The Professor Who Breached Lockdown


Professor Neil Ferguson will not face additional action by the police after admitting he made an error of judgment by breaching social distancing rules despite being an important figure in shaping the lockdown.

Scotland Yard reprimanded his performance as visibly disappointing but ruled out issuing a fine because he had taken responsibility after quitting as an important Government authority in the coronavirus response.

The researcher, whose work was pivotal in Boris Johnson’s move to impose stringent conditions, stood down from the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) after letting a woman attend him at his London home.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the Imperial College London professor had made the right decision to quit but that it was a matter for the police to determine whether to take further action and he said that it was just not possible for Professor Ferguson to continue advising the government.

Matt Hancock said that social distancing rules are there for everyone.

Scotland Yard said that they remain dedicated to their performance in maintaining adherence to Government guidance and have made it clear that their starting point is emphasising the necessity to follow the regulations with anyone who’s in breach in order to keep people safe and to protect the NHS.

They further stated that it’s clear in Professor Ferguson’s case, his behaviour was clearly disappointing but that he’s admitted he made an error of judgment and has taken responsibility for that, and because of that, they feel that they don’t need to take any additional action.

Professor Ferguson’s modelling of the virus’s transmission suggested 250,000 people could die without extreme action, and in a statement, made by Professor Ferguson, he stated that he believed he had made an error in judgment and took the wrong course of action.

Therefore he’s stepped back from his involvement in SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies), and he stated that he acted in the hope that he was immune, having tested positive for coronavirus and effectively quarantined himself for nearly two weeks after exhibiting symptoms.

He said that he sincerely regrets any undermining of the explicit messages around the continued call for social distancing, and he further called the government guidance on social distancing unequivocal, adding that it was there to protect all of us.

It was reported that Antonia Staats attended his home on at least two occasions during the lockdown.

Professor Ferguson, a mathematician and epidemiologist, led the Imperial team that modelled the spread and impact of COVID 19 in a Government-commissioned report.

The paper said merely reducing the spread of the virus, which had at that point been the plan, would have led to the NHS being overwhelmed by cases, and about 250,000 could have died in the United Kingdom in that scenario but research said more stringent measures would drastically decrease this.

The Prime Minister then announced the lockdown on March 23, ordering the public to stay at home as he shut most shops and gave police unprecedented enforcement powers.

The Prime Minister then announced the lockdown on March 23, requesting the public to stay at home as he shut most shops and gave police unprecedented enforcement restraints. Under those measures, partners who don’t live together were told they could no longer see each other.

Boris Johnson told the House of Commons that steps could be lifted from Monday, if possible, and the Imperial College London stated Professor Ferguson continues to concentrate on his important research.

The thing is, because Professor Ferguson got away with it, without any action from the police, and that this was the most blatant disregard of the lockdown rules, does that then mean that precludes the police from being able to fine any else that violates the rules.?

After all, what’s good for one, should be good for another, unless you’re a professor, of course.

Or is it, that the rules only pertain to us, commoners?

But then I don’t suppose we should be shocked, and if that was someone else that wasn’t in the public eye, they would have been punished to the full letter of the law.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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