Ashli Babbitt is set to sue the US Capitol Police and the officer who shot her dead during the January 6 Capitol riot.

The family’s lawyer Terry Roberts said that they will seek at least $10 million and will serve Capitol Police inside ten days.

Ashli Babbit, a 35-year-old Air Force veteran, was shot through a window by an unknown officer as she and other Trump followers tried to break into an area near the House floor.

Roberts said the suit would include economic losses from Ashli Babbitt’s death as well as other claims including punitive damages, estimating that $10 million would be a good estimation of the total amount sought.

The civil suit from the family follows an April 14 decision by federal prosecutors not to indict the officer after months of deliberation.

Video footage from the rebellion, which was a failed attempt to prevent Congress from endorsing President Joe Biden’s election success, shows Ashli Babbitt attempting to access Speaker’s Lobby.

She was hit in the shoulder by a bullet and fell to the ground after an officer opened fire through a window.

Police summoned medical help to assess Ashli Babbit, who was declared dead shortly after at Washington Hospital Centre.

Robert’s told Zenger that a rookie police officer wouldn’t have shot this woman. If she committed any crime by going through the window and into the Speaker’s Lobby, it would have been trespassing – a misdemeanour offence and all that a rookie cop would have done is arrest her.

He said, referring to the officer who shot Ashli Babbitt that there were loads of other officers there to assist with an arrest and that there were officers on Ashli’s side of the door in riot gear and holding submachine guns, and on the other side of the door there were other uniformed officers 6 or 8 feet away.

He wasn’t saving a life by shooting her, and she wasn’t wielding a weapon – she was on a window ledge, and there was no reason to believe that she was armed.

Ashli Babbitt travelled from her home in California to Washington DC to attend the riot, in which five people died, including a Capitol Police officer who was sprayed with a chemical substance and died of natural causes the following day.

This was an unarmed woman, committing a non-violent crime, no weapon, no violence. She should have been arrested for trespass, but an unarmed woman shouldn’t have been shot dead at point-blank range for a civil infraction.

This woman was murdered in cold blood, and no police officer should be allowed to use deadly force, and she entered through a broken window, not an unlocked gate or door. However, she should never have been there, and her death is a terrible loss, but she made a bad decision that caused the loss of her life, this police officer didn’t have to shoot her, he could have used other techniques to apprehend her, and he wasn’t in immediate danger.

Lidl Caretaker Who Was Fired After Showing Off His Nazi Swastika Tattoo

A supermarket worker who showed off his swastika tattoo at work won his unfair dismissal case after a judge ruled he should have been given a severe warning instead.

Lidl caretaker Istvan Horvarth won his unfair dismissal claim after the budget chain sacked him from his job at the Telford Hadley store in Shropshire after he showed the tattoo to a colleague.

But this was challenged by Lidl chiefs, whose research revealed that the angle of the tattoo resembled the Nazi symbol rather than the similar-looking Buddish sign.

Despite this, Istvan Horvarth appealed his sacking, but now a judge has ruled in his favour, and he’s now in line for compensation after a judge decided that while the swastika was offensive, bosses at Lidl, who said his behaviour was massively inappropriate, shouldn’t have fired him.

Judge Ian Miller instead said he should have got a warning about the company’s uniform policy.

An employment tribunal in Birmingham heard that Istvan Horvarth began work at the Telford Hadley store as a caretaker in 2013.

In April 2019 a co-worker, identified only as MB, complained that he’d approached him on his second shift at the store to ask about his tattoos.

He maintained Istvan Horvarth then showed him his swastika tattoo whilst laughing and saying it was his country’s national symbol.

The colleague said Istvan Horvarth showed the top of his arm and shoulder and pointed to a tattoo of the swastika symbol, but he believed it was offensive for someone to brazenly show it as a proud symbol.

And he said that he came from a military background, so wasn’t impressed for that to be displayed so openly in a company that encourages equality and acceptance of people from diverse backgrounds.

MB added that he saw other far-right insignia tattooed on Istvan Horvarth and that the swastika was surrounded by barbed wire, and he reported the incident to his boss Craig Taylor who suspended Istvan Horvarth after also receiving a complaint that he’d kicked another co-worker.

The supermarket worker who was supposedly kicked complained to Craig Taylor upon learning about the swastika tattoo incident, saying that because she’s gay, the fact that he showed off the hate symbol made her uncomfortable.

The supermarket’s investigation concluded that the symbol on Istvan Horvarth’s arm was in fact a Nazi swastika rather than, as he maintained, a Buddist symbol because it was rotated clockwise tilted at a 45-degree angle.

This sounds more like the law of blasphemy, and it looks like it was a case of damned if you do and damned if you don’t – at least the supermarket will get positive publicity from this.

Some people get really offended by the whole swastika symbol, 卐 (right-facing or clockwise) or 卍 (left-facing, counterclockwise, or sauwastika), which is an ancient religious icon in the cultures of Eurasia, and was used as a symbol of divinity and spirituality in Indian religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, and just because some moustached fool chose to use it for his purposes doesn’t alter its actual meaning.

However, it’s the intent of the wearer as to what it’s thought to represent that matters, and it seems like the judge would have said a stern warning would be appropriate for anything this guy did, and it might be controversial to some but it’s his personal decision as to what he has inked on his body or what he believes in, but that doesn’t mean he has to parade it and upset people.

Auto Pilot

Fire officials have said that a fatal Tesla crash that resulted in the deaths of two men may have started after a significant front end collision ignited the battery.

Dr William Varner, 59, and Everette Talbot, 69, both died when the Tesla Model S crashed into a tree and exploded into flames in Texas on April 17.

Police said it was obvious that there was no one in the driver’s seat at the time of the crash in the affluent The Woodlands neighbourhood, Houston.

On Monday, Tesla disputed police claims, saying a deformed steering wheel suggested that someone was likely in the driver’s seat.

Now the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office’s report has revealed more details as to how the flames took hold.

It also reiterates local police’s assertion that no one was in the driver’s seat. The report listed the collision as accidental.

Investigator Chris Johnson said that the fire was caused by the crash. The report didn’t note the car’s speed or whether airbags and seat belts were used.

Tesla hasn’t commented, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are both investigating.

The report says that there were indications of extensive mechanical damage caused by a front end collision, and the front end of the vehicle was in close contact with the trunk of a large tree.

It also details how the vehicle’s hood, front doors, front body panel, forward support pillars, trunk and roof were destroyed.

And according to the report, Talbot was seated in a forward-leaning posture, with both arms bent forward. Varner was in a rear leaning position, with both arms rolled back in a pugilistic stance.

It added that multiple fire patterns produced by both the movement and intensity of the fire showed that the fire started from the vehicle’s power distribution system and related components positioned at the front end of the vehicle.

Any extensive damage to the battery, the power distribution systems, or the systems associated with battery cell temp regulation could result in electrical arcing and/or thermal runaway of the lithium-ion cells, which are both a competent source of ignition.

The vehicle sustained a significant front end collision which damaged one, or many of those systems, leading to the spread of fire inside the vehicle.

The report states that it didn’t determine the specific vehicle components or systems that produced the first heat source.

And where were all the greens whining about the toxins discharged into the air by this four-hour burn, or the batteries that would be in landfills and won’t break down for hundreds of years, releasing more poisons into the ground and atmosphere?

And of course, they’d lie and say anything to keep their stocks from tanking.

People don’t just jump from the driver’ seat to the passenger’s seat after a crash so that they can perish in a fire. It’s not pragmatic, and they must believe that they’re fooling the public, but the public is not fooled, nor are they fools.

These vehicles are just mobile crematoriums, and we should be grateful that nobody else got injured, and how many more people will perish before they ultimately accept that the world isn’t ready for self-driving automobiles because the technology is woefully inadequate for all possible scenarios.

But as long as Tesla is allowed to market what’s a lane assist tech on autopilot, more people will get into accidents over misuse.

Total, Complete, Blood-Boiling Absurdity

Anthony Fauci has been accused of spewing blood boiling garbage and even branded a child abuser after suggesting that children may have to wear face masks outside until the end of the year.

The nation’s top public health authority, who’s been elected Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, made the statements on NBC’s Today show on Wednesday morning.

Asked about how much longer children would have to wear masks in playgrounds, Antony Fauci said that it was going to be a situation where first of all, children would ultimately end up getting vaccinated and that they wanted some movement in that area before they do unmask.

And he said that high school children would likely get vaccinated as they got into the fall term, and children of any age would likely get vaccinated by the time they were at the end of the year.

Anthony Fauci said that there are unvaccinated children now because they can’t get vaccinated and for that reason, they’re more at risk of getting infected because they’re out in the neighbourhood where there’s lots of infection, but that when the community level begins to go way down, the risks to everybody including children will dramatically decrease.

In an interview that left countless watchers with more questions than answers, host Savannah Guthrie tried to get transparency on the new Centres for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) guidelines.

Savannah Guthrie told Anthony Fauci she found the CDC guidelines confusing, calling it a strange situation, and she told him she wasn’t fully vaccinated and recounted a story.

Savannah Guthrie said that she’d walked to pick up her little girl at the bus stop and she took off her mask and waited for her while there was no one else around. She said that her daughter got off the bus with her little mask on and that her daughter had to wear her mask, but Guthrie didn’t have to on the way home.

But Savannah Guthrie seemed to be violating the rules herself because, not being completely vaccinated, she should have been wearing her mask in public, even outdoors.

The pair then further muddied the waters, and Anthony Fauci said that if your child was a member of your household, you could walk outdoors with your child without wearing a mask – he appeared to be violating the guidelines, and he seems to be a bit of a con artist, sacrificing children for profit, and Anthony Fauci flip flops more than a fish out of water, and he appears to have had a taste of fame and now he doesn’t want to give that up.

Of course, they’re still learning how the vaccines will affect the spread of COVID 19, so I guess even after having the vaccine against the virus we should still be taking precautions in public spaces, like wearing a mask, staying six feet away from others, avoiding crowds and badly ventilated areas, and washing our hands frequently, but does this mean that we are actually guinea pigs for a possibly failed experiment? And it seems that Dr Mengele is upset!

Councils Are Recruiting Troops Of New Coronavirus Marshals

Armies of new COVID marshals are being utilised across the nation for jobs that could continue for another two years despite lockdown restrictions being set to end in eight weeks.

Councils in England are in the process of hiring a new body of marshals who are expected to take to the streets from July this year despite Government plans to lift remaining coronavirus restrictions on June 21.

It comes as data showed that approximately 40 million Britons now live in almost COVID free areas following the UK’s hugely successful vaccine rollout and continued lockdown stratagems.

Hertfordshire County Council is amongst those advertising for COVID marshals, with the local authority offering a contract worth an expected three million to a provider that can supply 60 marshals from July 1 until January 31 next year.

The contract also comes with a possible one-year extension to 2023.

In its description of the marshal’s duties, the contract notice reads that it will give practical support to help and encourage compliance, such as a dedicated staff in public areas, business support, or support for individuals.

It continues that they will introduce measures to help public and business awareness and understanding of regulations and guidance.

Hertfordshire County Council defended its decision to hire marshals, stating it wasn’t indicative of any increases in restrictions from July 2021 onwards.

Jim McManus, director of Public Health for Hertfordshire County Council, said that in line with the Government’s forecasts for the roadmap out of lockdown, they were working towards restrictions being lifted by 21 June 2021, but that they knew the virus was still circulating and would be for some time.

He said that they knew from last year that numbers of infection could develop quickly, and Government were very clear that they should plan in case a third wave appears, and that it would be a dereliction of duty not to prepare for a third wave, at the same time as doing all they could to stop it happening by keeping infections as low as possible so they could enjoy summer with no restrictions.

He said that COVID Marshals were an effective asset in the fight against COVID 19 and one of the key measures to manage local outbreaks as they continue to occur in communities.

Feedback from Hertfordshire schools, businesses and health partners is that they provide reassurance and promote simple but effective infection control measures such as social distancing, hand washing, face coverings and ventilation.

For example, in the weeks leading up to Step 2 of the Government’s roadmap, COVID Marshals attended approximately 4,000 businesses across the country to provide advice and guidance on reopening safely.

But these Marshals have been seen yelling at people in the main street to walk in the right direction and people are just laughing at them, which is a misuse of taxpayers money down the sewer, and are they going to have the same powers as the TV licencing enforcement officers who believe they have power but really don’t.

And it really won’t be long until one of these Marshals comes to grave harm from people, because there are lots of people out there that won’t hesitate, especially after living a year like most people have, at their wit’s end, they won’t take kindly to being ordered around by strangers in the street.

And if you were to ask the council jobsworth to empty the bins, cut the park lawns or fill in the potholes, you can’t see anyone for dust, yet putting Marshalls on the streets seems more important, because now we’ll have another bunch of public-funded busybodies, and I wonder what essential service will be cut to pay for them – definitely not the chief executive’s exorbitant pay.

Shaken Pensioner, 74, Is Pushed Into A Freezing Cold River

A band of feral schoolboys who pushed a 74-year-old pensioner into the freezing River Mersey were this morning being hunted by police.

The youths targeted the elderly gentleman as he was enjoying a rest from walking, as he perched on the banks of the famed waterway in Warrington on Sunday afternoon.

Once they’d spotted him just after 2.30 pm they charged into the back of him, catapulting him into the freezing depths of the Mersey, and as he struggled in the waters, the dastardly trio ran away, laughing at the attack.

Fortunately, two women nearby spotted the attack and helped him out to the bankside.

Sergeant Mark Spaven, of Warrington Local Police Unit, said that this was an unexpected and upsetting incident that had naturally left the gentleman shaken and that he’d returned home freezing cold and had sustained a cut to his face due to hitting his head as he fell into the water.

Sergeant Mark Spaven said that they were determined to find those responsible and they were asking anyone who had any information or thinks they know who did this to come forward.

He also wanted to appeal to the two women who thankfully came to his rescue to please get in touch with them, as they could have information that could assist with their inquiry.

The incident took place between 2.30 pm and 3 pm on Sunday 25 April while the gentleman was sat on a bank of the River Mersey on Wharf Street near Riverside Retail Park.

After the attack, he walked home and notified his family who reported the attack to the police.

This is the most shocking attack on an elderly person, considering they didn’t know whether he could swim or not, and this matter should be viewed the same as if they’d pushed him in front of a train.

This could of course have occurred anywhere, and we shouldn’t discredit Warrington. This is simply due to the society that we live in, and there are no deterrents in this country, with just another group of gutless fools that believe it’s okay to pick on the elderly because they don’t have the guts to pick on someone their own age.

But this is what our country has come to and it’s disintegrating because of our continuing governments that have wrapped them up in cotton wool – telling them it’s not their fault, and then give them all the excuses in the world to fail, and countless children have become vulgar bullies, and it should be first the stocks, then the birch, and finally a long stint in the Army so that they can learn some respect.

And isn’t it grand now that lockdown is lifting – now parents can fob them off to school and let them wander the streets doing whatever they like after school while some parents sit in the boozer.

I wonder how they would respond if it was their grandfather, or do they not think about these things when they do them? Or do they just not care?

This is our broken Britain, where the young target the old for abuse attacks, entertainment and much more, and we have produced children that are wicked and cruel, and this is all about government who are do-gooding fools who banned discipline.

There’s no fear of reprisal or the cane anymore and teenagers believe they can just get away with doing stuff like this, and they probably will, with a slap on the wrist, a fine and don’t do it again!

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