Foodbanks Prepare To Hand Out Six Emergency Parcels A Minute To Desperate Brits

Foodbanks are set to hand out six emergency food parcels a minute to hungry Britons this autumn, a startling study warned.

Analysis for the country’s biggest foodbank network, the Trussel Trust, anticipates a 61 per cent wave in demand, meaning it will circulate 846,000 packages in the last three months of the year as frantic families struggle to put meals on the table.

With each food parcel containing enough ingredients for three meals a day for three days, that equates to the charity supplying 7,614,000 meals in October, November and December.

The forecast represents an additional 300,000 packages and 2.7 million meals, in the same period last year, 2019 when 524,000 parcels and 4.7 million meals were circulated.

The feared spike in demand in the run-up to Christmas comes as the Government prepares to end its coronavirus furlough scheme next month, potentially unleashing an unemployment tsunami as companies lay off staff.

Trussel Trust chief executive Emma Revie said that communities throughout the country have shown tremendous resilience in helping more people than ever before, but that foodbanks and other community charities couldn’t continue to pick up the pieces.

Nobody should need a charity to help put food on the table.

The alarming prediction comes from modelling from the Institute for Social Policy, Housing Equalities Research (I-Sphere) at Heriot-Watt University and follows an unprecedented period of sustained pressure on foodbanks.

During the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown in April, 52 per cent of people who used a foodbank had never needed one before according to data, but some 99,300 households who had never previously visited a foodbank went looking for help between April and June.

The charity says households with children have been hardest hit and statistics showed a 95 per cent growth in parcels given out to families with children in April, compared to April 2019.

The figures came in the Trust’s latest report, ‘Lockdown, Lifelines and the Long Haul Ahead’ published and it cautions that mass unemployment is predicted on a scale not seen since the early 1990s that will trigger new spikes in poverty.

The I-Sphere team fears an extra 672,905 additional people will be deemed destitute by the end of the year, meaning they won’t be able to afford necessities like housing, energy and food.

However, the Trust thinks the situation can be turned around if this evidence is prioritised and acted upon by Government during the approaching Comprehensive Spending Review and Budget.

But things will not get any better, with the furlough scheme not being extended and we will see more people losing their jobs and it’s wonderful they’ve extended notice periods for tenants with AST’s to 6 months, but let’s hope that landlords with mortgages on their rented properties can take the hit when rents are not being paid or are drastically reduced, and if you are a landlord, make sure you have insurance cover.

We must keep calling for Universal Basic Income (UBI) for everyone, not means-tested because it’s going to be the only way to keep our economy going and to restore some dignity to people, and our workers need a voice.

The Tories have truly put the ‘great’ back into Great Britain and now they’re taking us back at least 100 years with children going hungry and no safety net to speak of, but then I suppose we should be grateful that we’re not tossing our excrement out of the window and walking in it as we stroll down the street.

This really does make my blood boil with foodbanks and raging poverty which has all been caused by the Conservatives and our Tory Government not paying their taxes while Jacob Rees-Mogg falls asleep in Parliament on £300 per day while his company made £120 million zero taxed, and why are these criminals not in prison?

I Fed My Six-Month-Old Baby McDonald’s Food

A parent from Northern Ireland has defended her decision to feed her daughter chips and burgers from McDonald’s when she was just a baby.

Jamie-Leigh Gibson, from Antrim, explained how she let her daughter Aniyah eat food from fast-food chains such as McDonald’s and Burger King from the age of six months old.

The 18-year-old parent claimed that her child loved the salty snacks and she said she doesn’t see a problem with her eating them sometimes.

The mum, who is now pregnant with her second child, has assured those who might be concerned, that a doctor has assured her daughter is perfectly healthy and Jamie-Leigh chose to speak out about her daughter’s eating habits after witnessing a story online about a mum who was shamed for letting her baby eat KFC.

She commented on the article on social media, saying: “My one-year-old was eating McDonald’s at six months… she loves her handful of chips and a burger.” But she claims the comment was met with an abundance of displeasure from more senior women.

And as she spoke in more detail, she explained that no one in her family and friend group had said anything rude or mean but on the comment section of the KFC post a bunch of older women weren’t impressed that so many of them in the comments had given their children fast food before they were toddlers, but that it didn’t upset her as she didn’t know them personally.

She continued that her and her daughter’s doctor know she’s healthy and content and that if a child is content and isn’t showing any health problems, she doesn’t believe that people who don’t know you should have a say in what your child eats.

Jamie-Leigh goes on to say how her family and friends weren’t concerned about the food being unhealthy but were instead more nervous that the child could choke on it.

She continued that her daughter got her first tooth at five months old so she gave her half a plain kids burger and she was eating away at it and that everyone who knows her knew that she gave it to her and they did say feeding her it might be dangerous but that she didn’t see a problem as her daughter eats vegetables and fruit too.

Children are fed junk food all the time, what with all the GMO foods and what goes into them, so we shouldn’t see it as a problem and most children are fed junk food sometimes and they turn out just fine.

As an adult, we choose our own diets and health and the diets and health of their children, plus children are so active at a young age that whatever food they’re eating isn’t a problem anyhow and I find it laughable that parents are so rigid with children and foods these days because we’re told we have to be.

To be fair, it’s up to the parent what they do with their child, after all, they’re the parent and at the end of the day it’s food and they will be sustained by it and not overweight as we’re told they will be.

It’s food at the end of the day, and many people in more disadvantaged countries would be sustained by such food.

At the end of the day, it’s nobody else’s business, but then if they don’t want people’s opinions they shouldn’t put it out there.

Children rely on us as there parent to make the best choices for them and to give them the best start and to hopefully influence them to have good and healthy choices when they grow up.

Everything is acceptable in moderation.

It’s your children, you can feed them whatever you like because we don’t have a duty to look after the entire world and everyone needs to settle down – her child, her choice and we should get a grip.

Every child is different and no child has the same development rate and I’m sure she wasn’t ramming the burger and fries down her child’s throat.

Police Ram Car Into Mentally Ill Dad Before Officer Stamps On His Head

A father of three is in a coma after he was struck by a police car and allegedly booted in the head by an officer as he was arrested in Melbourne, Australia.

The astonishing video demonstrates the 32-year-old man with mental health problems wandering in the middle of the road before he is approached by a marked police car.

The car can be seen driving into the man, who is tossed up on to the bonnet for a few seconds, before hitting the floor.

Six police officers can then be seen pinning the man, who has bipolar to the ground at about 4.10 pm and it’s alleged that one of the policemen then booted the man in the face.

The dad was said to have been waiting for a mental health bed at the Northern Hospital but chose to leave after waiting for more than a day in the emergency department.

Hospital staff contacted the police to bring him back, but the forceful arrest unfolded and he was left needing to be put in an induced coma and the man’s father Glen told a media outlet that he was crushed by the incident and that his son suffers from bipolar disorder and he said that the officers could have killed his son and that it was disgusting.

Dad Glen said the family aren’t allowed to see their son and that it will take days for doctors to determine whether he’s sustained any permanent brain damage and he added that his son, who runs a thriving business and has just finished building his dream home, had not suffered from a mental health episode in nine years.

One eyewitness told a media outlet that the man was tackled to the ground by police and booted continually and said that they kicked him in the head repeatedly whilst they also had five police officers who had already tackled him to the ground.

Other eyewitnesses filmed the incident in a nearby car while watching the arrest unfold in horror as sirens blared.

“Am I witnessing this? What the f**k” one bystander can be heard saying.

“Are you f***ing kidding me,” another person shrieks from inside the car.

A spectator screamed, “you’ve got his head” as officers pinned the man down on the traffic island.

There needs to be a special unit in any police department in all countries for mental health issue calls – that way experienced and understanding people can actually help someone having a breakdown or an episode, instead of resorting to excessive violence, and it’s no wonder why people don’t trust the police anymore and how is trampling on a mentally ill person’s head serving the community?

Schoolgirl, 14, Diagnosed Her Own Cancer After Googling Symptoms On The Way To The Hospital

A schoolgirl diagnosed her own cancer after researching her symptoms online on her way to the hospital.

Fourteen-year-old Amelia Johnson told her mother that she thought she had cancer as the pair sat in the back of the ambulance.

The then 14 year old from Stockton on Tees had been Googling her symptoms after an ambulance crew suddenly showed up at her house, with orders to take her directly to the hospital.

Amelia Johnson had been feeling ill and earlier that day her parents had taken her to the GP as they were worried about bruising on her skin. The doctor said that she might be suffering from iron deficiency so blood tests were collected.

Less than 12 hours later, the family were dramatically awoken in the middle of the night at their Stockton, County Durham home by the ambulance crew, and from the back of the vehicle, the tech-savvy teen started researching on her smartphone.

Amelia’s dad Mike Johnson said that they couldn’t believe what was happening and that they’d all been fast asleep when they were woken up by the ambulance crew at their door, but the ambulance staff weren’t able to tell them why Amelia had to go in which was frightening.

When the family reached the North Tees Hospital, they were told that Amelia’s blood tests showed that she had Acute Myeloid Leukemia and that she needed to begin treatment immediately.

And by 9 am they been moved to the Newcastle RVI and Amelia began chemotherapy where she was in the hospital for the next ten days.

Amelia, a keen dancer, said the most difficult part was losing her hair. She said that she’s learnt to live without hair now and doesn’t get as upset and that she has numerous wigs that are extremely convincing and that her own hair is now growing back gradually.

The vivacious teen started back at school last week and is keen to get back to normal life and the now 15-year-old who is a pupil at Ian Ramsey Church of England in Stockton continued her treatment for six months and through lockdown until her family said she was recently given the all-clear.

Amelia will continue having monthly blood tests and is awaiting surgery to remove her Hickman line, which was used to administer treatment.

But what a girl Amelia is and she has had to face one of the most difficult battles and she is a remarkable young lady and what a terrible thing to have to go through at any age.

Although it’s not recommended that anyone Google their symptoms because it can at times lead to a lot of false information.

Freddie Mercury And Mary Austin’s Intense Lust

When it came to sex, the late Freddie Mercury was famously unfussy and he once stated that his sex drive was immense and that he slept with men, women, cats, you name it, and that his bed was so monumental he would go to bed with anything.

But back in 1969, there was only one woman for Freddie Mercury and that was the timid, unpretentious Mary Austin that he’d met through his Queen bandmate Brian May while she was working in public relations for the stylish fashion label, Biba.

Freddie Mercury was then 24 years old and running a clothes stall with Queen drummer Roger Taylor. But Freddie was mesmerised by the 19-year-old Mary Austin and finally persuaded her to go on a date.

Love blossomed and they moved into a cramped flat near Kensington market for £10 a week before Freddie Mercury popped the question with a stunning jade ring on Christmas Day, 1973.

And according to those who knew the couple, they lived in a blissful daze of passion and lust, but Freddy worshipped her and was truly devoted to her.

Mick Rock, the photographer, used to go round and have tea with them and he said it would all be terribly charming.

The tablecloth would come out, along with bone china cups and nice little plates of biscuits, and they would sit there with their little fingers kind of extended, drinking tea correctly.

They were like this old married couple, and they would spend a lot of time in bed, but Freddie Mercury developed a habit that wreaked havoc with his sex life, admitting that he would play his keyboard in the sack if inspiration struck, but that didn’t last long because Mary wouldn’t put up with it.

But despite their domestic bliss, Mary felt the sands shifting and their getting married wasn’t mention again and she began to suspect that Freddie was seeing another woman.

The truth was, which she would learn from Freddie himself, was that he was bisexual, and while Mary was supportive, her heart was broken and she told a media outlet that she’ll never forget the moment and recalls saying to him: “No Freddie, I don’t think you’re bisexual. I think you’re gay”.

Freddie Mercury was so distraught, he bought her a £300,000 flat nearby so they could stay close, which they did until his tragic demise from an AID’s related illness in 1991.

Their love affair ended in tears, but a profound bond grew out of it, and that was something nobody could take away from them, revealing that he’d never loved anyone as much as Mary.

He said it was inaccessible and that people always asked him about sex and those things, but right from the early days, he couldn’t fall in love with a man the same way as he did with Mary.

He said that all his lovers had asked him why they couldn’t replace Mary, but he said it was just impossible.

He hired Mary as his assistant and it was she who delivered the crushing news of Freddie’s diagnosis to him before nursing him through his final days.

Freddie frequently described Mary as his common-law wife, explaining in 1985 how he had never needed anyone else.

There was, however, one thing that he reportedly wouldn’t give her and that was a child, and after they split, Mary suggested that they should try for a child together, but Freddie said that he would rather have another cat.

In 2013, Mary said Freddie made the gutsy decision to come out as bisexual and end their physical relationship, which probably saved her life and she said that if he hadn’t been such a decent human being, and hadn’t told her, she wouldn’t be here now because she would have contracted AID’s and died.

Freddie Mercury stayed true to his word to her until he drew his last breath and he left Mary half of his £75 million estate, including a £25 million mansion in Kensington, reasoning that she would have been his wife and he would have been hers anyway, but for Mary, the void left by Freddie’s departure was too great to consider filling.

But she was the woman who was the love and inspiration of one of the great superstars, yet she never tried to use that for her own personal gain or to take advantage of others.

Freddie said that if he died first, that he was going to leave everything to her and that nobody else gets a penny, except his cats, but the most heartbreaking of all is Freddie’s declaration that he would love her until he drew his last breath and that they’d probably grow old together.

In fact, in the end, Freddie left his cherished mansion One Garden Lodge to Mary, along with most of his estate and half of his future earnings from Queen. The other half went to his parents and sister Kashmira, but when dad Bomi and mum Jer died, their share is believed to have reverted to Mary, not Kashmira – the cats, of course, were provided for.

If You Believe The United Kingdom Isn’t Crooked, You Haven’t Looked Hard Enough

Fear, humiliation, shame, these brakes no longer apply. The Government has found that it can bluster through any scandal.

No minister needs to resign. No minister needs to apologise. No one needs to explain.

And as public fury grows over the billions of pounds of coronavirus contracts issued by the Government without competition, it appears determined only to grant more of them.

Never mind that the consulting company Deloitte, whose personnel circulate in and out of Government, has been deeply criticised for the ruinous system it created to provide protective equipment to the NHS. It has now been given a huge new contract to test the population for COVID 19.

Never mind that some of these contracts have reportedly cost taxpayers £800 for every protective overall delivered. Never mind that at least two multi-million pound contracts seem to have been allocated to dormant companies.

Awarding contracts to unusual companies, without advertising, transparency or competition now seems to have been adopted as the norm and several of the firms that have benefited from this largess are closely linked to senior figures in the Government.

Every week, Boris Johnson looks more like George I, under whose Government vast fortunes were made by political favourites, through monopoly contracts for military procurement.

Any facade of fiscal rectitude or democratic accountability has been abandoned – with four more years and the support of the billionaire press, who cares.

The way the Government manages public money looks like an open invitation to corruption and while it’s difficult to ascertain that any particular deal is dishonest, the framework under which this money is dispensed invites the perception.

When you connect the words’ corruption and the United Kingdom, people tend to react with surprise and outrage because corruption is something we believe happens abroad.

Indeed, if you check the rankings published by Transparency International or the Basel Institute, the United Kingdom looks like one of the world’s most pristine countries, but this is a relic of the narrow criteria they use.

Thievery by officials in more impoverished countries amounts to between $20 billion and $40 billion a year. That’s a ton of cash and it harms well being and democracy in those countries.

But this figure is impeded by the illegal flow of money from impoverished and middling countries that are managed by multinational companies and banks and the US research group Global Financial Integrity calculated that $1.1 trillion a year flows illegally out of more impoverished nations, robbed from them through tax evasion and the transfer of money within corporations.

The Corporate Tax Haven Index published by the Tax Justice Network reveals that the three countries that have done most to promote these thefts are the British Virgin Islands, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands.

All of them are British territories and Jersey, a British dependency, came seventh on the list and these places are effectively satellites of the City of London, but because they’re overseas, the City can benefit from shady activities, while letting the British Government maintain distance when scandals emerge.

The City of London’s extraordinary exemption from the UK’s freedom of information laws creates an additional ring of secretiveness and it furthermore seems that the United Kingdom is the money laundering capital of the world.

Boris Johnson Argues Bill Breaking International Law Is Essential

Boris Johnson told Tory MPs that a proposed bill that contravenes international law is absolutely essential to stop the break up of our country.

The Prime Minister made the comments to Conservative politicians through a video link as he debated the controversial UK Internal Markets Bill.

Boris Johnson said the ruling, which will override parts of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, was needed to end EU threats to establish a blockade in the Irish Sea and to prevent a foreign force from breaking up our country.

The Prime Minister said Brussels could carve up our country and seriously threaten peace and stability in Northern Ireland if Conservative MPs rebel to stop his Bill.

The all-hands virtual meeting was called as backbench opposition to his plans threatened to develop into a full-scale rebellion, but the video conference call was overrun by technical problems, with the Prime Minister’s connection dropping out completely at one point, leaving about 250 MPs waiting for him to rejoin the call, and he told MPs there would be no time for them to ask questions at the conference.

Boris Johnson, furthermore wrote in a media outlet that they’re now hearing that unless they agree to the EU’s terms, the EU will use an extreme interpretation of the Northern Ireland protocol to impose a full-scale trade border down the Irish Sea.

And that they’re being informed that the EU will not only set taxes on goods moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland but that they might actually prevent the transport of food products from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

But Boris Johnson stated that he never seriously thought that the EU would be willing to use a Treaty, negotiated in good faith, to blockade one part of the United Kingdom, to cut it off, or that they would even threaten to obliterate the economic and territorial integrity of the United Kingdom.

And he said in the last few weeks he’s learnt that his intermediaries had found there may have been a profound misunderstanding about the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement he signed in October.

Boris Johnson asserted it was agreed during torrid days with the deadline for an agreement fast approaching while negotiating with one hand bound behind their backs because Parliament blocked a no-deal.

He said that if they fail to pass this bill, or if they deplete its protections then they will, in fact, lower the odds of getting that Canada style deal, and he said: “Let’s remove this danger to the very fabric of the United Kingdom so that they can make the EU take their threats off the table”.

Unfortunately, Boris Johnson violates international laws every time he opens his mouth.

He’s a typical rich boy who only cares about himself because he wants to be in control and he’s let down this country, and because of him some students will never be permitted to study in Europe again and nobody will ever believe again that England is a trustworthy nation.

But at the end of the day, both sides are playing games, banging the drums before the last battle, trying to get the best deal possible.

Unfortunately, for Boris Johnson, he doesn’t appear to have done anything right in his life and his addresses are littered with total incompetence and it’s surprising that the man can even tie his own shoelaces.

And every day brings more evidence of the profound duplicity of the mega-rich Tories who exploited the masses to vote for Brexit. Yes, we were all duped by the Tories and their wealthy mates and when it all goes belly up, which it will, they will all go and live in their second homes somewhere – nothing much will change for them, it will be the rest of us that will suffer for generations to come.

Pubs With Six Mates

So, now Boris Johnson is banning crowds of 6 people, not that it will make any difference, I’m sure, but anything for the economy! But we’ve got to get our children back into their brainwashing camps because we need to put them back in their place.

And even more so now, groups have begun filling up with more conspiracy theorists, but are we really taking our children to school to learn or are they actually being brainwashed, to do as they’re told and to follow directives? And of course, if they do as they’re told they’ll be rewarded.

Maybe it’s not brainwashing, who knows, but it is a lousy education system and to be fair, the British education system is extremely outdated and modelled on the concept of creating workers over educating people.

It’s not exactly a brainwashing camp, but compared to some of the education methods found in mainland Europe it definitely falls short.

Perhaps it’s more of a matter of the economy can’t get back to full steam when the children aren’t at school because parents have to stay home with their children instead of working, but surprise, surprise, it’s profit at the expense of health yet again.

Of course, people wanted to get their children back to school, but what they don’t realise is that’s what will cause the 2nd wave, and what part of dying for the economy don’t people comprehend?

So, now Boris Johnson has said no gatherings of more than six people, but it’s alright for children to sit in a classroom of approximately 32 students. There were no restrictions for them – it was go back to school or be fined. It just doesn’t make much sense, but then, nothing that Boris Johnson does ever makes much sense.

Student Gloats About Going To A Party After Testing Positive For Coronavirus

A young woman who bragged about going partying despite testing positive for coronavirus has sparked an inquiry at a US university.

Texas Tech University is investigating complaints about a student who broadcasted a video of herself partying despite apparently having COVID 19.

The video broadcasting on social media displays an unknown young woman filming herself gloating about having the virus, which is ravaging the United States.

In the expletive-ridden clip, she can be heard to say that she has COVID and that the whole world has it.

The University’s Dean of Students tweeted this week that they’d received a report and were aware of the video related to COVID and that the matter was being handled by the Office of the Dean of Students and Student Conduct.

In the footage, which has been drawing fury, she shoots a selfie mode as she addresses the camera at what seems to be a bustling bash.

The woman says: “Everyone’s like ‘don’t you have COVID? Don’t you literally have COVID?’

“Yes, I f***ing have COVID. The whole world has COVID.”

She then flips the camera which appears to show the party she’s attending as she scans a large outdoor space alive with young people.

She continues: “All of these people have COVID. So stop getting on my tip, stop getting on my tip. Like, I’m having a good time.”

The identity of the young woman and whether she attends Texas Tech University as a student has not been established, and it’s not apparent whether she had a confirmed case of COVID 19.

Twitter user Taylor Smith posted a copy of the clip online, reporting that this is what’s happening at Texas Tech.

“Side note, I do not know this girl but she was brave enough to post this for others to see! If you are selfish like this with no regards for others safety, f*** off!”

Writing from her account @tayylorcsmith, she claimed she had reported the video to the woman’s sorority at the university, and the Dean of Students.

Some saw no problem with the woman who filmed the clip’s activities, likening it to a ‘chickenpox party’, saying if all the attendees had the virus they didn’t risk spreading it to each other.

Many were disgusted by the claims of the woman in the footage, saying she was spreading coronavirus with impunity by mixing in public areas when she should have been isolating.

She looks like a true winner – her parents must be so proud of her and if you’re going to be that dumb, at least don’t do it in front of the camera.

And if she does have it, which she likely doesn’t, then she should have more consideration for those that have had to spend months on a ventilator, many of which have died – this virus is not a joke.

However, I do agree with her on the whole world has COVID because COVID 19 was here way before the case of extraordinary phenomena was reported in Wuhan, China, and by the time we did identify the unusual phenomena called COVID 19, four billion people already had it.

But that doesn’t mean that you have impunity forever like smallpox, measles, and polio.

Immunity lasts for three months and even if you have COVID 19 and you don’t show any symptoms and get through recovery, you developed antibodies, however, immunity only lasts for three months, thus making you vulnerable again.

Boris Johnson’s Plan For ‘Moonshot’ Coronavirus Tests

Boris Johnson’s ‘moonshot’ plan for mass coronavirus tests that don’t exist could cost £100 billion, leaked documents declare.

The Prime Minister wants up to 10 million rapid tests handed to employees each day, which could cover the whole population in a week. But its cost would be larger than the entire annual defence or education budget and nearly as much as NHS spending in a year.

Last night the Prime Minister stated he was striving for a system where millions of Brits would get rapid tests before heading off to work, but his own scientific advisors poured cold water on the scheme, warning that the technology isn’t available and it’s not a slam dunk.

Now papers leaked to the British Medical Journal and the Guardian contend the scheme would have an immense price tag.

The paper, allegedly an official document, says ‘Operation Moonshot’ is the Prime Minister’s only hope for dodging a second national lockdown.

It adds that the expectation is that this would need about 6 million tests per day and that it would cost over £100 billion to deliver and that SAGE is presently modelling the possible impact of such a programme on R, and the Treasury is doing the same for the economy.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps today revealed the technology does not yet exist, and he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that it isn’t here now, and that was the whole point of a moonshot.

The Prime Minister spelt out the plans at last night’s No 10 press conference as he confirmed it will be illegal to meet in groups of more than six people, and he said in the near future that they want to begin using testing to identify people who are negative, who don’t have coronavirus and who are not infectious so that they can allow them to behave in a more normal way.

And he stated that he hoped and believed that new types of tests which were easy, fast and scalable would become available and that they use swabs or saliva and can turn round results in 90 or even 20 minutes.

He continued that crucially, it could be possible to deploy these tests on a far larger scale than any country has yet accomplished, and that literally millions of tests could be processed every single day.

The scheme could see Brits get a test result with their morning cup of tea before they head off to work, but Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty said the technology was not yet available, warning he should not put a date on when it would be because that’s not how science works.

Clearly, Boris Johnson is off to Button Moon in the morning where he will administrate millions of pounds of taxpayers money into something that will never transpire or ever exist.

Yet we keep getting told that this Government isn’t a money tree, but now this present Government seems to have found one – they must have been planting them in secret while the rest of us taxpayers were sleeping because what is certain is, the taxpayer will have to pay it back.

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