Conservatives Cleanse Past Communication From Internet Records

The Conservative Party has removed information and media announcements issued on its website between 2000 and the 2010 general election.  The documentation has as well been hidden from search engines.

The change was spotted by Computer Weekly, a trade publication, which said some documentation had been removed from the Internet Archive, which aims to make a lasting description of web content.


The Conservatives said the transformed position keeps their refurbished website on the cutting edge of technology and, the consequence of the changes was as terrifying as dispatching Men in Black to disrobe the past from books in a civic library and, set them alight in the car park.

The Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne crusaded on an assurance to democratise data held by those in power, so people could hold them to account.  Instead, they have presided over a modification which has left Conservative communication in a secretive curve of cyberspace like those that protect the armed services and gang members.

Image Image

Recorded pages on the Conservative Party website provided an account of developing policy statements, which were removed at some time after 5th October and, additionally, a text file was attached to the website, called ‘robots.txt’.  This is a standard way of telling search engines which part of a website they should not attempt to index.


Yet the robots.txt file had the aftermath of stopping search engines from continuing to make documentation of the websites previous contents obtainable to the public, it as well prompted the Internet Archive to take down its copies of the pages, even though some of those copies have since been restored.


A Conservative representative said that they were making sure their website kept the Conservative Party at the spearhead of political campaigning and that those modifications permitted people to quickly and without difficulty obtain the most significant data that is provided and, on how they are clearing up Labour’s financial chaos and, taking tough choices and, standing up for hardworking people.

Nevertheless, the modifications to the website have been detailed as a cynical stunt and, it will take more than David Cameron pressing on the delete button to make people forget about his broken promises.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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