Universal Credit Staff Taped Making Disgusting Comments About Claimants


Benefits managers have been caught on tape making horrifying remarks about claimants and one advocated blowing them up with grenades, another accused them of getting money for nothing while the disabled were accused of faking it.

And in one disturbing recorded conversation, a manager said: “The police sometimes have sting operations where they gather people together.

“We should nominate one person to throw a grenade in.”

Another reveals a case manager railing at claimants, who can be out of work because of ill health.

They rant: “It does my head in. They’re getting something for nowt, they don’t really have to do a great deal to get it. They still whinge.”

Another said they “have absolutely no time” for claimants with depression and anxiety.

A regular caller with four children, including one who is seriously disabled, is branded a **** after a call.

One manager questions: “Has she got a disabled child?” before another says: “She’s not disabled. She acts it.”


Benefits charities were appalled at the tapes, passed to the Sunday Mirror by a whistleblower and Jamie Grier, of the benefits, support charity Turn2us, said that stigmatising people undergoing financial crisis was divisive and wrong.


And the Liberal Democrat’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Tim Farron added that this sort of language and behaviour was nothing short of heartless and that the Conservatives had created a noxious environment originating from social security cuts that have left thousands unable to afford the basics.

Department for Work and Pensions Staff were taped making the smears working at a call centre in the Midlands where they complained of balancing 700 cases each and said despised Universal Credit is a nightmare to grasp and one stated that they didn’t know what they were doing half the bloody time.

Universal Credit merges existing benefits to simplify them but has been slammed after deaths arising mistakes or delayed payments and the whistleblower stated that these people hold claimants with thinly-veiled disdain.

And they become so ground down by the scale of the work they give up being nice and they strive to exceed the other in all the nasty things they say and the Sunday Mirror is not publishing the recordings to preserve the anonymity of the whistleblower, who fears retaliation from the DWP if their identity was discovered.

And the DWP has said that the Sunday Mirror had not presented them with the recording, or any additional details so they were therefore at this stage unable to confirm the origin of the recording but that they were however very concerned by the allegations and were taking them seriously.

And that they would urgently investigate the matter, so far as they could with the limited information that they had and that where wrongdoing has been identified, they would take suitable disciplinary action.

In fact, we should be saving the disdain for rich people who pay limited to no taxes and the wealthy corporations that get corporate welfare, subsidies, bailouts et cetera because the above-entitled entities are playing those who are not rich, pitting the poor against each other, so that the poor, including the working poor, will not unite and rise against the people and corporations who are schtuping them over.

Hopefully, these people will never get anxiety and depression because then they will sadly see that it isn’t a joke and that it’s a nightmare to live with.

The bedroom tax has always been unjust, immoral and unfair and to be clear about this tax, a person doesn’t have to pay the bedroom tax if they pay rent in full without the help of benefits, and it appears it’s only those who receive benefits that has to pay.

If you have a child who lives half time with the other parent, then you pay bedroom tax, if you have a disabled child who doctors state requires a separate bedroom space or if you have a girl and boy both under 13 years old, that is you have two children, then you have to pay bedroom tax – this is an unjust tax.

And the Tories have always been ready to waste our money to support their ideological onslaught on the disadvantaged and this makes no sense when housing is not available and they’re not offered other accommodation and it’s merely another excuse to fleece the poor.


Perhaps the Queen should pay the bedroom tax, she has loads of rooms to spare. Think of how many rooms she has spare and that she could help the homeless with, after all, she lives in London and has 52 bedrooms, all funded by the taxpayer.

Balmoral 0006_1352658063.jpg

She also has various other houses with multi bedrooms. Balmoral, Sandringham, Osborne House, Kensington Palace, Edinburgh Castle and Windsor Castle and yet she’s never mentioned when it comes to taxpayers money, although Balmoral and Sandringham are not publicly funded.

Although some people might tell you that we shouldn’t be having a pop at the Queen and that she’s an asset to this country’s finances and yes, they might be right, after all, no tourist ever came to see me, they come to see the Queen and her Palaces which of course, does aid to attract millions of tourists to London every year, although they won’t get to see the Royals unless they’re going to stand continually at Buckingham Palace and wave at them all day, perhaps that’s what excites them, the Royal wave.

But the fool and their money will quickly be parted where tourists to old Blighty are concerned because this is the land of Rip Off.

And according to O’Donovan and The Times, the hardest working royal in the monarchy goes to Princess Royal Anne, Prince Charle’s sister. In 2018, the 68-year-old Anne attended 447 engagements in the United Kingdom and 71 overseas.

Of course, the Queen isn’t on benefits, she doesn’t have to be, she’s paid by the taxpayer, but the point is, why does this woman require so many bedrooms and why does she need so many homes?


And why is the taxpayer funding them? Well, of course, Buckingham Palace is not owned by the Queen, it’s not the private property of the Queen, it’s just somewhere that she resides while she’s the Queen and it’s held in trust by Crown Estates for future generations. 

But it’s shameful that the taxpayer has to be made to suffer so that we can finance the Crown Estates, after all, we come into this world with nothing and we were not genetically engineered to believe that we had fund this but once we’re born we’re conditioned to believe that we have to. Why? It’s not like she’s the air that we breathe or the water that we drink!

As for being an asset, there’s some scepticism about the money that she brings into this country against what the taxpayer has to pay and people come to see the taxpayer-funded palace, not her and the palaces will still be here when she’s gone.

And if she’s an asset to our country, then so are all the people that live in this country because most of us give something back, whether we have worked all our lives, served in the forces, or volunteered at some point in our lives and all of us have served, we serve the Queen by paying our taxes to the Crown Estates.

The bedroom tax is a shameful and sickening attack on the poor, elderly and vulnerable with the assessments of a health assessor overriding medical consultants at DWP meetings, meaning that the sick and vulnerable are being pronounced fit to work when not fit to do so and this has to end.


And Boris Johnson will soon be rid of the European Court of Human Rights, so the poor can just die without a voice but then that would suit him and his oppressive friends but then the bedroom tax has always been an excuse for the Tories to steal from the poor and those people should not be charged more unless they’ve been offered suitable housing and this bedroom tax is almost like we’ve been raped, stalked and brutalised.

Our benefits system is funded by all of us for when we need it but the bedroom tax was never about benefits, it’s about charging people more for having additional bedrooms even when suitable housing is not accessible and it’s Torie’s justification to rob the poor.


Number Ten doesn’t come with a spare bedroom tax nor all the other housing held by Royals and others owned by the people, this is simply aimed at the poor and it’s being robbed by those who have more than enough already.

This is simply a sad tax from the sad Tory government and it should be torn up because it’s an unfair strain on Council Tenants and its an insulting tax plucked from thin air from a Government with no thought to the suffering it would cause like a vast number of their ideas and this tax should be repealed.

And it might have seemed reasonable on paper but the thing is there were never enough places to downsize to and most people who’ve lived in their homes all their lives and have brought children up in that said home because all of their memories are there and they don’t want to relocate and leave their memories behind.

This might seem a tad sentimental to those with no compassion and have the funds to up sticks and relocate whenever they want, well that’s just dandy, but a number of these people who’ve brought up their families and their children have now left home are too exhausted to up sticks and move because our government deemed it fit to do so.

Then you’ve got someone who’s lived in their council house for over 50 years, worked and paid rent all their life, a generation that owed nothing to anybody and that person if you count up all the rent they paid has kind of bought their home many times over, so why should they be forced to pay more because their family have either died or grown up and moved out?

Pensioners are of course, exempt from paying the bedroom tax but because pension age has gone up dramatically there are some people still paying bedroom tax that would have not have done so before pension age went up.









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