A Man Strangles A Woman With A Shoelace In Florida

A Florida man has attempted to strangle a woman at a Miami bus stop with a shoelace in a horrible unexpected attack close to the airport.

Aaron Quinones, 27, has been charged with felony attempted murder after he allegedly attempted to strangle an unnamed woman, 26, at a bus stop close to the Miami International Airport on January 2 at about 11 am, but it doesn’t seem that the pair knew each other.

The woman, who appeared to be on her phone and had luggage sitting beside her was conscious that Aaron Quinones was behind her when he attacked her.

Video footage reveals that Aaron Quinones, who appeared to be going to or from the airport as he had a neck pillow resting on his backpack, calmly walked up behind her before stretching his arms out to wrap the makeshift noose around her neck.

The woman looked back at him as he tightened his grip on her, pulling her onto a bench as he climbed over her.

The pair wrestled for a moment before Aaron Quinones repeatedly hit the woman in the face as she boots her assailant away.

The woman was rescued by a bystander, sporting a green t-shirt, who approached the pair waving his arms before he drags Aaron Quinones off her, and then the video cut out.

Miami-Dade police officer Angel Rodriguez said that had it not been for the Good Samaritan that stepped in that basically stopped this individual from attacking the victim, the outcome may have been much worse.

Police reported Aaron Quinones escaped on foot after the bystander pulled him off the woman.

The woman was treated on scene by a Fire Rescue team and the extent of her injuries are unknown.

The bystander left the scene before police arrived and now authorities are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying him.

An investigation in Aaron Quinones is still ongoing, and no explanation for the attack has been shared.

He’s being held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Centre on a $250,000 bond.

A newspaper outlet contacted the Miami-Dade Police Department for comment, and according to the Miami-Dade Police, crime is active within the country, with a total of 28 violent crimes occurring within the first two days of the year and 50 non-violent crimes.

This man will go to prison for an extremely long time.

We also need to see who the hero was who saved this woman’s life, but the fact that they left before the police arrived suggests that they didn’t want to be known.

However, this poor woman will never be the same again, and the mental anguish and fear that she will suffer will never leave her, and this was awful. You can’t even sit at a bus stop without stressing about getting attacked, and I believe that the poor woman should be praised as well because the courageous woman put up a heck of a fight.

The problem is, opening up borders and letting violent criminals out of prison have consequences, and America is a very unsafe country right now. This is America, the land of the free and the insane, and this man appeared to know precisely what he was doing, which is absolutely chilling, frankly terrifying and he probably would have killed the woman if that fearless person hadn’t have stepped in.

The point is women need to be protected from these predators, but it took another man to do this, and this fearless man, the Good Samaritan risked his own life in defence of a stranger. The perp could have had a knife, gun et cetera, who knows.

The Concept Of Growing Food Has Become Taboo

Farmers reacted with anger to Boris Johnson’s plans to rewild swathes of the UK’s arable and pasture land claiming swapping fields of cows, sheep and pigs for trees and bogs, which will put British food production at risk.

The Government’s £2.4 billion per year plan to replace the European Union’s common agricultural policy, called the ‘Sustainable Farming Incentive’, will be launched by Environment Secretary George Eustice at the Oxford Farming Conference.

And at its heart landowners will be paid to plant trees and restore wetlands and peat on 741,000 acres of land under the largest farming reforms in 50 years. The taxpayer will finance up to 15 large nature reserve projects of up to 12,000 acres each across the United Kingdom and thousands of smaller projects over 20 years.

It came days after Ed Sheeran announced his own plans to buy farmland to plant as many trees as possible to offset his considerable carbon footprint after years of worldwide tours and jet setting.

Farmers have said that Boris Johnson has become obsessed with rewilding, branding rubbish, and putting it above food security, which has been harmed by Brexit and the COVID pandemic.

Jono Dixon, a farmer in East Yorkshire whose family have grown wheat on the land since 1857, said that he was sick to death of all this tree planting rewilding mumbo jumbo malarkey, and that they should be allowed to produce, and that they should be left alone to do what they do best.

He told a newspaper outlet that planting trees on a mass scale on good fertile farmland growing cereals, vegetables and other palatable crops was quite simply absurd and that in his opinion it shouldn’t happen.

He said that as custodians of the countryside, farmers know how to work the land and that they monitor the wildlife and they normally look after what’s precious and that’s their daily surroundings, and he said that they appear to be surrounded by a bunch of complete and utter imbeciles who believe they know everything but really know nowt at all.

Boris Johnson’s preoccupation with rewilding has been blamed by some farmers on the Prime Minister’s father Stanley Johnson, his wife Carrie Johnson, who are advising the Government. The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs insists that projects won’t go ahead if food production is threatened.

Jono Dixon said the people around Boris Johnson are dangerous, adding that Ed Sheeran and other millionaire non-farmers buying up land for conservation are getting into something they know nothing about.

This a Government who emphatically blah blah’s about climate change and then systematically tears up the greenbelt land for huge housing estates and changes village life forever, and all this is really about is a greedy immoral government that go for short term profit and they’re selling our country from under our feet.

There was a good deal of boglands and flood plains that were ploughed up in order to attract EU subsidies and food was not generally grown in these areas, they just had to be agriculturally ready, but it exacerbated flooding and decimated habitats. We need our flood plains and the best way to secure them is to pay farmers to maintain them.

But Government wants to take everything from you. Health, food, energy, you name it and if they do, the people will be totally dependent on them.

We need to grow much more of our own food and not only should have COVID have taught us this, but it’s more environmentally friendly to not have food that’s been produced a long way away and that has had to travel and be stored before it gets to our table.

It helps our economy to have farmers in this country successfully producing but instead, they’re supported less and less by the government.

The countryside needs to be protected from development, but my worry is that Boris Johnson, who’s already attempted to introduce a planning policy for developers to build over our green spaces with ease and does nothing to prevent mass immigration is probably the biggest menace to our countryside and thinking that having a few more rewilding sites will compensate for the developments happening around the country already destroying our environment, and rewilding woodland and non-native trees, non-diverse planting shows they really don’t care or understand what they’re doing.

Chaos In Schools On The First Day Back

The big return to schools in England has been plunged into disarray with pupils being sent home with COVID less than an hour after arriving, and dozens of teachers were unable to go into school due to COVID and education chiefs warning that specialist subjects may have to be axed to deal with staff deficiencies.

As secondary school students returned to the classroom after the Christmas holiday, headteachers and union bosses forewarned of impending disruption due to the spread of COVID and isolation rules.

One headteacher said dozens of his staff are off sick with COVID.

Meanwhile, parents revealed how pupils were being sent home within an hour of arriving due to a positive lateral flow test.

It comes as the starkest warning yet, and the head of Ofqual has suggested schools may have to suspend specialist subjects and focus on core lessons as a way of coping with staff absence.

Ian Bauckham, chairman of the exams regulator, said emergency timetables may need to be adopted as schools struggle with teachers testing positive for COVID 19.

He said lessons such as Music, Physical education (PE) and Religious Education (RE) may have to be discarded to let teachers concentrate on core subjects such as maths, science and English.

He also warned that other practical subjects such as design and technology may have to take place in bigger classes.

School students were being swabbed on their return to school as part of a nationwide programme to catch cases, including asymptomatic ones, at the beginning of the new term.

Every secondary school student in England was to be given a lateral flow test when they arrived at their classroom, and the Government-backed testing scheme has been aimed at rooting out cases before the virus circulates through schools and back to the home, potentially sparking a sudden surge of self-isolation among parents, and students and staff would also be encouraged to test twice a week and to wear a face mask to lessons.

Despite the measures, school heads fear up to a quarter of their staff could be struck down with the virus this month, with unions warning a return to online teaching is unavoidable for some this term. One education leader reportedly said the problem could lead to something like a scene out of Mad Max.

Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi however insists face to face classes will stay the norm. The Department for Education (DfE) meanwhile has reportedly urged heads to deal with staff absence by teaching larger classes.

What we should be doing is. Stop testing healthy children and let them breathe, and the mild, unbeatable Omicron has made a mockery of COVID rules and sent authoritarians into an ideological quandary, and what they should do is change the rules or they will destroy the livelihood and the economy.

It’s time to be guided by the South African experience and this OCD testing should stop if you don’t have symptoms, and only isolate if you do.

And numerous schools have been stockpiling with iPads ready to hand out. Let’s just send the children home and then teachers can teach them from their cosy homes and just broadcast their lessons. No bad behaviour to deal with or disciplines to hand out. All they have to do is waffle on for about an hour and then set them some work to do online, and if the children are not there for their education then it’s not the teacher’s problem.

And there are many people out there that think that we should all be locked away in our wardrobe until the very last case of COVID has gone and now we’ve all become paranoid which is fuelling this problem even more.

There’s No Turning Back For Electric Vehicle Owners

According to research, nine in ten motorists who’ve already made the switch to an electric vehicle say they won’t be buying a petrol or diesel car again.

With more extended ranges from the latest models and enhancing charging infrastructure, EV motorists say they’re able to complete trips over larger distances, with a quarter saying they’ve used their battery cars for a single drive in excess of 300 miles.

Zap-Map says the study provided substantial proof of an ongoing transformation in consumer attitudes towards EV’s and that those who plump for electric in the New Year won’t regret it.

However, a different report by Auto Trader said the United Kingdom risks being starved of affordable electric vehicles following the Government’s decision last month to slash grants towards their purchases, the second time in 12 months that it’s decreased the subsidy towards new battery models.

The charging app surveyed 3,306 electric car owners, one of the largest polls of early adopters, before the end of last year.

The study discovered that 91 per cent of drivers are incredibly satisfied with their EV and eight per cent said they would consider returning to a car powered by fossil fuels.

Less than one per cent of those polled were adamant they would revert back to owning a petrol or diesel motor.

Zap-Map said the poll results were quite similar to those of last year, indicating that this year’s inflow of new EV drivers were as happy with their decision to make the switch to electric as their 2020 counterparts.

Many of the respondents to the survey were indeed first time EV drivers. More than 48 per cent of respondents said that their existing vehicle was their first EV, with 28 per cent making the purchase in the previous 12 months.

Much of the positive reinforcement was around low running costs and improving driving ranges.

Drivers were asked in the survey about the furthest distance they’ve journeyed in an EV in a single trip.

More than half of the respondents, 53 per cent, said they’ve driven more than 200 miles in their EV in a single trip.

According to the Department for Transport, the figures shows that motorists are habitually using their EV’s on more extended trips, and should put to bed concerns over the range of EV’s, at least for the average driver, given that the average car trip in the United Kingdom was only 8.4 miles in 2019.

But try charging one of these vehicles in a row of terraced houses. It’s difficult enough to get a parking space, let alone charge up a car without stumbling over the cable across the path, although, hopefully, that will change in the end with local councils putting in charging posts within residential neighbourhoods.

However, a lot of people live in mid-terraced houses and flats and some don’t even have designated parking spaces, or they’re 200 metres from their property, so wouldn’t have the ability to charge their EV’s, it would just be a non-starter for these people.

And don’t forget it takes under five minutes to fill your car up with petrol or diesel, but who has an hour or so to spare to fast charge their EV?

EV’s are fine for most people in urban or rural areas, but they’re really no good for long journeys. An EV that has a 150-mile range, and does 100 mpg around town is absolutely fine for approximately 70-80 per cent of people and 99 per cent of their situations.

Finally, Scientists Explain Why Mosquitoes Relentlessly Bite Some People And Ignore Others

Scientists have revealed why some people are more inclined to mosquito bites than others and busted the top myths that claim to keep the blood-sucking critters away.

American entomologist Dan Kline has spent years studying the insects and thinks he’s come across significant clues to explain their behaviour.

One of the more strange findings he made was that mosquitos were drawn to stinky feet.

In particular, they were attracted to a bacteria that gave off the same smell as Limburger cheese.

Dr Dan Kline conducted a study in the 1990s to determine if mosquitos were more attracted to certain kinds of cheese based on smell.

He experimented with different variations and found blue cheese and Limburger were the most popular.

Dr Kline then presented them with a pair of smelly socks he’d been wearing for four days and found the mosquitos were instantly drawn to them.

He pointed out the connection between the stinky feet and Limburger made sense as the cheese was traditionally produced by barefoot monks, and he told ABC that the monks used their feet in the production of this cheese, therefore the toe bacteria was involved in the production of Limburger cheese.

Dr Kline also found that mosquitos were attracted to odours produced by bacteria cultivated on human skin as well as volatile chemicals that were exhaled out of the mouth.

He learned his colleague naturally produced a chemical that dulled the sense of smell in mosquitos and was less likely to be bitten by one, and he said her proportion of this compound compared to other compounds was more elevated.

Other factors included body heat, genetics, and what cosmetic products you wear, and some people’s skin reacts to bites differently and they may not even notice them.

Different mosquitos are also drawn to different regions of the body, some that certain people cover and others don’t as much.

Dr Norris said that there are plenty of mosquitoes that are known to be ankle-biters or face biters, so there’s presumably volatiles on those different regions of the body that are attracting them.

Medical entomologist Cameron Webb has also lent a hand to understanding the behaviours of the mosquitos and dispelled several myths about types of food that are supposed to repel the insects.

Eating bananas and drinking beer is generally thought to be an attracting force for mosquitos, while garlic and Vitamin B supplements are supposed to be repellants, but Dr Cameron Webb revealed those were actually old wive’s tales.

For some people who get bitten a lot, nothing appears to work, not even the most powerful bug spray and you could be standing outside with 200 people and yet every single mosquito would come straight for you, and the little blighters will bite right through your clothing, but perhaps what we all need to do is make sure that we’re clean and that our feet are bathed regularly. However, I’m still trying to mentally process the cheese and the feet!

I’m not so sure about the stinky feet conclusion. My mum used to tell me it was because I had sweet blood. They seemed to enjoy biting me more when I was younger but not so much as I’ve got older, and generally, I don’t have smelly feet, and never really have, so I’m not sure the stinky feet conclusion is a conclusion at all, and in some regions of the world, mosquitos don’t discriminate, everyone is live bait.

Britain Is Crippled By Staff Shortages

COVID related staff shortages continued to have a significant impact on British life just hours before much of the nation returns to work, with bin collections suspended, rail services cancelled and one in ten NHS staff off sick.

And as some workers prepare to go back into the office after the Christmas and New Year holidays, others continue to operate from home. Figures revealed that almost a third of rail services have been axed at some stations in recent days.

Almost one in ten rail staff across all train firms in the United Kingdom are believed to be off with sickness including COVID, while major engineering works on key commuter routes are scheduled to continue until midway through the week.

Councils across the United Kingdom are having to redistribute staff between essential services to keep everything operating, and the public sector has been asked to prepare for a worst-case scenario of up to a quarter of staff off work.

The Cabinet Office said that, so far, disruption caused by Omicron had been controlled in most parts of the public sector, but it said leaders had been asked to test plans against 10, 20 and 25 per cent workforce absence rates.

According to a newspaper outlet, councils in Buckinghamshire, Essex, Manchester and Somerset have all reduced or cancelled bin collections, and Chelmsford is suspending three days of food waste collections with 23 staff absent.

In the health service, one in ten NHS employees were not in hospitals on New Year’s Eve due to illness, according to official figures, but less than half had coronavirus, amounting to fewer than 50,000 of the 110,000, not in work.

It comes as bin collections were withdrawn in locations including Manchester, Essex and Somerset due to staff shortages.

The number of NHS workers remaining at home for COVID reasons has doubled in recent days, figures have revealed.

Local council officials said they were having to redeploy staff between services to keep everything operating.

A fruit and vegetable chain said its absence rates were at 15 per cent as they moved staff between stores.

The Fuller’s pub group said absence rates were improving in London and now seemed to be past their peak.

James Jamieson, chair of the Local Government Association, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning that there were existing pressures that were already there before Christmas, bins, due to lack of HGV drivers, that’s definitely been an area of pressure.

He said that their biggest problem is social care, because not only are they seeing potentially more staff absences, they’re going to see more demand as the NHS strives to discharge more people to the hospital.

It seems like open season to have some extra holiday time under the guise of the COVID banner. Still, the train drivers have a long way to go to beat the GP’s in their never-ending absence during the last two years, and now people are saying, ‘What’s a GP?’

This should end now. If someone is sick, then that’s okay, take time off work, but if you’re not ill, go to work because COVID is going to be with us for an extremely long time.

Almost every year after the New Year train companies have had major problems running their trains immediately after the New Year. They blame it on staff shortages, timetable changes, frozen lines, trains parked in the wrong places and now, of course, they can rely on COVID to use as another excuse this year.

Sadly the aim is there to scare people so that people are kept living in fear and in a continuous state of worry.

Are Homeless People Going To Be Housed At Highgrove?

Prince William is said to be considering an ambitious plan to house homeless people in properties owned by the Duchy of Cornwall, and he definitely has a variety of grand homes to choose from for his deserving cause.

While it’s no doubt a noble idea, beneficiaries might be surprised to find themselves transported to the Isles of Scilly which boasts a selection of five-star holiday homes, or Cornwall where they can enjoy sweeping country panoramas from a 500-year-old manor house.

The Duke of Cambridge, 39, who will inherit the 130,000-acre Duchy property portfolio when his father becomes King, has asked staff to explore the possibility of housing those less fortunate than himself in some of the properties that will one day be under his control.

The Duchy, which provides an income to the Prince of Wales, comprises residential and commercial property and livestock farms across 20 counties in England and Wales, including Prince Charles’ utopian town of Poundbury, in Dorset.

There are quaint cottages and seaside homes, formerly rented by the Middletons, as well as £314 million of commercial property.

Much of the estate is presently given over to agriculture, including its 67,000 acres of Dartmoor, and there are 2,980 existing tenancy agreements. The Duchy of Cornwall also owns the Oval cricket ground in Kennington, south London.

So, there’s definitely no shortage of space for Prince William’s pet project, but the question remains, which properties would he choose to convert?

The nine-bedroom Highgrove House, bought by Prince Charles as a country home in 1980 and which was loved by Princess Diana, would make for an extremely plush accommodation that is saturated in generations of royal history.

Or there’s the option of one of the high spec houses on the Isles of Scilly, a favoured destination for royal summer holidays.

The Duke of Cambridge, 39, who’s the patron of youth homelessness charity Centrepoint, has asked staff to examine how some of these buildings could be transformed to supply housing to those in need.

Speaking to a newspaper outlet, a royal source said the idea was at an investigative phase and that there were countless logistical barriers that would need to be overcome, but added that the Duke was interested in finding a way to help ease the homelessness crisis in any way that he could.

The project would have an impact on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s household finances, for the Duchy has to pay for the official duties of the Prince of Wales, currently Prince Charles, and his family.

However, would these properties be used to house the homeless or is this just more silliness, or are they just looking to score more brownie points?

And if Prince William chooses not to use these properties for homes for the destitute, then he will look extremely bad because it’s better to say nothing, even if you’re considering it, until up to the point when you do something about it, and let’s hope that if people do move in, that it’s our veterans and not dinghy dwellers because British citizens will be watching extremely closely.

If a single refugee is found to be accommodated there, while thousands of UK citizens are left out in the cold, then the Royals, well, their days will be numbered because people are getting tired of the Government putting illegals first.

It’s bad enough that our Government let them into our country, but for them to lead better lives than our actual citizens that are footing the bill is no longer acceptable.

Model’s Size 6 Sparks Outrage On TikTok

A size 6 model has revealed that she has to wear a fat suit to appear in ads for plus size clothing labels, saying she gets hired because they want the neck and face to look thin and sharp.

TikTok user @coolquinn, whom The Daily Dot identified as Norwegian model Karoline Bjørnelykk, shared the secret from the modelling industry in a recent video that enraged viewers.

Karoline Bjørnelykke showed off her slender figure in a mirror selfie at the start of the clip, demonstrating that even though she’s skinny, she’s deemed a ‘plus-size’ model.

According to her modelling bio, she wears a size 38/40, which is a size 6/8 in the US.

However, despite her size, she claimed that she’s been hired to appear in ads for brands that carry sizes XL through to 5XL.

She said that if you have eyes, you can see that she’s not that size. So, how do we correct the situation? She said that she has to bring something called padding to work, which essentially is a fat suit in parts.

Bjørnelykke then explained how she stuffs the suit with padding to make herself look ‘a lot bigger,’ saying the garments are also sometimes pinned in the back to make it look like they fit, and she said, so if the clothes look good from the front, they probably look awful from the back, that’s because they want the neck and the face to look thin and sharp, which doesn’t just create unrealistic standards but impossible ones and her advice was that they should just use real plus-sizes because they’re so many beautiful plus sized women out there.

The video has been viewed more than 379,000 times, and the comments varied from disgruntled to anger, and one person wrote, while another added that this was why they were so self-conscious about their face shape.

Someone else said that the modelling industry loathes plus size models.

Model Kalison Nix confirmed the practice, noting that fellow sized 10 plus size model here, so silly and they have the same padding set.

Others criticised Bjørnelykke for wearing the pads, saying she was contributing to the situation, and one Tik Tok user said that they shouldn’t take the job if they think it’s ethically wrong.

Bjørnelykke said that she no longer takes those kinds of jobs, but that she didn’t have a choice earlier on in her career.

I guess that most women wondered how plus-sized models were fat with a defined jawline, but it seems it’s just all more smoke and mirrors from the industry, but then makeup, fillers, eyelashes and lipstick are all fakery, along with photoshop.

Fat suits were a wonderful idea especially in the film industry, but if only there was a thin suit, and hopefully it will be out there somewhere, although there’s nothing wrong with being overweight, but people bring so many problems that just don’t need to be there and then they get upset about it.

And if people are worried about what Tik Tok users say, then you’re already halfway to the nuthouse, and then we’re told not to believe everything that we read in newspapers, I believe this also applies to Tik Tok as well.

This is probably all about money, as it always is because why hire a range of models for a shoot when you can employ one thin one and then make them look big with padding under their garments, and there was a time before the internet became commercial, corporations got fined for false advertising, but since the internet, it’s falseness all the way – news, fashion and people et cetera.

An H&M Store In New York City Closed After An Employee Shared A Viral Photo

A New York City H&M has temporarily shut after a worker announced on Twitter that a customer had discovered clothes crawling with bugs, and whined that the site wasn’t doing enough about it.

Twitter user @Madesonee, who works at the H&M located in the Oculus at the World Trade Centre in Manhattan, said that the small brown bugs were witnessed crawling around on a rack of hoodies.

Madesonee shared images of the bugs, as well as her dissatisfaction with how the store handled it, which allegedly included roping off the area while keeping the store open and failing to inform other workers.

Her tweet has since gone viral, and a representative for the fashion company told a newspaper outlet that they’ve now shut the store out of an abundance of caution.

Madesonee shared several images on Twitter, revealing a rack of at least half a dozen light coloured hoodies crawling with multiple bugs.

She said that it was a customer who uncovered the pests on the sweatshirts, which were all new from a recent cargo.

She wrote that she works at the H&M in the Oculus at the World Trade and a customer found lice on a rack of hoodies, and they were not closing the store or were they informing their workers of the situation.

In another tweet, she said that the clothes hadn’t been on the rack for very long because they get shipments in every day.

She also said it was the first time she saw anything like that in the store, but advised that customers wash everything they purchase before wearing them.

The woman’s post quickly went viral, and a representative for H&M told a newspaper outlet that they were working to fix the problem, and they said that they take customer and employee safety extremely seriously and that out of an abundance of caution they’ve now shut the H&M store at Westfield World Trade Centre in order to investigate thoroughly.

Before H&M shut the store, however, commenters conveyed their disgust over the images, calling it a health and safety hazard, and one person wrote that it made them itch just looking at the photos, and someone else said that this was precisely why physical stores were dying day by day.

Several commenters called into question Medesonee’s description of the bugs as lice, saying that lice are actually much smaller, with quite a few insisting that they were actually bedbugs, but whether they were bedbugs or lice, it’s nasty either way.

Are These The Smartest Inventions Ever?

Whether it’s a kitchen appliance that makes food prep quicker or a useful DIY tool, we all have our favourite devices and gizmos that make life that little bit easier, but some creative inventors have taken things a step further with innovative creations that can carry out some rather impressive feats, from refuelling helicopters mid-air to moving an entire tree intact.

The Rocket Science blog compiled some of the specialist tools from around the globe that look confusing at first glance but are particularly useful in everything from practising surgery to protecting babies from harm.

Here are some of the most bizarre-looking, yet most useful gizmos and designs on the inventory, but all these pale into significance when compared to mankind’s grandest creation – the bacon sandwich! Although that might be offensive to the majority of the UK population, so now I rescind my remark.

The bannister was also a wonderful invention, one that we appreciate more as we get older and then you discover that two bannisters are better than one. Unless of course, you live in a bungalow.

It’s a good job I wasn’t going to refuel my military-grade helicopter on the way to work without landing – I can sleep easy now.

And a sign cleaner. They must be ultra-rare in the United Kingdom, judging by the unreadable road signs.

And the cat’s eyes in the middle of the road must be the most clever creation – an inventor saw a cat strolling towards his car while driving at night and the reflection of the cat’s eyes gave him the idea. It’s a good job the cat wasn’t wandering the other way, then he would have been the creator of the pencil sharpener.

Of course, the best invention that they could come up with would be a device that stops politicians from opening their mouths and showering us with lies, but sadly they’ve not come up with a device for that, yet!

The scissors are a fantastic idea, but could also be made into a neat knuckle duster.

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