Make Your Christmas Gift Purchases Early!

Millions of Britons have been urged to order gifts for Christmas now to avoid disappointment because of delays at Britain’s choked ports where containers are piled high and ships are being diverted away due to a lack of HGV drivers.

Experts have warned the crisis won’t be solved until well into 2022 and will lead to gaps on shelves throughout the festive season with shipping boss Peter Wilson advising people to purchase their goods for the festive season promptly.

The most popular toys, games consoles, smartphones, white goods as well as chocolate and even Christmas trees are predicted to be in short supply this December with one shipping boss stating that they didn’t want to sound like a Grinch but there were going to be gaps on shelves this Christmas.

Britain’s busiest container port, Felixstowe, has become seriously overcrowded to the point that Maersk, the world’s biggest container shipping company, is diverting its large vessels away from the United Kingdom to Rotterdam because the dockside is full and there aren’t enough truck drivers to pick up and transport fully loaded containers and return the empty ones.

Containers at the Suffolk port are taking up to ten days to be put on to trucks instead of the normal three days, while large ships are having to wait up to a week after arriving off the UK coast to dock and unload.

Peter Wilson, managing director at Cory Brothers shipping agency, said problems affecting shipping and transport was a global problem but added the United Kingdom had a significant pinch point around HGV drivers and the demand on them to move goods from the ports.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme that it was a significant problem for the United Kingdom, and asked if it will affect Christmas, he said it had the potential but emphasised that the supply chain would not fail in the United Kingdom, adding that customers should be sensible and think ahead, plan properly, and order Christmas good and items that they want promptly to ensure that they have them.

Mr Wilson said it was a potential that some items might not be available nearer to Christmas, and when asked what items were most at risk of that, he said that it was a real mix and that they import so much into the United Kingdom by container on shipping lines, so it’s from white goods to Christmas toys, and that included food goods with this as well, so it could be a real mixed bag of all items.

The secret to purchasing online is to look at the item location before buying because anything that suggests several weeks to arrive is likely to come by boat, and it doesn’t take too much brainpower to figure that one out.

And whether this is to do with Brexit or not, we need to stop bleating on about it continually and find a solution and crack on, or go without – think of the money we will all save.

Or is this just another attempt to get people panic buying again? And I do hope that people remember that Santa isn’t real.

Parents should be spending time with their kids and families at Christmas instead of making it all about the presents. Lots of food, Christmas music and being silly, that’s the spirit of Christmas.

And it seems that COVID and petrol fears have run their course, now it’s time for something new.

What we should be doing is getting back to the true meaning of Christmas, with less commercialisation, which wouldn’t be a bad thing – charity shops are chock-full of toys and games et cetera.

Many Children With Colds Are Being Told To Stay Home, But Is This Right?

Scientists have suggested that thousands of children with the sniffles may wrongly be being told to stay at home over concerns they have COVID.

Secondary school children are asked to take two lateral flow tests per week. If they test positive, they must stay at home until they receive a result from a gold standard PCR swab.

Latest Test and Trace (T&T) statistics reveal 18,930 of the 615,000 rapid swabs taken by pupils in the week ending September 29 came back positive.

Of those, 13 per cent, or 2,053 were either negative or voided when followed up with a PCR.

The proportion of children being incorrectly told they have COVID by the devices has doubled in a month.

It’s prompted health chiefs to start a probe, with the scientific community now debating whether the rise is actually down to the resurgence of colds.

Experts have suggested the heavy mucus samples from children who test positive may be skewing the accuracy of the swabs.

Gaming tests to get time off school and faulty LFDs have also been suggested as likely factors behind the rise, and the latest Test and Trace data revealed there were 614.407 lateral flow swabs carried out by secondary school pupils in the last week of September, the most up to date data available.

Approximately 13 per cent of the positive results were incorrect (2,053 came back negative or void out of 15,916 positives that were followed up with PCRs).

For example, the figure stood at 8 per cent the week before (1,112 out of 13,709).

In the first week of September, six per cent of school children (213 out of 3,314) received false positives.

Dr Susan Hopkins, the chief medical adviser of the UK Health Security Agency said that they’ve been made conscious of some areas reporting positive (lateral flow) test results with subsequent negative PCR tests and that they were looking into the matter.

There have been numerous anecdotal reports of children testing positive with LFDs, but then getting a negative result from PCRs.

Dr Kit Yates, a mathematician at the University of Bath and member of Independent SAGE, tweeted that officials were saying the false positives were likely down to colds and heavy mucus samples.

He said PHE, a now-defunct body replaced by the UKHSA advising schools that lateral flow test positives followed by PCR negatives are likely because of colds and heavy mucus samples.

But the sad fact is that because of all of this, babies are now having issues with reading faces as it’s been over a year of people wearing face masks, while we watch couples making cooing sounds at their baby, with both parents wearing masks.

Wearing a face mask is no longer mandated, so why bother? It’s not like MPs are still wearing them, and neither PCR nor lateral flow tests have a high rate of accuracy, yet we still appear to be using them.

We should be getting back to normal now, and it seems that we’re doing more harm than good doing these tests, especially children, with no symptoms, and it’s become insane because it’s all about keeping fear going.

The thing is you can enter the serial number into the app and claim a positive without even taking the test, you can also claim a negative in the same way, and now people are saying that some drinks that we drink can get a positive test.

So, if you’re feeling a little unwell, you take a lateral flow test which comes out negative and then you go ahead and take the PVR test which comes out positive, but then out of curiosity take another PCR test a couple of days later which is then negative, which has happened.

Up Grit Creek, We Go!

Britain’s roads could be more dangerous than usual this winter because of a possible shortage of gritter drivers.

Local authorities across the country are thought to be in dire need of people capable of driving the huge salt spreading lorries to keep highways clear in poor weather.

Whereas before councils could use contracted staff from other sectors, the continuous HGV driver deficit has meant councils can’t fill vacancies for drivers, according to a newspaper outlet.

Last month it was announced that 18 councils had to suspend their bin collections after a driver deficit meant lorries couldn’t get out on the roads.

According to the Road Haulage Association, the UK shortfall in HGV drivers was estimated to stand at 100,000.

The government is running an HGV training scheme skills boot camp, which hopes to quickly train 5,000 drivers.

Councillor David Renard, the transport spokesperson for the Local Government Association, said that while most councils have been able to keep services going, some may discover that their gritting services are affected in the same way that some have seen waste collection services affected.

He warned that improving wages for drivers in the private sector will only make the situation worse, as councils will be unable to match their pay.

He added that councils are keen to work with Government and partners to support more training for these demand sectors. However, this was a lengthy process and wouldn’t alleviate the short term pressures on frontline services.

Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary Jim McMahon said that they were facing a perfect tornado of empty shelves, dry forecourts and services not delivered thanks to the Conservative’s failure to prepare for or even acknowledge the scale of the crisis.

It comes as Britain faces an emerging winter of discontent from a series of continuous crises, as soaring gas prices have been hitting consumers as well as businesses, with some energy-intensive producers struggling to stay open, and the boss of the company that makes Heinz Baked Beans said people must get used to more expensive food costs across the board.

Miguel Patricio, chief executive of Kraft Heinz, said the food colossus was raising costs around the globe after growing demand coupled with higher energy prices had driven global food prices to a ten year high.

Miguel Patricio told the BBC that consumers would have to get used to spending more, although it was up to the food industry to try to reduce those increases.

But there are a number of people out there that think this is nothing more than scaremongering, and now people are arguing about left and right, and different masks on the same face were designed to have us fighting amongst ourselves, meanwhile, these manufacturers are the divisions that are laughing at us all.

And this is just good news until there is no news, and newspaper outlets have taken this to heart.

In an imaginary world, it would be better if there was a deficit of extravagant politicians. At least they then couldn’t take from the public purse.

This is all rather odd because surely not all our drivers were from the EU, and millions decided to stay, but suddenly everything is coming to a standstill, but then stories are designed to create panic, just like toilet rolls, fuel and COVID.

There will definitely be a lack of media readers shortly, as most people are getting sick of this nonsense, and it’s getting tiresome.

Now people will be stockpiling grit for the winter as well, and on their list will be their toilet paper stash because some people will be so grateful that they all got the heads up from the media.

Boris and Carrie Are Staying At An Exclusive Estate While On Vacation In Marbella

Boris Johnson is taking a sunshine break thousands of miles from the problems overwhelming Britain at a £25,000 a week luxury hideaway, which is owned by one of his ministers.

Spanish media reported that the Prime Minister and his growing family are staying at Tory peer Zac Goldsmith’s home in the hills above the Costa del Sol.

Lots of security officials and police movements had been detected around the property after Boris Johnson’s trip was reported by a newspaper outlet and other newspapers.

Boris Johnson’s foreign holiday, his first since before the pandemic, is expected to be seized on by critics, who will point out that he’s left the country amid a fuel emergency and with families facing a predicted winter of discontent, surging energy prices and stock deficits.

However, it’s hoped some time in the expensive Spanish hillside hideaway will give him a chance to recharge, and residents of the charming village of Benahavis said the Prime Minister’s visit had become the talking point amongst locals.

Farmer Pedro Benares told a newspaper outlet that for sure Boris Johnson is staying up at the house and that he didn’t know when he arrived but everyone in the village was chatting about it.

He said that it’s a very big house and very private but they have to drive in and out.

The estate, known as Torres Tramores, is a brief drive from the picturesque village of Benahavis and has its own helipad to make sure VIP holidaymakers can come and go without being noticed.

The main house is set over three levels and can sleep up to 13 people. It also includes a two-bedroom apartment with separate access.

There’s also a slightly smaller dwelling that sleeps up to 10 people and includes five en-suite bedrooms which can be rented separately.

Princess Diana is rumoured to have stayed at the posh estate, set in over 600 acres of woodland, after her divorce from Prince Charles.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, then a professional cricketer, was pictured on his 1995 honeymoon at the estate with his now ex-wife Jemima Goldsmith, Zac Goldsmith’s sister.

Boris Johnson has not been pictured at the property, and it’s not known if he has left the estate since arriving on Friday with his expecting wife Carrie, 33, and their one-year-old son Wilfred, but it does look like Boris is just putting his feet up before he fashions a long dark winter for us.

And there’s nothing in Boris Johnson’s repertoire that even hints at repair or control. It’s the politics of attention-grabbing mayhem to make us think how much we need a great supreme leader with a circus act and a sense of humour – something will come along to fix everything until we all realise that it won’t.

To be honest, we wouldn’t have missed him if we didn’t know he was on vacation, just like when the fuel business began, not in sight until there’s a good news story problem, and his going on holiday is extremely distasteful, given the difficulties we have in the United Kingdom, and he should be here sorting out this mess.

Some leader we have, and in one of the most difficult times this past 40 years, he leaves all this debris behind him to enjoy himself – I wish we could all do the same.

He is the worst Tory party leader ever and roll on the election because we certainly need a leader with some common sense and forward-thinking.

The Royals Close The Door On Andrew

It’s been alleged that Prince Andrew will not return to public life after Charles, Edward and Anne closed the door on him and William branded him a threat to the royal family.

Scotland Yard is also reported to have spoken to the Duke of York’s sexual assault accuser Virginia Giuffre over allegations she was raped and sexually assaulted by Andrew when she was 17.

The royal has come under intense scrutiny over the claims and his association with paedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Andrew, who’s not facing any criminal charges, categorically refutes Virginia Guiffre’s allegations against him and is thought to be keen to make a return as a working royal.

However, according to sources close to him, Prince William sees his uncle as a threat to the Royal Family and doesn’t plan to let him return to public life.

The 39-year-old, who’s second in line to the throne, is said to have been involved in crisis talks with his family, over the decision to suspend Andrew from public duty.

According to a newspaper outlet, there was no way in the world Andrew is ever coming back because the family will never let it happen, and another source said that William was no fan of his Uncle Andrew.

Another source was cited saying that Prince William was triggered by his uncle’s perceived ungracious and ungrateful attitude towards his position, which Willam considers a risk and a threat to the family.

A newspaper outlet said that any hint that there wasn’t gratitude for the institution, anything that could influence anyone in the public to believe that senior members of the royal family weren’t thankful for their position, William believes is really dangerous. However, a newspaper outlet was told that Buckingham Palace wasn’t commenting on the matter.

Talking to a newspaper outlet, a source said that nine months ago, Charles, Anne and Edward had a meeting, a summit, and agreed there was no way back for Andrew.

Virginia Roberts, who now goes by her married name of Giuffre, was last night reported to have been questioned by police after she filed a civil suit in the US alleging that she was forced to have sex with the Prince on three separate occasions by convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

A newspaper outlet reported earlier this year that Virginia Giuffre had begun legal action in the US. Andrew, now 61, has always vehemently refuted her allegations and any wrongdoing.

Suffice to say, Prince Andrew is finished and it’s best that he just fades away, and let’s face it, he has enough money to fade away on, and I’m sure he will do just fine.

Although it’s not good that Andrew has been hiding behind his family, and Prince William needs to call out Andrew, who just appears to be trying every legal manoeuvre in the book so that he doesn’t have to be questioned or face a judge.

Is Prince Andrew a threat to the Royal Family, or is he a threat to the Royal gravy train? Because let’s face it, they’re all in it for themselves.

Of course, this is all to do with public affairs, but privately I doubt any parent would completely close the door to their child and grandchildren.

But this is too little too late, and the only reason this is happening is because of all the public outrage, and does our monarchy have a place in 21st century Britain, or is it all too outdated, and a circus that should be wound up when the Queen has departed?

Efforts To Axe Taxpayer-Funded Free Lateral Flow Tests

The Treasury and No 10 Downing Street are reportedly torn on when to end mass free COVID testing, with some senior ministers concerned over its continuing cost.

According to a newspaper outlet, talks are being held in the Government to scale back the initiative that enables everyone to get a free lateral flow test, and some people a free PCR test.

Under the new system being proposed, free tests may only be available to those in high-risk settings such as hospitals, care homes and schools, as well as people presenting symptoms of COVID 19.

Details of a new system are reportedly yet to be agreed upon, but it’s being discussed ahead of next month’s budget, with some fearing taxes would have to increase to continue mass testing.

With both Germany and France ending universal testing this month, the United Kingdom is an outlier on the issue amongst countries in western Europe.

Britain also last month carried out 4,022 tests per 1,000 people, more than Spain and Germany according to figures from Our World in Data.

The cost of doing so is enormous, with a newspaper outlet quoting one source saying that it costs the equivalent of adding 1p to income tax, with some fearing that taxes would have to be raised should the testing continue.

The Treasury is reportedly backing the case for scaling back free testing, pointing to the fact that 90 per cent of adults in the United Kingdom have been given at least one COVID jab.

However, other members of the Government are reportedly hesitant to scale back testing heading into autumn and winter, with experts uncertain whether coronavirus cases will rise throughout the colder months.

Whitehall is reportedly making the case for contacts of those who have tested positive for COVID 19 should be required to take a test to avoid self-isolation, even though arguments for this have been overhauled in the past.

The newspaper report says that of the four government departments involved in important COVID 19 decision making, the Treasury and the Cabinet Office both back changing the system shortly.

Number 10 and the Health and Social Care department meanwhile are more circumspect.

The issue is set to be discussed in spending review negotiations taking place between the Treasury and the Health and Social Care Department, with discussions set to intensify in the coming weeks ahead of the budget on October 27.

But this will make some people extremely mad because the public purse (taxpayers) have already paid for all things COVID, along with those into cronyism and nepotism helping themselves, again and again.

Now the Government proposes that taxpayers not only repay but pay again and again, and since the Government put their proposals out to measure public opinion, people should be enraged, especially given current and coming financial constrictions that could ruin most people.

What will happen though is that people won’t pay for the lateral flow tests and then infections will soar, but then, how will they know if infections rates have rocketed because no one will be testing.

Although I’m not sure why the government were buying these tests because if you continually bought something that wasn’t fit for purpose, wouldn’t you stop buying that commodity, but here we are using them, baring in mind that they’re not accurate, so why are we using them? Unless they just wanted to terrify a gullible public!

Scandinavia appears to have dropped everything including COVID passes and/or vaccine passports, all gone – life has gone back to normal and cases have disappeared – funny that, but for some reason, British politicians won’t let it go. What happened to living with it, the Scandinavians seem to have, or what, are our government terrified for life to ever return to normal?

Students At Aston University Are Told It’s Sexist To Use The Words Manmade, Master Copy, And Civilisation

A university is encouraging students to quit using the words manmade, master copy and civilisation because it believes they have sexist or racist undertones.

Sociology undergraduates at Aston University in Birmingham have been told to find replacements for words that could be seen to reinforce prejudices.

Offending words include immigrants, third world, tribe, civilised, and in some contexts, native, all because of their colonialist or racist connotations.

Language considered to be sexist includes one-man show, old masters, forefathers, seminal and masterful.

Instead, the options for one-person show, classical arts or artists, ancestors, classical or formative, and domineering should be used.

The document was leaked by a student who was too worried about reprisals to complain, said Toby Young, general secretary of the Free Speech Union.

A university spokesman told a newspaper outlet that sociologists were trained to think critically about language, and about how language can reproduce effects of power and exclusion.

But you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried, and it seems that this irrational and authoritarian 1984 Woke and Cancel Culture movement is attempting to deconstruct our traditional faith, culture, history, social hegemony and cohesion, and language itself.

Aston University may just as well issue all students with a big sticking plaster at the start of each term with instructions to stick it over their mouths and leave it there until the term ends.

However, most students won’t even listen, and virtually none of them will stop using these words, and certainly, no one has been forbidden from using them. They might be interested in hearing another opinion and might think about things differently, even if they don’t agree, but they will form their own views.

However, it seems that they don’t like their opinions and are campaigning for their opinion to be banned because they only want people to express their views if they agree with it. Let’s just wire up the mouths of every student to stop them talking in case they offend anyone because this is simply ludicrous.

And then there’s engineering, which is usually left alone because it’s not really understood what they do, but what will happen when they realise all male fittings insert into female ones, are we then going to have none binary pipework and lots of leaks in the name of progress?

And while we’re at it, does this mean that woMEN will be called something else?

Or will male and female toilets and changing rooms be called any gender rooms? Why don’t they just get us to use sign language to communicate with and ban all spoken language?

And I wonder if all this twaddle will become MANdatory because it’s all becoming unMANageable and pretty stupid, or have we just become the victim of abuse by someone more powerful than ourselves?

This is utterly absurd, and in an endeavour to ensure that they’re not bolstering prejudices in any way, they’ve become prejudiced towards those who just want to use the English language.

All this rubbish is just making universities not fit for purpose because they’re supposed to be producing the next generation of scientists, engineers et cetera, not churning out miscellany degrees with woke flakes that provide no benefit to Britain, only validation that mummy was right and that they’re special.

Where will this all lead? Because in 100 years our history will be trashed, our heritage disavowed, our country no longer ours, and free speech and sexuality rewritten – George Orwell was so right and our future terrifying.

Dog The Bounty Hunter Isn’t Licensed To Capture Fugitives

A newspaper outlet reported that if Dog The Bounty Hunter were to find fugitive Brian Laundrie, he wouldn’t be able to arrest or detain him or he’d run the prospect of being charged with kidnapping.

That’s because Dog, whose real name is Duane Chapman, isn’t actually licenced as a bounty hunter or private investigator in Florida, or anywhere else that a newspaper outlet has found, making his hunt for Brian Laundrie potentially dicey as he’s legally banned from arresting or holding anyone against their will.

According to professional Florida bounty hunters, there’s no legal distinction between Dog or any citizen who decides to join the hunt for Brian Laundrie, whose girlfriend Gabby Petito was discovered murdered on September 19 in a secluded part of Teton County, Wyoming, and making a citizen’s arrest is verboten unless you catch the offender in the act of committing a crime.

Florida bounty hunters, whose job it is to locate and apprehend suspects who fail to show up in court, are amused that Dog, who rocketed to fame with his long-running reality show about his quest for suspects in Hawaii, joined the search.

Duane Chapman recently surrendered to the FBI what he considered evidence, including a can of Monster caffeine soda located in the state park.

He also set up his own tip line and claims to have got more than 2,000 calls from as far north as Tennessee. However, that could all be for nothing if Duane Chapman can’t even so much as touch Brian Laundrie.

Mike Harrison, vice president of the Florida Bail Bondsmen Association, said Duane Chapman could end up charged criminally himself if he were to make the mistake of grabbing Brian Laundrie.

Tallahassee area bail bondsman Mike Harrison said that would be kidnapping or false imprisonment, and Harrison said that Dog’s lack of licencing is well known in the business and originates from an old murder conviction.

In 1976, Daune Chapman was arrested for participating in a drug deal that went wrong in Texas when his accomplice shot and killed 69-year-old Jerry Oliver, and while Chapman was in the getaway vehicle and didn’t participate in the shooting, he was found guilty of first-degree murder and was sentenced to five years in state prison.

Daune Chapman said that he’s still trying to clear his name and wipe the conviction from his record, but that he’s been unable to get the proper permissions to bear arms, write bail bonds, investigate cases or even travel to countries like the United Kingdom – no surprise then that everyone makes fun of him, but I guess at this point it doesn’t matter who finds Brian Laundrie, so long as he’s found.

However, there doesn’t appear to be much evidence that Brian Laundrie killed Gabby Petito, hence the lack of warrant for homicide, but of course, trial by the media is particularly titillating, but often off the mark.

Of course, he looks guilty for running, although he could have a reason, other than killing her, or it could be possible that it was manslaughter and not murder, but of course, everyone wants to be Inspector Gadget at the moment, including the media.

And even if Brian Laundrie was found they would need either evidence or a confession, and he would be lawyered up instantly because he seems to be a particularly smart cookie, and at the moment it appears to be harder to find Brian Laundrie than it was to find Osama bin Laden.

The Six-Year-Old Murdered Boy Cried ‘No One Loves Me’ And ‘No One Is Going To Feed Me Today’

A court heard that a murdered six year old sobbed as he tried to tell family members ‘no one loves me’ and ‘I won’t be fed today’ before he died.

Bullying parents Thomas Hughes, 29, and his girlfriend Emma Tustin, 32, were together accused of murder after Arthur Labinjo-Hughes was discovered with an unsurvivable brain injury at his home in Solihull, Warwickshire.

Coventry Crown Court heard that the couple poisoned the six-year-old with salt and made him endure months of abuse before killing him by hitting his head against a hard surface.

The volatile and dysfunctional twosome supposedly encouraged each other to hurt and degrade Arthur, who suffered a crusade of battery intended to terrorise him.

Describing the prosecution evidence, Jonas Hankin, QC, told how Arthur’s ill-treatment met the medical definition of child cruelty.

He was left alone for up to 14 hours a day, without a bed or clothing and was left unfed and without anything to drink.

Arthur had been in the sole care of his father after his real mother, Olivia Labinjo, was convicted of stabbing her boyfriend in 2019.

Audio files recovered from Tustin’s phone were presented to jurors, with Arthur heard sobbing: ‘I want to go to nanny’, and ‘no-one loves me, no-one’s going to feed me today’.

Text messages exchanged between Hughes and Tustin were also presented to the court, with one from his father reading: ‘I’ll deal with him when I’m home and it won’t be pretty.’

After hearing a voice note of Arthur crying, he warned in further texts: ‘I’ll end him when I’m back.’

In another message, Hughes compares his son to ‘f—— Hitler’ and threatens to take his jaw off his shoulders. Both Hughes and Tustin deny murder.

In April 2020, it emerged children’s social services and police were alerted by his paternal grandmother to concerns about Arthur’s care. The extended family had seen bruises on Arthur’s back, and he said Tustin had called him an ugly, horrible brat and pushed him headfirst into the stairs.

Mr Hankin told the jury that after children’s social services saw Arthur on April 17, no concerns were raised, and while photos of the bruises were sent to the police, no further steps were taken.

You just can’t put things like this into words, and how did this treatment from two evil people go unnoticed by teachers, neighbours and most importantly social services – what the hell were they doing while this was all going on?

But this should be of no surprise, with the police and social services doing absolutely nothing, yet again in the face of blatant abuse, and let me guess, all those who abuse will just get a slap on the wrist and then do it again.

This little boy was made to stand on a step for 14 hours a day by this couple, accused of killing him.

Arthur was denied the opportunity to eat meals with other members of the family, and if he didn’t comply with instructions he was denied access to water, and he wasn’t allowed to have relationships with his uncles and grandparents, he was just isolated from them. Instead, Arthur was physically and verbally abused, isolated, and access to food and drink controlled or restricted, and he was stripped of basic living comforts.

The Most Unassuming, Kind, And Nicest Politician

Boris and Carrie Johnson led tributes to Britain’s nicest MP James Brokenshire who died at 53 after a brave four year battle with lung cancer leaving behind his heartbroken wife and three children.

James Brokenshire, who was a Conservative minister for housing, security and Northern Ireland under David Cameron and Theresa May until he was fired by Boris Johnson in 2019, passed away surrounded by family at Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford, near to his Old Bexley and Sidcup constituency.

He was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2017 despite having never smoked, and eventually had his right lung removed after another setback, and in August he posted a tragic tweet saying his cancer had progressed, along with a photo of him with his wife Cathy. He died yesterday after he was rushed to the hospital on Sunday.

Boris Johnson said today that he was desperately sorry to hear the news, as ministers and MPs from all sides gave tributes including Labour’s Christ Bryant who tweeted that cancer was a b—ard.

The Prime Minister said that James Brokenshire was the nicest, kindest and most humble of politicians but also especially effective and that he served with particular distinction in the Home Office and as Security Minister.

He added that if government needed something done well and quickly, and sensibly explained, James Brokenshire was the man to do it, and that his battle against cancer was fearless, and it was a measure of his resolve that he came back from a first bout with the disease to serve in government again, and that he would be missed by all that knew him, and that their thoughts were with his wife and family.

Boris Johnson’s wife Carrie, who was previously the Tory director of communications, tweeted that their thoughts were with Cathy, his children and all his family and friends and that James was such a kind man, and it was especially sad.

James Brokenshire’s former special advisor Peter Cardwell revealed that he’d seen him in late September, where they danced around his kitchen to Nicky Minaj. He said that Brokey was the best of politics and the best of humanity, and twice his boss and that they’d become like brothers, and that he combined integrity, humanity, diligence and fun like no one else, and that he couldn’t believe he was gone.

This was very sad and he was so incredibly young, and cancer is a terrifying disease, and it has taken this man long before his time – when will they find a cure?

And even though I’m a Labour voter, this is pretty sad because he seemed a decent fella – condolences to a rather decent politician! And it’s good to see that kind tributes have been paid to this man, who was gentle and well-liked and miles apart from the political divide, and at a time like this, it’s good to put rivalries to one side and pull together.

He was a really serious great honest politician and there are so very few of them around these days.

James Brokenshire was a rarity amongst the current crop of politicians we have because he was a man of honour and decency, as well as being well mannered – rest in peace Sir!

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