How The Elite Dominates The Masses

There are some issues that people on the left and the right in American politics will never discuss, and the reason they won’t discuss it is that they agree mutually.

The democrats and the republicans agree on something and so they don’t want to talk about it in public debate because it unveils the fact that they’re fundamentally the same.

They only talk about things in which they disagree, and it turns out that the things that they agree are the most important things, and things that they disagree are comparatively minor.

We need to realise that we’ve been artificially isolated for far too long.

The global elites have separated us into democrat and republican, left and right, conservative and liberal.

They have divided us with hot button issues like abortion, gay rights, gun control, prayer and schools and by doing so, they have given us the voters, the illusion that we have a choice.

When in fact, both the republican and democratic parties are controlled by the same global elite, and on issues that matter, to those global elites, they act as one.

By the time you go to the polls, and put your pencil mark the paper, the decisions are already made, the candidates have already been chosen, so who chooses the candidates that the people vote for? Who frames the issues that the people vote for?

Voting is nothing, it’s all done before that stage.

This left-right paradigm is a political ploy and it works pretty well for those who know what they’re doing and the republican party and the democrat party are both pretty much in the hands of a relatively minute group of people, with a membership of around 4,000, and this called the Council on Foreign Relations.

These are the people that are really pulling the strings in both the republican and the democrat party, and they get a lot of advice from the councils, so they don’t have that far to go to be told what they should be doing and how they should think about the future.

People like Hilary Clinton even knew at that elevated position, compared to the Council of Foreign Relations, she was a tiny fish but she knew that she had the approval of the CFI.

Then you have the Rockefeller family, and the ultimate goal of these people is to create a one-world government, this is what they want to achieve. Not just any world government but a world government based on the model of collectivism, in other words, big powerful, centralised world government.

If it were a world government based on the principles of freedom and freedom of choice, freedom of culture. Low intervention or no intervention in the lives of normal human beings it might be a wonderful thing, but that’s not the sort of world government the left and the right have in mind.

They’re talking about a total political government with all major decisions being made at the top and people at the bottom being peasants basically in a high tec feudalism.

In a short video presented by the United Nations Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali and containing some extraordinary footage, the relationship between the United Nations New York City and the Rockefeller Foundation was clearly outlined.

With every single department of government, on a federal-local county states provincial level, the United Nations had an equivalent department to deal with everything and it was already set up to be a global government.

HG Wells announced at the League of Nations, which was the nucleus for the United Nations. He said, this is the foundation of the world government and that ultimately all laws will come from there, and passed and signed into law by the treaty of all the countries and eventually, they won’t even have to go through the pretence, and that’s what it is, of voting in parties or candidates.

Because at the later part of the twentieth century and now into the twenty-first century we’re being trained, rather obviously to just accept rules by experts, rules by scientists, and rules by professionals and that’s what they mean when they call rule by governance.

2009 was the first year of global governance with the establishment of the G20 in the middle of the financial crisis.

The climate conference in Copenhagen was another move towards the global management of the planet.

If people would just engage a few more brain cells, open their eyes and look, they will see the scale of fascism, there’s no other word for it, that we’re being subjected to today.

And then we have the re-education camps that apply to American citizens, this is shocking but the time for denial is over.

Then there is the elite army that outlines the plan for re-education camps in America. It’s incredible but they do use the word re-education, and they repeatedly refer to operations inside US territory and how the psychological operations officers are going to be brainwashing people in the camps, deciding who needs to be brainwashed and on and on, which is all part of the Department of Defence document for interment and resettlement specialists.

So, it refers to in the document (DC’s), that’s displaced citizens or civilian internees. It talks about things like implementing policies inside US territories. So, what you have is that camps have been sold under the guise of the war on terror and are being legitimised for use with American citizens as they pass the National Authorisation Act, sanctioning the definite detention of America citizens without any due process.

This is a slippery slide into oppression and these detainment compounds are of course the end of the road for anything we can consider to be freedom.

It’s based on North Korean models, Soviet gulag models, Nazi concentration camp models and more, and all collective systems eventually deteriorate into a police state because its the only way they can hold it together.

So, what’s the point, what’s the end goal? It’s to get everyone chipped, to dominate the entire society and to have the elite people control the world and on the top of this connivance, a handful of ultra-wealthy multi-billionaires in the world, some of them have been conspiring for more than a century.

Their tools are the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberger’s, trilateral commission, and they have tools in other countries as well.

Now, they’ve taken over the government, but republicans and democrats, there’s no distinction anymore between the two parties, they control both parties, and it doesn’t matter to them which one wins, and whoever’s running for president, it will be someone they anoint, and the fact of the matter is you can’t win an election unless you have enough money to win, and they make sure who gets the money.

And they’ve even written about it. There’s a man called Carol Quigley and he penned numerous publications about this group of people, and their origins and their roots coming from Europe and England in particular, and he comes to a rather intriguing point in one of his books.

And he said: ‘Okay, this is how the real world is’. He said: ‘How is it that we collectivists, we elite, how can we rule the world, when at the same time we want to let the average person think that theyre living in a democracy?’.

And he answers the question brilliantly. He said: ‘It’s pretty simple, you’ve got to have two major political parties, and they’ll have the same major goals, the same fundamental principles, and they’ll quarrel with each other on the surface with slogans, energy and technique, and all that sort of thing, but that they’ll control them both’.

So, there’s the strategy, there’s the whole scam behind this left-right paradigm and when you understand this history and this reality, you look at it and say yes we’ve got a left-wing and right-wing but theyre really opposite wings of the same ugly bird.

And then we have the cheerleaders, the news reporters and the talk show hosts, on the left and on the right, and they frame the debate.

They won’t let the American people debate the real issues, they won’t let them even think about the real issues, which are, are we going to keep American sovereignty or not? Are we going to let the Federal Reserve system which is a banking cartel continue to run the government or not? They won’t let them talk about those things.

These politics are a charade and elections and politicians are in place to give Americans the illusion that they have freedom of choice – you don’t really have a choice if you’re an American citizen.

This isn’t a party issue, this isn’t a left-right issue, and the question is, should we have big government or little government, the question is, who should government serve and it should serve the people, and it hasn’t been doing that, and it still isn’t doing it, and changing from republican to democrat or democrat to republican is not going to change that.

And that’s the problem because as long as you depend on the phoney wrestlers and depend upon their well-paid cheerleaders and the prophets that keep you centred on trivial matters, there’s never going to be a way out of this mess.

And this is how fear can be used as a tool to manipulate others, and how those in positions of power, past and present, have effectively used fear to control specific aspects of society.

The coronavirus could have been used as a weapon of fear and control and those being taken advantage of by fear will never realise theyre being manipulated and if the coronavirus wasn’t a weapon of fear, it’s definitely being exploited.

And the news reporters and nefarious news prophets are clearly using fear tactics with their contradictory coronavirus prejudice statements concerning how the coronavirus is progressively going to get worse rather than better over the short and long term.

Coronavirus they yelled, and at that moment, fear of fascism and state abuse quelled, suspending the herd once again in a vapour of ignorance and fallibility.

The establishment smiled, and their menials returned to the meadow, each now housed in its enclosure for the night, and it’s ironic when you think about it, not only have we had our freedom taken from us, but we begged for it.

Please lock us up so we don’t get the coronavirus because once people fear, all reasoning goes out the window, but what we should really be doing is soliciting our own truth, doing our own investigations, using our own methodology and forming our own conclusions.

Fortunately, some people are born with spiritual immune systems that sooner or later give rejection to the illusionary worldview that’s been propagated upon them since birth through social conditioning.

They begin sensing that something is wrong and begin looking for explanations, inner knowledge and abnormal outer experiences that show them a side of reality others are oblivious to, and so begins their quest of arousal.

And each step of the journey is made by following the heart instead of following the masses and by choosing knowledge over the veils of ignorance.

Using fear is seemingly the most obvious way to repress people. Really think about it, people believe in God because they’re fearful of going to hell and people do well in school because theyre frightened of being homeless et cetera.

And we’ve been tormented by these tactics for centuries and it’s time that we turned the tables and spread the truth by repetition until the sleepers wake up because as long as people are trapped in fear, the system continues.

Fear controls us all at some level of awareness. We know if we’re late for our job we can get fired. If we don’t pay our bills, we could lose everything.

Therefore we have to be submissive cogs in the machine, otherwise, we get replaced.

If we don’t make enough money, we slip into poverty, but if we’re fortunate enough to enjoy our jobs and wake up every day truly looking forward to it, then we’re really blessed.

But the world is so competitive and no matter how great you may be at your job, there are hundreds or even thousands of people who could do it better for less money and if your boss realises that, then you’re out and they’re in.

And what about the dying off of the American middle class? Statistics prove it’s happening. Ask any working-class, nonprofessional who doesn’t have a lot of work connections or a state blue-collar trade career – it’s plain scary.

Governments are literally controlled by the wealthy, and since there’s no end to their selfishness, we all know where the middle classes are going.

At the end of the day, they’ll, of course, blame the markets, the high cost of living, and they’ll blame the workers, whose wages are stagnant for not bettering themselves.

And the fear is not the uncertainty, but the reality that we’re heading full steam ahead of a neo-feudalism society, where the working man is nothing more than a replaceable cog – in fact, we’re already there.

And as people get older, their body’s ache daily, as their blue-collar jobs continue to destroy their well-being and no health insurance, so what’s not to fear?

Retirement in America, that’s questionable for tens of millions of people unless they get an inheritance and America dominates its subjects through fear with taxpayers money which goes towards corporate subsidies instead of social welfare.

America has a bloated military and a prison culture exploding instead of affordable learning and healthcare and corporate extortion occurs every day, and people in the US are like Neo in the Matrix and most want out.



The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed they screwed up the COVID 19 infection counts and deliberately deceived the public and have apologised. Clarifying that the number of people really contaminated was much lower than what was originally announced.

And is a mistake so outrageous it made the director of the Harvard Global Health Institute question how the CDC could have made such a mistake?

The American Coronavirus Task Force further revealed to falsifying the National COVID 19 death tally when Dr Birx stated the deaths are people who died with COVID 19, not from COVID 19, thus making the true death count much lower than what was currently being announced.

Dr Anthony Fauci admitted masks wouldn’t help against the disease and mask manufacturers included warnings that their products did not deter COVID 19. Dr Anthony Fauci further stated that continuing to close the country could cause irreversible harm.

The CDC backtracked their original claim that led governors to shutdown their states and clarified that COVID 19 does not spread easily on surfaces.

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo confirmed a recent health study showing that 70 per cent of new infections actually starts at home, therefore making stay at home orders one of the most dangerous mandates currently in place.

Donald Trump withdrew funding the World Health Organization (WHO) and threatened to cut off money permanently until they could demonstrate they’re no longer corruptly influenced by communist China after they lied to their country about human to human transmission of COVID 19 in January.

The curve was crushed, and the CDC, WHO, Dr Fauci, America’s governors, and countless more were simply mistaken about the inherent fulmination of the disease and even California was opening up earlier than anyone anticipated because the evidence repudiated the long-standing and incorrect narrative still sustained by the extremely corrupt and dishonest media.

If you’re still living in fear, don’t. The media, global corporations, the government, and its agencies, deceived the people and people called those of us who knew this all along, conspiracy theorists, but it turns out we were simply observing the facts.

Open up your business, churches and homes. Don’t fall for the lies any longer, and if you fell for the lies, it’s time to wake up and join the militia or truth seekers fighting on the front lines.

WHO has revealed that transmission of the disease from asymptomatic carriers, the whole reason for the lockdown, is limited and that you could spread it before showing any symptoms.

The CDC confirmed a 0.2 per cent death rate for COVID 19, for that, we now have put ourselves into debt. Laid off or furloughed millions of workers and put millions of people on welfare.

We have paralysed our industry, wrecked our tourism trade and service industry. Heightened mental health problems and have given unruly control to government administrators.

We have increased suicides higher than COVID 19 deaths, postponed operations and treatments for profound illnesses, and have violated upon myriad important civil freedom and Bill Gates has put himself in such a position of authority by massively financing all corners to make this deception happen.

Our whole way of life is at stake and they have strategies to make it much worse, now introducing it as the grand reset – the beginning of the 4th revolution – a surveillance state of control, where everyone lives in what is actually a strick open-air stockade where you’re tracked, and where nothing will be private and everything will be determined for you, and where you will have no rights whatsoever, and there can be no resistance.

Welcome to the ‘new world order’.

This is the greatest scam in history and it’s unbelievable – where numerous people are dying from natural causes, old age, cancer or an automobile accident and they’re putting COVID 19 on their death certificate.

There is no doubt in my mind that COVID 19 is a real virus but are the numbers as diverse as they’re saying? And nothing says you care about public health like Monsanto.

Bill Gates owns 500,000 shares of Monsanto, the most sinister company in the world, and he’s claiming he wants to make the planet a better place, and then you believe he’s making these vaccines for your benefit.

And for all, those Coincidence Theorists who are clueless about how the world truly works and still believe your vote counts and that politicians give a dung about your will, vote or well being, they don’t.

In fact, the whole world is a virus, it’s mostly fabricated, especially the TV set and you would think that in 2020 people would be at least intelligent enough to realise that absolutely nothing on the TV is to be believed.

But with a few film set shots, they’ve convinced the herd there were actually millions of extremely sick people dying from an obscure virus. With Bill Gates negotiating a $100 billion Contract Tracing deal six months before the coronavirus.

When the government fears the people, you have democracy but when the people fear the government, you have fascism and the government weren’t fearful of the people who willfully stayed at home for 3 months while facing destitution and cancelled Easter based on ridiculous stupidity.

Ignorance is a professional sport and everyone’s training for the Olympics and the WHO is a joke of an organisation even if it attempted to exist for legitimate purposes, which it doesn’t.

This is not some new discovery of theirs, but it is a global reset and all they needed was a TV to do it and once they’ve you duped you they can come right out and spell the lie and the facts have been irrelevant from day 1 and will remain so.

As long as they can keep people isolated they can move ahead with as many agendas as they want, whereas if everyone was united, it could end, but that won’t happen.

The state uses a huge amount of its resources every single day to distract and convince you that the enemy is somewhere out there so you don’t wake up to the fact that they’ve always been your biggest opponent.

NWO-VID19, ISIS, Al-Queda, Iraq, Afghan, Syria, Cuba, Russians, Communists, and climate change are all the external hobgoblin for you to feast and focus on so you don’t see who the real villain has been all along.

The state is not your friend, it doesn’t listen to you, it doesn’t care about you, and it doesn’t give a damn about your vote, it’s all an illusion, and is most certainly not going to save you or make everything alright.

This is how all the elite thinks of the herd and therefore why they’re striving to dominate every phase of your life, and that’s why the sheeple did precisely what the TV told them to do.

No resistance, no questions asked, no evidence needed.

Want me to cancel Easter, sure. Want me to go bankrupt, sure. Want me to be fearful of my own children, sure. Want me to poison my family with spraying chemicals, sure.

Now, humans are allergic and contagious to each other. Sure, I’ll stand 6 feet away. Want me to protest with free speech, sure, but now it’s with a muzzle on, so not free speech, and now we have the special brand of crazy who don’t even know what they’re protesting about anymore.

But you haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until you see what they’ve got planned for those not making plans of their own, and the media are playing us like a fiddle as always. Then again we’re clowns if we thought all of a sudden they would tell us the truth, about anything.

They never ever tell you the truth about anything and that’s how people remain inert while the world is taken over.

This is the clever manipulation of the organised beliefs and practices of the masses which is a crucial factor in a democratic society and those who manage this invisible tool of society form an unseen government which is the actual ruling authority of our country.

We’re governed, our minds are moulded, our tastes formed and our ideas suggested mainly by men we have never heard of and in virtually every act of our lives, whether in the field of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical reasoning, we’re controlled by the comparatively small number of persons who understand the mental process and social patterns of the masses, and it’s they who pull the strings that control the public perception.

Nevertheless, one can post stuff like this round-the-clock and with some people still believing that the prophets perpetually tell them the truth.

Equally as bad, millions of people still believe that the politicians, despite being mates with all of the parasitoids behind this, and having an insane spy network think that they’re on our side, and they can put stories like this out there because they know there’s an abundance of dumb people out there who will accept it, and in case you ever doubted it, you live in a lunatic asylum.

We now live in a dictatorial world and they literally want to control everything, and they’re trying to wipe your family off the planet while you applaud them on, and why would anyone ever want to stick around and exist in these insane asylums, except if you belong in one.

And for all those participating, cheering, accepting and immortalising these stories and atrocities, you will soon lose all your liberties and deserve it for choosing blindness when the scam was so clear to see.

And have you ever questioned what animals feel like being in captivity, hunted, targeted, confined, tormented and abused – you’re experiencing a small taste of it now!


Racist Britain


In 1833, Britain used 40 per cent of its national budget to buy freedom for all slaves in the empire.

Britain borrowed such a huge amount of money for the Slavery Abolition Act that it wasn’t paid off until 2015. This means that living British citizens helped pay for the ending of the slave trade with their taxes.

The British government raised £20 million to pay out for the loss of the slaves as business assets to the registered owners of the freed slaves, but at the time, not a penny was given to the slaves themselves for their time kept as prisoners and forced to work for nothing.

So, in effect, the slave traders or owners were remunerated with funds from the general public and it was only paid off in 2015 and it’s been revealed that David Cameron’s family were slave owners when researchers from the University College London examined compensation payments made to Britain’s most influential families following the UK abolition of slavery in 1833.

I suspect all the dirty historic laundry of England is being washed in public now and even the legendary Penny Lane in Liverpool was named after a slave ship owner.

Even Picton Street in Bristol was named after General Thomas Picton who came to public notice originally for his alleged brutality throughout his governorship from 1797-1803 of Trinidad, as a result, he was put on trial in England for illegally torturing a 14-year-old girl but even though he was convicted, the conviction was later reversed.

I’m presuming that in the next few days or weeks, there will be plenty of stories like this, so I guess by tearing a statue down, we’re going to learn a lot about our corrupt past.

Thousands of British people owned slaves and were remunerated, from vicars, politicians, aristocracy and rich widows, it’s a matter of record, just look it up for yourself.

So, taxpayers were still paying off government debt borrowed to pay millions in restitution to affluent slave owners and while some were knowledgeable of the payments, which finally ended in 2015, there were a lot of people who had no idea modern Brits were paying off the money the British Treasury gave to people, which made them wealthy through human suffering.

The government pledged in 1833 £20 million to compensate the owners of slaves when slavery was abolished in Britain. The amount, while big now, was enormous in 1833, and it took the British taxpayer 182 years to pay off.

There’s a lesson here, and if it wasn’t in our history book, then it should have been and it’s up to us all to read about it and recognise that Britain chose to allow this to happen and yet evidently we’re not racist!

And David Cameron’s family profited from the payouts to the slave owners and his family were still getting payments up until 2015, what a delightful family.

Yes, the slavery abolition act was an entirely pragmatic business dealing by the British aristocracy when they could smell the smoke from the torches and see the shimmer of the pitchforks and the British people didn’t profit from slavery, they may have paid the debt but that ultimately went to the elite.

Racism is the direct link to slavery, without slavery there would have been a free equal world for all men and racism still exists now with weird people who look down on colour and no amount of money can compensate that.

Racism is a nasty word and we shouldn’t be blamed for wincing at the sight of it now.

It unsettles all of us, despite the context that it crops up in and race doesn’t make for comfortable conversation and it’s a fairly dangerous assumption by those who don’t experience it, that racism isn’t a thing anymore, at least, not here in little old Great Britain.

And the way we’re educated about race relations in school doesn’t reflect where we are now, not in England – absolutely not and not so many people brazenly use the ‘N’ word anymore.

Slavey is prohibited, people can sit wherever they want on the bus and police brutality is more America’s problem than ours, so apparently, things are fine, right? But sadly, no. Not really and they haven’t been fine for as long as many people of colour will remember.

And over a period we’ve watched as the United Kingdom has gradually woken up to the fact that we have just as much of a race problem as the one so prominently associated with the United States, past and present.

It may display in various forms, and it may be approached differently, but societies both sides of the pond still have an inherent, systemic, really fecking big problem on their hands.

And I can’t help but feel that Britain’s sudden recognition of how profoundly racial bias is engrained into our political system, employment prospects, social movement, criminal justice and the education system, and I can’t help but feel that it’s all a little patronising.

And this level of ignorance isn’t restricted to the United Kingdom. The difference is that our understanding of what racism looks like in the USA is much different over here in the United Kingdom and it’s no secret that we follow in America’s footsteps and what happens, happens there first before we in the United Kingdom take heed and follow suit.

We haven’t just started to publically address our race problems here in the United Kingdom, we’ve known about it for a long time but all the drama in America has made people wake up and realise that enough is enough.

We can’t just ignore racism as much as we can’t accept it as part of our daily lives and in England, racism is just wrapped up in a nice, more refined packaging, however, it’s just as bad.

And while nicer and politer may describe the way we address our history of discrimination in the United Kingdom, it doesn’t describe the level of influence it has on the way we live.

Barbra Streisand Helps George Floyd’s Daughter Gianna


Gianna Floyd, the 6-year-old daughter of George Floyd, is now a Disney shareholder, thanks to Barbra Streisand.

The young girl thanked the singer for the gift with a post on her Instagram page, highlighting a slideshow of the photos displaying the letter and certificate she got in the mail.

Barbra Streisand, 78, also sent Gianna two of her studio albums, ‘My name is Barbra’ and ‘Color Me Barbra’.

And on Gianna’s Instagram page it said, ‘Thank you @barbrastreisand for my package, I am now a Disney Stockholder thanks to you’, along with a photo of her smiling with her certificate.

While the Walt Disney Company no longer gives shareholders discounts to its theme parks, the brand is known to deliver on investments, with shares doing well over the years.

And it was calculated that an investment of $1,000 in Disney 10 years ago would be worth more than $4,600 as of February 2020 for total revenue of about 370 per cent.

It is unclear how many shares Gianna received from Streisand.

However, we mustn’t get away from how this was all a particularly noxious business and how she will process all that has happened when she gets older.

There will be so many contradicting things to absorb in her head. and no matter how much this wee girl is compensated, crime just doesn’t pay!

This is really sweet and a valuable contribution and massive reverence to Disney and what happened to George Floyd is one of the vilest things we’ve seen to date and nothing this unfortunate man did deserves this treatment and those cops that did this to George Floyd are nothing more than sociopaths and criminals.

Gianna Floyd, the six-year-old daughter of George Floyd, sent her thanks to rapper Kayne West after he agreed to pay for her college education. The 43-year-old rapper created a 529 college savings programme to cover her entire education.

Gianna Floyd took to Instagram to post an image that read, ‘Thank you Kayne West for securing my college education’.

Gianna Floyd added in the caption, ‘Thank You Kanye, Because of You I Will have a college Education… Mommy and I are so thankful for you and your family.’

She also tagged Kayne West’s wife Kim Kardashian while adding the #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd hashtag.

Along with securing Gianna Floyd’s college education, People further reported that Kayne West bequeathed $2 million to organisations promoting the defence of Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor.

But actually, this little lady is too young to understand, and here’s hoping that she stays centred on her goals.

Losing a father is wrong, and with the same system that took his life still in place, this wee girl will still see and encounter numerous other disturbing things.

I can’t say that I’m a great follower of Kayne West but I have to say that it was a lovely thing to do for the girl and this is an incredible thing that Kayne West did for her, and there is a flicker of hope in the news within an otherwise world of hatred and loathing, and I hope that society becomes a more desirable place for her as she grows up, compared to what her elders have had to endure.

Keir Starmer Blasts Ludicrous Situation


Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has said that it’s ludicrous that betting shops are free to reopen while parents don’t even know when their children can return to school.

Sir Keir Starmer said the problems confronting Downing Street on ensuring pupils were safe to return to classrooms were wholly foreseeable and reprimanded the Prime Minister of neglecting to engage with opposition parties to put together a plan.

There was no plan, no agreement and no leadership and Sir Keir Starmer said leaving children at home would be damaging not only to their education but also to their well-being and the longer schools are shut, the greater the damage to children’s well being and education and the growing demand on parents who have to shuffle childcare and work responsibilities.

And the warning from the Children’s Commissioner couldn’t have been starker with a generation of children now at risk because they’ve missed out on over six months of education.

Bookmakers and non-essential shops are reopening on Monday providing they can safely stick to social distancing guidelines.

Bookmakers and non-essential stores are opening on Monday providing they can safely stick to social distancing guidelines and it’s now been reported that Boris Johnson is contemplating dropping the hotly contested two-metre social distancing rule over the summer to free schools to reopen by September.

And at a Downing Street press conference, Boris Johnson confirmed he was moving slower than he would have wanted in some areas but that he wanted all students back in the classroom by September.

But Sir Keir Starmer said that the target was in danger of being missed if a plan was not put in place quickly and that without a plan, there’s a chance that even by September numerous schools will not be able to open, and some children could be out of education for an entire year.

He contended that creativity needed to be used to utilise vacant buildings across Britain, including theatres, museums and libraries, so they could be repurposed as temporary classrooms.

The Opposition leader called for Chancellor Rishi Sunak to announce new funding in the pre Budget report next month to pay for education over the summer months while also pushing for a one to one meeting to take place between teachers and parents before the holidays.

However, Boris Johnson said school students would undergo a huge catch-up operation over the summer and beyond to get up to speed on work children have missed.

The incompetent Tories should have been making emergency plans for schools by making sure they could be safely distanced by finding village halls, church halls and community halls.

After all, the elderly and vulnerable can’t use them but instead, they wasted money on Nightingale hospitals because of course Boris Johnson could then stand there and brag that he’d built these hospitals, alleging he was fulfilling his lie at the election – and what’s happened to them, they’re closed.

The thing is, schools, teachers and children have been let down for years by the Tories, and now we’ve got this pip-squeak Boris Johnson at the wheel who can’t regulate his trap.

The Government Must Face Inquiry


The last few months have been a solitary and challenging time for numerous households, with grandparents being isolated from their grandchildren and couples in different homes have not been able to see each other.

Therefore, the gradual easing of lockdown in England to allow some people to meet in social bubbles has been a welcomed move but it comes amid warnings the risk of infection continues to be high and the pandemic is far from over and we must assume that our Government has got it right following so many previous mishaps.

And scientists are beginning to recognise what Boris Johnson declines to believe, that errors were made at the inception of the outbreak and the Government’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty revealed that more should have been done to bring in extensive testing earlier.

Professor Neil Ferguson, of Imperial College, said the death rate could have been halved if the lockdown had been started a week earlier, so now, there’s an unbelievable case for a public enquiry into the Government’s administration of the emergency and if lives were needlessly lost, those guilty must be held to account.

England’s high street will reopen for trading next week after three months. This is a critical time for numerous stores and if they’re to survive, they will require support.

And chancellor Rishi Sunak joined retailers, business leaders and the shopworker’s union USDAW in backing the call for everyone to do their part to support our high streets because every penny you spend in your local shop will promote business and keep people in a job.

There needs to be a public enquiry and we know the situation is unique and the government have done their best, but it’s clear to all, regardless of political standing the government have got numerous things wrong and sometimes appear to be winging it from day to day.

What should bother us is if there is a public enquiry, there will only be one if the government ask for it and it seems that the government have much to hide over their actions, so they won’t launch an inquiry.

The problem with public enquiries is that they cost a fortune and drag on for many years, usually without even reaching a final result and politicians, if criticised will say they were simply following the science, so won’t admit responsibility for their decisions, added to the key players such as Matt Hancock who will no doubt have moved on or left politics entirely.

However, we don’t know if there have been any blunders, that’s for the inquiry to ascertain, that’s if there is ever an enquiry but whatever happens, we mustn’t have any politically motivated enquiry like the media or other lefty’s who appear to be agitating the news, and most importantly, lessons have to be learned for the future, and not political points scored.

But what else can we expect from a movement that has endeavoured to make political capital throughout this human tragedy and indeed, have been willing the death toll to increase, and there have been lots of cases where it’s been intentionally and repeatedly distorted.

But when all said and done they’re as dangerous as each other, so it’s understandable that numerous people out there aren’t politically motivated and even though it’s up to an enquiry to see if errors were made, it’s rather plain to see that the government have not managed this crisis well.

We know this is an unusual situation and the government are doing their best but that doesn’t exempt them from media and public judgment when the choices they make are wrong and there must be a fair and honest enquiry, otherwise, it will be another Tory government stitch-up.

The Queen’s Reign Is Effectively Over


the queen

The Queen’s reign is effectively over, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, with the virus essentially putting Charles on the cathedra and the coronavirus has done more harm to the monarchy than Oliver Cromwell.

Her Majesty, the Queen, 94, may remain in self-isolation for months and never return to normal frontline regal duties as the government proceeds to facilitate the coronavirus lockdown over the coming weeks.

The Queen has put all her civic duties on hold while she remains with her husband Prince Philip at Windsor Castle and it’s sad but it seems that the Queen won’t be able to continue her role because the COVID 19 virus isn’t going away anytime soon and will be with us for months if not years.

It would be far too dangerous for the Queen to start meeting people on a regular basis, even though she’s always enjoyed getting out and about and engaging with the people but she can’t take the chance.

The harsh fact is that her reign is effectively over and COVID 19 has done damage to the monarchy, effectively putting Charles on the throne.

The Queen who is not expected to return to her duties until sometime in the autumn may never be able to return to her normal responsibilities but will most likely be seen on TV or video links rather than in public.

However, a spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace said that the monarch continues to be active, conducting a weekly audience with the Prime Minister by telephone and receiving her daily red boxes of Government papers.

And that Her Majesty is following proper guidance on engagements and is keeping in touch with her family by telephone and video calls.

Buckingham Palace will be shut for the summer for what is thought to be the first time in 27 years, with events including Trooping the Colour and Her Majesty’s garden parties withdrawn and it’s thought to be the monarch’s most prolonged absence from her official duties in her 68 year reign.

The Queen gave an electrifying address on VE Day praising Britain’s spirit during the lockdown and has said in the past that she feels she has to be seen to be believed, so the measures are expected to be felt deeply.

Her last civic engagement was the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey in March which was also Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s last formal appearance as senior members of the Royal Family.

The Queen won’t do anything which goes against the advice of people in her age category and she’s going to take all the relevant guidance because she’d want to be seen to be being responsible in her actions.

The Queen took part in her first video call, following the direction of senior members of her family who have used the medium to continue with their royal duties in lockdown and she joined Princess Royal, 69, on a conference call with four carers living across the United Kingdom who have been responsible for looking after the family throughout the coronavirus crisis.

Speaking from a sitting room at Windsor Castle, the Queen spent 20 minutes listening to the women about their experiences and asking questions about the pressures they encounter.

However, Elizabeth Saxberg-Coburg-Gotha portrays a bygone age where we commoners knew our place and never questioned it.

The monarchy was worshipped and bowed to solely because they were titled and our betters, apparently.

Now, the monarchy is nothing more than an anachronism and it’s a multi-million pound, taxpayer-funded lifestyle for a billionaire family of unelected, unremarkable people attending a few engagements.

Planting a tree or unveiling a plaque, or video calling school children for a few minutes. Talk about indoctrinating them while they’re young and where no real skill or qualifications are required, apart from greeting, being friendly to people and pretending they’re interested.

This is going to be the new normal for the Queen and we shouldn’t write her off just because she’s doing things differently and there may be changes to the Queen’s routine but because she’s doing it from her office she can maintain and her reign is not over and the Queen is still the Queen.

Boris Johnson Claims He’s Helped Hungry Children While Ending Their Free Meal Vouchers


Boris Johnson has defended a decision not to continue the free school meals voucher programme to disadvantaged children over the summer holidays.

Labour leader Keir Starmer urged Boris Johnson to reverse the decision at Prime Minister’s Question but Boris Johnson declined and he stated that the £63 million local welfare fund will go to councils to use as they wish.

And Boris Johnson further said that his government had put its arms around people in its crisis and had done its best to accommodate and Downing Street said the scheme will stop before the six-week summer break begins after next month.

A Labour analysis shows the cost of extending the voucher scheme to be around £115 million but charities have asked for the scheme to be extended as parents strive to cope with the fallout of the COVID 19 pandemic.

The Prime Minister and Keir Starmer argued over schools in the Commons and the Labour leader attacked Boris Johnson of neglecting to strengthen the morale of teachers and parents in sending children back to school.

However, Boris Johnson attacked the Labour leader of siding with left-wing trade unions to prevent children from returning to school but Keir Starmer maintained he wants as many children to go back to school as quickly as possible when it’s safe.

Boris Johnson said that they don’t usually continue with free school meals over the summer holidays but that they were also cognizant of the particular difficulties encountered by vulnerable families and that’s why they were announcing a further £63 million of local welfare assistance to be used by local authorities at their discretion to support the most vulnerable families.

The £15 a week vouchers are available to use in local supermarkets by parents whose children normally get free school lunches. The vouchers have been used since mid-March while schools were shut during the coronavirus lockdown.

There was pressure from teaching unions and charities, the Department for Education to extend funding over the Easter holiday and May half term to support hard-pressed families cope with lost earnings during the pandemic but Downing Street has now announced that the scheme will come to an end when the summer holidays start at the end of July, but children don’t suddenly stop being hungry just because it’s the summer holidays.

First, we had Margaret Thatcher the milk snatcher, now we have Boris Johnson who’s punishing the poor yet again and UK politics is not fit for the present day and it’s just a nefarious abuse that frolics as a democracy when in actual fact it’s an elected dictatorship.

There are so many rules that can be bent within government like running out of time to hear bills read, questions raised, delaying tactics and proroguing, added to the fact that politicians don’t care anymore.

Most of them have no decorum, no regard. Never listen, don’t quit when they screw up and are permitted to select anybody unelected to master the real agenda.

On top of this, the oracles generally lie and seem to be controlled and run by the Tories, and either mutes or distort any arguments against their propaganda and it’s permitted to openly denigrate and defeat rivals to their way of thinking and none of this is remotely democratic.

And the BBC is a foul, mocking, immoral doofus station who condescend 24/7 and are absolutely ineffective against our shameful government and Boris Johnson is living testimony of this and Britain is the sewer it is because we the electors enable it to be.

And we seem to forget that there are numerous families slipping through the cracks in an already inadequate system and Boris Johnson has wasted billions, yet refuses to invest in the basics like making sure that vulnerable children are properly nourished.

Investing in the health of children is far too important an issue to be left to the parents alone. Therefore this government has a duty to step in, sadly, Boris Johnson doesn’t know the definition of duty.

Boris Johnson and his government represent a total travesty and he and his inept cabinet will go down in history as the ones who made the worst decisions for our country. Constantly acting too late or too early.

Always putting wealth before health and happy to use the youngest of our population like guinea pigs, putting the elderly and vulnerable last and myself I would sooner see children fed than go hungry but then only a Tory would see nothing amiss with this.

But I fear that the Prime Minister’s charity doesn’t stretch that far, even for his many children or the children of those encountering grave financial difficulties throughout this crisis and as for taxpayer’s money, he appears to have no difficulty splashing the cash on his Tory familiars, giving out contracts left, right and centre.

Lockdown Sex Prohibition In England Concludes This Weekend


The sex embargo that’s been in place in England due to lockdown is set to conclude this weekend, but only for some couples.

Boris Johnson announced that two separate households in England will be permitted to unite together in a support bubble in some cases and that from one minute past midnight this Saturday, two connected households won’t need to follow the two-metre rule.

That means they can cuddle, caress, share childcare and meals, hang out indoors, stay the night and even have coitus for the first time since March 23 but support bubbles must be exclusive, meaning you can’t change the household you are in a bubble with or connect with another household.

Boris Johnson said that there are too many people, particularly those who live by themselves, who are alone and struggling with being unable to see friends and family and that from this weekend they will allow single adult households, adults living alone, or single parents with children under 18 to form a support bubble with one other household.

All of those who are in a support bubble will be able to act as if they exist in the same household and it will be the first time in three months that different households have been permitted to break the two-metre social distancing rule.

But the rules state that one of the two households in each bubble must be a single adult household. This means either a person who resides alone or a single parent who lives with children under 18.

People can’t form a bubble with someone in another household if both your households have multiple adults in them, which means that couples who live in separate houseshares, as many young couples do, can’t leave for coitus.

If a girlfriend lives alone, for instance, she can meet and stay overnight with her boyfriend even if he lives in a houseshare but that arrangement must be exclusive, meaning the other men in that house can’t go setting up separate bubbles of their own.

And Boris Johnson said that if any part of the support bubble developed coronavirus symptoms, all the members would have to follow the normal advice on household isolation and that the government were making these adjustments to help those who are particularly lonely as a consequence of lockdown measures and that was a targeted intervention to limit the most devastating effects of the current social constraints.

This is not intended for people who don’t qualify to start meeting inside other people’s homes because that remains against the law and that at this stage they couldn’t advise people who were still shielding to form a support bubble.

The sex prohibition came about when lockdown rules were modified from June 1 and for the first time, coronavirus lockdown laws shifted from saying what people could do to saying what they couldn’t do.

But a consequence was that it explicitly made indoor meetings of two people from separate households illegal for the first time and the policy was branded a sex ban, yet, No 10 was forced to deny police would break into people’s bedrooms to fine them for violating the rules.

And all this so the dusty Tories can go out and boink their courtesans and this is so hilarious but perhaps we can pass it down to our children as a bedtime story, commencing at 12.01 on a Saturday of course and it’s so nice that Boris Johnson is allowing us to have coitus.

BORIS JOHNSON, do you believe that people out there have taken a word you say as gospel, like your some God. No, of course not! As if anyone took any notice…

Bald Guys Could Be At Higher Risk Of Getting COVID 19


Bald men could be at greater risk of having serious COVID 19 symptoms, according to new research.

The lead author of the study is so confident in the data that he told a media outlet that they believe that baldness is a perfect predictor of severity.

The newspaper reported that Brown University’s Professor Carlos Wambier conducted two studies in Spain which discovered that a disproportionately large number of men with male pattern baldness were taken to hospital with coronavirus.

The first study found 71 per cent of the 41 patients examined with COVID 19 in Spanish hospitals were bald, with the background rate of baldness for white men of a comparable age to the patients between 31 and 53 per cent.

The second study, which was printed in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, found 79 per cent of the 122 male coronavirus patients in Madrid hospitals were bald.

Scientists have argued androgens, male sex hormones, may contribute to hair loss and increase the ability of the coronavirus to attack cells. That means hormone suppressing drugs could possibly be used to slow COVID 19’s growth and enable sufferers time to recover.

Professor Wambier told a news outlet that they believe androgens or male hormones are the gateway for the disease to enter cells. However, others have advised caution, with Prostate Cancer UK head of policy Karen Stalbow telling the newspaper that much more proof is required before such drugs could be used for coronavirus treatment.

Male baldness is thought to be created by the action of one hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), this acts on hair follicles, weakening them so they weaken losing the hair they hold and shrinking so that regrow hair becomes finer until non-existent.

DHT is a metabolite of Testosterone. It’s produced by the action of 5 Alpha reductase enzyme on free Testosterone in the bloodstream.

A man’s level of DHT is determined by 2 factors, the amount of free Testosterone and the amount of 5AR in their bodies.

SARS COV 2 has been most destructive in developed countries and it’s generally believed that men in these countries are suffering from decreased endogenous levels of Testosterone due to the amount of Xeneostrogens they’re exposed to in plastics, water supply and food et cetera.

There’s evidence that specific groups have higher levels of 5AR, meaning their bodies produce greater amounts of lean muscle which may support the hypothesis that DHT may have some influence on COVID 19’s severity.

However, this isn’t supported by the low infection rates and subsequent death rates in some regions.

Just imagine if studies revealed women were more prone to the virus, there would be an outcry about sexist scientists not doing enough and demands that more should be done to protect women.

So, does this mean we now have to wear a face mask over the top of our heads, perhaps comb-over style?

Altering hormonal balance in males and females has been heavily linked to cancer amongst other unfavourable health effects, so we should be extremely wary of supposed remedies and cures being more dangerous than the illness.

Baldness in men is normally linked to old age but it can be genetically predisposed, and the vast preponderance of men go bald because of a hereditary condition known as androgenetic alopecia, more generally known as male pattern baldness.

And about 95 per cent of hair loss in men is caused by androgenetic alopecia. This inherited trait tends to give men a receding hairline and a thinning crown which is caused by a genetic sensitivity to a byproduct of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

However, there’s mounting evidence that bare heads aren’t a spectacular evolutionary accident after all because bald men are perceived as more intelligent, assertive and high in status, and their polished scalps might help them seduce women or even save lives – way to go all you balding men out there, and at least they don’t have to worry about getting their hair cut.

Maybe we should be calling it Kojak 19 instead of COVID 19 but really we should be waiting for the real science and not someones made-up theories, and these symptoms are getting nuttier by the second and it’s becoming a real joke.

Yet the sheep believe anything they are told by the state media and this is hair raising to say the least.

This is getting pathetic now, grasping at straws for things for the prophets to write about and it makes me question if the person who penned it thinks, wow, I’m so proud of myself now? And who on earth funds this research – next they’ll be telling people that wearing coloured socks are more at risk.

And how much public money and donations are these people being given to come up with this nonsense? And now it appears that anyone with a pulse is at risk of developing COVID 19, particularly those with no hair, asthma, lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, black or Asian and their middle name is Lucky.

You’ve got to laugh about it though, so now all the barber’s shops are closed, so men can’t get a haircut, so everyone is now shaving their own heads bald – now they’re all at risk of getting coronavirus symptoms, well we must be cursed then and this is enough to make your hair fall out with worry.

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