Boris Johnson Confronted At Hospital By Furious Dad


Boris Johnson was confronted at a hospital by an angry dad who told the Prime Minister that the NHS is being destroyed and that his own daughter had nearly died the day before.

Omar Salem managed to blindside the Prime Minister and said that he was in La La Land as the Prime Minister was visiting a London Hospital to see the reality of public services under his leadership.

The dad told Boris Johnson that it took his baby daughter two hours to be treated at Whipps Cross University Hospital in Leytonstone, East London, and Boris Johnson certainly needs to get a handle of what’s going on with our NHS, and really? Would our Prime Minister really want this for his own children?

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The hospital’s chief executive did later acknowledge that there had been temporary staff shortages on the ward, created by an unforeseen emergency in one section of the hospital.

Evidently, Mr Salem confronted the flustered Boris Johnson, although he doesn’t look very flustered to me, in fact, he looks pretty nonchalant to me as Mr Salem informed the Prime Minister that it was just not acceptable and that the ward was not safe for children.

Mr Salem told the Prime Minister that the NHS had been destroyed, but let’s face it, old Boris does look like he went to the hospital for a press opportunity, and if he didn’t want one, well, he’s definitely got one now and in other photos from the same visit Boris Johnson performed well for the cameras pouring out tea with NHS workers, but maybe he should stop loafing about and get some real work done instead of taking the opportunity for a press release.


Boris Johnson has been a Member of Parliament, Mayor of London, Cabinet Minister and now Prime Minister, and all this has happened while the NHS was being neglected, just like Mr Salem’s daughter had been and rather than having drips of money for press events he should get on with properly supporting the NHS so that patients can get the care they so justly deserve, where there are sufficient staffing and good working conditions and so that concerned parents can have some peace of mind.

This situation is not comfortable for anybody and it’s a frank discussion politician’s and the public need to have and should be a pretty significant issue in any future election because we need to have some clear and important solutions on how to solve this predicament and Boris if you can’t do it, then for Pete’s sake, simply surrender gracefully!

Why can’t Boris Johnson just be straight with people? But instead he simply makes false statements on the NHS as he likes but he can’t hide from the truth, or from patients and the Tories have plunged the health service into crisis through the years of cuts and privatisation and the Prime Minister shouldn’t be permitted to escape from the consequences this has had for patient care.

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But later Boris Johnson stated that he was happy that Mr Salem had confronted him because he’s been Prime Minister for 57 days and that a part of his job was to communicate with people on the ground and listen to what they tell him about the big problems.

Nevertheless, Mr Salem wasn’t the latest and most calamitous, there has been a series of people confronting Boris Johnson in recent weeks.

Of course, at the moment the NHS is not fit for purpose, but should we really lay the onus at the feet of Boris Johnson because the NHS has been sinking for years under various governments, where it’s been poorly run with too many chiefs and not enough Indians, and far too much wastage and no central buying, so Boris, instead of wasting all that time on Brexit, why don’t you just concentrate on what’s the most important thing, our NHS!


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