Michael Gove Admits He can’t Promise all Teachers Will Be Safe

The dispute over reopening schools is mounting after top Tory Michael Gove declared he could ensure teachers would be safe, but then quickly declared they might get coronavirus.

Questioned if he could ensure teachers would be safe when classrooms reopen, he answered yes, and that he’d talked to the chief scientific advisor for the government, and running through the figures, the R number, the rate of infection in the community overall, they were confident that children and teachers would be safe.

Yet when he was questioned over his claim, Michael Gove then declared he couldn’t promise all teachers would be safe, and he stated that you can never eliminate risk and that there’s always, in any loosening of constraints, risk of people getting coronavirus.

But less than an hour before his comments, Michael Gove had himself announced the government’s plan was balanced between keeping people safe and ensuring children get an education, and he said that the only way in which to guarantee that people don’t get COVID 19 is by remaining at home throughout and have no social contact with anyone.

But that they wanted to progress in a balanced way, to ensure children have the chance to go back to school, so that they can profit from learning and as a result ensure their future can be more secure.

However, leading unions are saying that they can’t yet support plans to bring back schools that early until there’s more scientific proof it will be safe, with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland having refused to back England’s policies, and Liverpool and Hartlepool having maintained schools will stay closed.

And the government’s guidance admits that while classes will be divided into groups of 15, those 15 children can’t always be kept two metres apart, and if one of them gets COVID 19, the group of 15 will need to quarantine at home for two weeks.

The government’s advice further says there’s tangled data on whether children pass on COVID 19 less than adults do, and it warns there’s only low confidence that children are less inclined than adults to be affected, although scientific advice does make it clear that children are far less at risk of becoming seriously ill or dying from COVID 19.

However, official figures also show that even with only priority children in school since the end of March, 47 teaching and educational professionals died from COVID 19 in England and Wales up to April 20.

But is it possible to ensure the safety of all children if schools don’t go back, and sometimes we have to look at the larger image rather than only the part which simply affects us? And if they don’t go back to school will we see a negative gain in consequences in children? And is there the perfect solution, I pretty much doubt it.

And I like it how all Tories have that 20/20 vision that hindsight gives you, but fair play to the Tories for doing such an inadequate job with this virus, letting people travel in from China and Italy at the height of the pandemic in those countries, while we didn’t have a problem and this will go down as one of the dumbest decisions of all time.

Children can spread COVID 19 and a 1,000 COVID 19 droplets can survive in the air of a classroom for 8 minutes simply from one person talking.

There are numerous children from the United Kingdom that have died from COVID 19 and countless more that have been hospitalised, along with teaching staff that have died from COVID 19 in March and April.

In China, the children on arrival to school go through a routine to disinfect shoes, clothes and hand washing. They use Plexi screens around each desk and all children wear masks in the classroom.

The teacher has a Plexi screen at the front and even when talking wears a mask, this makes it harder for the virus to travel in air droplets from teacher to children and vice versa, but what has our government got planned for our children?

And remember that under this Tory government, child poverty has gone through the roof, and now we’re supposed to believe that these self-same Tories care about our children’s education?

It just seems like the Tories want to feed our children to the machine, just so they can reboot their economy because children will ultimately be a huge contributor to the economy, what with all that tax they’re going to have to pay.

And the Tories want teachers to put their lives and the lives of their students at risk so that they can act as no more than glorified baby sitters so that parents can then endanger their lives by returning to work too soon – perhaps Michael Gove wants to go work with them?

I bet Boris Johnson won’t go anywhere near them and Michael Gove will run a mile, and the key test for returning to normal is when the House of Commons is full again and not a minute before.

And why are the Tories in such a rush to put our children in the firing line? What’s their motivation because it’s plain it’s not pupil, teacher safety, and I realise that our children are slipping behind with their education, especially in state schools, but if they’re dead it won’t make a shred of difference.

This isn’t about children getting an education, it’s about getting them back to school so that parents can go back out to work, and another PR stunt, but the problem is the advice differs according to whom in the government is telling you.

What we need are clear and specific guidelines so that parents who are worried as well as teaching staff can make a precise decision on whether or not it’s safe for their children to return to school.

The biggest worry for countless teachers is, are they going to be given proper PPE so that they can do their job safely? Because the government’s history so far on implementing PPE in care homes et cetera is appalling.

Therefore, it’s natural that teachers have concerns, and when this pandemic is over, this government will have numerous questions to answer on so many levels.

Why have they been conveniently leaving out the deaths in care homes when recording deaths in hospitals?

We now know the death count in care homes is a monstrous 40 per cent on top of the government’s official death toll and this government’s handling of this pandemic has been shocking on all levels and they should hang their heads in shame.

Why are we even considering putting our children at risk, low level or otherwise? I guess because essentially everything in life bears a risk. Still, this risk is extremely dangerous and unnecessary at this time, and there’s too much at stake now – you know, our children’s lives.

Michael Gove has children, would he send his children back to school and herd them into a classroom like cattle, I think not. And why do children have to go back to school in June, why can’t it simply wait until September when they would go back to school from having a summer holiday, that’s if it’s safe to do so.

Teachers can directly home school remotely to teach our little government Guinea Pigs, I mean children, which would then ensure social distancing. It’s the right thing to do.

And how are construction workers going to manage to do their job, it needs multiple people having to work alongside each other? But you see the dilemma, don’t you?

The thing is, humankind has for the past three decades lived on borrowed time with greed, greed and more greed where economies have grown from hundreds of millions into billions with trillions just around the corner.

And now this virus has shown the vulnerability of human vanity and pride, money, it’s as simple as that and life is cheap so it would seem, and our government are foolish, insensitive, incompetent nationalists supervised by a real empirical revolutionary who cares about nothing unless it’s lining their own pockets.

And if our government expect most workers, including teachers to go back to work, then all MPs should as well because we should be expecting them to set an example before the remainder of us do, and does this mean that private schools are going back as well?

Never trust a Tory because they profess to care about others, but that’s twaddle, they simply want a system that takes the money of the working classes and the disadvantaged, and they don’t seem to want to earn their wealth, they just want to take someone else’s and keep it. That’s not only self-indulgent, but it’s deceptive as well.

And who is Boris Johnson, the invisible man we once knew as our Prime Minister but we only catch a few words from him that he was deemed to have composed, and his last public performance was so poor it could be used for training purposes of how not to perform?

And this is proof that we now know that private schools will remain shut and not state schools because this government seems to think that ordinary teachers and children are expendable lab rats.

And Michael Gove has finally acknowledged that the government can’t guarantee their safety, especially as the death toll proceeds to increase and that the number of new cases hasn’t decreased significantly.

This makes this hapless government’s decision to relax the lockdown even more of a catastrophic error, and that will lead to a second wave, and meanwhile, Boris Johnson wants to fast track the easing of lockdown by getting back to near normality, but won’t allow people to comment.

And has the government even considered the emotional effect of sending our younger children back to school? Not being allowed near their friends, and handwashing, which I’m sure will be more frequent than if they were at home, and it’s troubling because if this easing off doesn’t work and we all end up on lockdown again, children will be extremely confused and it’s definitely not good for their mental health.

And it seems that secretly Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings and the rest of the depraved riffraff want to do. For the masses of low IQ, low skilled workers and families to die because they’re of no use economically and they’ve outstayed their welcome.

And what will happen when all school’s go back with no PPE with teenagers who may or may not be able to social distance, but will be asking for 1-1 help when they don’t understand the work that’s been set out for them and then invading the teacher’s personal space.

So, are the teacher’s safe? Well, they won’t be when hundreds of pupils are back at school in the next few weeks, all of them chatting, giggling, sneezing and drooling over each other, then going into classrooms and touching door handles, books, chairs, desks et cetera.

And it appears now that children are of very low risk of spreading the virus if they get it. That seems like great sound scientific evidence based on what kind of statistics? Considering children have been in quarantine for so long and not mingling with other children and adults besides their immediate family.

And how anyone can support the actions and the decisions that this government has taken during the pandemic is beyond me because they’ve brought ineptitude to an entirely different level.

And most people have more trust and confidence in the guy that manages behind the fish counter at the local supermarket than they do in this government now.

This government have definitely flaunted their true colours and it’s clearly all about money with them, and making sure they cover their own backsides, along with shifting the blame.

And health should always be before education or the economy.


Published by Angela Lloyd

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One thought on “Michael Gove Admits He can’t Promise all Teachers Will Be Safe

  1. Nothing surprises me now, regarding the on-going chronic failure of the Tories. They contradict themselves at every turn. At the end of all these, Johnson should resign, and most of his cabinet should go with him – but they won’t have the decency to fall on their swords.


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