Pingdemic Has Put Almost One In Five Met Police Officers Off Duty

Almost one in five Metropolitan Police officers are currently absent from work after being ordered to self-isolate amid pingdemic chaos.

About 17 per cent of the force’s officers are currently self-isolating, the highest since the start of the pandemic.

Police were made exempt from self-isolation on Thursday, but only if their employers specified their names and they were double jabbed against COVID 19.

Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation Ken Marsh said the force was massively struggling, and that they were not performing the role properly. That they were not offered the jab and now they’ve got almost one in five officers off sick or self-isolating.

He told a newspaper outlet that it’s coming home to roost and the Government is going to come unstuck.

The government on Thursday announced a listing of exemptions for key workers in energy, waste, water, food supply and production.

Police, border officers, train and lorry drivers were attached to the list on Friday evening.

Workers who avoid self-isolation after contact with someone who has COVID will instead be tested every day, enabling them to keep working given the tests remain negative.

The Government on Saturday said in a statement that an expected initial additional 200 testing sites would be opened so that daily contact testing could be rolled out to further critical workplaces in England.

But currently, about 2.3 million people from critical areas and jobs have been forced into isolation due to being pinged.

It’s understood Prime Minister Boris Johnson is preparing to open more testing sites so more industries can be added to the exemption list in the coming weeks.

He previously said people who’ve been double vaccinated would be exempt from self-isolation after August 16, provided they have a test.

More than a million people have been told to self-isolate by the NHS COVID app in recent weeks, with 618,903 alerts sent in the week ending July 14.

The toll is a 17 per cent rise on the preceding seven and another record high.

The app has created extensive chaos, but it was claimed on Saturday the system causing the problem couldn’t be terminated because there wasn’t enough testing capability to allow the test and release method to take over.

There’s been a rising demand for weeks on the government to tweak the responsiveness of the app or make exceptions for key workers and fully vaccinated Britons following warnings that it could lead to food deficits and major disruptions as the pandemic develops.

Sadly offenders and villains aren’t self-isolating, which is putting a strain on the police force, and they aren’t coping very well with this pingdemic.

So, now it’s ‘Hello boss, I’ve been pinged, see you in ten days.’

Not that anyone will notice because our police force doesn’t seem to apprehend perpetrators anymore, and let’s face it, you can’t miss what you never see.

Anyone stupid enough to have the app on their phone, clearly isn’t very bright, and it beggars belief how many are playing along, but then I suppose it’s more about having a break than fearing the COVID 19 spikes since so many people allowed a substance to be injected into their body that hasn’t been thoroughly tested.

So, if you want a week off work, just do the following. Install the app, mingle in public, and then sit back and unwind as you wait for your phone to ping – I can see that being an attractive proposition for some.

Stonehenge Could Be Next To Lose UNESCO World Heritage Status

Ministers have been told that Stonehenge could become the latest heritage site in the United Kingdom to lose its UNESCO status as a £1.7 billion Government plan to build a new road and tunnel there could endanger its antiquity.

The world’s most recognisable rock monument, in Salisbury, is expected to be next in line to face the axe from the UN-backed agency who are said to be contemplating putting it on its in danger list.

Stonehenge Avebury and Associated Sites were granted UNESCO World Heritage Status in 1986, meaning it has cultural, historical, or scientific value deemed to be of exceptional significance to humanity.

But a Government-backed plot for a new project to build a tunnel under Stonehenge could see Stonehenge denuded of its status.

£1.7 billion plans from the Transport Secretary to turn eight miles of the A303 into a dual carriageway, with a two-mile tunnel, was given the go-ahead in November 2020.

It comes as Liverpool leaders had earlier blasted UNESCO bureaucrats on the other side of the world who removed the city’s World Heritage Site status after a covert ballot vote, and Chris Blanford, chief of World Heritage UK, accused ministers of showing a great reluctance to want to make the most of their World Heritage offer.

He told a newspaper outlet that these are places of international significance and that they were the best of our cultural heritage, and that at a time when we’re out of the EU and wanted to be taken seriously, why not use these incredible assets of such significance to help us do that?

The committee behind UNESCO’s heritage committee has warned ministers that Stonehenge will be relegated to its danger list if proposals for the £1.7 billion tunnel moves ahead.

It comes after Grant Shapps, the transport secretary, ignored planning inspectors and approved a tunnel to turn the A303 into a dual carriageway that runs for two miles under Stonehenge.

The UNESCO heritage committee said the planned tunnel length remained inadequate to preserve the outstanding universal value.

Instead, the organisation proposed a longer tunnel with an entrance and exit far enough away from Stonehenge to prevent a highly adverse and irreversible impact.

Protesters are also fighting the Government’s plan, as a panel of expert inspectors recommended development approval be delayed because the project would substantially and permanently harm the integrity and authenticity of the site.

Anyone involved in the building of this stupendous tunnel beneath this historical site should be put on trial for gross vandalism.

But it’s Grant Shapps and this tunnel that could destroy Stonehenge, and even his planning inspectorate warned against it, saying it could cause substantial damage, but then his ego is more important than any expert advice, but that’s a typical arrogant politician for you.

Stonehenge is possibly the world’s most well-known prehistoric monument, and it was created in several stages. The first monument was an early henge monument, built approximately 5,000 years ago and the unique stone circle was constructed in the late Neolithic period around 2500 BC.

And for a small number of jumped up overpaid bureaucrats to suddenly act as if they own the planets heritage sites seems a bit pompous, and the world would be better off if these people put their combined wages together so that they could hire people to look after these heritage sites, rather than paying for suits to exist purely to cast judgement.

Unexploded Bomb Sparks Chaos

A major incident was reported with roads closed and no-fly zones instated after a live World War II bomb was found on a new housing estate.

The 500lb explosive, which was set to be safely discharged by ordnance specialists, was uncovered by construction workers at The Greenways housing development in Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire.

A large police cordon was set up around the device, with parts of the M52 and nearby roads closed as the ordeal looked set to ensure travel chaos for much of the day.

Humberside Police said neighbours in Rawcliffe Road had been urged to vacate the area as a precaution, and residents living in the immediate neighbourhood were advised to remain indoors, while businesses inside the cordoned-off area were asked to temporarily close.

The east and westbound carriageways of the M62, between J35 and J37, alongside a section of the A614, had been closed since 8 pm on Friday, July 23.

A statement on Humberside Police’s website read that colleagues from the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team, who’d been onsite, had now established that the device was live and that they were making plans to safely discharge the bomb, and that all persons in the immediate neighbourhood had been evacuated as a precaution.

The people that dropped the bomb obviously didn’t know that it might explode 80 years later. Although it’s not exploded for 80 years, so it’s debatable whether it will explode now – not worth taking the gamble though, just in case it’s not a dud, and I certainly wouldn’t want to be digging it out to take a look to see if it’s a goer – anybody want to volunteer?

If it didn’t work when it was dropped out of a plane 80 years ago, then it probably isn’t going to work now until the ammunitions specialists get there and put plastic explosives around it and blow it up.

Now it’s all just drama and we have a no-fly zone for a bomb. Health and safety gone mad again, but it was once seemingly safe enough to drop it from an aircraft, although when it was dropped from an aircraft the intention was that it would explode.

I guess there’s no real harm done because the bomb disposal team will have it sorted out, and there’s probably far more unexploded bombs in Europe, probably spread around Germany and France, and if they do go off, perhaps it will remind them to be nice to us.

They said that an unexploded bomb caused chaos, very climactic, next they’ll be telling us that the International Space Station was re-routed!

And we would never cope today with what people coped with during World War II and rationing lasting for a decade after – good job they’d not heard of Mental Health.

Woman, 33, With Learning Problems Died Of Neglect

A coroner heard how a 33-year-old woman with learning difficulties died after suffering neglect as her devoted family fought to cope with her needs.

Kerry Warren, who lived in Newstead, Stoke on Trent with her sister and mother Tracey, needed help with basic tasks and would get distressed or aggressive if somebody tried to help her against her will.

A coroner was told her parents would give in to her wishes and let her exist on a junk food diet, including chocolate, cake and chips.

The extreme lack of nutrients led to Kerry Warren developing a stem cell disorder, bone marrow failure and severe anaemia.

Kerry Warren had taken to sleeping on the sofa after refusing to go upstairs and her mother would sleep in a chair nearby, but on January 8, 2019, Mrs Warren woke to discover her daughter’s body on the floor, covered in a quilt.

She said that she shook Kerry to try to get her to respond, but got nothing, so she rang Kerry’s father Chris, who lived across the road, and he called 999 and began CPR.

The paramedics, who were unable to save her, then saw bruising on Kerry Warren which triggered a police inquiry into her death, and a report was given to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) but no further action was taken.

The bruising was old and Kerry Warren’s family said it was caused by their attempts to hold her down when she became violent.

The coroner heard she’d been allocated social workers and other expert help as a child and young adult, but Detective Constable David Stubbs said that there appeared to be a point when all support had stopped.

He found that Kerry Warren’s GP de-registered her when she didn’t reply to letters, which led to most of her medical records being lost because they weren’t transferred to electronic files.

It was only when a concerned housing officer visited the family’s home in 2016 that a new referral was made to adult social services.

Detective Constable David Stubbs said the housing officer felt that Mrs Warren was extremely loving towards Kerry, but couldn’t cope, and it was easier for her to give in to what Kerry wanted, instead of what she needed.

The inquest heard that the referral led to her being appointed a support worker, but the family didn’t go to any appointments and disengaged, so the support stopped in March 2017.

This is all very sad, but this regrettably happens all the time, and it doesn’t sound like the neglect was wilful, just a sad story all round, and it’s an all too familiar story with adults with a learning disability.

And many parents, particularly those with a learning disability themselves can’t handle challenging behaviour, and it’s just easier to give in, and they usually won’t ask for help as that’s seen as a failure, and when they do, it’s past crisis point, and sadly it’s a scenario that will continue to happen.

The fact that Kerry’s GP de-registered her without actually visiting to see the family himself, or get social services to intervene means that there wasn’t enough done for this unfortunate woman and her family, and they were neglected by the very people who were supposed to be supporting them, and it appears that services just dis-engage when it suits them.

Social services don’t seem to want to do anything and people are dying because of this, and this country is in dire straights, and it appears that nobody can see further than their own self-interest.

Yodel Manager, 56, Stole Phones Worth £24,000

A Yodel manager stole phones worth £24,000 in a bid to pay off a loan shark but was caught when bosses set up spy cameras at her office.

Julie Birchenough borrowed £1,000 from a lender she found in a newspaper advert, but when she was unable to repay the debt straight away, she was forced into a series of crimes.

Minshull Street Crown Court was told that the 56-year-old intercepted the devices at work as they were about to be sent out for distribution and then hid them in her vehicle.

She was busted when officials placed spy cameras at her Oldham office, which captured her stuffing two Huawei phones in a shoebox before taking them outside.

Thirteen other devices worth between £500 and £1,500 were retrieved from her home plus a notebook describing potential steal to orders. It’s deemed a sum of 24 phones were taken.

Inquiries unveiled that Julie Birchenough, who was entrusted with the safety of goods bought by shoppers online, had seriously got into debt with enormous interest repayments after she took out a payday loan to buy herself a car.

She declined to identify the loan shark but insisted she’d been pressured into stealing the phones to pay off her debts.

She’s since fled her home and got work in a fish and chip shop.

Investigators found no proof she’d been selling the phones herself online.

Julie Birchenough, now of Poulton-Le Flyde, Lancashire, admitted theft by employee and was sentenced to 12 months jail suspended for 18 months.

The crimes were detected in August 2019 after she’d been employed by Yodel as a security manageress for ten years.

Prosecutor Harriet Lavin said that her role was to manage the security team and maintain the safety of goods within the site, and she was employed to keep an eye on what people were doing, and there were stringent search regimes, however, the defendant was not subject to that as a security manager.

And in August 2019, another manager was made aware of a significant number of lost packages, and that the losses were high-value mobile phones priced between £500-£1,500.

From further inquiries, it became apparent that those losses had all come from one trailer on the shifts that the defendant was working in when she was managing. So, a secret camera was installed in the defendant’s office where it was reviewed with the defendant seen to be packing a huge amount of mobile phones in packaging before placing them in a cardboard shoebox.

And surely having a role as manager, she must have been smart enough to know that taking out loans from an advertisement in the paper leads to never-ending debt? Not quite what you’d call a criminal mastermind, was she?

She wasn’t pressured into anything – she took that path of crime because of her debt, and all because she wanted to buy a car. Now people have lost out and suffered because of her actions – perhaps she should have brought a bike?

However, these loan sharks prey on the weak, and the APR is just idiotic, but there wasn’t any actual proof that this alleged loan shark ever existed, other than Julie Birchenough’s word and the fact she wouldn’t name her partners in crime, which kind of makes you doubt her version of events unless of course, she was worried that there might be some sort of revenge and that she might be in some kind of danger.

Of course, the moral of the story is, don’t spend what you don’t have!

Man Is Branded Ridiculous

A man has been branded ridiculous for threatening to report his female neighbour for anti-social behaviour for sunbathing in a bikini in the communal garden.

The 29-year-old male resident, who lives in the United Kingdom, took to Reddit and explained how her lying half-naked outside the apartment looked tacky and said that it might result in the apartments losing their value.

Furious about the situation at hand, he went on to ask forum users whether he’d been unreasonable for telling the woman that the garden, which she believed was communal but he said was merely ornamental, wasn’t to be used in this way.

However, it wasn’t long before people leapt to the woman’s defence, with one writing that taking a photograph of a woman in a bikini and sharing it was more anti-social than sunbathing where she lived.

In the initial post, the man wrote that they’d been experiencing a heatwave for the last four days, and he’d noticed a woman sunbathing on the lawn.

He said that she brought a blanket and a book and was out there for hours, reading in a bikini top and shorts and that on the first day, he asked her if she lived in the building and she said that she did, having recently moved in.

He said that later on, he saw her access the building with keys so he didn’t think that she was lying, but that she was out there from 10 am till 4 pm. He continued that he saw her again and let her know that the gardens weren’t to be used in that way.

The man, who said the grounds were extensive and maintained, went on to explain that in his two years of living there, he’d never once seen anyone use the grounds as if was their own personal space.

He chose to take the matter one step further by taking a photo of the woman in her bikini from his apartment window, before posting it in the local WhatsApp group to remind others to call out this anti-social behaviour.

However, he explained the move proved controversial, adding that some residents agreed but others said he was being weird.

To make matters worse, the woman in question was also added into the group chat, leading her to respond that she wasn’t going to stay inside in 30c heat when she has green space right outside.

This man needs to get a life of his own.

The woman was only sunbathing, and it’s not as if she was doing anybody any harm, but of course, you can’t seem to do anything without offending someone, and the world is getting ridiculous.

And the man comes across as being a bit of an oddball – disturbing behaviour taking a photograph of the woman. Now I’d call that very anti-social behaviour.

It’s a communal garden, which means that everyone can use it unless of course, the tenancy says differently.

So, in essence, a fruitcake makes himself look bad on Reddit because he didn’t like any degree of exposure! And taking photographs of people and posting them on the internet without their consent is never okay.

This seems more like voyeurism if he’s taking clandestine photographs of the woman in her bikini, and his judgemental disposition seems far more offensive.

Unless there’s something in the tenancy that has been set she’s entitled to use the communal garden. As for the bikini, I’m guessing this man doesn’t go to the beach or swimming pool et cetera so that he can avoid such attire.

Royal Mail Is Planning To Axe Saturday Letter Deliveries And Signed-For Parcels

Royal Mail is planning to axe Saturday letter deliveries and signed for parcels under a major shake-up of services.

Simon Thompson, the postal service’s new UK boss, is looking at the controversial changes as part of a six-month review.

The review is said to be reconsidering Royal Mail’s entire product offering and comes as it attempts to modernise and drive through big cost savings, and any decision to scrap Saturday letter deliveries and signed for parcels would need changes to the law.

Royal Mail is currently required to deliver letters for a fixed price, six days per week, under a universal service obligation (USO), but with letter volumes in decay, bosses argue this requirement is antiquated and leaves Royal Mail at a disadvantage versus competitors such as DHL and Amazon.

Instead, they want to focus energies on the parcels industry, which has been turbocharged by online shopping throughout the pandemic, but despite this, Royal Mail bosses are said to want to scrap tracked, signed for packages because they’re costly to deliver, with numerous customers happy for parcels to be left in a safe place if they’re not home.

Ofcom, the communications regulator, has now backed the plan to scrap Saturday letter deliveries in principle, and it said that consumer demands could still be met following the change, which could save Royal Mail between £125 million and £225 million.

Ofcom said the decision on amending the USO was ultimately up to MPs, but the Communications Workers Union, which fears job cuts if services are trimmed, has previously said decreasing letter deliveries would be inexcusable.

Amazon, DPD, Hermes et cetera don’t deliver letters or walk the streets as Royal Mail do, and I’m not quite sure how cutting out Saturday deliveries would be modernising, and in the end, we will be having our letters delivered by Pony Express, and what ridiculous bunch of dimwits are out there running our Royal Mail?

And if Royal Mail stops providing their Signed For service, numerous people won’t use them again because there will be no point and it will be more economical to use other delivery services, and they’ll be able to send larger packages for the same money.

Royal Mail is currently the Waitrose of the delivery services, but if it wants to reduce its services, then they need to decrease its costs, and it’s hilarious how they always want to make a profit, yet they need to cut their costs, and it’s a shame to see Royal Mail fade away like this.

And here comes that word modernise again – it sounds benign, doesn’t it, but it’s probably a euphemism for lower pay for workers, more generous bonuses for bosses, and a lot worse services for the customer, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Amazon, DPD, Hermes et cetera eventually take over the postal service because they appear to knock on doors more than the postman does.

They’re not modernising, they’re deteriorating and drowning and other courier services are sweeping in to pick up the slack, so this is just going to be another nail in the coffin for them, and basically, they’re moving out of the parcel market entirely, but let’s not try to gloss over it!

And to be fair, charging more for worse services does appear to be the standard global definition of modernisation and improvement these days, and it appears that providing fewer services is modernising.

Anger At Plans That Could Jail Journalists For Up To 14 Years

The newspaper industry warned that Journalists could be hit with long jail sentences if their stories upset the Government under sweeping reforms to the Official Secrets Act.

Reporters given leaked reports would be handled similarly to spies and face prison sentences of up to 14 years under proposed changes to the Official Secrets Act.

A consultation by Priti Patel’s Home Office wants to update the 1989 act to account for changes in the digital age, particularly around data transfer.

Human rights groups and the Law Commission, which drew up the plans, called for a public interest defence to stop journalists with leaked documents from being prosecuted, but the Home Office insisted such a move would threaten their attempts to prevent damaging unauthorised disclosures, which wouldn’t be in the public interest.

Now the News Media Association, which represents the UK’s national, regional and local publishers, has said the proposals will discourage whistleblowers from coming forward.

NMA legal policy and regulatory affairs director Sayra Tekin said that as part of any flourishing democracy, the public and a responsible press must be free to cast light on the state’s violations.

She said that the proposed measures of whistleblowers discourage whistleblowers from coming forward with important information which the people have a right to know and put a chill on investigative reporting which holds the government to account.

And she said that they strongly urge the Government to reconsider these measures and instead work with the industry to put proper protections for media at the heart of the Official Secrets Act so that freedom of speech is enhanced by the new regime rather than weakened further.

The organisation added that changes could criminalise public interest journalism by exposing reporters and whistleblowers to harsh new penalties.

The NMA warned that proposals for stiffer custodial sentences and increasing the field for prosecuting individuals could open the floodgates to the media and its sources being prosecuted despite acting in the public interest.

It added that a public interest defence should instead be introduced to the regime to protect freedom of speech and a new Statutory Commissioner could be created to give speedy redress for whistleblowers caught by the Official Secrets Act.

It said that the law mustn’t come at the cost of public interest press freedoms which do so much to expose wrongdoing, and veteran broadcaster John Simpson admitted that he probably would have been prosecuted if this had been law at the start of his career in the 1970s.

But now, anything that hinders the government, reporters will get 14 years in prison, and overnight the reports will stop so that the problem stops.

However, false news is rife at the moment, with newspapers never using quotes or naming sources, but dictatorship is installing itself – look at them, they despise us, but the people are the many, they are the few!

And this is shocking – now the Tories want to eliminate the free press if they don’t like the narrative, but the people will determine if something’s in the public interest, not you Priti Patel or your government.

The government got caught out breaking their own rules, so now they’re passing laws so that we can’t find out about it without fear of incarceration, and this is so wrong, and a government that’s not open and allows no criticism isn’t a government, it’s a dictatorship, but people keep voting these fools anyway.

However, Matt Hancock kissing someone in a hallway and then finding out that he’s been having an affair with her isn’t classified information, neither is the fact that he broke social distancing rules.

Supermarket Bosses Urge Customers Not To Panic Buy

Supermarkets and a cabinet minister urged Britons not to panic buy after warnings that supermarkets face an epidemic of empty shelves this summer unless workers and delivery drivers are exempt from self-isolating when pinged.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng also announced the Government will U-turn and rush out a listing of businesses permitted to disregard the app, less than 48 hours after Downing Street warned there wouldn’t be one.

Kwasi Kwarteng admitted he was concerned about food supply problems but asked customers not to panic buy and said he couldn’t guarantee the pingdemic wouldn’t extend past August 16, when rules were expected to be dropped from the double jab.

Iceland boss Richard Walker has warned that Britain’s creaking food supply chain is on the verge of collapse causing deficits of goods in stores with 1,000 of his workers, approximately one in 20, amongst the 1.7 million Britons currently stuck at home.

Sainsbury, Tesco, Lidl, Morrisons, Asda, M&S and Waitrose are also seeing significant gaps on the shelves in most isles, but specifically frozen food, fresh meat such as minced beef, dairy products such as cheese, pizzas, bottled water, fruit and packaged salad and cooked meats.

Shops and businesses across the United Kingdom are also struggling with staffing levels and petrol stations have also been made to shut because they can’t get fuel delivered.

UK supermarkets are in the middle of a perfect storm of problems with tens of thousands of workers self-isolating because of the NHS app. The struggle to stack shelves and staff stores and warehouses is being made more acute by a shortage of lorry drivers to deliver food.

The Road Haulage Association believes the country is 100,000 HGV drivers short, and thousands of prospective drivers are waiting for their HGV tests due to a backlog caused by lockdown, while many existing ones have returned to the EU from the United Kingdom after Brexit.

Richard Walker said Iceland’s double-pronged problem of staff shortages and a shortage of lorry drivers were forcing them to draft in 2,000 temporary workers to keep the business running.

He said that they were seeing some availability problems and that it was now quite challenging to keep their stores open and keep lorries on the road to their stores to supply food with staff in there to serve the customers.

He said that they’ve closed two stores and had reduced hours in others and that it was ironic that they’ve worked so hard, and that their workers have been nothing short of heroic, to keep the show on the road.

Now there’s a deficit of drivers and the pingdemic has created chaos, and now supermarkets don’t have the products to put on the shelves as there’s nobody to deliver the goods, and why is this happening now, there weren’t so many people getting pinged before – next people will start panic buying again and we should just remove the app.

And when the Track and Trace app first came about, I noticed that people were getting all enthusiastic about using the app like it was a new toy.

I had friends that would go into places and would be doing their Track and Trace and getting all excited, almost like they were setting up a new Playstation and telling me that I should have it on my phone because it was so important.

I did download it to my phone to see what all the excitement was about, and then realised that if my location wasn’t on, then it was worthless, and seeing as I never have my location on, there was no point, so it came straight off my phone.

People should just delete the app unless of course, they’re happy to have time off work!

Prince Harry Is Putting The Queen In A Difficult Position

A royal biographer has claimed that Prince Harry is putting the Queen in a difficult position by expecting her to attend his daughter Lilibet’s christening.

According to royal insiders, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s daughter Lilibet Diana could follow in the footsteps of older brother Archie and be christened in St George’s Chapel in Windsor, with the Queen present.

A source previously told a newspaper outlet that Harry said the couple were happy to wait until conditions allow while in the United Kingdom to unveil a sculpture of Princess Diana, but Angela Levin has described Harry’s expectation that his grandmother will attend as unreasonable, given she’s missed christenings of other royal children in recent years.

She told TalkRadio TV that it puts her in a rather awkward situation because she can’t say that she’s not available for years.

She said that she didn’t go to Louis, the third child of Prince William and Kate, so it’s not a malicious thing.

The monarch didn’t attend the christening of Harry and Meghan’s son Archie, two, in 2019, reportedly because she had previous engagements, and according to Angela Levine, the Queen sometimes isn’t present at such events because they’re not close enough to the Crown.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s youngest child Prince Louis, three, is fifth in line to the throne, while Archie and Lilibet are seventh and eighth respectively.

Royal authority Russell Myers warned it would be awkward if Harry and Meghan were to christen Lilibet in Windsor because tensions are still running extremely high within the family, and Meghan isn’t the flavour of the month with them, even though the family have always said they would be much-loved members.

And Prince Harry said that he loves William to pieces, he’s his brother and that they’ve been through hell together, but that they were now on divergent paths.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex said that racism forced them out of Britain and maintained their son Archie was denied the title of prince because he’s of mixed race.

Meghan also alleged that Kate Middleton left her in tears during a dispute over bridesmaid dresses and Prince Harry accused his father Prince Charles of refusing to take his calls when the couple moved to the United States.

Russell Myers went onto imply that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex reportedly wanting to give Lilibet Diana a royal christening presents an endeavour from the royal couple to keep their royal connection, and is he asking the Queen to be present at the christening, or is he demanding?

And they only want the christening at Windsor because of the line of succession. Meghan and Harry always pretend they don’t care about the royals, titles, et cetera, but we all know that’s a lie, and they need the Royal Family to stay connected.

But to be fair, we only have palace insiders insisting that this christening is happening.

I don’t suppose Meghan will ever come back to England and neither will her two children, and the Queen will do anything to evade confrontation, but now it’s blowing up in the face of the Royal Family, and people are getting angrier and angrier at Meghan and Harry, and if the Queen doesn’t do something soon, she might hear the ramblings of a Republic.

But then again, if the Queen says no, petty Meghan Markle will claim it’s because of her skin tone, and the Royal Family will be walking a fine line with the narcissistic Meghan and Harry.

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