The Majority Of Brits Agree That The Decision To Lock Down By Boris Johnson Came Too Late


A preponderance of people in the United Kingdom believes Boris Johnson imposed the coronavirus lockdown too late, while more than a third don’t believe current constraints go far enough.

And there has been a measure of public outrage at the government’s strategy to the crisis with ministers now under pressure to go further to combat the spread of the dangerous virus, and that there should have been a decision to implement a nationwide lockdown earlier than it was.

But despite the time issue, countless people want the government to now go further in the belief that the current measures have fallen short, and that all commercial flights into and out of the United Kingdom should be suspended for the duration of the lockdown.

However, the government is resolute that such a move is not needed because there’s no indication that closing borders or executing a travel embargo would have any impact on the spread of infection, given that it’s already widespread in the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, people are responsive to the concept of sanctifying NHS staff, backing plans to award frontline workers a special coronavirus medal, and numerous people think the government should acknowledge in some way the efforts of the NHS workers, with many backing a permanent pay rise.

And it’s suggested that the country is braced for a long term disruption and that numerous people believe the lockdown will still be in place at the end of May, with some believing it will be much longer.


Downing Street said lockdown will be examined after three weeks but the direction of travel suggests measures could be kept in place for longer than that, and Boris Johnson has repeatedly stated the situation in the United Kingdom will get worse before it gets better and a preponderance of people agreed with that appraisal.

The nation has said that they expect the situation to worsen before it improves, believing that a majority of the UK population will unavoidably contract coronavirus, with one-fifth of the country believing that they’ve already had the virus and many believing that they have the coronavirus now and that the coronavirus will have a negative impact on their finances.

The country is now apparently divided with the police approach to implementing lockdown, amid criticism of some forces being heavy-handed.

Some people believe that police measures have been about right, but some are saying that there’s not been enough, but some people have stated that the police had been extreme in their use of the powers to break up gatherings and to prevent people making non-essential journeys.

The current crisis further seems to have crippled countless people’s opinion of the Chinese government, with some people saying they believe the Chinese government is dishonestly reporting the number of coronavirus cases and deaths in China where the coronavirus started.

And when Germany and South Korea took it seriously, we here in the United Kingdom did not, thinking it wouldn’t get here, but our government should have stopped flights earlier in hindsight, but better late than never, I guess, and all people in the United Kingdom should be wearing masks if they have no option but to go out.

It was only about a month ago that everyone believed the coronavirus was nowhere nigh as bad as a man cold, but it appears that China has brought the world to its knees by its disgusting cultural practices that caused this to pass from bats to people in Wuhan food markets.

But maybe China played a blinder to take over the world by using this simple biological weapon. They let it kill their own in Wuhan and didn’t seem that worried about it.

They shut down and kept it out of Shanghai and Beijing, and it looks like they’ll be buying up the whole of the world in a few months for a pretty reasonable price, and the biggest blunder Boris Johnson made was to think that moneybags living within the M25 would act responsively and like grown-ups and not party like idiots.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be criticising Boris Johnson because we know where this virus came from and we know who played this down initially and had they not, governments would all have responded differently if China had been honest as far back as November.

Hopefully, all western leaders will learn from their mistakes, but the greatest lesson of all will be to never trust China again, or is this simply the current theme going around, seeking to divert from our own government’s failures?

However, moving swiftly along, where do you think this virus came from? – it certainly didn’t come from Westminster, and how many pandemics has China had in the last 20 years – swine flu, bird flu, SARS and now COVID 19.

Who kept the virus concealed from the world from November and didn’t inform us until January, by which time they’d let millions leave China and contaminate the world.

Who tried to silence the doctor who tried to warn the world, and who has since died? And where is the other lady doctor whistleblower who also spoke out and has since disappeared?

It isn’t the UK government that’s contaminated the world while keeping it hidden – what we should be doing is politicising this disaster that started in China and its abject behaviour.

And now because of this situation, we’re looking at promoting ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ orders for an entire generation of older people who receive care, and this is terrifying, and where will it end?

And I wonder when this is all over what liberties our government will give us back, and we all have to ask ourselves, would we want Boris Johnson’s job at this moment in time? Of course not, but we’re happy to reprimand the choices he’s having to make.

As far as I can see, the government is frantically seeking to manage a novel and unforeseen global pandemic that the entire world was unprepared for.

Our government have tried to deal with a population in the United Kingdom that’s calling for stringent lockdown measures, but a large population in the United Kingdom are actively resisting it.

You only need to listen to people’s comments to see the various extremes in people’s minds, and the lockdown was only enforced because numerous people were making the predicament more acute by actively disregarding all government guidance from the start, and yet people still won’t adhere to it.

But how far can we go with this lockdown? Wear a mask, don’t breathe, hide at home, watch porn till you’re brain dead, request a pass to take a walk, and don’t ask questions. How on earth did we get here?

More than a quarter of Britons have confessed to breaching the government’s coronavirus lockdown rules, as numerous people young and old continue to needlessly wander the countries streets and beauty spots.

The thing is, we’re not in the middle of this virus, we’re at the beginning. The question is, how long will most healthy people put up with this lockdown because it appears this virus is here to stay, and we will have to live with it until someone develops a weapon to regulate it, and its tendency to mutate, and now there are some people out there yelling ‘police state’ over this lockdown.

The thing that bothers me the most and I find the most disheartening, is this continuous government bashing because this isn’t necessary for such a serious situation.

We are following a world curve and no government could prepare efficiently for something that’s never happened before, and unless we want to fully surrender our civil liberties to this, like some draconian countries, mapping their citizen’s movements via apps, we need to stay home and follow the guidelines and stop bashing those whose job it is to support and maintain the situation.

In South Korea visitors are made to buy a sim card and place it in their mobile phone, then they have to self isolate for 2 weeks in a nominated location.

There have been instances where the mobile signal is lost and the police have called on a person having a shower and another was in the kitchen when the police called – everyone wears a face mask – I guess it beats clapping on your doorstep.

The other question you have to ask yourselves, precisely how long is lockdown sustainable for? It’s not a long term solution.

I guess Boris Johnson and the government have responded reasonably well within the limited understanding of this killer virus, but no one knows, even now, and in situations like this, we all rely on the most reliable information at the time.

We can’t all criticise Boris Johnson, but I do agree that NHS staff should have more protective gear and testing appears to be the way forward, and Boris Johnson needs to make as much money available to do this.

It doesn’t matter where they come from, they could come from Timbuktu, as long as we get them, and although the preponderance of people are acting sensibly with this lockdown, there are going to be people out there that are going to scorn the rules because they don’t have the fortitude to wait, and they’ll start believing it won’t happen to them, but of course, this will cause another wave of this fatal virus.


People need to take responsibility too. How many of us started social distancing before we were told to? But what exactly are the government supposed to do? You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink and some people will never take the advice seriously and they’ll scorn all the rules at the cost of others.

Nobody on this planet knows what’s going to happen with this virus, not a soul. Every government has its team of specialists who are leading policy, but this is a new situation and we’re all flying by the seat of our pants.

The government told us to all stay at home, so you can’t blame the government for all the fools in parks and at the seaside treating it like it’s a holiday, spreading the virus – they were all told, what part of staying at home didn’t they understand?

What matters now, is that we need to be reducing the mortality rate, and all NHS workers need to be supported by Boris Johnson. He also needs to get tests done on staff as well at patients so that some of them can be transferred onto a general ward if they test negative and free up ventilation for those who require it.

However, passengers arriving into the United Kingdom are still not having their temperatures taken as a guideline as to whether they’re contaminated with the virus or not.

People are still coming into Heathrow from the USA, Italy and the Far East and Boris Johnson’s only protection is a bottle of hand sanitiser, and if our government aren’t willing to check passengers as they come off the plane, then he should suspend all incoming flights to protect our country.

Allowing flights is ludicrous anyway because you can’t regulate infection if they’re letting people fly in who could have the virus, but we can all be wise after the event, and we’ve never been in this position before – no one could have visualised the pace of this virus as it went worldwide.

This virus has accelerated fast, and no one saw how this would pan out. Five weeks ago, people were partying with their friends, there were no issues, no alarm – now we can’t get anywhere near our friends and family.


And Boris Johnson’s advisers must have forgotten the old saying: ‘Prevention is better than cure’, so this country is now suffering because the so-called advisers didn’t use their common sense, assuming of course, if they possess any at all.

But the government has failed its doctors and nurses badly with inadequate protective clothing, therefore many caught the virus and what was an already overburdened medical staff was decimated by around 30 per cent.

Society needs to understand the situation, and how deadly this virus is. There’s no vaccine, which means there’s no cure or even a drug to hinder its spread, so at the moment the only way it can be contained is through isolation – not isolation of the virus, but the isolation of the population.

The spread needs to be quieted down enough to make the level of the virus and sickness that it causes to be manageable and like the flu, this isn’t ever going to go away, so we simply have to protect our most vulnerable whilst some others manage to build up a resistance against it.

But if there’s one thing that we’ve discovered from this outbreak, it’s just how many incompetents run around at large, and who are in vital parts of our everyday lives.

It’s easy to criticise Boris Johnson or any minister for that matter because we all have to put the onus on someone else, but we’re in uncharted waters, fighting an adversary that we can’t see and who’s aimless on who it strikes.

It’s a bit like the Battle of the Atlantic in WWII with submarines sinking allied ships and seeking to find the Achilles Heel which is the needle in the haystack which must be found.

No doubt people during WWII asked the same questions and wondered what the government were up to, and errors, mistakes and miscalculations were prevalent then and it’s no different today, although today we’re in the information age which gives us more knowledge, and now Boris Johnson has been weighed, measured and been found wanting!


Published by Angela Lloyd

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