Power To The People

Yesterday there was a protest in Basildon, Essex where people were parading up Sparrows Herne to Basildon Hospital with banners and chanting ‘freedom’.

People were there raising awareness of a corrupt Government – Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock, all of them a female said as she recorded the entire procession.

The female said, “Look at all the police – paedophile protectors”.

She said, “Look at all the police, they’re going to trap you”. As you could hear loads of people chanting ‘freedom’. And then the female was heard chanting ‘stand up’ and everyone began chanting along with her.

And she said that the police were protecting the paedophiles in (government), and she said that they were marching for all the corruption because she said everyone including the mainstream media are lying to everyone.

She said that if you check up the symptoms of radiation and COVID 19, that they’re the same – the mainstream media, the Government and Boris Johnson should be done for treason and genocide, and that he’s already been served his papers.

She continued that we need to understand that this lockdown isn’t about your health, this is about control, and that if we sit in our houses and don’t fight back, then we’ll end up being a police state with no freedom and that our freedoms are being stripped away using the COVID app and that we should all go and check it out on the government website.

She said that they wrote on their UK government website a few days before lockdown in March that the virus was no longer deemed a highly contagious disease and yet they still went into lockdown.

She said that Bill Gates is a criminal and she said there’s going to be so many deaths, and that all the elderly, they’re killing them off and that these demonstrators, they’re the one’s that are fighting, and then they get branded as conspiracy theorists, but that if they are, why are the Government and the media pushing so hard to shut them off?

And she said that we need to know what’s going on, that this is just like Hitler and that this is what it is, history is replicating itself and that it isn’t a joke and that the Government don’t care about us – Boris Johnson, David Cameron, Tony Blair, all of them, and that COVID has been planned for decades and that she’s not a conspiracy theorist, she’s never been into politics, but that this is incredible.

And that this isn’t just a coronavirus march, they’re fighting for everyone – human rights. They march for the children and that there’s been a lot of Basildon cases, so they were there today to let people know that they’re marching for everyone and that she doesn’t need to be from Basildon to march for them.

And that we all need to unite and come together – divided we fall, united we stand, she said, and as the march approached Basildon Hospital there were police following them and she said, “Look, all of them together, all ages, different backgrounds”, and as the police followed them, she said, “Look, paedophile protectors”.

And she shouted out to the police, “Where are you when we need you?”

And as they crossed over the dual carriageway to Basildon Hospital, cars were beeping at them and yelling out their windows in support, and she said, “See guys we’re not nuts, everyone knows”. And she said, “Look at the police”, and that they weren’t nuts, and that this was world war 3 and that people didn’t even know there was a war, and that was called psychological warfare.

And that people going past in their cars were in support of them, and that this was the real people’s opinion and f**k what they say on mainstream media and putting up fake stories, telling everyone that these people are conspiracy theorists and that they’re not, they’re telling you the truth and that we should all wise up before it’s too late.

She said, “F**k the police, they’re no longer the police that we grew up with to protect us, and that she’s never gone against the police, ever, but she’s telling you now they’ve got to picked their side because it’s going to get really really naughty”.

She said she wasn’t from Basildon, she didn’t know where she was or where she was going but that the Government were trying to divide us and that they were going to pick us off, and that the police were arresting people, but if you stay inside because you’re frightened the police are going to arrest you then we’re f****d.

And that people need to get out and show the Government that we’re not standing for this and that we’re not letting some paedophile government dictate to us where we can and can’t go and when.

Check out Agenda 2030, they want electric cars in 2030, and it sounds amazing, it sounds lovely but when you’re not allowed to drive these cars because you put in your destination and it won’t go to the destination you want and there’s nothing you can do about it.

And she said that they weren’t going to a precise location like the town centre because the police would have expected them there and that’s why they’re just waking up people because they didn’t expect them to be there.

She also said that whatever people say about what they’re doing is meaningless and that people sitting on their a***s is pointless and that those that don’t agree with them should take their negativity elsewhere.

She said that she protests elsewhere like Trafalgar Square and people have messaged saying that before this group they wanted to commit suicide and that they’re saving people and that other person’s that don’t agree with them should be ashamed of themselves.

However, some people are saying that they’re morons wasting police time because they’ve got nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon during a pandemic and also that the locals were loving them all interrupting their peace.

And that this is why the virus is spreading because of dumb idiots going out in big groups.

Did these protestors not consider that perhaps people were beeping their horns because they were in the road disturbing traffic and causing mayhem.

Weight Loss And Loose Skin

There are numerous people out there who were obese and lost weight and ended up having an excess of saggy skin afterwards, but these people are usually overlooked.

Surgery to remove this surplus skin is not accessible on the NHS because it’s classed as cosmetic surgery, but this excess skin can often become painful, distressing and can cause lots of infections that are also extremely painful.

Surgery can cost thousands of pounds, which numerous people can’t afford or have to take loans out to pay for it, but the NHS doesn’t generally fund for cosmetic surgery unless there’s a medical need for it, but then they make the excuse that they’re not there to get you “beach ready”.

Even a person who’s had cancer and might have lost their teeth because of the chemotherapy, the NHS will not help because it’s classed as cosmetic surgery.

This surplus skin doesn’t just impact one part of the body, it affects the arms, tummy, thighs, breasts and the vaginal area where enormous flaps of skin hang down and cause irritation, infections and pain.

And numerous people are informed that the NHS is there to save lives and not to get them beach-ready.

This saggy skin impacts on a person’s daily lives. It can impact a person’s relationship with their partner where intimacy is pretty non-existent.

Yet the Government have this strategy that everyone should address obesity, yet they don’t want to support these people afterwards, and they’re whining that it’s costing millions to the NHS because people are having to have heart operations, or are diabetic amongst other things.

Losing weight isn’t straightforward and it takes numerous years to lose weight which in the end save the NHS millions of pounds because there would be fewer heart operations, fewer people would be diabetic, so less medication given to them.

There should be at least some incentive because these people have spent years struggling to lose the weight, which makes them feel better in themselves, less melancholy, and more inclined to do something with their lives.

Boris Johnson said that we all have to do our bit so that we can lower the risks to our health and so that we can take the pressure off the NHS – well, Boris, you also have to do your bit as well – allow these people to have surgery because they have done their bit.

Health Secretary, Matt Hancock said that everyone knows how difficult losing weight can be so they’re taking bold steps to help everyone who needs it, but they’re not!

Yes, tackling obesity will help prevent serious illness and save lives, but what about their well-being thereafter? They can’t just be left to get on with it, with a pat on the back from the Government and a well done, you did fantastically but we won’t allow you cosmetic surgery on the NHS, even if you’re in pain because of the surplus skin leftover from losing weight.

Even exercising is challenging and painful for these people because the skin hangs so much it seats between the legs and can get trapped in the machines and they have to make sure when showering that they dry and moisturise correctly and that there’s nothing left in the folds of the skin because it causes infections.

And when these people approach their doctor, they’re told they don’t fit the criteria and that they should go private and even cancer patients are not given any support after they recover, they’re just left to get on with it.

This is brutal because hopefully by losing all that weight they’ve lowered the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer and in the long run have saved the NHS money.

And it appears that people that were obese don’t have a loud voice and they’re largely overlooked, so what’s the point of them losing weight if they don’t have quality of life and their life is hampered afterwards.

Surgery for excess skin after losing weight can cost between £7,800 up to £24,000 if not more, with many having to go privately, having to take out enormous loans and it’s not do-able for the average working-class person, I mean, who really has that kind of money spare?

The Tories Are Abandoning The Working Classes

Dominic Cummings departure marks the end of a radically victorious experiment to turn the Tories into the party of the provincial English working classes.

A year ago, the party campaigned laboriously on a platform to improve the lives of ordinary people – now, hours after Dominic Cummings exit was established, the party briefed a return to the preoccupations of metropolitan England.

The party is administering welcome home kisses on both cheeks, naturally to wealthy people in the big cities and turning their backs on the people of Derby, Mansfield, Walsall, Stoke and Durham.

As far as most working-class people are concerned, the Tory party has long been led by posh people for posh people.

Ordinary families have long endured lectures from Tory ministers on the need to cycle everywhere, to eat costly vegetables, to build character in their children like public schools do, and to love every facet of modern life.

It took the Vote Leave veterans, ironically fronted by someone with the middle name de Pfeffel to sweep this aside and speak directly to the masses of provincial England.

Dominic Cummings Vote Leave veterans cut through to working-class voters like no other Conservative campaign since Margaret Thatcher in 1983.

Brutally simple and unsentimental in style, they turned politics upside down, setting up the prospect of a complete political realignment and getting Brexit done, improving town centres, more money for the NHS and police, each of these helped destroy Labour in its own heartlands.

Walk into a flat-roofed pub in an estate in Derby and you now genuinely meet people openly telling you they voted Conservative.

Under the direction of Dominic Cummings, Cain and the rest, for the first time in decades, the Conservatives connected with the working-class people and the voters from towns in the Midlands, the North and the coast believed that the party finally cared, not just about their political priorities but about their daily lives and where they lived.

And in what would be the most unbelievable and inept political campaign decision of modern times, the Conservatives look set to chuck it all away.

Make no mistake, a change in approach to prioritise so-called softer issues, like environmental causes and social and lifestyle issues meant that working-class voters would slowly but surely peel off to Labour.

At the end of the day, none of the three main parties is interested in the working classes and sadly the Labour party left us behind in favour of themselves and the Tories have never cared, as long as the taxes keep cruising in.

But then might say that if the taxes weren’t rolling in, how would the country function, presumably on fresh air, next they’ll put a tax on that as well.

Perhaps it doesn’t pay to vote for any of them. After all, they’re all for themselves anyhow – always have been, always will be and it proves it, the way that the country has gone.

And so much for levelling out, but then that was never more than a sound bite and if you believe the departure of Dominic Cummings will mean better things to come, think again.

All we have now is this indecisive inept fool who can’t even string a sentence together and evidently, Boris Johnson will be gone by early spring and now even his most enthusiastic followers can see the muck up that is Brexit.

Between them, Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings and the Tory party have in the last 4 years shredded this country – they’ve committed suicide on behalf of us all, Brexiteers and Remainers alike.

It’s a mess – their out of touch, out of their depth and we haven’t even felt the full effects of Brexit yet either.

What Has Dominic Cummings Achieved In No 10?

Dominic Cummings arrived in Downing Street with great plans, and the stated intention to only stay long enough to get them moving. So, what has Boris Johnson’s chief adviser and policy touchstone achieved?

Perhaps Dominic Cummings most resounding quote from No 10, albeit delivered at second hand was the idea of a hard rain landing on complacent civil servants.

Revolutionising a hugely convoluted organisation of more than 400,000 people was never going to be straightforward, especially within a year of a pandemic.

The major changes have been at the top, with a string of permanent secretaries, the lead official in a department, being dismissed, along with Mark Sedwill, the cabinet secretary and head of the civil service.

Verdict: not achieved.

Many of the Conservative MPs who cheered the announcement of Dominic Cummings departure in the hope it will result in a more open No 10 would agree this has happened, but much of the tighter grip has been based on centralising advisers, all of whom had to report to Dominic Cummings, an innovation that led to Sajid Javid’s resignation as chancellor.

Given this revamped operation has presided over a string of misfortunes and U-turns, whether it can be considered a success, or will last, is another matter.

Verdict: yes, but at a price – and could be reversed by a successor.

Another obsession of Dominic Cummings, who, while a history graduate, was known for lamenting the grip of dilettante generalists on government and in an unusual recruitment drive – Dominic Cummings used his blog in January to appeal for data scientists and other various oddballs to sign up.

Government data is yet another area brought into No 10 under Dominic Cummings, and in July it advertised for a data expert to set up a largely autonomous data ‘skunkworks’.

Verdict: some change achieved.

As one of several Vote Leave vets inside No 10, Dominic Cummings had arguably less direct impact here than in other areas, instead being part of a consensus and it’s reasonable to say that his presence helped keep Boris Johnson’s feet to the fire in terms of threatening Brussels over a UK walkout without concessions on a trade deal from the EU, even if the PM’s allies claimed this would have happened anyhow.

Could Dominic Cummings departure see Boris Johnson again achieve a deal by suddenly giving ground but declaring a grand victory? Maybe, but then again, this might have happened regardless.

Verdict: he has played a role in the UK’s tough Brexit stance.

Although I’m not sure if causing a lot of damage can be categorised as an achievement and he’s managed to make the entire country despise him, even though pantomime villains are handy sometimes.

And will he now be compensated by the Government for the termination of his contract – oh, wait a moment, I should have said taxpayers money.

But it’s extremely interesting, don’t you think? Drive to Barnard Castle during the lockdown, potentially violating the law and he gets the maximum support of Boris Johnson, but upset Boris’s fiance and Dominic Cummings gets the chop – must be the power of pillow talk.

However, he was hardly any mastermind – it’s hardly a work of intellectual to lie to the nation, but the work of genius is making people believe it, but then I don’t suppose it’s easy reducing a country to a third rate nation.

He’s also achieved a breakdown in people’s respect for authority by ignoring the rules in lockdown, but Boris Johnson brought him in and protected him, knowing full well that what he’d done undermined the constraints put in place by his Government, which is unforgivable.


Videos which falsely claim that Joe Biden didn’t win the presidential election will stay on YouTube because they’re a discussion of election results, the company stated.

The Google-owned video colossus had previously been criticised for failing to remove a video from right-wing news network One America News Network (OANN) saying that President Donald Trump won the US election while votes were still being tallied.

Donald Trump had unfailingly undermined the integrity of the election with numerous claims of voter fraud and election rigging.

Following the election, OAN posted another video entitled: “Trump Won. The Elephant in the Room”.

The video falsely claims that Joe Biden wasn’t the president-elect, holding phoney press briefings and that there was a looming reality that Joe Biden and vice president-elect Kamala Harris got caught because there was so much evidence of organised voter fraud.

This is despite US officials saying that they found no evidence votes in the presidential election were compromised in any way.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency said that while they know there are numerous unsubstantiated claims and opportunities for misinformation about the process of the elections, they could assure that they have the utmost confidence in the security and integrity of the elections.

The video also claims that Joe Biden had achieved nothing and doesn’t have his transition team in place and the Trump White House is thwarting the administration from formally working with Joe Biden, and Joe Biden’s transition team are under orders not to have contact with existing government officials.

And YouTube said on Twitter that like other companies, they’re allowing these videos because discussion of election results and the methodology of counting votes is permitted on YouTube.

They said that these videos are not being surfaced or recommended in any major way – the company also pulled ads from the video, meaning that they can’t profit from views.

YouTube also claimed that the popular videos about the election are from authoritative news organisations and that 88 per cent of the videos in top 10 results in the US came from high auth sources when people search for election-related content.

The day after election night, eight out of the 20 top results when users searched for LIVE 2020 Presidential Election Results presented incorrect information on election day and four channels broadcasting false results were confirmed by YouTube – one channel broadcasting phoney results had over 1.4 million subscribers.

This is misinformation and we know how bad it can get when people spread that sort of stuff – if anything, the video would be better suited in the comedy section, at least there it would benefit people who would get a chuckle out of it.

However, this is bad because they’re aiding and abetting Donald Trump and the ruination of the country.

Just give Donald Trump a TV show where he can still pretend he’s still the President of the United States, that way he can dominate new adversaries every week on his own show.

The guy has lost, plain and simple and he’s looking more ridiculous every day and the world is watching this car crash, but he loves it because then he’s getting the attention that he wants and needs.

Will The Yorkshire Ripper Get His Final Wish?

Family members don’t agree who is responsible for the serial killer’s remains, it emerged, as questions loomed over his funeral arrangements.

Peter Sutcliffe had expressed a desire to be cremated and for his ex-wife, Sonia Woodward, to scatter his ashes in Paris, where they had a honeymoon in 1974.

The Yorkshire Ripper’s younger brother Carl said Mrs Woodward remained his next of kin and therefore holds the legal right to arrange a funeral.

The 61-year-old said he had washed his hands of his sibling and wouldn’t attend any arranged ceremony, but the Ripper’s other brother Michael, 70, disputed the claim about Mrs Woodward and said that it had nothing to do with her and that she wasn’t his wife anymore.

Michael said he’d hardly spoken to Mrs Woodward since Sutcliffe’s arrest and he was the only one of the killer’s five siblings to stay in regular contact with him, communicating weekly by phone.

The Ministry of Justice yesterday said the killer’s remains would be treated the same way as any other inmate, with his next of kin potentially taking control depending on what is in his will.

It’s not known who the executor of the will is.

Peter Sutcliffe and his wife Sonia stayed in contact after he was sentenced in 1981 but she’s not thought to have visited him in his later years – they divorced in 1994.

His death with be a bone of contention for many, but his victims and the families will now be able to rest at least, and the families of his victims didn’t get to choose the final
destiny of their loved ones, so perhaps he shouldn’t either.

However, the law is quite clear, jailed for life, but in death, his cremated remains will be returned to his family.

Normality By January?

Boris Johnson is set to buy millions of rapid response coronavirus tests to let the public back into sporting events and concerts by January.

The test will make up a crucial element of the Government’s mass testing programme for the nation and would just cost £5.

If rolled out, the test could deliver a result in just 15 minutes and permit the public to have some semblance of freedom.

Once receiving the result, the public could be given something along the lines of a freedom pass to move freely across their town or city.

However, if the tests are rolled out across the country, experts have cautioned that the public must be given lessons on how to use the kit accurately.

The Government has placed an order of about 60 million rapid test kits by January, with a further 192 million secured by March.

This kind of new rapid result test is based on what’s called a lateral flow test.

Lateral flow tests are presently undergoing evaluation and a study by Oxford University and Public Health England found the test to deliver 95 per cent efficiency in cases with an increased viral load.

In contrast, the performance fell to 77 per cent of people with a lower viral load.

Sir John Bell, regius professor of medicine at Oxford University, said that these affordable, easy to use tests can play a significant role in the war against COVID 19.

He said they identify those who are likely to spread the infection and when used systematically in mass testing, could decrease transmissions by 90 per cent and that they would be detecting the disease in large numbers of people who have never previously even received a test.

Crucially, lateral flow tests can be used at a testing site and need no laboratory equipment and have been used in a two week pilot in Liverpool and under the report by Oxford University and PHE’s Porton Down laboratory, 40 different lateral flow devices were put forward.

Of that number, six moved to phase three trials with the Innova SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Qualitative Test now approaching completion of the four-stage process.

Once rolled out after the trial in Liverpool, the lateral flow tests could be used to help determine those who are asymptomatic and thus, help lower the R rate.

Sue Hopkins, the chief medical adviser for the NHS Test and Trace system, said that the test was proving to be accurate and reliable.

But are we gradually being manipulated into what is being planned out for us?

Many will sneer and have a good chuckle, but it appears that all those predictions are coming true, and maybe some of us out there should spread the word, ignore the scorn and ill-informed counter-arguments.

Freedom passes – so to stroll around and do everyday activity we need a permit – just to breathe fresh air – a special privilege that will be extended to us, if we’re fortunate and aren’t the Government kind enough to allow it?

But remember folks, you’re already free, you don’t need a pass to prove it, but there will be people out there gullible enough to believe it, and I never thought in society that intelligent people could be so brainwashed to this extent.

There will never be a normal again, we’ve been manipulated and this is a problem, reaction, solution and the pandemic has been massively fuelled by the media. They’re exploiting the figures and feeding it to the public as the truth.

Are we becoming a fascist state? And a test site for a one-world nation – because it seems it’s being forced onto us disguised as something for our own good and we’ll only become that kind of society if we let it happen.


A model was left horrified after she claims an £18 Missguided jumpsuit ruined her brand new £60,000 Porsche by staining black dye across its cream suede upholstery.

Nina Bailey, 30, from London, says she splashed out on the eye-watering five-figure sum on the new Porsche Macan less than a year ago, yet was enraged to discover the cream suede car seat blackened with dye.

Nina Bailey claims it also completely stained her crisp white bedding to the point of no return, yet she couldn’t see any product information demonstrating that the colour might run.

She claims Missguided have apologised but haven’t accepted liability, as they informed her the product had been tested and the dye doesn’t transfer.

After various garages claimed the upholstery was unsalvagable, Nina Bailey resorted to taking the car back to Porsche who said they could endeavour to get the dye out, however, she said there were no promises that it would come out.

The loyal Missguided shopper was forced to throw away her bedding and won’t be sporting the dreaded jumpsuit again or making further purchases until the problem is solved.

Nina Bailey said that the jumpsuit had 100 per cent ruined the seat of her motorcar and that she was gutted when she saw it and thought ‘oh my god, imagine how much that’s going to cost to fix for an £18 item, and she said it made her frustrated.

She said that she’s been to loads of different garages and because they’re dyed cream suede seats, it’s not going to come out and that there wasn’t any product information to say that it might run – nothing at all – which was a bit irritating.

She said that she’s been able to throw away the bedding but that she can’t just get a new seat because it’s a Porsche and it’s sort of stuck with her now.

Nina Bailey said that she first wore the jumpsuit whilst she was at home cleaning and saw that the dye had transferred onto her white bedding, which she’s had to chuck away.

Nina Bailey said that she discovered when she got up that all her sheets and pillowcases and everything were black from the dye and was like ‘what the hell?’

She said that she washed the sheets and pillowcases because of what had happened and went out in her car, and the next morning when she got back in it she realised what had happened and she thought: “Oh my God, that jumpsuit again”.

She said that she probably won’t bother wearing the jumpsuit again because she might forget that she’s wearing the dreaded one and that she’s got a lot of light furniture and she doesn’t want it to happen again.

I think perhaps she’s trying to pull a fast one here. If you noticed that your jumpsuit had stained your bedding, you definitely wouldn’t then go out in your car and get dye all over that as well.

A rational person would have taken it off, put it in a bag and sent it back to Missguided with a letter saying what had happened, but that’s a lot of speculation, and until Missguided find out what happened, we will just have to wait and see, but I’m sure she’s loving the media attention.

Sinéad O’Connor To Enter Trauma And Addiction Treatment Programme

Sinéad O’Connor has postponed her 2021 tour to enter a year-long treatment programme for trauma and addiction.

Writing on Twitter, O’Connor said that 2020 had been the culmination of six years of suffering.

She had this year become addicted to a drug other than weed, which she’s used for 34 years, after being profoundly impacted by the death of someone special.

She also experienced trauma owing to the illness of one of her children, who has since recovered. “The child is thriving now thank god,” she wrote, “but the mom needs TLC.”

She wrote that entering a rehabilitation facility and taking this time to recover would leave her fit for a lifetime of touring and would allow her to address historic hardships from her past.

She said that she grew up with a lot of trauma and abuse and then she went directly into the music industry and never learned really how to make a normal life – never took proper time to recover and that she wasn’t prepared either.

She described the music industry as a very unforgiving place for artists who need to postpone due to emotional or mental health problems and when she asked for help from her agents and promoters, they said that if she took those steps, it would mean that her career would be over, and then O’Connor cited the American poet Mary Oliver: “I must save the only life I can”.

In 2016, O’Connor was found safe after authorities voiced concern for her health when she vanished from a Chicago suburb. In 2018, she converted to Islam and changed her name to Shuhada’ Davitt.

O’Connor said she still planned to publish a memoir in June 2021 and said she would return with a new shit-kicking album and a rescheduled tour in 2022. Then, she said, she would be able to explain very clearly the experiences of the past six years.

With her therapy starting next week, she said, she will stay on Twitter in the meantime to post, mostly about what a complete twat Trump is and how he’s way too stupid not to be clever, and that they may as well just have put Putin openly in charge of America since he’s been running it for four years anyhow.

Last month, O’Connor released a version of the spiritual song Trouble of the World, made famous by Mahalia Jackson, her first release in five years.

Life was good for her, but some people just go a wee bit crazy in the entertainment industry but her music was good and hopefully, she’ll get better soon and it’s okay to be a seeker, looking for answers, because that’s normal to a lot of people.

And it doesn’t sound like her life has been good and she was lost and needed help a long time ago.

In 1979 O’Connor left her mother and went to live with her father and his new wife. At the age of 15, her shoplifting and truancy led her being placed for eighteen months in a Magdalene Asylum run by the Order of Our Lady of Charity.

In some ways, she flourished there, particularly in the development of her writing and music, but she also chafed under the imposed conformity.

Unruly students were sometimes sent to sleep in the adjoining nursing home, an experience of which she later commented, “I have never—and probably will never—experience such panic and terror and agony over anything.”

She shaved her head, which was originally a statement against traditional views of women. Years later, O’Connor said she began to grow her hair back, but after being asked if she was Enya, O’Connor shaved it off again and said that she didn’t feel herself unless she had her hair shaved off, so that even when she’s an old lady, she’s going to have it.

O’Connor has four children and has been married four times, but in a 2000 interview in Curve, O’Connor remarked that she was a lesbian, but that she hadn’t been very forthcoming about it and that throughout life had gone out with men because she wasn’t comfortable about being a big lesbian mule, but that she was a lesbian.

However, soon after an interview in The Independent, she said that she thought that it was overcompensating of her to declare herself a lesbian – that it wasn’t a publicity stunt and that she was attempting to make someone else feel better and that subsequently had caused pain for herself and that she wasn’t in a box of any description.

On a 4 October 2007 broadcast of The Oprah Winfrey Show, O’Connor announced that she’d been diagnosed with bipolar disorder four years before and had attempted suicide on her 33rd birthday on 8 December 1999.

O’Connor said that she’d received 3 second opinions and was told by all three that she was not bipolar.

In August 2015, she revealed that she was to undergo a hysterectomy after suffering from gynaecological issues for over three years.

O’Connor would later blame the hospital’s refusal to administer hormonal replacement therapy after the operation as the primary reason for her mental health problems in the ensuing years, saying that she was launched into surgical menopause and that her hormones were everywhere – that she became suicidal and was a basket case.

Sinéad O’Connor is also agoraphobic.

However, after all this, she’s a gifted artist, her voice is outstanding and trauma is the root to a lot of addiction and illness and there’s no shame in trying to save yourself and mental health is a lifelong battle for many – she’s a beautiful singer who sings from a troubled soul.

Is That Godzilla?

A massive alligator was spotted lumbering its way across a Florida golf course which has sent social media into a frenzy.

The fearsome critter was caught on video by golfer Jeff Jones at Valencia Golf and Country Club, in Naples, as Hurrican Eta swept through the area on Wednesday.

The alligator, which spectators have argued would look more at home in Jurassic Park than on a golf course, is seen sashaying across the fairway before immersing itself in a nearby lake.

‘Holy …,’ one golfer could be heard commenting in the video. ‘This guy out for a stroll – oh, my God!’

The sunshine state’s gators are renown for growing up to enormous eye-watering proportions, with the largest ever captured in Florida sizing up to a staggering 17.4 feet long and this beast didn’t seem to be far off that record measurement.

Meanwhile, online, social media users had joined in a collective voice of hysteria, with many comparing the alligator to a famous reptilian monster.

‘That is Godzilla that is not a gator,’ wrote a stunned Alex Hoffman.

Josh Helmuth also insisted ‘That’s no gator,’ instead concluding the beast depicted was a ‘walking, living dinosaur.’

Another user wrote: ‘That thing didn’t just survive the meteorite 65 million years ago, it rose up and headed it top corner’.

One user, who identified herself as a lifelong Floridian, said: ‘Holy s**t … I’ve seen a few gators in my time, but never one that big. His tail alone most weigh 100 pounds.’

What seemed to be most concerning to the spectators was the size of the alligator’s legs, with Liz Dueweke asking, ‘Can someone from Florida explain to me why its legs are so long? I thought gators had itty bitty legs.’

Alligators tend to use a high walk, also known as a slow trot when moving long distances.

Generally, they’re seen in a crawling stance, which they use to travel short distances, which several users pointed out, but the facts offered little in the way of comfort, with Bill Wong nervously asking: ‘How fast can an alligator run? Asking for a friend.’

‘The real question is,’ one user responded, ’Who is faster, you or your “friend”.’

Others quipped that the most alarming thing about the beast was its flagrant disregard for coronavirus pandemic protocol.

‘This is terrifying,’ wrote Judd Zulgad. ‘That gator isn’t wearing a mask.’

‘Where is he going,’ jested another user. ‘Mar-A-Lago is the other way.’

This gator looks extremely scary, but I bet not as scary as some of the politicians they have there in the US. However, this is an extremely menacing creature and a magnificent beast.

This is their natural habitat, but it seems humans want everything for themselves, but beaches and shorelines were meant for sea animals to come out of the water to rest and lay their eggs.

Although we could do with a few of those so that they could be let loose in UK parliament, but that might be cruel to the alligators.

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