Abolishing Private Schools


Labour is thinking about abolishing private schools official party policy at its yearly conference in Brighton and the move, which comes from grassroots members, doesn’t have official backing but the party has revealed they will back close tax loopholes to level the playing field.

And in a rousing address, the Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner said that there very first budget will immediately close the tax loopholes used by elite private schools, and use that money to better the lives of all children.

But the “abolish-Eton” motion goes much further, arguing that private institutions are to be stripped of their charitable status and their assets redistributed across the state sector. It further wants to restrict university admissions for private school students to the same proportion as that of a wider population and John McDonnell threw his weight behind the campaign stating that independent schools, no longer need to exist. 

And in her address, Angela Rayner set out Labour’s wide-ranging proposals for education reformation and she said a revamped Sure Start Plus programme would assist children, and a new National Education Service would give free nursery education for all two, three, and four-year-olds. She also promised to end the spiralling price of school uniforms.

She stated that parents are pushed into debt with children in clothes that usually don’t fit, and the Tories failing for four years to keep their promise to act and she said that Labour would set up a price cap to prevent the embarrassment of children priced out of school.


Jeremy Corbyn has defended Labours plans to scrap schools inspectorate Ofsted and the Labour leader said the Ofsted process created absolutely huge levels of stress for staff and pupils and under the Opposition’s plans, that is being set out at the Labour conference in Brighton, and a two-phase inspection system would be introduced.

Schools and education providers would be subject to regular health checks by local government, and more in-depth inspections led by Her Majesty’s Inspectors (HMIs), full time, trained inspectors.

The HMIs would carry out inspections in response to concerns resulting from the regular health checks or those raised by parents, teachers and governors, rather than being done randomly and Jeremy Corbyn suggested the new system would be a more frequent form of supportive investigation.


But Schools Minister Nick Gibb announced the move would prevent parents having the most fundamental information and Labour said the system would ensure parents get in-depth and reliable information that they need about schools while decreasing stress for teachers.

What parents actually want is an education system that leaves no child behind and gets the best out of everyone and you don’t achieve the best by intimidating people and we’re losing nearly as many teachers as we’re hiring every year because of the levels of pressure they’re under.

Labour has already vowed to scrap formal primary school examinations, known as Sats, to alleviate stress. It would also introduce a new statutory definition of a school, and crack-down on an estimated 500 illegal schools which fall outside the current inspection system.


In too many cases, Ofsted’s judgements and grades reflect the affluence of a school’s intake and the social class of its pupils, not the performance of the school and school performance is far too important and complex to be simmered down to an over-simplified single grade, reducing all schools to one of four levels.

The current system is unfit for purpose, so the next Labour government will eliminate Ofsted and restore it with a policy that will give parents good and in-depth information that they need about schools but Ms Abbott stated that we should abolish private schools even though this overcritical Labour MP sent her own son to a private school, but isn’t this conveying the wrong message to the UK people?


And in 2014 the Independent Schools Council requested a report to highlight the impact that independent schools have on the British economy. The report estimated that independent schools support an £11.7 billion contribution to gross value added (GVA) in Britain.

This figure is reached by summing the saving to the taxpayer by not having to provide school places to 620,000 pupils, the value of employment generated by the independent schools, the tax revenue produced, directly or indirectly, by the independent sector, and the financial donation of their alumni and what are the Labour MPs going to do with their children if they can’t go to private schools? Her children would have to go to school with us peasants and not only her children, but other MPs children but then Animal Farm does represent them quite well.

So, will Labour MPs teach their children at home? Because it seems that they’re allergic to state schools when it comes to education.


Published by Angela Lloyd

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