Donald Trump Accused Of Sexual Assault

A former model has accused Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her at the 1997 US Open tennis tournament, telling a news outlet that the incident left her feeling nauseous and violated.

Amy Dorris alleged that the US president, who was 51 at the time, assaulted her outside the bathroom in his VIP box at the New York tournament, she was just 24 years old.

She said he just pushed his tongue down her throat and she was pushing him off, and then that’s when his hold got tighter and his hands were very feely and all over her derrière, her breasts and her back, everything.

She said she was in his grip and she couldn’t get out of it, and that she didn’t know what you call it when someone is sticking their tongue down someone’s throat, but she said she forced it out with her teeth and she kept pushing but that she thought she might have hurt his tongue.

Donald Trump firmly repudiates the allegations, with his lawyers saying he never harassed, abused or acted improperly toward the former model. However, Ms Dorris’s account was substantiated by several people who she’d told about the incident.

Her mother and a friend both said the former model called them immediately after the apparent assault, and other friends and a therapist, in whom Ms Dorris confided in later years, also said the details reported by the newspaper matched what she had described to them at the time.

She also showed journalists her ticket to the US Open, as well as six images showing her with the President over several days in New York.

The former model said she went to New York with her boyfriend at the time, Jason Binn, who was a friend of Donald Trump and in 1997, Jason Binn described the real estate tycoon as his best friend.

Ms Dorris alleged that Donald Trump assaulted her after she went to the bathroom. She said she told the President ‘no, please stop’ but that he didn’t care.

She said she was uncertain whether she told her then-boyfriend the full particulars of the incident, but remembered asking him to tell the real estate businessman to leave her alone, and that she told Mr Binn that Donald Trump was all over her and that she couldn’t deal with it and that he had to do something about it.

Donald Trump who is the present President of the United States has been accused of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment, including non-consensual kissing or groping by at least 25 women since the 1970s.

The accusations have resulted in three much-reported instances of litigation, and his then-wife Ivana made a rape claim during their 1989 divorce litigation but later retracted that claim.

Businesswoman Jill Harth sued Donald Trump in 1997 alleging breach of contract while also suing for nonviolent sexual harassment but withdrew the latter suit as part of a settlement for relating to the former suit, and in 2017, former The Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos filed a defamation lawsuit after Donald Trump called her a liar.

Two of the allegations by Ivana Trump and Jill Harth became public before Trump’s candidacy for President, but the rest emerged after a 2005 audio recording was leaked during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Donald Trump was documented boasting that a celebrity like himself can do anything to women, including just start kissing them and that he doesn’t even wait and that he can “grab ’em by the pussy’.

Donald Trump later described those remarks as locker room talk and denied actually acting that way toward women, and he also apologised for the terse language, but many of his accusers said that Donald Trump’s denials prompted them into going public with their allegations.

Another type of indictment was made, primarily after the audio recording emerged, by several former Miss USA and Miss Teen USA contestants, who accused Donald Trump of entering the dressing rooms of beauty pageant contestants.

Donald Trump who owned the Miss Universe franchise, which includes both pageants, was indicted of going into dressing rooms in 1997, 2000, 2001 and 2006, while contestants were in different phases of undress.

Donald Trump had already referred to this practice during a 2005 talk on The Howard Stern Show, saying he could get away with things like that because he owned the beauty pageants the women and girls were competing in.

Sexual misconduct allegations have been made against Donald Trump by at least 22 women, but Donald Trump has repudiated the allegations, saying he has been the target of media bias, conspiracies and a political smear campaign.

In October 2016, Donald Trump publicly promised to sue all the women who had made allegations of sexual assault, for example, non-consensual kissing or groping or sexual harassment against him, as well as The New York Times for publishing the allegations, but he has yet to follow through with any legal action.

In June 2019, writer E. Jean Carroll alleged in a New York magazine that Donald Trump raped her in a department store dressing room in 1995 or 1996.

Two friends of Carroll confirmed to the magazine that Carroll had previously confided in them in relation to the incident.

Donald Trump denied ever meeting Carroll, even though New York had published a photograph of Donald Trump and Carroll together in 1987.

In October 2019, the book ‘All the President’s Women: Donald Trump and the Making of a Predator by Barry Levine and Monique El-Faizy was published, including 43 other allegations of sexual misconduct against Donald Trump.

So, it seems that Donald Trump has been guilty his whole life, that’s a lifetime of disrespecting women and it gives you a damn good idea of his character and who we’re dealing with here.

GMB’s Dr Hilary Jones Warns The United Kingdom Is On The Verge Of A National Lockdown

There are rising concerns that a second national lockdown will have to be set, due to the exponential rise in coronavirus cases and reports suggest that England’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty was urging Boris Johnson to implement another UK wide lockdown.

Doctor Hilary Jones told ITV’s GMB that the situation in the country was getting out of hand and he said that the numbers were rising quite rapidly and that in the northeast, in Wales and in Manchester they were seeing restrictions and that there’s a lot of areas on the watchlist.

He continued that cases are rising exponentially and the R rate was well above 1.2 and that we were going to see more cases and that will translate into more people being hospitalised and in intensive care.

He further said that while we don’t want a national lockdown, we might see regional curfews, say from 10 pm and we might see restrictions on how much people can travel and that we absolutely have no room for complacency.

He said that we need to keep this under control because if things get out of hand we’ll undoubtedly be needing another national lockdown.

On Wednesday, there were 3,991 new confirmed cases of coronavirus and Health Minister Edward Argar told Sky News that the Prime Minister doesn’t want to see another national lockdown and he dismissed reports that Boris Johnson was being urged to take action due to a peak in coronavirus infections.

And here it is, bang on time for flu season and running out of shoddy testing kits and the country could be locked down and yet our Government couldn’t care less about the thousands of casualties due to cancer, heart disease, diabetes and suicides et cetera.

GP’s are not seeing their patients and now the Government are threatening us into submission, terrifying people but they’re bringing in thousands of illegal immigrants.

Is this to supersede the population for our older generation?

And if you read the ingredient list of your average flu vaccine, you might notice words like formaldehyde, polysorbate 80 and thimerosal and many flu vaccines are made by growing the viruses inside fertilized chicken eggs, which means they contain a tiny amount of egg protein.

Vaccine manufacturers add the preservative thimerosal to multidose vaccine vials. The thimerosal helps contain and destroy harmful bacteria and fungi in the vial.

However, thimerosal contains mercury, which can be poisonous in large doses, although there isn’t enough proof to show the small amount contained in the flu vaccine is dangerous. If you’re concerned, there are thimerasol free versions of the flu vaccine available.

Sucrose, sorbitol and monosodium glutamate (MSG) are used to keep vaccines stable and they stop vaccines from losing potency, even when exposed to heat and light.

Sucrose is the same table sugar you spoon into your coffee and sorbitol is a synthetic sweetener that’s also found in chewing gum. MSG is a flavour enhancer, generally thought of as an additive in Chinese food, but it’s used in numerous processed foods and even though certain people are sensitive to MSG, the amount found in the flu vaccine is very small.

Neomycin, gentamicin and other antibiotics are added to vaccines in very small amounts, they prevent bacteria from contaminating the vaccine. Then you have polysorbate 80, this emulsifier prevents sauces and salad dressing from separating and in vaccines, polysorbate 80 keeps all the ingredients evenly distributed.

Formaldehyde is a natural compound that is found in household products from glues to other adhesives to pressed wood furniture. It’s a gas that’s soluble in water and it’s also used in the flu vaccine to inactivate the influenza virus.

Frequent exposure to large doses of formaldehyde is linked to eye and throat irritation, breathing trouble and a higher chance for specific cancers. However, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), most formaldehyde used in producing a vaccine undergoes removal from the vaccine solution before being packaged and sent to doctors and pharmacies.

Most side effects from the flu vaccine are mild but they can cause an allergic reaction in specific people which require hospital treatment.

And there have been many that have died during lockdown due to them not being given treatments to help prolong their life, and some of these poor souls had young children who have now been left without a parent.

Doctor Hilary needs to be taken off the TV because he’s not an authority on the matter and he’s just scaremongering the people. We may have another national lockdown, but in the meantime, we need to take care of ourselves and take on the responsibility ourselves because clearly, this Government don’t have a clue.

And if there is a second lockdown, it won’t be because of COVID but because they need to cause more hysteria and suffering so that the masses will accept the vaccine and at what cost to the economy? Especially at this time of the year too.

Doctor Hilary is good old doctor doom and he’s not helping anyone, only his bank balance. Next, they’ll have brought Mystic Meg back from the dead, prophesizing all kinds of poppycock.

Beware of the flu vaccine as I read it contains 25mg of mercury which breaks down the immune system, damages lungs and other organs, google it, goodness knows what the unlicensed covid vaccine will contain. Very sinister things going on now, the world has never been locked down before.

Adverse Reaction To Oxford Vaccine May Not Have Been Caused By Jab

The adverse reaction experienced by a participant in the Oxford and AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine trial may not have been caused by the experimental vaccine itself, it’s been claimed.

The trial was halted on September 6 after a participant displayed an illness thought to be a rare spinal inflammatory disorder called transverse myelitis.

An information leaflet for participants has now indicated that the adverse reaction may not have occurred as a result of the jab.

The document said: “After independent review, these illnesses were either considered unlikely to be associated with the vaccine or there was insufficient evidence to say for certain that the illnesses were or were not related to the vaccine.”

The vaccine trials have now resumed in Britain, Brazil and South Africa, but have not started up again in the United States.

The University of Oxford and AstraZeneca are among the front runners in the race to deliver a jab.

Phase 1 of the Oxford trial demonstrated favourable results as scientists found their jab triggered a response that may offer a double defence against the virus.

However, most studies are halted at some phase, that’s why we have stringent testing to ensure it’s safe before reaching the population, and that’s for any medication and for anything that looks unusual the breaks should go on to see if there’s a connection to the drug and if not, then it resumes and it’s exemplary that they took the proper measures rather than cladding up data so that they could push something through.

Boris Johnson Labels Brussels Acrimonious

Boris Johnson has risked a further confrontation with the EU by claiming Brussels is not acting in good faith over Britain’s Brexit deal and the Prime Minister’s comments came as he saw the resignation of Senior Law Officer, Lord Keen after he was forced into a compromise over contentious plans to break international law by overriding the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement (WA).

Boris Johnson stated that they believed that their EU friends and partners would want to negotiate in good faith and that they’d been paid up members for 45 years.

Boris Johnson was asked directly if he thought the EU was acting in good faith and he said that he didn’t believe that they were.

Boris Johnson now faces concerted opposition to Government moves that would override the divorce deal with Brussels regarding trade with Northern Ireland and the Government will table an amendment to the UK Internal Market Bill, giving MPs a say before it can use powers which would breach the deal brokered with Brussels last year.

About 30 Tory rebels were thought to be preparing to vote for an amendment on Tuesday which would have needed a Commons vote before the conditions in the Bill relating to Northern Ireland could come into power.

Downing Street conceded and declared in a joint statement with Conservative MPs Sir Bob Neill and Damian Green that it would strive to amend the Bill to require the Commons to vote before a minister can use the powers included within it.

Meanwhile, US presidential election frontrunner Joe Biden has insisted the Good Friday peace deal in Northern Ireland cannot become a casualty of Brexit and as Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab was visiting Washington DC to debate the matter, former vice president Joe Biden, who is leading incumbent President Donald Trump in a string of nationwide polls ahead of the November election, insisted a further trade deal between the US and the United Kingdom could only happen if the peace agreement was respected.

Democratic Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi echoed his views and before a meeting with Nancy Pelosi, Dominic Raab blamed Brussels of the politicisation of Northern Ireland issues in the context of Brexit trade talks.

He said the EU stance endangered the Good Friday Agreement.

Dominic Raab said he’d made it clear that the United Kingdom had an absolute commitment to the Good Friday Agreement and he said that UK action here was defensive in regard to what the EU was doing and that it was precautionary and that they haven’t done any of this yet and that it was proportionate.

However, the Prime Minister is the one who never seems to keep any promises and he was sacked twice for heinous dishonesty. Mind you, you’ve got to admire his brass neck, endeavouring to gaslight the whole of the EU.

The man just doesn’t have any integrity and his no deal will be a tragedy and the standard Tory response when all else fails, blame everyone else and so now we have the Brexit fiasco and most of us knew it was going to be a disaster with Captain Pugwash at the helm.

Millionaire Rishi Sunak Refuses To Say If £95 Sick Pay Is Enough To Live On

Millionaire Chancellor Rishi Sunak has refused to say if the UK’s £95 a week sick pay rate is enough to live on as Labour urged the top Tory to put himself in the shoes of low paid workers who face choosing between rent and food if they’re forced into self-isolation.

And he was urged to extend the paltry sick pay rate, which is given to some workers who are told to isolate for 10 to 14 days due to COVID 19 and it comes after claims the Chancellor himself was blocking attempts to raise the sick pay rate.

Shadow Chancellor Annelise Dodds told the Commons: “Can he put himself in the shoes of those low-paid workers, who often have to choose between paying the rent and the bills or putting food onto the table for their kids?

“Surely the Chancellor must agree with the Secretary of State for Health that Statutory Sick Pay is not enough to live on?”

But Rishi Sunak refused to respond to the question but upheld the Government’s position and he said that since the start of the pandemic, they have made changes to the operation of Statutory Sick Pay to ensure that those who were isolating received help from day one.

He stated that they’ve improved the flexibility for those who are self-employed by removing the minimum income floor and he said: “And as the Honourable Lady knows we are trialling incentive payments in local lockdown areas.”

Shadow Chancellor Annelise Dodds also criticised Rishi Sunak after he failed to answer if he was planning tax rises before the end of 2020.

Annelise Dodds said to the Chancellor that he was asked a simple yes or no question about whether he would rule out announcing new tax rises this year, and he failed to respond to it.

She continued that it only fueled speculation that he wants to hike taxes now just so he could cut them before the next election and that he’s playing politics with people’s jobs and livelihoods.

She further said the Chancellor should be focused relentlessly on projecting jobs, not floating a tax and cuts agenda that could strangle our national recovery just when the economy is at its most vulnerable.

And on Rishi Sunak’s failure to ensure he could survive on sick pay, she added that they already know the Health Secretary doesn’t believe UK sick pay is enough to live on, although it’s a bit of a ridiculous question because we all know that if you didn’t have any outgoings, then perhaps you might get by.

However, if someone has a mortgage of £1K a month, then no they couldn’t conceivably get by, but of course, the point of payments like this is to help with outgoings, not to cover them completely.

This is the ‘rainy day’ that we’re all supposed to put aside for, but most people these days just don’t have enough money coming in to do that, all people are doing these days is keeping their heads above water.

Perhaps Rishi Sunak wants them to sell things that they’ve laboured hard for, to keep themselves going? Barely seems worth working at all in that case and perhaps Rishi Sunak could live on £95 an hour, but he definitely couldn’t live on £95 a week, but then he doesn’t have to, does he?

And he won’t say yes because he’d be called a fool and he won’t say no because then that would be like admitting he’s heartless and politicians never answer yes or no because they prefer to obscure.

Boris Johnson Plans Second Lockdown ‘By Back Door’ In Weeks If The Rule Of Six Fails

Sources have claimed that harsh new restrictions that limit mingling at work or in social settings could be brought in within weeks if the Rule of Six doesn’t flatten the curve.

Government officials are understood to be examining all possibilities, other than closing schools, to help keep the spiralling virus under control and Boris Johnson has ruled out a second nationwide lockdown, opting for localised lockdowns instead.

But he’s believed to be planning one ‘by the back door’ if the virus continues to spike and new measures that could stop the virus spreading further include shielding being brought back for the most vulnerable, and pubs forced to shut early if people don’t follow the current rules.

They could also, eventually, include telling the public to use public transport only when strictly necessary and working from home and one senior Whitehall source said that Boris Johnson is so paranoid about announcing a second national lockdown that he’ll just bring it in by the back door.

It came as London’s director of Public Health warned there could be local curfews on drinking, including in the capital and a No 10 spokesman refused to rule out a curfew being introduced in the capital, or elsewhere.

When asked about Professor Fenton’s warning, a No 10 spokesman said that they’ve continued to keep all regions and areas under constant review, which was why they’ve introduced local lockdowns in specific areas.

He added that they will keep the infection rates across the country under review and that they would take action where they believed it was necessary but No 10 would not say how long it could be before more restrictions were introduced, but warned measures would be kept under constant review.

The spokesman said that all the decision they’ve made on the virus, they would be following the best scientific advice and that they would be keeping the numbers and the infection under constant review.

It came after the Government’s Rule of Six came into effect, meaning people in England could encounter hefty penalties if they’re caught socialising with more than five friends or relatives.

A determination will have been made within a fortnight, the amount of time needed to assess whether the latest social restriction has had an impact and a senior member of the Government said they were considering pretty much every social distancing measure should be considered other than school closures.

However, this is a tremendous overreach of power and it’s no longer acceptable and the Tories need to be extremely cautious because they will end up in the same situation as Labour did with nobody wanting to vote for them and the next General Election will be especially intriguing.

And it’s okay if you can work from home, but what about the retail sector, they can’t work from home, plus risk losing their job if there’s another lockdown.

So, here’s the future for you. Once this Government have fully controlled people so they can no longer meet, the only means of contact will be online, and mark my words, they’ll bring that to a standstill too, so we can’t speak at all.

They just want a nation of muffled sheep, and people seem to be happy to follow and people might think that I’m being a tad paranoid, but now I’m seeing people walking around with a face mask and a visor.

I used to sneer at what you would call conspiracy theorists but we actually do need to open our eye’s to what is going on and COVID has evidently mutated to a far less contagious strain.

Excess deaths have been in reverse since June and there seems to be some sort of virus every year, one strain of flu or another of variable severity.

There was no pandemic in Sweden, where they let this pass like any flu pandemic, and no, I don’t believe in lizard people, just see for yourself.

Tory MP Proposes New Law To Prohibit Photoshopped Images

Celebrities could be banned from posting airbrushed pictures without stating they have been changed under a proposed new law.

Tory MP Doctor Luke Evans wants advertisers, social media companies and broadcasters to label pictures which have been doctored to make people look slimmer or more muscly because the Hinckley and Bosworth MP, who is also a GP, said society was creating idealistic and unachievable aspiration, leading to low self-esteem, stress and depression.

Doctor Luke Evans pointed to reality celebs Lauren Goodger and Spencer Matthews, who have both spoken out about feeling anxiety when posting images on social media and the MP said that it was only human to want to compare ourselves to one another, our house, our car, our clothes, and possibly, the oldest of them all, what we look like.

And he continued that research carried out by the Florida House Experiment revealed that 87 per cent of women and 65 per cent of men compare themselves to pictures in the media, but what if what is shown in the media isn’t actually present in reality?

“And here lies the problem. We, society, are creating an unrealistic and unachievable aspiration.”

The bill would require images to carry a logo, drawing viewers attention to the fact that they’ve been doctored, similar to paid-for content or political adverts.

Doctor Luke said that he didn’t want to prevent people from removing red eyes on wedding pictures or filter to improve the lighting, but when the body ratios have been fundamentally altered, the viewer should know.

“This is a call for honest advertising, and we have a precedent for it already. We have the ‘P’ in product placement, we have disclaimers in political adverts and we have ‘not actual game footage’ on adverts for video games.

“This is simply the translation of current practice into the digital world of body image.”

Love Island celebrity Laura Anderson recently told the BBC it could be a positive move and she said, at first, she wasn’t 100 per cent sure but that now she’s all for it and she believed that it was great that we have choices and we all have our reasons for why we edit.

However, if we’re calling for honesty in advertising, then the Tories should come with a public health warning.

And great, we have over four million homeless and working people using food banks and this guy’s party breaking International laws, but hey, let’s sort out photoshop and as an MP he’s got bigger problems on his plate, which he should get sorted first.

Donald Trump Ignores Coronavirus Rules With Irresponsible And Thoughtless Indoor Rally

Donald Trump has addressed his first indoor campaign rally since June, in defiance of coronavirus guidelines.

The US President spoke to large gatherings at the event outside Las Vegas on Sunday, despite a prohibition on assemblages of more than 50 people in Nevada.

People were pictured sitting huddled together, with many failing to wear masks and to social distance from each other.

Nevada’s Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak rebuked the President for disregarding state rules, blaming him of reckless and selfish actions that were putting innumerable lives in danger.

He tweeted that the President seems to have forgotten that the country was still in the middle of a global pandemic.

The event was the first indoor rally the President has held since June, when an event in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was later blamed for a coronavirus spike in the local area.

Donald Trump’s Democrat opponent Joe Biden criticised him for hosting campaign events during the pandemic, which has killed more than 194,000 people in the United States.

However, Donald Trump criticised Joe Biden for doing fewer events ahead of the November 3 election.

Ahead of the rally, Donald Trump sent a series of bizarre tweets: “Once again, Sleepy Joe told the press they could go home at 9 A.M.

“Meanwhile, your Favorite President, me, will go to Reno, Nevada tonight, three stops in Las Vegas tomorrow, with California and Arizona on schedule Monday.

“Don’t worry, we won’t be taking off Tuesday, either!”

He added: “While I travel the Country, Joe sleeps in his basement, telling the Fake News Media to “get lost”.”

The President’s campaign said the Nevada rally was an opportunity for supporters to exercise their rights to a peaceful assembly and spokesman Tim Murtaugh said that if you can unite tens of thousands of people protesting in the streets, gamble in a casino, or burn down small businesses in a riot, then you can assemble peacefully under the First Amendment to hear the President of the United States.

Participants were to have their temperature taken before admission and they were given a face mask, which they were encouraged to wear.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump lives in a bubble that no one has access to and he’s very much out of touch with reality and let’s hope he doesn’t get back in on the forthcoming election because God help America and the world if he does because he’s dangerous and he’s a liability.

And if he believes what he’s doing isn’t dangerous, why didn’t he go down to the front to talk and shake hands with everyone? Because he knows!

Leaked Brexit Report Warns The United Kingdom Could Encounter Queues Of 7,000 Lorries From January

The Government has revealed it’s preparing for the likely worst-case scenario ahead of Brexit as a leaked report warned of queues of 7,000 lorries in Kent and considerable delays to cross into the EU.

The confidential document prepared by the Border and Protocol Delivery Group, also anticipates thousands of passengers could have to wait an extra two hours for Eurostar trains.

However, a Cabinet Office spokeswoman said in a statement that the Government was using a stretching scenario as opposed to a prediction.

She said as a responsible Government they will continue to make extensive preparations for a broad spectrum of scenarios, including the likely worst case. She further said that this was not a forecast or a prediction of what will happen but rather a stretching scenario, which reflected a responsible Government ensuring they were prepared for all eventualities.

The 46-page report, dated last week, says an essential IT system used by hauliers will not be tested publicly until the end of November. One month before the UK’s transition phase with Brussels ends.

Leading union Unite warned that Britain’s ports would be plunged into confusion and chaos in the new year unless customs and lorry parks were completed.

The union said lorry drivers feared the complex computer software to deal with customs would not be ready by December 31, adding most of the planned lorry parks were still to be built.

The latest developments came as Boris Johnson’s contentious plan to override key elements of the Brexit deal he signed with Brussels cleared its first Commons hurdle despite deep misgivings by some senior Tories.

And it’s becoming more and more tiresome having to be confronted with the incompetence and dishonestly of the ignoramuses we have, failing daily to run the United Kingdom.

And they keep saying ‘as a responsible government’, sorry but that particular bit is far too big to swallow, and at the end of it, it will be the EU’s fault, COVID’s fault, the immigrant’s fault, the French people’s fault, the ferries fault and the weather’s fault but it will never be the Tories fault, and if you read the story, it appears to be a lot of ifs, maybe’s, could be’s and worst-case scenarios.

Priti Patel Said She’d Snitch On Her Neighbours To Police

The Home Secretary stated that she’d snitch on her neighbours to police if they broke the coronavirus Rule of Six.

Priti Patel said it was a person’s individual choice on whether to call the police on their neighbours but said reporting bad conduct was the right thing to do to combat COVID 19.

There are exemptions for school and work, as well as a litany of other reasons like households over six people, but Ministers also face rage for making shooting exempt.

People who violate the Rule of Six could face a £100 fine, doubling on each repeat offence up to a cap of £3,200 and Kit Malthouse, the Policing Minister, said anyone concerned about people breaking the rules can contact the non-emergency police number 101 and Priti Patel said she would join the ranks of people contacting the police if she had to.

The Home Secretary said that she didn’t spend her time peeking into people’s gardens but added that she thought anyone would want to take responsibility and make sure they’re not spreading this horrible disease and that if she saw groups of more than six people, obviously she would report it.

And she said it wasn’t about dobbing in your neighbours, it was about taking personal responsibility and that if there was a big party taking place it would be right to contact the police and that anyone who’s actually flouting the rules would be helping to spread coronavirus and that wasn’t a good thing.

However, there are concerns on how overstretched police will fare with the demand of implementing the law.

No 10 revealed officers were unlikely to hand out £100 fines on the first day of the law, as they still don’t have proper guidance from the College of Policing.

The law prohibits mingling between groups in pubs and makes exceptions for important life events, with one barrister saying it was impossible to implement.

Priti Patel bragged that 4,336 police officers had been employed so far under a new recruitment drive. However, numbers were slashed by more than 20,000 under Tory Governments since 2010.

The Rule of Six launched after coronavirus cases spiralled in England and the Imperial College London research claims cases are now doubling every week and the R number is 1.7, with transmission strongest among the young.

However, critics are saying the rise could be down to a testing crisis that has left people in hardest-hit regions struggling to get a test, but Priti Patel argued that it was unfair to say that tests aren’t accessible and that new booking slots were being made available every single day.

But like her colleagues, Priti Patel doesn’t understand the term ‘right thing to do’, which has been bandied around casually by the Tory Party, and this Government would do anything to save its shedding skin.

And she seems to reckon they’re investing in testing, so that everyone can make a booking and that they’re also investing in policing with tons of funding and recruiting to address the crime that’s growing.

She had no response when asked about the 20,000 police officers the Tories scrapped since 2010 and the police can’t implement the law if there aren’t enough of them, but soon there will be special units for people to report this sort of thing, meetings too, just like the Gestapo and we’re steering in that kind of direction.

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