Boris Johnson To Address The Nation

Boris Johnson will address the nation about easing coronavirus restrictions on Monday at about 7 pm, it’s been reported.

The Prime Minister will give details about the Government’s long-expected roadmap out of lockdown.

He’s expected to say that schools will reopen on March 8, when people will also be able to meet one person from a different household for a coffee or a picnic outside.

Rules could be further eased on March 29 to allow six people or two households to meet outside, while non-essential retail will open before the end of April, according to a newspaper outlet.

Pubs and restaurants should be able to operate indoor service by May but could be allowed to serve customers outside earlier.

Music festivals and football matches should be allowed towards the end of May, with the introduction of rapid testing to screen fans for coronavirus.

It’s not clear when travel will be allowed again but some sources have said domestic travel will be allowed at some period in April.

It comes as Boris Johnson has promised that every adult should be offered the COVID 19 vaccine by July.

The hastened rollout is a result of the Government reaching its target to vaccinate 15 million people in the top four priority groups. The over 70s, health and social care workers and the clinically vulnerable by February 15.

Adults aged 50 and over, as well as those with an underlying health condition that puts them at higher risk, will be offered a vaccine by April 15 under the expedited plans.

The Prime Minister said that hitting 15 million vaccinations was an important breakthrough, and there would be no let-up, and he wanted to see the rollout go further and faster in the coming weeks.

He said they will now strive to offer a jab to every adult by the end of July, helping them to protect the most vulnerable sooner, and take further measures to alleviate some of the restrictions in place.

But he said there should be no doubt, the route out of lockdown would be cautious and phased as they continue to protect themselves and those around them.

The Prime Minister intends to relax restrictions following the UK’s third national lockdown which was imposed after the second wave of coronavirus swept across the country.

This was blamed on the spread of the Kent strain of the virus, which was believed to be more transmissible.

But it seems that Boris Johnson is just loving all of this and numerous people just want their freedom back.

And there have been numerous people who have taken their own lives because of this because people are losing their jobs, homes and everything they’ve ever worked for.

The purpose of this lockdown was to get deaths down and decrease hospitalisations and it does seem this is being achieved, but numerous lives have been lost in the process, and Boris Johnson is always hesitating when he speaks, but things would have been a lot different if he had taken the essential measures in the first place.

And numerous people are going into hospital with non-COVID related illnesses, but whilst being there have tested positive for COVID, but on their discharge letter their diagnosis is COVID, yet they didn’t go in with COVID, which means the Government are fraudulent and telling multiple lies along the way.

This is shocking and should be reported to the Quality Care Commission, it must also be taken up with the hospitals unless they’re in on it as well, and using this virus as a weapon is beneath offensive.

Psychopaths Are More Inclined To Drink Their Coffee Black

If you like your coffee black rather than all milky, frothy and syrupy then many will say you’re just drinking it as it’s meant to be drunk.

However, if you have a liking for the bitter tipple then it could be a sign that you’re a psychopath, according to research.

Scientists studying taste buds have discovered similarities between the consumption of some of our preferred beverages like bitter IPAs, black coffee and tonic water and malevolent personality traits.

So you might want to be cautious if you’ve got a friend or partner who avoids milk and sugar in their cup of Joe.

The study, published in the journal Appetite, surveyed 1,000 people and was conducted at the University of Innsbruck in Austria.

Participants ranked various foods on a six-point scale and were then subjected to a test identifying their personality traits.

Authors Christina Sagioglou and Tobias Greitemeyer discovered that the more consumers enjoyed bitter flavours, the darker their personality traits, and they wrote that the existing research had shown that bitter taste preferences were associated with more noticeable malevolent personality traits, especially robustly with everyday sadism.

And they added that in preferring bitter-tasting foods more than less sadistic people, everyday sadists may see them as positive due to their potential to cause distaste, that is, to cause a negative experience in other people.

This isn’t the first time research has discovered a connection between taste and personality.

Past studies have shown sweet taste experiences increase agreeable and eagerness to help, while bitter tastes increase hostility and elicit harsher moral judgments.

This is one of the most bizarre things I’ve heard. I’ve been drinking my coffee black for the past thirty years, and I’m the most laid back person there is. Any more laid back and I’d be horizontal.

And it does make me wonder if people are getting paid to come up with this twaddle, and if so, then perhaps I’ve been in the wrong job all these years.

Sarah Ferguson Gushes

The Duchess of York posted three pictures of her daughter, Princess Eugenie, along with her newborn baby and spouse Jack Brooksbank.

She commented that as Grandparents, The Duke (Prince Andrew) and she were excited and blessed at the arrival of their grandson August Philip Hawke Brooksbank, and she said that he was a wonderful blessing and a bringer of such love and pleasure to all their Family.

She continued that she was so proud of Jack and Eugenie and that they would be amazing parents.

The pictures were also published on Eugenie’s official Instagram account.

The Princess gave birth to her son at 8.55 am GMT on February 9 at London’s Portland Hospital. Jack Brooksbank was by his wife’s side for the birth.

Accompanying the photos on Instagram Eugenie said that they wanted to introduce their son August Philip Hawke Brooksbank, and they thanked people for their wonderful messages and that their hearts were full of love for their son, and words that they couldn’t express.

The new royal is the Queen’s ninth great-grandchild and is 11th in line to the British throne.

The royal baby will not be entitled to use the His Royal Highness prefix or to have a title unless the Queen gives special approval.

I must confess, I feel a tad sorry for Eugenie because anytime there’s some great news, it appears to be overshadowed by a Harry and Meghan storyline.

And I’m not sure about the baby’s name (August), although had he been born in August, they could have called him August Bank Holiday, and it was completely unnecessary to mention the Markles in the same article about the birth of the Queen’s newest great-grandchild.

Of course, the York sisters are not classed as working royals, but they’ve still had their share of gutter press and mean comments, and I’m guessing they would understand precisely why Harry stood down.

The baby’s name might be a tad unusual, but original compared to all those old stuffy names other royals have named their children, but at least they aptly named him after the Duke of Edinburgh, so as one Philip steps off this mortal coil, another one replaces him!

And it’s a big name for a little baby, but I’m sure he will grow into it, and I bet the bookies didn’t have the odds on that name?

Prince Charles Visits His Ailing Father Philip In Hospital

The Prince of Wales arrived at King Edward VII’s hospital in London to visit his father the Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince Charles arrived at the rear of the London hospital where Philip, the 99-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth, has been since Tuesday, and he’s expected to remain in hospital until next week.

Prince Charles, 72, was pictured wearing a face mask as he walked from his vehicle into the hospital.

It’s now Philip’s fifth day in the private facility in London and comes as the fallout from the announcement about Harry and Meghan’s withdrawal from working royal life continues, and it’s understood that the Duke of Edinburgh was knowledgeable that the announcement on Harry and Meghan was due to be released yesterday.

The Duke of Edinburgh is having observation and rest after being admitted to the hospital earlier this week after feeling ill, but as Charles was pictured arriving to see his father, the King Edward hospital’s website said visitors would only be considered in extraordinary circumstances.

Prince Charles’ visit to the hospital to see his father came a day after he appeared beside his wife the Duchess of Cornwall in a video message to urge ethnic minorities disregard bogus news and get their COVID jabs.

Prince Charles, 72, who along with the Duchess of Cornwall, 73, has had his first coronavirus jab and told of his concern about the variable uptake amongst black and Asian Britons.

Philip, 99, was reported as being in great spirits after he walked unaided into King Edward VII Hospital on Tuesday evening on the recommendation of his doctor.

A Royal source said that following consultation with his doctor he is expected to remain in the hospital for observation and rest over the weekend and into next week and that his doctor was acting with an abundance of caution.

The Queen has informed him of Meghan and Harry’s decision to not return as working members of the Royal Family and the statement she was going to deliver on the development.

Philip and Harry have always shared a close relationship, but a recent book implied he’d been left confused by his decision to walk away from the Royal Family, and Ingrid Seward, author of Prince Philip Revealed, said the Duke of Edinburgh stepped away from the situation after sensing that his advice was being ignored.

And it’s great that Prince Charles has been permitted to visit his father, but sadly some people can’t see their families at all, and this is bad, and it appears to be one rule for them and one rule for us.

But then I guess he is in a private ward, and I suppose because he’s the son of a Queen, and his father is 99 years old – perhaps we should give him a break, and for all we know, this could be the last time Charles sees his father.

However, if someone has a private party tonight, does that mean they’re okay to have the whole gang round?

Hopefully, though, things are not too bad with Prince Philip, however, if the Queen visits, then things must be extremely grave indeed.

It was also claimed on Friday that Harry was self-isolating at home in Montecito, California, so he can travel back to Britain at short notice if Philip’s health worsens, but the Palace’s statement seems to have thrown this into some doubt.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to this. Nobody should die alone, not even COVID patients, and they should be allowed to have a least one family member there to see them off into the afterlife.

Meghan And Harry Confirm They Will Not Return As Working Royals

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not be returning as working members of the Royal Family, Buckingham Palace has said in a statement.

The Queen confirmed that they wouldn’t continue with the duties and responsibilities that come with a life of public service.

The decision was made following discussions between Harry and members of the Royal Family.

The pair’s obligations and responsibilities, such as honorary military appointments and Royal patronages, will be returned to the Queen and will then be distributed among working members of the Royal Family.

And Buckingham Palace said in a statement that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have confirmed to Her Majesty The Queen that they will not be returning as working members of the Royal Family.

It was said that following discussions with the Duke, the Queen has written confirming that in stepping away from the work of the Royal Family it’s not possible to continue with the responsibilities and duties that come with a life of public service.

And that honorary military appointment and Royal patronages held by the Duke and Duchess will therefore be returned to Her Majesty, before being redistributed among serving members of The Royal Family.

And that while they’re all saddened by their decision, the Duke and Duchess remain much-loved members of the family.

The couple announced their decision to step back from royal engagements in January last year, stating that they would be starting a new life as financially independent royals.

They formally stepped down as senior members of the British royal family on 1 April 2020 and have since given up the use of their royal titles and relocated from London to California.

A spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said that as evidenced by their work over the past year, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex remained dedicated to their commitment and service to the United Kingdom and around the world, and had extended their continued support to the organisations they’ve represented regardless of official role.

Since stepping down from their duties, the Sussexes have signed deals with Spotify and Netflix expected to be worth more than £100 million.

The Duke and Duchess newly announced they’re expecting a second child, with their spokesperson saying they can confirm that Archie is going to be a big brother.

The announcement also follows Meghan Markle winning a privacy case against the Mail on Sunday over the publication of a personal and private handwritten letter to her estranged father.

I think Harry’s mother Diana would have been happy about his decision, but also extremely upset that he’s no longer close to his brother William because she would have wanted them to stick together.

But it looks like Harry is shielding his wife and family from what his mother had to endure, and she would be so proud of him. He should be happy with his beautiful ever-growing family.

Although, there are some people out there that are saying that they’re just after the money, with deals coming out of their ears, such as Netflix and such. However, like everyone else, they have to live because they made the decision not to live off the British taxpayer, and now people are treating them like criminals because of it. It just doesn’t make any sense.

However, you could barely call them socially aware while living in a 14 million mansion, because of course, it’s easy to be a do-gooder when you’re loaded – perhaps it just eases their conscience.

He’s Beaten Her Black And Blue For Years

Over the past year, stories of domestic violence have grown enormously, while refuge places are scarce.

The pandemic has had a disastrous impact on women in abusive relationships, ensnaring them in their homes with violent, manipulative or controlling men, and the UN has described the global rise in domestic abuse as a shadow pandemic, and in the first seven weeks of lockdown, there was a domestic abuse call to UK police every 30 seconds.

The Centre for Women’s Justice noted the number of domestic abuse-related deaths trebled in the United Kingdom in 2020, compared with 2019.

At the centre of this storm are women’s shelters, places of protection that have seen their funding cut in recent years.

Women’s shelters have been flooded with calls from women desperate to escape living in lockdown with their abuser, and it was reported that in the first three weeks of lockdown that 14 women and two children had been killed.

Women across England are experiencing domestic and sexual violence right now – whatever form of violence it comes in, from rape and trafficking to relationships based on psychological or financial control, our Government needs to act to end it.

And our Government needs to support women and girls around experiences where gender, the very fact of being a woman, is significant. This includes those who’ve encountered domestic abuse, sexual exploitation or have contact with the criminal justice system.

These women and children need to be supported in women-only spaces, safe and trusted surroundings. With a trauma-informed approach, based on understanding, consistency, boundaries and an acknowledgement of the reality of each individual’s life.

The priority is to make women feel safe in an environment that is as homely as possible, with the right level of support to deliver the most important goal – to recover from the trauma of domestic abuse and to be able to rebuild their lives.

And for someone to be there to support that person and overcome the adverse repercussions of that trauma, violence or abuse.

Of course, we read about these articles all the time and they’re tragic, but the solution is the prevention of such terrible realities of society, which is universal.

They say that prevention is better than the cure, but how can we prevent children from evolving into violent monsters? And if children aren’t taught the right social relationship and anger skills. If they have low self-esteem due to a troubled abusive family life or are being bullied, then these problems will often manifest in the degradation of others when in adulthood, as well as manifesting in some of today’s violent teenage and gang behaviours.

And numerous people have lost their lives at the hands of an abusive partner, and relationships should be addressed more in the early years of schooling because children need to grow up knowing what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour in a relationship.

However, this doesn’t just pertain to women being abused, men are also abused, but regardless of gender, abuse is appalling behaviour. However, abusers are themselves victims of abuse and are slaves to the mentality of their past, where they’re trapped in repeating the same mentality.

But the abuse they suffer should never be an excuse to abuse others.

Human beings can change, and if a person is the perpetrator of domestic violence, that’s because it’s become a power trip and they have a narcissistic mentality that is more important than another human being.

Juvenile Offender, 83, Let Out Of Jail After 68 Years

The oldest juvenile lifer who walked free from jail at 83 has reportedly said he was astounded by skyscrapers and mourns his family members who have since departed.

Joseph Ligon was only 15 when he was imprisoned for life for murder following a spree of robberies and attacks with a group of inebriated teenagers in Philadelphia, US.

During that spate of violence two people were left dead – Charles Pitts, 60, and Jackson Hamm, 65, and six others were injured from stab wounds.

Imprisoned in 1953, Joseph Ligon refused to apply for parole as he denied ever killing anyone.

After an astonishing 68 years behind bars, making him the oldest juvenile lifer in the country, he finally walked free from the State Correctional Institution Phoenix last week.

On his release, he is said to be in awe of the new world and the towering skyline, as he took his first steps into a completely different America than when he went inside, and he said that he found it unsettling that Eastern State Penitentiary, where he was once incarcerated, was now a museum and Halloween attraction, and he said that it didn’t suit his tastes.

Illiterate at the age of 15, Ligon is said to believe he was scapegoated as the new kid, the outsider, at the time of the offending, and speaking to a news outlet Eleanor Myers, a senior adviser said that as much as the world has evolved since Mr Ligon first went to jail, he has also changed, and that his experience in coming back was primarily as a new man.

She said that he’s amazingly cheerful and amazed at the differences in Philadelphia since 1953, in particular the towering buildings.

She said that he’s spoken about those in his family who are gone and can’t be together for his homecoming and that he appeared to miss them especially.

Ligon’s route to his release has been complicated and was made possible after his sentence was reduced in 2017 to include the chance of parole, which he declined.

The Supreme Court had decreed in 2012 that inflicting mandatory life sentences on juveniles was unconstitutional.

Pennsylvania was among some states that refused to reduce the life sentences, however, it took four more years before they were ordered to retroactively reduce sentences for those given life terms for juvenile offences.

After that judgment, the state of Pennsylvania re-sentenced Ligon along with more than 500 other juvenile lifers to reduced prison terms that included lifetime parole.

This sounds pretty much like the Kalief Browder story. Kalief Browder was an African American youth from The Bronx, New York, who was detained at the Rikers Island jail complex, without trial, between 2010 and 2013 for supposedly robbing a backpack containing valuables.

During his incarceration, Kalief Browder was in solitary confinement for two years.

Two years after his release, Kalief Browder killed himself at his parents home.

His case has been cited by activists fighting for a change in the New York City criminal justice system and has drawn extensive attention in the years following his death and in 2017, Jay-Z produced a television documentary mini-series titled Time: The Kalief Browder Story.

In January 2019, New York City settled a civil lawsuit with the Browder family for $3.3 million.

Ligon’s case was an unusual one. He declined the chance of parole because he insisted he was innocent, so this has to be considered that he may well have been telling the truth.

In the 50s numerous people of various races were wrongfully condemned for offences they did. Of course, I’m not implying this was the case with Ligon, but it was a possibility, and you have to question the parole refusal.

Now, this man has been in jail for so long, will he cope in the outside world? What life has he got left? And will he be able to start his life again at his age, it’s like being a fish out of water, and so alone, and at his age, freedom has no meaning.

Perhaps he was innocent, but they sent him to jail anyhow. But whether he was innocent or not, that’s something we’ll never know.

Prince Philip Taken To Hospital

Prince Philip, 99, was taken to King Edward VII Hospital in London.

In a fleeting statement, Buckingham Palace said that His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh was admitted to the King Edward VII Hospital in London, on Tuesday evening.

It was said that the Duke’s admission was a precautionary measure, on the advice of His Royal Highness’s Doctor, after feeling unwell, and that the Duke was expected to remain in the hospital for a few days for observation and rest.

Royal sources have reinforced Prince Philip’s hospitalisation was not an emergency admission, and that The Duke of Edinburgh was taken from Windsor Castle, where he’s spent the past few months, to London by car – not by ambulance, and walked unaided into the hospital.

The sources added that Prince Philip had been feeling unwell for a short time and also clarified the illness was not related to COVID 19.

His wife, the Queen remains at Windsor Castle, where she’s been working and living since the start of the pandemic.

A source close to the Duke said Prince Philip remains in good spirits.

Prince Philip and the Queen have been self-isolating at Windsor Castle for the most of 2020, and there, in January, the elderly couple got their first shot of vaccine against COVID 19, and in a rare statement on private medical matters concerning the monarch, Buckingham Palace said at the time that the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh had received their COVID 19 vaccinations.

A palace source also said the decisions to reveal the vaccination was made by the Queen, and they said that to limit exaggerations and further speculation, Her Majesty decided that she would let it be known she’d had the vaccination.

Prince Philip was last admitted to King Edward VII Hospital in December 2019 for observation and treatment.

At the time, the Duke of Edinburgh was flown from Sandringham just a few days before Christmas, just as the Queen was travelling north to meet him for her winter recess.

Prince Philip remained in hospital until Christmas Eve when he was spotted walking out of the King Edward VIII Hospital unaided.

The Duke resigned from public duties in August 2017, when he dropped out of royal engagements with one last duty carried out at Buckingham Palace, and he’s lived the past few years almost entirely outside of the public eye at his five-bedroom cottage, Wood Farm, in Norfolk.

Hopefully, the Duke will improve pretty swiftly and be out of hospital soon. However, being the Royal Family does demonstrate that a life of limited to no work, zero stress, no bills to pay, no money concerns and immediate, private healthcare can have you living a long life.

And before anyone says that I seem resentful and bitter and twisted, countless people don’t live a life of idleness in unadulterated indulgence, using money earned by the arduous graft of the public.

However, I do wish him an expeditious recovery, and as a human being he’s had good innings, that’s for sure, and I’ve got to admit, he’s been a star, a straight talking, no-nonsense guy, and he has a sense of humour – well, you’ve got to, to be married to the Queen.

Father-Of-One, 30, Who Got Wasted On Duty-Free Whisky And Vodka Before Refusing To Wear His Face Mask On Ryanair Flight

A father of one who got drunk on duty-free whisky and vodka before refusing to wear a face mask on a Ryanair flight from Krakow to Manchester is facing jail.

Adrian Front, 30, was detained by police at Manchester Airport after airline workers reported him for drinking alcohol and repeatedly removing his face covering despite being warned to wear it throughout the journey.

The factory worker told one cabin crew member to ‘f*** off’ before refusing to leave the aircraft when cops boarded. He then took off his face mask numerous times when escorted into the back of a police van.

Adrian Front, who lives in Hull, had been returning home to the United Kingdom from his native Krakow, in Poland, after a visit to see his baby daughter.

He’d been downing whisky and vodka on the back row of the aircraft while feeling low after having to leave the child behind with her mother.

At Manchester Magistrates Court he admitted being drunk on an aircraft and was ordered to face a judge at Crown Court as JPs said their sentencing powers were insufficient.

The court heard the arrest happened on January 29 this year after the flight touched down at 10 pm, and Katherine Allen, prosecuting, said police were alerted to a disruptive passenger on an inbound flight and were told by cabin crew a man had been drinking his own bottles of alcohol despite being told by staff not to drink.

She continued that he was also refusing to wear his face mask and had asked to take it off, to which cabin crew declined, before removing it anyhow as they walked away.

Ms Katherine Allen said the defendant was also rude to the cabin crew and told one of them to ‘f*** off’, all the while being mindful that there were about 100 passengers on board including children.

He was found with whisky and vodka and there were several children near where he was and he refused to get off the aircraft, and the officers said they could smell alcohol coming from his breath and his eyes were bloodshot.

He wouldn’t leave the aircraft but officers hoped he would leave without creating a scene, but he continued to be rude, still refusing to leave.

The prosecutor then said that he was arrested for being intoxicated and was later yelling in Polish when in the police van, continually removing his face mask throughout without being asked to do so.

Perhaps they should just ban him from any air travel for five years or more, that would have an impact on him.

Of course, everyone should be allowed their freedoms, and if someone doesn’t want to wear a mask, then it should be that places are also free to deny you to be in their space if you don’t wear one, although this should not apply to a person if they have a disability.

This has nothing to do with masks, it’s got to do with the fact that he was drinking his own alcohol on the aircraft, and not theirs and it annoyed them. If he’d been left alone, he would probably have fallen asleep, and all this man’s probably going to get is a fine and a slap on the wrist.

Jo Whiley Offered COVID Vaccine Before Her Sister

Jo Whiley has said she’s living through a nightmare after being offered the coronavirus vaccine before her sister, who has learning difficulties and diabetes and whose care home has been locked down due to an outbreak.

The BBC Radio 2 DJ, who’s been fighting for her younger sister Frances, who has the rare Cri du Chat genetic syndrome, to be prioritised for the jab, has spoken of her distress after a COVID outbreak in Frances’s care home.

Jo Whiley said she would give up her jab in a heartbeat if she could so that her sister or any of the residents in her care home could have it instead.

According to figures from the Office for National Statistics, 60 per cent of people who died with COVID in England up to November last year had a disability, and for people who had a medically diagnosed learning disability, the risk of death was 3.7 times greater for both men and women than for people who did not.

People with diabetes, as well as those with a severe or profound learning disability, are in priority group six for the jab, but Frances comes under priority category four due to her diabetes and underlying health conditions.

Invitations for the first dose had started to be sent out on Monday to people in priority groups five and six, which includes the over 65s and people considered clinically vulnerable.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Jo Whiley, 55, said it had felt like a long wait for Frances to get the vaccine and when she got the call she’d been dreading that there had been an outbreak in the care home, her blood ran cold.

She said that it was frustrating and it was horrible and that she felt like she was living through a nightmare. That it was difficult and hard for her parents and hard for everyone in the care home, which continues.

She added that then, ironically, she got a message to say she was scheduled to have her vaccine before her sister who’s got learning difficulties and underlying health conditions, which didn’t make any sense at all.

Jo Whiley described the impact on her sister’s mental health as pretty extreme and said Frances had become quite distressed by being unable to see her parents because she usually returns to her parent’s home every three weeks.

It’s sickening that disabled people aren’t being given the vaccine at this stage. They all have underlying, multiple conditions which makes them very vulnerable to this virus, hence the incredibly high number of COVID deaths in this group.

The problem is the government believe that disabled people cost them far too much money and they’re seen as a burden to society, and this is all pretty disgraceful, but expected from the Conservatives, and it’s of no surprise that 60 per cent of deaths from COVID has been of people with disabilities, and this is a complete failure to protect the most vulnerable, and also extremely disturbing.

Anyone in a residential home should be a top priority regardless of whether they’re elderly or not because both groups are vulnerable, and both require care from people coming in each day, so both deserve protection, and this is not good enough because however you look at it, vulnerable people must not be forgotten.

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