Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist Rips InTo Boris Johnson

A Nobel prize-winning scientist has ripped into Boris Johnson’s leadership during the coronavirus crisis. One of Britain’s most distinguished scientists said the United Kingdom has been left to play catch up due to a desperate lack of clear leadership. Sir Paul head of the Francis Crick Institute in London, said it was not clear toContinue reading “Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist Rips InTo Boris Johnson”

What’s The Point?

It’s always the same and it’s too disheartening. What’s the point in finding out how many more hundreds of people have died today? And I don’t need the Prime Minister telling me that I can’t go to see my family or friends, I already know that. I don’t need to turn on the television toContinue reading “What’s The Point?”

Boris Johnson Feared He Wouldn’t Live To See His Son Born

Boris Johnson said he feared he wouldn’t live to see his baby son born, as he battled coronavirus in intensive care and he stated that we’ve all got a lot to live for, a lot to do and that he wouldn’t hide from it. Boris Johnson, 55, said he was genuinely frustrated that he couldn’tContinue reading “Boris Johnson Feared He Wouldn’t Live To See His Son Born”

Boris Johnson Returns To No 10

It was a subdued, thinner and washed out Boris Johnson who stepped out from behind the world’s most prominent front door – the Prime Minister is back following his very real skirmish with death, and his priority was to give a hurriedly, orchestrated televised speech as a real display he had recovered and was veryContinue reading “Boris Johnson Returns To No 10”


It’s the uninterested conformist broadcasting and, an indecisive political group and, an extensive population who have become observers rather than performers in their everyday lives, who have produced the wrong image that Britain is taking its austerity battering laying down. Nevertheless, this couldn’t be furthermore from what’s going on because many of the most disenfranchised groupsContinue reading “AUSTERITY, DEMOCRACY AND, PROTEST”