Photographer Hits Back


The photographer who shot Keir Starmer as he clapped for carers has hit back over allegations he was only doing it for the cameras.

The Labour leader met with social media assault over a clip of him, which showed him asking a cameraman if he got what he needed, after clapping beside his wife Victoria and critics on Twitter accused Keir Starmer of clapping solely for the cameras and of using the weekly celebration of the NHS for his political ends.

But the cameraman who was shooting the clip of Keir Starmer and his wife hit out on Twitter at the fraudulent claims.

Marc Ward spoke out after the misleading clip started to spread and he stated that he was that cameraman that Keir Starmer was talking to and that he simply asked Marc about a way to clear the path so that he could bring his daughter over from across the road.

He added the clip of a different angle stating that was the angle that Keir Starmer spoke to him and all that you could see was Keir Starmer heading over the road to get his daughter and then they cut.

And that it was a total non-story being whipped up online by people who choose to screech bogus news and now the tweet has been shared hundreds of times but the Labour leader asked the question because he wanted to bring his young daughter over from across the road as he didn’t want her to be on TV.

And as soon as the cameraman had enough footage the Starmer’s wanted their daughter to join them again for the rest of the clapping.

The Labour leader tweeted that it was another touching moment as the nation came together to cheer for our key workers, our carers and all those keeping our country going through this crisis with the crisis now in its seventh week, with Britons up and down the country stepping onto their doorsteps, balconies and front gardens to cheer front line workers at 8 pm every Thursday.

The Prime Minister tweeted a video of himself clapping, saying thank you to all of our carers, for their incredible work, day in, day out and that they were the pillars of society in the struggle against coronavirus.

Carrie Symonds, who gave birth to their son Wilfred last Wednesday, also participated in the clapping, posting on Twitter that she spotted this flower rainbow leaving UCLH with Wilfred last week and was cheering again for the fabulous carers.

The ironic thing is that they all seem to come up with this robotic Minister parroting, the same words and the same web of lies that nobody believes.

They’re just a gaggle of Ministers and advisers who infringe the rules and then we get a theatrical and patronising performance from their key spokespeople but then this bogus news is simply representative of Tory tactics.

And it seems that the more incompetent they get, the more desperate and mean they get and what we should be doing is telling it precisely how it is because you only see Boris Johnson clapping while on camera but then I suppose he has better things to do with his time than to bestow gratitude to the NHS.

But don’t worry about the virus, it only affects Bats, Pangolins and human beings, so there must have been some manner of human in Boris Johnson.

But so it begins, they can’t defeat Labour by attacking Jeremy Corbyn anymore, so will try to turn the most insignificant things into a scandal against Keir Starmer and they will do anything to cover up Boris Johnson’s ineptitude and it’s getting clearer and clearer that we’re being governed by a posh dishevelled comedian with less competence than Frank Spencer.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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