Boris Johnson Admits The Government Could Have Done Things Differently

Boris Johnson has confirmed there were things the government could have done differently in its handling of the coronavirus crisis, and in a marked shift in tone, the Prime Minister admitted that lessons could have been learnt from the first stages of the pandemic. And he acknowledged that the government didn’t understand the virus inContinue reading “Boris Johnson Admits The Government Could Have Done Things Differently”

Face Mask Rules In Takeaways Finally Confirmed

People grabbing takeaway coffee or food in England will have to wear a face covering. Brandon Lewis cleared up days of uncertainty over compulsory masks that have been launched in England, and it’s now law to wear a face-covering in shops and supermarkets in England, with £100 fines for rule-breakers. But people won’t have toContinue reading “Face Mask Rules In Takeaways Finally Confirmed”

Dominic Cummings Aims To Rip The Heart Out Of Army Air Corps

Dominic Cummings intends to rip the heart out of the Army Corps. The 2,000 famous blue berets operate the MoD’s armada of 200 Apache and Gazelle helicopters providing battlefield surveillance, medevac and air support to ground troops, but now Dominic Cummings intends to close their training HQ in Middle Wallop, Hants to save cash. MiddleContinue reading “Dominic Cummings Aims To Rip The Heart Out Of Army Air Corps”

Priti Patel Could Face Axe As Home Secretary

Priti Patel is among three Cabinet ministers predicted to lose their positions for not backing Dominic Cummings. No 10 ordered ministers to tweet backing for Boris Johnson’s top aide as the public erupted with indignity over his flouting of lockdown but the Home Secretary, Justice Secretary Robert Buckland and International Trade boss Liz Truss disregardedContinue reading “Priti Patel Could Face Axe As Home Secretary”

Was That An Earpiece I Just See In His Ear?

Downing Street has dismissed any allegations that Boris Johnson got help at the Despatch Box via an earpiece but Labour MPs suggested he was getting help in his confrontation of the Leader of the Opposition after a hazy image of his head circulated online, and social media wags suggested the image showed a communications deviceContinue reading “Was That An Earpiece I Just See In His Ear?”

Boris Johnson’s Sibling Rachel Ridicules Lockdown

What the dickens is going on? Even Boris Johnson’s sibling isn’t playing by his rules any more, staying overnight at her London residence and enjoying a bit of tennis, and it appears that radio hostess Rachel is attracting more contention for the embattled Prime Minister, dividing her time between her family farm and the metropolis.Continue reading “Boris Johnson’s Sibling Rachel Ridicules Lockdown”

Dominic Cummings Says He Acted Fairly And Professionally

Downing Street has broken its silence concerning the Dominic Cummings coronavirus lockdown debate, but it’s been alleged that his infraction was inside the guidelines, and a statement was issued which supported the chief aide, despite renewed calls for Boris Johnson to dismiss him, yet ministers hurried to Dominic Cummings defence after the Prime Minister backedContinue reading “Dominic Cummings Says He Acted Fairly And Professionally”

Michael Gove Admits He can’t Promise all Teachers Will Be Safe

The dispute over reopening schools is mounting after top Tory Michael Gove declared he could ensure teachers would be safe, but then quickly declared they might get coronavirus. Questioned if he could ensure teachers would be safe when classrooms reopen, he answered yes, and that he’d talked to the chief scientific advisor for the government,Continue reading “Michael Gove Admits He can’t Promise all Teachers Will Be Safe”

Coronavirus: The EU Ventilator System Mix Up

The government said that there was a communications mix-up which meant that they missed the deadline to join an EU scheme to get more ventilators for the coronavirus crisis. Ministers were further accused of putting Brexit before public well-being when Downing Street said that the United Kingdom had chosen to pursue its own scheme, butContinue reading “Coronavirus: The EU Ventilator System Mix Up”

Dominic Cummings Allegedly Playing God

Boris Johnson’s top aide said Brexit could free up Britain to engineer questionable gene research, and Dominic has prophesied new techniques that will revolutionise IVF, allowing would-be parents to avoid embryos with disease risks and cognitive problems. In a 4,000-word blog last February about genomic prediction, he asked Britain to push the boundaries of theContinue reading “Dominic Cummings Allegedly Playing God”