Confusion As Michael Gove Says …

Face masks shouldn’t be made compulsory in England’s shops, that’s what Michael Gove said, but now Boris Johnson has now toughened up the rules on coverings and has made face coverings mandatory. There are some people out there that chose to wear face coverings, there are others that don’t and there are many that can’tContinue reading “Confusion As Michael Gove Says …”

Michael Gove Admits He can’t Promise all Teachers Will Be Safe

The dispute over reopening schools is mounting after top Tory Michael Gove declared he could ensure teachers would be safe, but then quickly declared they might get coronavirus. Questioned if he could ensure teachers would be safe when classrooms reopen, he answered yes, and that he’d talked to the chief scientific advisor for the government,Continue reading “Michael Gove Admits He can’t Promise all Teachers Will Be Safe”

Officials Draw Up Three-Stage Traffic Light System To Lift UK Lockdown

Government officials have reportedly drawn up a three-stage traffic light system to end the UK’s national coronavirus lockdown and the system could see some non-essential businesses re-open in early to mid-May. The first phase ‘green’ would reportedly include small, non-essential shops, hairdressers and nurseries, although travel would still be discouraged. The ‘amber’ phase would seeContinue reading “Officials Draw Up Three-Stage Traffic Light System To Lift UK Lockdown”

Losing Public Goodwill

Boris Johnson has drafted stringent new measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus, including a prohibition on public gatherings of more than two people. He stated that people should only leave their home to exercise once a day, travel to and from work, where necessary, shop for basic items and fulfil any medical orContinue reading “Losing Public Goodwill”

Boris Johnson Ally Lashes Out At Rapper

A top Boris Johnson ally has lashed out at Dave for calling the Prime Minister a real racist at the BRITs. Home Secretary Priti Patel stated the claim was complete rubbish and maintained no one could level the allegation against the Tory leader before meeting him personally. Rapper Dave used his performance to yield politically-chargedContinue reading “Boris Johnson Ally Lashes Out At Rapper”

Michael Gove Fudges Reply

Michael Gove fudged his response when he was asked if he could promise people wouldn’t die if the United Kingdom crashed out of the EU, only 10 days before the deadline. But Michael Gove told MPs that he’d been instructed to increase contingency arrangements because a settlement had not been reached and Boris Johnson wasContinue reading “Michael Gove Fudges Reply”

They’re Simply Saying No

It now appears that the EU is refusing to negotiate with the United Kingdom, but the Prime Minister’s been explicit that he wants to negotiate a good deal with the European Union, and he will utilise all the strength of the government to ensure that in the spirit of friendliness that we can negotiate aContinue reading “They’re Simply Saying No”

Boris Johnson Finally Surfaces

Submarine Boris Johnson is finally surfacing to launch his Tory leadership campaign, and the blonde-haired Brexiteer Buffon is currently the frontrunner for 10 Downing Street. Yes, that’s the same MP who jeopardised incarcerated mum Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe in Iran, called black people “piccaninnies”, rugby tackled a 10-year-old boy on a business trip, accused the President ofContinue reading “Boris Johnson Finally Surfaces”

New Law Could Mean Drivers Who Hit Cats Will Have To Report It To The Police

Under current legislation, felines are not covered by regulations which require motorists to report collisions with animals, but Rehman Chishti, MP for Gillingham and Rainham has begun a Private Member’s Bill to Parliament, with MPs scheduled to consider the bill in Parliament. The Cats Bill summons for a modification to the Road Traffic Act (1988)Continue reading “New Law Could Mean Drivers Who Hit Cats Will Have To Report It To The Police”

Theresa May In Tears

Theresa May’s smiling face as she drove to a meeting with Tory MPs quickly turned to thunder after backbenchers demanded she finally quit amid the Brexit chaos, and the emotional confrontation left the Prime Minister visibly unsettled, but as she grappled with her emotions, up stepped pretentious Boris Johnson to announce he was ready toContinue reading “Theresa May In Tears”