Boris Johnson Admits The Government Could Have Done Things Differently

Boris Johnson has confirmed there were things the government could have done differently in its handling of the coronavirus crisis, and in a marked shift in tone, the Prime Minister admitted that lessons could have been learnt from the first stages of the pandemic. And he acknowledged that the government didn’t understand the virus inContinue reading “Boris Johnson Admits The Government Could Have Done Things Differently”

The Professor Who Breached Lockdown

Professor Neil Ferguson will not face additional action by the police after admitting he made an error of judgment by breaching social distancing rules despite being an important figure in shaping the lockdown. Scotland Yard reprimanded his performance as visibly disappointing but ruled out issuing a fine because he had taken responsibility after quitting asContinue reading “The Professor Who Breached Lockdown”

Top Scientists Issue Severe Warnings

We finally know more about Boris Johnson’s coronavirus response after important scientific documents were exposed to the country with more than a dozen papers being published that show precisely how the government’s scientific advice during the pandemic unfolded. The documents from SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) show Boris Johnson eventually imposed the lockdown afterContinue reading “Top Scientists Issue Severe Warnings”

UK Lockdown: Government Promises More Detail

The government has promised more detail in the coming days around its strategy for when and how to facilitate the UK’s coronavirus lockdown. Ministers are supposed to set out more information by the end of the week after Boris Johnson faced requests to name a strategy and in his first statement since returning to work,Continue reading “UK Lockdown: Government Promises More Detail”