Boris Johnson Feared He Wouldn’t Live To See His Son Born

Boris Johnson said he feared he wouldn’t live to see his baby son born, as he battled coronavirus in intensive care and he stated that we’ve all got a lot to live for, a lot to do and that he wouldn’t hide from it.

Boris Johnson, 55, said he was genuinely frustrated that he couldn’t see the path or the way out of the skip as he struggled for his life at St Thomas’s Hospital in central London and he said that there was some disturbing physical resilience or unwillingness to give in or entertain negative thoughts and that he never actually thought that he wouldn’t come back from it.

Boris Johnson said he’s seen the NHS save life and also bring new life into the world in the last month and spoke of his appreciation and love for the health service.

He said that when he left ICU and went back to a general ward at St Thomas’s Hospital it was a Thursday and he clapped like crazy for the NHS while still in his boxers on his hospital bed.

More than 130 front line workers have died since the crisis started and the Government has continually met with questions about staff having inadequate PPE and last month the Mirror was informed about some NHS workers having to buy their own protective kit from DIY stores as the supply scandal disgracing the Government increased.

And frontline health workers lost out on millions of PPE from China because the government’s procurement policy is a mess. But the government who are being challenged almost every day about the shortage of PPE during press conferences, still maintains they’re increasing the supply, with Michael Gove stating that on personal protective equipment for key workers, that they’re increasing the range of delivery and supply.

He stated that from February 25 to May 2 they’d delivered over 1.08 billion items of PPE across the health and social care system within England but he acknowledged there was much more to do.

This comes as Boris Johnson, in a revealing interview, stated his appreciation and respect for the NHS was boundless.

Over the weekend proud mum, Carrie Symonds posted a photograph of their infant enveloped in a blanket, who is already sporting a full head of brown hair, on Instagram as the Prime Minister said he was thrilled about his new offspring.

The infant, who is called Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson after Dr Nick Price and Dr Nick Hart, the doctors that cared for Boris Johnson while he was recovering from the coronavirus.

The post on Carrie Symonds Instagram page read: “Introducing Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson born on 29.04.20 at 9 am.

The baby was named Wilfred after Boris Johnson’s grandfather and Lawrie after Carrie Symonds grandfather and Nicolas after Dr Nick Price and Dr Nick Hart, the two doctors that saved Boris Johnson’s life last month, and Carrie Symonds thanked the incredible NHS maternity team at UCLH that looked after them so well.

She stated that she couldn’t be any happier and that her heart was full but Carrie Symonds, 32, had previously stated that the infant was expected in the early summer, leading to the belief that the due date was in June.

The Prime Minister was hospitalised with coronavirus and spent three days in intensive care in April. He stated that he would take a brief duration of paternity leave later in the year and Boris Johnson had further revealed that doctors were planning to announce his death as he battled the coronavirus.

He said he received litres and litres of oxygen to help him fight the dangerous virus, explaining how a “death of Stalin” style scenario was prepared in the event he passed away and he admitted his doctors forced him to go to the hospital as he was hesitant to leave Downing Street.

Boris Johnson added that his time in the hospital was a tough old time and talked of his relief when he left intensive care on April 9 and back on to a general ward were staff clapped for him but he felt it was the astounding doctors and nurses that deserved to be clapped for.

Boris Johnson is now urging nations to pull together and share their expertise as he co-hosts an international conference to drive the race for coronavirus treatments, tests and vaccines, illustrating the challenge confronting humanity as the most important shared endeavour of our lifetime.

He added that we’re all in this together and together we will prevail.

Monday’s online pledging conference, co-hosted by the UK and eight other nations and organisations, strives to bring in more than £6.6 billion in funding to support the global response to the pandemic.

But anyone that’s put in intensive care doesn’t simply get up and walk after a short period, there has to be a decent period of rest and recuperation, especially for an overweight and unfit person as presented by the Prime Minister.

And many people believe that he wasn’t sick. He wasn’t on a ventilator and exaggeration is good for a climactic effect and it certainly won’t make people more sympathetic to his and his government’s failures in dealing with the pandemic and being at death’s door, like it was proposed, it takes a particularly long period of rest and recuperation, which was hardly ideal for a Prime Minister.

There’s nothing like the government milking it to death with a miracle comeback and then we have the wonder child but it doesn’t mention those tens of thousands of people that have died, or failing to provide PPE, equipment, medicines, guidelines or testing.

If earlier testing had been done in care homes, so many deaths could have been prevented and they didn’t close the airports or quarantine like other countries, yet they want the sympathy and when this is all over they’ll forget the mess they made of this crisis, and the media will simply lap it up.

Can you imagine any serious Prime Minister such as Attlee, Churchill, Wilson or Thatcher giving us daily updates on their mindset during their illness?

But now we don’t have a Prime Minister, we have a Love Island contestant, who, like the gaudy chat magazine, takes us through every excruciating moment.

If Boris had been Mr Joe Bloggs would he have made it to ICU or was this merely a publicity stunt to get his reputation out of the gutter?

The really sad story is the ones that failed to make it out of the hospital due to his not locking down and giving us a “take it on the chin” attitude and perhaps when he concludes his no deal, and all Brexiteers are paying three times as much for their groceries and the NHS is sold off, then the penny may drop that people voted for another Trump.

And Boris Johnson said that he was clapping while still in his boxers on his hospital bed, what, didn’t they provide him with a hospital gown?

And if this is all true with Boris Johnson is now praising the NHS, doctors and nurses, then he won’t mind giving them all a pay rise, that would show a sign of solidarity. Of course, there’s zero chance of that happening because it’s simply all talk like good old Boris Johnson always does.

And it appears as if our British government’s handling of all this is amongst the worst in the world, with third world countries having handled this considerably better than the United Kingdom and this is a serious embarrassment for us and serious investigation with severe outcomes should be launched for their complete and utter ineptitude.

And Boris Johnson pledged to make the United Kingdom a world-leading nation, but we’re not, we’re falling apart and people are dying by tens of thousands when other countries are not, yet his PR team keep releasing his miracle comeback and the Chosen Child.

Can you imagine Winston Churchill telling the people every day about how many bombs he escaped, I don’t think so.

It was stated that Boris Johnson could be given up to four litres of oxygen, however, the average COVID 19 patient can be given up to 14 litres on average which suggests that the Prime Minister’s doctors were simply playing it safe because pneumonia can take hold pretty quickly.

And it appears that the government were precariously stacking deckchairs on the Titanic in desperation to rescue this depressed Government because the Honey Monster dropped the ball and blamed it on scientific opinion.

And maybe if he’d followed sound advise from the outset he wouldn’t have put himself in that position with his herd nonsense, and what will it take for some people to see what’s staring them in the face.

This government is clueless and they’re making it up as they go along, yet people believe this dupe is doing a magnificent job, but you’ve got to chuckle because Boris should have been an actor, not a Prime Minister, and sometimes even actors do a better job.

And Boris Johnson should think of himself as being remarkably blessed because they’ll be some men who won’t get to see their children being born and there are 28 thousand brits who won’t see their families anymore, what does he think that he’s more significant than the other 28 thousand who didn’t make it?

But he didn’t appear to have a problem with the thought of a whole load of other people dying when he and his comrades were pondering over the idea of herd immunity.

Boris Johnson is purportedly the biggest fibber, cheat and groper of women to ever grace the corridors of Westminster, yet the majority still voted for him because they believed his strategy on leaving the EU, which we still have not heard anything of.

And it seems like the great British public is quite easily convinced if there’s a drama included in the election, after all, we all wanted it aired on television just to add to the excitement and it now seems that we’re being misled again.

Yes, we’re in an age and the grip of government ministers who are lying and cheating. Yet Boris Johnson has made a new rule and he can get away with it and his ever-supportive ring-wing protagonists who will support him whatever happens, and those on the receiving end of it, you know, those 50,000 deaths, including countless innocent doctors and nurses on the frontline, well, they can take it up the tailpipe.

Yes, death pays well amongst the zealous elite classes because all they have to do is offer us a good deal of cash and we go down on bended knees and say, thank you, boss man, I believe you, and some British lickspittles, well, they’ll accept any lies and deception as long as it’s delivered in a fine public school twang.

I’m truly happy that Boris Johnson is okay, but we keep getting told lies. We were told he was going into ICU, then he was in high spirits and bantering with nurses. Now he’s saying he used litres and litres of oxygen and he was near to death and that plans were made for his death – this story keeps evolving, so it’s no surprise people think that they’re being lied to.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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