Snap Inspection Of Russian Troops’ Combat Readiness

Russia held snap combat readiness inspections of its troops, as several key Ukrainian government websites were taken offline by a huge cyber-attack.

Russian military manoeuvres are being closely monitored due to a troop buildup close to the Ukraine that has stirred fears in Kyiv and the West that Moscow may be preparing to invade, but Russia repudiates any such plan.

In response to the Cyber Attack, EU unfamiliar policy chief Joseph Borrell aid said the bloc was mobilising all its resources to assist the Ukraine.

No breakthrough was reached at meetings between Russia and Western states, which fear Moscow could launch a new attack on a country it invaded in 2014.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that all communication channels between the EU and Russia were now closed.

The events came the day after Poland warned Europe faces its greatest threat of war in the last 30 years, and as Russia threatened military means if it demands over Ukraine were not met by the West.

Senior US diplomat Michael Carpenter said that the drumbeat of war was sounding loud, as the talks to find a diplomatic solution to the worsening problem between Russia and Ukraine tottered on the verge of collapse.

Defence Ministry footage released by the RIA news agency showed multiple armoured vehicles and other military hardware being loaded onto trains in the Eastern Military District, and the ministry was cited as saying that the exercises would make it possible to assess the readiness of the troops, to carry out missions as needed after regrouping at far distances across Russian territory.

Open-source intelligence analysts have for weeks been examining social media footage of Russian military hardware being transported, including by train.

Russia says it’s up to Moscow alone where it moves its forces around on its territory and that they pose no external threat.

Rob Lee, a military analyst and a fellow at the US-based Foreign Policy Research Institute, said the exercises would test the ability of units to complete missions after conducting long-distance travel, and he tweeted that it was likely cover for the units being moved towards the Ukraine.

The inspections came as several key Ukrainian government websites were taken offline in an exhaustive cyber attack.

A foreign ministry spokesman told AFP that as a consequence of a huge cyberattack, the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a number of other government agencies were temporarily down.

Could you imagine the turnout for draftees if war was declared? There would be very few under thirties volunteering due to all this wokeism – they would sooner fight statues that can’t fight back than for their own country, but then why should anyone in the US or the United Kingdom volunteer to defend the Ukraine when our governments are refusing to protect the sanctity of our own borders?

The trouble is Vladimir Putin won’t be satisfied until he’s recovered the old Soviet Union territories because he has little man syndrome, and Putin is extremely set in his ways. Russia needs a more youthful, more vibrant President who can roll with the times, and all that Putin is doing is alienating Russia and hauling them back to the dark days, and the Russians are just poking a hornet’s nest to see what response they get, or they’re getting ready to annihilate thousands of innocent people, and it wouldn’t surprise me if America is stirring up rubbish so that they can sell more weapons, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Ukraine will be asking for assistance from the United Kingdom.

Fashion WOKE-Walk!

From Birkenstocks with tube socks to clunky trainers and baggy cargo pants, a stylist has revealed why Gen Z trendsetters are choosing deliberately genderless garments in a bid to signpost their woke ideals to the world through fashion.

The latest A-list trend has seen celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid embrace the world of baggy Hawaiian shirts, sleeveless knits, beanies and anoraks to create a more relaxed, gender-fluid aesthetic.

UK celebrity stylist Miranda Holder, who founded The Feel Good Fashion Coach, told FEMAIL that she believes the rise in large and rather unstructured attire was because the younger generation was moving into a woke generation of fashion and didn’t want to be associated with labels who make garments specifically for men and women.

The stylist, who’s worked with a variety of high profile names including Little Mix and Boy George, said the younger generation were voting with their wallets to introduce a world of non-binary fashion.

She said that post-pandemic there’s a universal sense that the world is shifting into a new woke era, and one of the concepts which is rapidly developing is all matters gender-related, and she said that Gen Z is voting with their wallets and many no longer want to be associated with labels that are strictly designed with a male or a female in mind.

She said that as a result, they’re seeing more gender-fluid garments in shops, with numerous designers and labels creating collections that are deliberately unisex, and that this has filtered down onto the high street as we become used to seeing the Fugly trainer, oversized shirts and tailoring. Sleeveless knits, beanies, raincoats and similar dad inspired pieces modelled by the savviest of fashionistas.

Miranda said that fashion was enjoying a new lease of life post-pandemic and that Gen Z was throwing away the rulebook when it came to what’s deemed attractive.

She said that following sporadic lockdowns throughout the past two years, during which loungewear or lycra was the order of the day and every day felt like groundhog day, fashion was enjoying a new lease of life.

She said that micro trends were popping up all over the high street and gathering unprecedented momentum thanks to the likes of social media platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat, and that the younger generation, in particular, were eager to have their clothing cake and eat it, and that there was a sense of rules schmules in the air as shoppers voiced their newfound freedom by sporting whatever they please.

I might have dressed like that about 40 years ago, it was called being a tomboy, however, I believe that this fashion will be short-lived or maybe not, who knows what the future holds for us.

I can’t see this catching on when celebs walk the red carpet where they will be wearing next to nothing to get themselves in the papers and let’s face it, they really aren’t genderless clothes, are they? They’re oversized boys clothes.

Perhaps the point that they’re making is that if they wear these big baggy clothes they won’t be sexually victimised and they’ll be able to get on with what they need to do out in public.

To be honest, I’ve been wearing these sorts of clothes for years. It’s called being comfortable and being able to wear what I like. We don’t need approval for what we wear as long as we’re comfortable in it, who cares what anyone else thinks?

Back in my day sleeveless knits were called tank tops. It’s just fashion that we’ve had before, it’s just gone full circle and we all make mistakes and in ten years time, women will be saying: ‘What was I thinking?’ and trying to hide the photographs.

Welsh Government To Remove All COVID Curbs Within Two Weeks

The Welsh government will scrap all COVID curbs in two weeks under plans to reopen clubs, end the rule of six in pubs and lift the 50 people limited on outdoor events.

Mark Drakeford will lay out a strategy for Wales to move from alert level two to alert level zero by the end of January if the public health situation continues to improve.

Restrictions on outdoor activities will be eased first before extending to other rules introduced on Boxing Day in a phased approach.

Under the existing measures, a limit of six people can meet in pubs, restaurants and cinemas, with outdoor events limited to 50 people, and 30 indoors.

Restrictions also include mask-wearing in all public venues and the two-metre rule while nightclubs have been forced to close.

The First Minister will hold a press conference at 12.15 pm to announce the two-week roadmap following a review of the rules, and he said that the move comes amid a quick drop in the number of cases, adding that we seem to have passed the peak of Omicron.

Wales’ coronavirus case rate recently dropped to 1,492.4 per 100,000 people over seven days, its lowest level since December 27.

The total number of people admitted to critical care with the virus was also 20 per cent of that record over the same period in January last year.

It follows Andrew RT Davies, leader of the Welsh Conservatives, blaming the Welsh government for overreacting to the coronavirus variant.

Responding to Mr Drakeford’s latest roadmap, the Welsh Conservatives said they’re delighted he’s finally listened to calls to lift restrictions.

Mr Drakeford told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that because of what the data and the science were saying to them, and because the modelling they have in Wales predicted, they seem to have passed the peak of Omicron and are coming down rapidly on the other side.

He said that give them confidence that over the next two weeks they can slowly and carefully raise the level of protection they needed over the Christmas period because from a public health standpoint it will then be safe to do so.

Wales was previously criticised for imposing much more stringent rules than England over the festive period.

UKHospitality Cymru had warned hospitality businesses in Wales were already batter and bruised and at the end of their tether by a collapse in customer numbers and said the rules would only make matters worse.

These restrictions have already ruined England and Wales, and now governments just want the British taxpayer to pick up the bill and both governments have become inebriated on power.

Boris Johnson built these COVID hospitals and named them after Florence Nightingale, she would be rolling in her grave now, but Boris Johnson would never admit that he was wrong because he would never let people see that he’s guilty even if we know he is, and he will still go on misleading the public and frightening people, but doesn’t he realise that he’s got no credibility now?

It doesn’t matter whether governments overreacted or not, it’s about control and scoring political points, but I believe this time it’s seriously boomeranged on them.

Grandpa Munster and Wee Krankie weren’t interested in the restrictions by way of being way over the top because they were quite happy to plunge their respective countries into unnecessary draconian measures, but hopefully, it will come back to haunt them and hopefully, our voters will remember this come polling day.

The Longest-Married Couple In The United Kingdom Celebrate Their 81st Anniversary

Britain’s longest married couple have celebrated their 81st wedding anniversary after friends warned that they wouldn’t last long.

Ron and Joyce Bond, aged 102 and 100, said a bit of give and take was the secret of a long-lasting marriage.

The couple have seen 15 different Prime Ministers take power since they were wed in 1941 after a love at first sight meeting.

Ron and Joyce Bond, from Milton Keynes, Bucks, have claimed the title of Britain’s longest married couple after celebrating their anniversary on January 4.

A couple previously believed to be the record holders, Ron and Beryl Golightly from Yorkshire, were married for 80 years before Ron sadly died aged 101 in December.

Joyce, a retired Woolworths worker, said that they never expected to reach 81 years of marriage and they know they are extremely fortunate to have reached this incredible goal and that it felt amazing and that there was no boss in their relationship, they both give and take.

The couple, who are now great-great-grandparents, married at Newport Pagnell Registry Office when Ron was 21 and Joyce was 19.

They went on to have two children called Eileen and Bill.

Ron, who served in the Second World War before working at a local garage, said that sometimes life was difficult but that they worked through it together and they looked after each other too.

When asked if it was love at first sight, both Ron and Joyce gave a unanimous yes without hesitation.

The couple celebrated their anniversary at ExtraCare’s Shenley Wood Retirement Village in Milton Keynes, where they share a flat.

They were treated to cream teas and got a shout out from Ken Bruce on Radio 2 at the request of their son Bill.

Last year the Queen sent them a signed letter for their oak anniversary, which read: “How wonderful to learn of your eightieth wedding anniversary on 4th January 2021. I do hope you enjoy this marvellous occasion.”

Many couples don’t even reach their 50th anniversary, let alone 81 and they look so good together, and this is a testament to love and it just demonstrates that love can conquer all.

This is some lovely news for a change, rather than some of the garbage that we see in the news, and it just shows the people of today that marriage can work.

And it just goes to show you that they’ve managed to endure all these years and yet Boris Johnson said that we would only last weeks if we didn’t hide at home and it just goes to show that this couple are made out of sterling stuff and had all the qualities to form a life long bond. Maybe they could teach Boris Johnson about that too.

Prime Minister and Rishi Sunak Could Reduce Energy Bills’ VAT

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak are considering a U-turn over energy bills that would see VAT cut or scrapped to relieve the pressure on hard-pressed families.

The Prime Minister has previously repudiated the idea saying that cutting the tax was a blunt instrument, but may be forced to act in the face of increasing political pressure.

Labour is set to pile additional pressure on the Government over the rising cost of living by challenging MPs to back up past pledges on cutting VAT, and in an opposition day debate in the Commons on Tuesday, the party will put forward a motion which, if enacted, would push MPs to vote on the proposals, and it could entice support from disaffected Tories dissatisfied at the increased burden.

A newspaper outlet reported that a VAT scratch and reductions in green levies designed to help boost eco-friendly power generation were also cited in a meeting between the Prime Minister and the chancellor.

Meanwhile, the oil and gas industry hit back against Labour’s demands for a windfall tax on profits as prices skyrocket, and in November BP boss Bernard Looney said the company was a cash machine at those types of prices, but Oil and Gas UK said that the Treasury was already getting a tax income boost from the price rise.

Jenny Stanning, OGUK’s external relations director, said that their industry pays up to 40 per cent corporation tax on its profits, approximately double any other sector, which means that the UK Treasury is already gaining greatly from those price rises.

She said that it was anticipated to get an extra £3 billion in corporation taxes in the two years from last April, making a total of about £5 billion based on Treasury figures.

Labour has suggested cutting VAT on energy bills for a year, alongside a windfall tax on the North Sea oil and gas industry, to help support those struggling as energy prices increase.

But the Government has so far resisted creating moves on VAT, and Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi said oil and gas companies were already struggling.

However, Labour said the industry was expected to report a near-record income in 2021-22.

They pointed to earlier promises made by members of the Government on VAT on energy bills, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove.

Writing in The Sun in 2016 they said that leaving the EU would permit the UK to scrap VAT on energy bills, calling it unfair.

But it looks like people will have to trim back on extravagant things, although most people have already trimmed a lot of the fat to keep up with their rising bills because people with young children have no other option if they want to keep their houses heated, and it’s absurd that as a developed country families are having to trim back if they don’t want to end up in poverty.

From April 2022, the repeat prescription charge is about to increase to the new pension age. So, no free prescriptions will be available for the over 60’s and they will now have to wait until they’re 66. That’s £9.35+ per item for your GP prescription medication, whilst MP’s get a £2,000 yearly increase and expenses paid.

The world is a different place now, and numerous governments, ours included, after we left the EU and then COVID unexpectedly came about the governments have to find a way back from that. The problem is, our grandchildren will still be paying it back after many of us have gone because governments have created this shortage and destroyed the country on purpose and it’s about time people started to wake up and we’ve been lied to.

Booty time!

Britney Spears recently left nothing to the imagination posing in a full-frontal nude photograph, and Britney was feeling suggestive yet again on Sunday as she disrobed down to just a red thong to parade her figure in the mirror.

Britney Spears, 40, is making the most of the end of her conservatorship and has posted a string of alluring pictures to her Instagram recently, and in the new snap, she flaunted her peachy derriere in the colourful lingerie which she sported with a pair of sky-high stilettos.

Britney let her long blonde tresses fall loosely down her bare back as she worked all her best angles, and she captioned a slew of sultry photos, along with a string of red heart emojis.

It comes just a few days after Britney posted a full-frontal nude selfie to her Instagram, saying in the caption that free woman energy has never felt better.

The pop star shared the photo, that showed her taking a picture while posing in the mirror of her glamorous walk-in closet, to her more than 38 million Instagram followers on Thursday.

In the photo, the singer sported just a white lace choker around her neck and matching thigh-high stockings without anything else on.

To cover her modesty and abide by Instagram’s community guidelines, Britney used a pink flower and pink heart emoji to cover parts of her totally naked body.

Now, Instagram doesn’t permit nudity on its side with a few exceptions, including pictures of post-mastectomy scarring and women actively breastfeeding.

It’s not the first time that Britney has shown semi-naked images of herself, having previously gone topless on a number of other occasions over the last few months.

But while fans had previously voiced their concerns on past images, Britney has now started to disable the comments on her Instagram posts, meaning users are unable to communicate their thoughts under the uploads.

However, the post definitely induced a stir and was instantly shared by rapper The Game, real name Jayceon Terrell Taylor, and Jayceon, 42, posted the same image to his 12.1 million followers with the caption” ‘Free da gang’.

Not concerned by the drama, Britney later said that she was the proud owner of her first high waisted bathing suit and took to Instagram to model her seductive new bikini while working her angles in the very feminine two-piece and a set of heels, she also seductively guzzled water.

Britney once again appears to be having a very public meltdown, and I can see this ending extremely badly. However, if this is akin to a meltdown, then half the people on social media must be having one. The trouble is once these things are on social media, whether you take them down or not, they will always be on social media.

Really, she’s just the female version of Michael Jackson. So controlled from such a young age that she acts out because of this. Sadly this is surreal and an existence that will likely lead to her demise.

All that she’s actually doing is bouncing back from years of strict control and exploitation, trying to make up for her misplaced freedom and time, and even if she did get balanced supervision she would just see this as control again.

The problem is that with issues like this, you don’t realise that you need help until it’s too late, and they don’t ask for help because they think that they’re okay as they are.

The trouble is that she’s had it entrenched into her that her body makes her money and give her power since she was a teenager and probably longer than that. This might not be normal behaviour to some people and it takes a long time to unlearn this stuff, if ever at all.

Prepare For The Catastrophe Of Rising Living Costs

Ministers are scrambling to find a way of defusing a mounting cost of living catastrophe with energy and food bills soaring and the tax burden getting more serious.

Experts have warned that the squeeze could be even more destructive than the credit crunch 14 years ago, thanks to a toxic mix of spiking prices, the imminent national insurance hike, and over a million people being pulled into the higher rate of tax.

Tory MPs are hitting the panic button over the possibility of the eye-watering £12 billion NI increase taking effect in April, with the backlash sparking an uneasy standoff between Jacob Rees-Mogg and Rishi Sunak in Cabinet.

The Chancellor is defying calls to ditch the 1.25 percentage point bump, which is intended to finance the NHS catch-up after COVID and social care reforms.

Meanwhile, frenzied talks are continuing between the government and the energy industry about how to relieve the pain of surging gas costs for families.

Households could see their bills go up another fifty per cent in the spring when the level of the cap is due to be adjusted in line with wholesale prices, and new figures have indicated that another 1.2 million people will be dragged into the 40p tax rate over the next four years after the threshold was frozen as part of Rishi Sunak’s hopeless endeavours to balance the books after the pandemic.

In a round of discussions, business minister Paul Scully insisted the government was looking at ways to relieve the pressure, but he was also left squirming on Sky News as he struggled to say how much a pint of milk costs, ranting that he bought it in big cartons and as part of bigger shops.

Meanwhile, Tory infighting has intensified with an MP accusing Jacob Rees-Mogg of crying crocodile tears about the NI increase.

Jake Berry, chair of the Northern Research Group of backbenchers, told Times Radio that you don’t have to be a genius to see this coming down the line and that Jacob Rees-Mog, when this was proposed, had the ability then, to oppose it like he did, this increase in National Insurance, and that it was all very well to turn around the crocodile tears and say, look what my policies have created.

He said that this shouldn’t have happened. In fact, the time to do something about it was when it was opposed, so if Jacob Rees-Mogg wants to vote with his feet that was up to him.

Take your pick. The Brexit deal, COVID, the economy – every aspect of this government governing has been embroiled with incompetence, that’s not even getting into the billions they’ve wasted in bad decision making, and Boris Johnson has become the death destroyer of the economy and this is Boris Johnson’s new mantra.

The media should have exposed Boris Johnson’s total ineptitude for the job years ago, but instead, they covered for him.

And all those people crying for lockdowns, more restrictions, track and trace and over 1.5 million tests a day, well the piper needs paying, or did everyone think it all came for free?

There are approximately 12.4 million pensioners in the United Kingdom, and now the government plan on making all prescriptions payable over the age of 60. They want to take away their bus passes and are now making them pay for their TV licence. Maybe it’s time to think about who we will vote for in the next general election.

Of course, the other choice to vote for was Jeremy Corbyn, and even though Boris Johnson is a hapless catastrophe, if you believe that voting Jeremy Corbyn would have been any better, then someone out there has some magic beans to sell us.

A Man Strangles A Woman With A Shoelace In Florida

A Florida man has attempted to strangle a woman at a Miami bus stop with a shoelace in a horrible unexpected attack close to the airport.

Aaron Quinones, 27, has been charged with felony attempted murder after he allegedly attempted to strangle an unnamed woman, 26, at a bus stop close to the Miami International Airport on January 2 at about 11 am, but it doesn’t seem that the pair knew each other.

The woman, who appeared to be on her phone and had luggage sitting beside her was conscious that Aaron Quinones was behind her when he attacked her.

Video footage reveals that Aaron Quinones, who appeared to be going to or from the airport as he had a neck pillow resting on his backpack, calmly walked up behind her before stretching his arms out to wrap the makeshift noose around her neck.

The woman looked back at him as he tightened his grip on her, pulling her onto a bench as he climbed over her.

The pair wrestled for a moment before Aaron Quinones repeatedly hit the woman in the face as she boots her assailant away.

The woman was rescued by a bystander, sporting a green t-shirt, who approached the pair waving his arms before he drags Aaron Quinones off her, and then the video cut out.

Miami-Dade police officer Angel Rodriguez said that had it not been for the Good Samaritan that stepped in that basically stopped this individual from attacking the victim, the outcome may have been much worse.

Police reported Aaron Quinones escaped on foot after the bystander pulled him off the woman.

The woman was treated on scene by a Fire Rescue team and the extent of her injuries are unknown.

The bystander left the scene before police arrived and now authorities are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying him.

An investigation in Aaron Quinones is still ongoing, and no explanation for the attack has been shared.

He’s being held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Centre on a $250,000 bond.

A newspaper outlet contacted the Miami-Dade Police Department for comment, and according to the Miami-Dade Police, crime is active within the country, with a total of 28 violent crimes occurring within the first two days of the year and 50 non-violent crimes.

This man will go to prison for an extremely long time.

We also need to see who the hero was who saved this woman’s life, but the fact that they left before the police arrived suggests that they didn’t want to be known.

However, this poor woman will never be the same again, and the mental anguish and fear that she will suffer will never leave her, and this was awful. You can’t even sit at a bus stop without stressing about getting attacked, and I believe that the poor woman should be praised as well because the courageous woman put up a heck of a fight.

The problem is, opening up borders and letting violent criminals out of prison have consequences, and America is a very unsafe country right now. This is America, the land of the free and the insane, and this man appeared to know precisely what he was doing, which is absolutely chilling, frankly terrifying and he probably would have killed the woman if that fearless person hadn’t have stepped in.

The point is women need to be protected from these predators, but it took another man to do this, and this fearless man, the Good Samaritan risked his own life in defence of a stranger. The perp could have had a knife, gun et cetera, who knows.

The Concept Of Growing Food Has Become Taboo

Farmers reacted with anger to Boris Johnson’s plans to rewild swathes of the UK’s arable and pasture land claiming swapping fields of cows, sheep and pigs for trees and bogs, which will put British food production at risk.

The Government’s £2.4 billion per year plan to replace the European Union’s common agricultural policy, called the ‘Sustainable Farming Incentive’, will be launched by Environment Secretary George Eustice at the Oxford Farming Conference.

And at its heart landowners will be paid to plant trees and restore wetlands and peat on 741,000 acres of land under the largest farming reforms in 50 years. The taxpayer will finance up to 15 large nature reserve projects of up to 12,000 acres each across the United Kingdom and thousands of smaller projects over 20 years.

It came days after Ed Sheeran announced his own plans to buy farmland to plant as many trees as possible to offset his considerable carbon footprint after years of worldwide tours and jet setting.

Farmers have said that Boris Johnson has become obsessed with rewilding, branding rubbish, and putting it above food security, which has been harmed by Brexit and the COVID pandemic.

Jono Dixon, a farmer in East Yorkshire whose family have grown wheat on the land since 1857, said that he was sick to death of all this tree planting rewilding mumbo jumbo malarkey, and that they should be allowed to produce, and that they should be left alone to do what they do best.

He told a newspaper outlet that planting trees on a mass scale on good fertile farmland growing cereals, vegetables and other palatable crops was quite simply absurd and that in his opinion it shouldn’t happen.

He said that as custodians of the countryside, farmers know how to work the land and that they monitor the wildlife and they normally look after what’s precious and that’s their daily surroundings, and he said that they appear to be surrounded by a bunch of complete and utter imbeciles who believe they know everything but really know nowt at all.

Boris Johnson’s preoccupation with rewilding has been blamed by some farmers on the Prime Minister’s father Stanley Johnson, his wife Carrie Johnson, who are advising the Government. The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs insists that projects won’t go ahead if food production is threatened.

Jono Dixon said the people around Boris Johnson are dangerous, adding that Ed Sheeran and other millionaire non-farmers buying up land for conservation are getting into something they know nothing about.

This a Government who emphatically blah blah’s about climate change and then systematically tears up the greenbelt land for huge housing estates and changes village life forever, and all this is really about is a greedy immoral government that go for short term profit and they’re selling our country from under our feet.

There was a good deal of boglands and flood plains that were ploughed up in order to attract EU subsidies and food was not generally grown in these areas, they just had to be agriculturally ready, but it exacerbated flooding and decimated habitats. We need our flood plains and the best way to secure them is to pay farmers to maintain them.

But Government wants to take everything from you. Health, food, energy, you name it and if they do, the people will be totally dependent on them.

We need to grow much more of our own food and not only should have COVID have taught us this, but it’s more environmentally friendly to not have food that’s been produced a long way away and that has had to travel and be stored before it gets to our table.

It helps our economy to have farmers in this country successfully producing but instead, they’re supported less and less by the government.

The countryside needs to be protected from development, but my worry is that Boris Johnson, who’s already attempted to introduce a planning policy for developers to build over our green spaces with ease and does nothing to prevent mass immigration is probably the biggest menace to our countryside and thinking that having a few more rewilding sites will compensate for the developments happening around the country already destroying our environment, and rewilding woodland and non-native trees, non-diverse planting shows they really don’t care or understand what they’re doing.

Chaos In Schools On The First Day Back

The big return to schools in England has been plunged into disarray with pupils being sent home with COVID less than an hour after arriving, and dozens of teachers were unable to go into school due to COVID and education chiefs warning that specialist subjects may have to be axed to deal with staff deficiencies.

As secondary school students returned to the classroom after the Christmas holiday, headteachers and union bosses forewarned of impending disruption due to the spread of COVID and isolation rules.

One headteacher said dozens of his staff are off sick with COVID.

Meanwhile, parents revealed how pupils were being sent home within an hour of arriving due to a positive lateral flow test.

It comes as the starkest warning yet, and the head of Ofqual has suggested schools may have to suspend specialist subjects and focus on core lessons as a way of coping with staff absence.

Ian Bauckham, chairman of the exams regulator, said emergency timetables may need to be adopted as schools struggle with teachers testing positive for COVID 19.

He said lessons such as Music, Physical education (PE) and Religious Education (RE) may have to be discarded to let teachers concentrate on core subjects such as maths, science and English.

He also warned that other practical subjects such as design and technology may have to take place in bigger classes.

School students were being swabbed on their return to school as part of a nationwide programme to catch cases, including asymptomatic ones, at the beginning of the new term.

Every secondary school student in England was to be given a lateral flow test when they arrived at their classroom, and the Government-backed testing scheme has been aimed at rooting out cases before the virus circulates through schools and back to the home, potentially sparking a sudden surge of self-isolation among parents, and students and staff would also be encouraged to test twice a week and to wear a face mask to lessons.

Despite the measures, school heads fear up to a quarter of their staff could be struck down with the virus this month, with unions warning a return to online teaching is unavoidable for some this term. One education leader reportedly said the problem could lead to something like a scene out of Mad Max.

Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi however insists face to face classes will stay the norm. The Department for Education (DfE) meanwhile has reportedly urged heads to deal with staff absence by teaching larger classes.

What we should be doing is. Stop testing healthy children and let them breathe, and the mild, unbeatable Omicron has made a mockery of COVID rules and sent authoritarians into an ideological quandary, and what they should do is change the rules or they will destroy the livelihood and the economy.

It’s time to be guided by the South African experience and this OCD testing should stop if you don’t have symptoms, and only isolate if you do.

And numerous schools have been stockpiling with iPads ready to hand out. Let’s just send the children home and then teachers can teach them from their cosy homes and just broadcast their lessons. No bad behaviour to deal with or disciplines to hand out. All they have to do is waffle on for about an hour and then set them some work to do online, and if the children are not there for their education then it’s not the teacher’s problem.

And there are many people out there that think that we should all be locked away in our wardrobe until the very last case of COVID has gone and now we’ve all become paranoid which is fuelling this problem even more.

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