Racist Britain

In 1833, Britain used 40 per cent of its national budget to buy freedom for all slaves in the empire. Britain borrowed such a huge amount of money for the Slavery Abolition Act that it wasn’t paid off until 2015. This means that living British citizens helped pay for the ending of the slave tradeContinue reading “Racist Britain”

Boris Johnson’s Comments About Corporation Tax Cuts

Boris Johnson’s remarks about corporation tax cuts being a great thing have come back to torment him as he stood before business chiefs and assured them it was fiscally able to cancel tax cuts for big businesses, so that money could be used to pay for the NHS. But just months ago, when he wasContinue reading “Boris Johnson’s Comments About Corporation Tax Cuts”

Brexit Blow For Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has been dealt a damaging Brexit blow after the DUP rejected his hopes for a deal. The pound fell by 0.5 per cent after the Northern Irish party’s leader Arlene Foster announced a 6.45 am statement stating that she can’t support the Prime Minister’s proposal as it is. That means that even ifContinue reading “Brexit Blow For Boris Johnson”

Distressing Images Show Desperate Bedrooms Where Britain’s Children Are Forced To Sleep

These images capture the bedrooms where disadvantaged children sleep and live across London. Bedrooms of London is a new photographic exhibition at the Foundling Museum and documents the living conditions of London’s children who are living in poverty. In partnership with The Childhood Trust, the series of photographs by artist Katie Wilson are accompanied byContinue reading “Distressing Images Show Desperate Bedrooms Where Britain’s Children Are Forced To Sleep”

Sixteen Year Old Hailed For Her Eloquent, Wounding Brexit Verdict

A 16-year-old audience member on the BBC’s Question Time has been praised for her harsh, articulate opinion on the Brexit chaos, and the young woman managed to sum up the UK’s dilemma more distinctly than most MPs, journalists and observers put together. Speaking on the flagship debate show in Belfast, she said: David Cameron madeContinue reading “Sixteen Year Old Hailed For Her Eloquent, Wounding Brexit Verdict”

If Only She’d Shown Some Humanity!

So destroyed is Theresa May’s credibility that as she started to break, when she showed some emotions through her resignation speech, the trouble was, she cried the wrong tears, and if anything has changed throughout her time as Prime Minister is her waning of compassion. And the millisecond in which one might feel for anotherContinue reading “If Only She’d Shown Some Humanity!”

Cutting Free Bus Passes For Disabled People

A Tory-led council has provoked anger after asking the public if they would support an end to free bus travel for disabled people and pensioners. East Sussex County Council asked in a consultation whether it would be reasonable to charge elderly and disabled people half-fares for off-peak bus journeys that they can currently take forContinue reading “Cutting Free Bus Passes For Disabled People”

Tory Brexiter Resigns From Government

A senior Brexiter Tory has retired from the Government so he can vote against Theresa May ’s deal. Gareth Johnson was a government whip, whose responsibility was to ensure order amongst backbench MPs. He was previously an assistant to both David Davis and Dominic Raab, and in his letter to Theresa May, he wrote thatContinue reading “Tory Brexiter Resigns From Government”

Conservatives Cleanse Past Communication From Internet Records

The Conservative Party has removed information and media announcements issued on its website between 2000 and the 2010 general election.  The documentation has as well been hidden from search engines. The change was spotted by Computer Weekly, a trade publication, which said some documentation had been removed from the Internet Archive, which aims to makeContinue reading “Conservatives Cleanse Past Communication From Internet Records”

A Demand For Bedroom Tax To Be Disposed Of

Non-profit organisations and department statistics have called for MPs to remove the impractical and unjust bedroom tax, as Parliament votes on throwing out the policy today. The Labour Party is utilising an opposition day debate in the House of Commons to force through a vote on the under-occupation sanction. Nevertheless, some of Labour’s most substantialContinue reading “A Demand For Bedroom Tax To Be Disposed Of”