Michael Gove Fudges Reply


Michael Gove fudged his response when he was asked if he could promise people wouldn’t die if the United Kingdom crashed out of the EU, only 10 days before the deadline.

But Michael Gove told MPs that he’d been instructed to increase contingency arrangements because a settlement had not been reached and Boris Johnson was ordered to write to the EU asking for an extension to the leaving date but he accompanied it with a letter to President Donald Tusk emphasising that he felt a further stay was not in Britain’s and the EU’s interest.


Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies, said ministers could not ensure that lives would not be lost if there was a no-deal, yet, Mr Gove, who was in charge of no-deal preparation, was previously explicit in ruling out deaths but then he refused to categorically rule it out.

Tracy Brabin asked Mr Gove, who’s in charge of no-deal planning if he could replicate a promise he had earlier made because she had earlier challenged him directly if he thought anyone would die because of a no-deal Brexit.

Mr Gove was unequivocal then and he was very robust in his answer, which was ‘no’, and asked if this was still the case, he spoke to the government’s preparations stating that they would ensure that there would not be any deficits or delays that the honourable lady was worried about.

On 10th October Dame Sally Davies said that the health service and everyone has worked extremely hard to prepare but that we can’t guarantee that there will not be deficits, not only of medicines but of technology and gadgets and things and that there may be deaths and that we can’t guarantee that there won’t and when asked directly if patients are at risk, she stated that they were at risk.

Parliament had the opportunity to establish a meaningful vote which would have enabled the Tories to progress smoothly to the ratification of their deal and exit, but instead, the House voted in such a way as to put an orderly exit in doubt.

But with no clear agreement in the House to ratify the Withdrawal Agreement, there was no extension granted, nevertheless, the Prime Minister believes the only way to get legislation is to browbeat and coerce MPs with the intimidation of no-deal but the Prime Minister has lost the approval of the House and he’s double-crossed the DUP and he’s taken a bulldozer to most of the procedures.

And he’s acting more in the style of the Godfather, throwing confetti at a Mafia family wedding in the way that he’s disposed of the goodwill of the House.

Of course, there have been 12,0000 plus deaths through Austerity, what’re a few more deaths and we must realise that the Tories just don’t give a damn and we have some of the cruellest politicians and they put themselves before the people they serve.

Published by Angela Lloyd

My vision on life is pretty broad, therefore I like to address specific subjects that intrigue me. Therefore I really appreciate the world of politics, though I have no actual views on who I will vote for, that I will not tell you, so please do not ask! I am like an observation station when it comes to writing, and I simply take the news and make it my own. I have no expectations, I simply love to write, and I know this seems really odd, but I don't get paid for it, I really like what I do and since I am never under any pressure, I constantly find that I write much better, rather than being blanketed under masses of paperwork and articles that I am on a deadline to complete. The chances are, that whilst all other journalists are out there, ripping their hair out, attempting to get their articles completed, I'm simply rambling along at my convenience creating my perfect piece. I guess it must look pretty unpleasant to some of you that I work for nothing, perhaps even brutal. Perhaps I have an obvious disregard for authority, I have no idea, but I would sooner be working for myself, than under somebody else, excuse the pun! Small I maybe, but substantial I will become, eventually. My desk is the most chaotic mess, though surprisingly I know where everything is, and I think that I would be quite unsuited for a desk job. My views on matters vary and I am extremely open-minded to the stuff that I write about, but what I write about is the truth and getting it out there, because the people must be acquainted. Though I am quite entertained by what goes on in the world. My spotlight is mostly to do with politics, though I do write other material as well, but it's essentially politics that I am involved in, and I tend to concentrate my attention on that, however, information is essential. If you have information the possibilities are endless because you are only limited by your own imagination...

One thought on “Michael Gove Fudges Reply

  1. Do Michael ‘Brains’ Gove and his puppet-master Boris ‘Piggy’ Johnson really believe in Brexit. It’s clear that leaving the EU would be such a disaster that no PM would ever see it through. However, gormless as he may be, Boris knows that his Bill would never make it through Parliament, so he doesn’t need to worry. In the meantime, he can make political capital from this nonsense. Why not? every other politician is!


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