Boris Johnson Warns We’re Seeing Signs Of A Coronavirus Second Wave In Europe

Boris Johnson warned that we’re seeing indications of a second wave of the coronavirus in continental Europe, and the Prime Minister has issued a stark warning after a spike in cases urged him to force a 14-day quarantine on thousands of Brits returning home from Spain. And then he warned that he will crack downContinue reading “Boris Johnson Warns We’re Seeing Signs Of A Coronavirus Second Wave In Europe”

Don’t Bank On Seeing A Doctor After COVID 19

It’s been said that life will never be the same following the COVID 19 pandemic, and the new normal has even changed the way we access local healthcare. From booking visits to A&E, live video links with doctors, and receptionists giving a triage service, and far-reaching changes are set to transform how we’re treated. PlansContinue reading “Don’t Bank On Seeing A Doctor After COVID 19”

Coronavirus Debt Will Take Decades To Pay Off

The UK’s coronavirus debt will take decades to pay off as the country faces the most penetrating slump in its antiquity. The esteemed Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) think tank warned Chancellor Rishi Sunak that they will be forced to increase taxes as the nation’s £190 billion COVID 19 spree leads to a reckoning, andContinue reading “Coronavirus Debt Will Take Decades To Pay Off”

Fury As Tories Set To Axe Free Hospital Car Parking For NHS Workers When Coronavirus Alleviates

Tory ministers have sparked fury after saying free hospital car parking for NHS workers will be axed as coronavirus eases. Councils and NHS trusts in England were given money by the government in March to waive fees for hospital workers during this unprecedented time. But health minister Edward Argar announced the support can’t continue indefinitely.Continue reading “Fury As Tories Set To Axe Free Hospital Car Parking For NHS Workers When Coronavirus Alleviates”

NHS Chief Says Coronavirus Vaccine Could Happen This Year

A coronavirus vaccine could be coming later this year, but the NHS Chief executive said that more could be done. A vaccine could be available between September and December this year, but even if it does, there are some practical questions about getting it delivered, because, to deliver it, tens of thousands of NHS workersContinue reading “NHS Chief Says Coronavirus Vaccine Could Happen This Year”

Dominic Cummings Says He Acted Fairly And Professionally

Downing Street has broken its silence concerning the Dominic Cummings coronavirus lockdown debate, but it’s been alleged that his infraction was inside the guidelines, and a statement was issued which supported the chief aide, despite renewed calls for Boris Johnson to dismiss him, yet ministers hurried to Dominic Cummings defence after the Prime Minister backedContinue reading “Dominic Cummings Says He Acted Fairly And Professionally”

Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist Rips InTo Boris Johnson

A Nobel prize-winning scientist has ripped into Boris Johnson’s leadership during the coronavirus crisis. One of Britain’s most distinguished scientists said the United Kingdom has been left to play catch up due to a desperate lack of clear leadership. Sir Paul head of the Francis Crick Institute in London, said it was not clear toContinue reading “Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist Rips InTo Boris Johnson”

Top Tory Reveals Government Chose Not To Test In Care Homes

A top Tory has revealed the government decided not to test people for coronavirus in care homes for more than a month while the pandemic unfolded, and now there are enormous concerns in care homes with at least 38 per cent of which have a COVID 19 outbreak with more than 11,000 deaths. And nowContinue reading “Top Tory Reveals Government Chose Not To Test In Care Homes”

Rip Off Britain!

A woman who’s 95 years old and bed-bound, and who regularly has her prescriptions delivered free of charge in dosset boxes phoned the woman’s daughter to say that her mother had to have antibiotics and could someone come and pick them up. The daughter knew nothing about her mother being prescribed antibiotics and Boots inContinue reading “Rip Off Britain!”

Labour MP Nadia Whittome Fired

A Labour MP who returned to work as a carer for the elderly to assist in the coronavirus pandemic says she’s been axed for speaking out about the shortage of PPE. Nadia Whittome had been working at Lark Hill retirement village for about a month, but Extra Care Charitable Trust, which manages the site inContinue reading “Labour MP Nadia Whittome Fired”