NHS Chief Says Coronavirus Vaccine Could Happen This Year


A coronavirus vaccine could be coming later this year, but the NHS Chief executive said that more could be done.

A vaccine could be available between September and December this year, but even if it does, there are some practical questions about getting it delivered, because, to deliver it, tens of thousands of NHS workers will need to be trained up.

There are further issues about how it will be given, by one dose or two, and if it will be safe to administer alongside the flu vaccine, and it’s also been called for people to get the flu vaccine as a way to reduce pressure on the health care system.

It came as it was reported that the Government was near to agreeing a £500 million contract with Glaxo Smith Kline and Sanofi to provide 60 million doses of their coronavirus vaccine if it proves medically significant.

Ministers are looking to purchase the vaccine from the pharmaceutical giants, should it work in human trials, which are due to start in September and during an appearance on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, Sir Simon Stevens also established that the Government would roll out a new COVID recovery service within the NHS.

It will be designed to defeat the long term repercussions of coronavirus on a patients well-being, and Sir Simon said the NHS had to adjust to the virus and its impact being around for years.

The scheme will see those who suffered from the virus get a health check-up, and up to 12 weeks of video support, including pre-recorded physiotherapy sessions, and it was established that the NHS was planning for a second wave of the virus this winter, especially if it is co-existent with the flu.

And Sir Simon stated that plans to sufficiently finance the UK’s social care system needed to be in position inside a year, and he said that the coronavirus pandemic had reflected a pretty harsh spotlight on the flexibility of the social care system.

He stated that if any good is to come from this, it was his belief, that they must use this to resolve once and for all to actually properly resource and reform the way in which social care works in this country.

The truth is that following at least two decades of talking about it, we don’t have a fair and properly resourced adult social care system with a decent set of workforce supports, and Sir Simon added that he was hoping that by the time they’re sitting down this time next year on the 73rd birthday of the NHS that they’ve actually, as a country, been able to decisively answer the question of how they’re going to finance and afford high-quality social care.

But social care is something the Conservative government see as getting, nothing from, payout only, that’s why they’ve dodged all responsibility to it for over a decade. However, the government are now making preparations for 60 million jabs, that must be a good thing, right?

The problem is, it’s not been exactly encouraging, and I’m sure people are absolutely fed up of hearing, maybe, will be, should be this year, and because of this, how can anyone be sure of anything right now?

And why are they training up NHS staff when they’re skilled enough to give all other vaccines, so why is this one so different? And some people can’t have the flu vaccine because they’re allergic to it, so should we be slightly concerned if this COVID vaccine is the same?

And is there actually going to be a vaccine so easily accessible, so quickly? Vaccines usually take years to develop and test. So, perhaps we shouldn’t be getting our hopes up.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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