MAKE IT WORK Offices Could Offer Coronavirus Testing

Offices could offer regular coronavirus testing to help get Brits back to work following pressure from Boris Johnson to get staff behind desks.

The Government will urge companies to launch a regular testing drive amongst their workers to help keep the economy on course if there are spikes in coronavirus through the winter.

And there’s been meetings between business managers and Whitehall officials over how to roll out the extensive use of mobile testings units in factories and offices around the nation.

Employers who have their workers regularly tested could even be permitted to stay open in the event of a local lockdown and director-general of the British Chambers of Commerce Adam Marshall said companies could embrace the idea but only if the Government guarantees the cost of tests are cheap.

He said that they’re supportive of the ramp-up of testing if that helps businesses evade blanket future lockdowns.

A standard swab test currently costs about £100, which is out of the budget of all but the wealthiest companies such as Formula One, the Premier League and a handful of City of London businesses, who have brought in regular testing.

But the rate at which testing is being developed to allow faster swab results has led to hope costs could plunge and be accessible to more companies and acting Head of the Institute of Directors Edwin Morgan said the important issue is who pays for it?

And he said that if bigger companies want to do it voluntarily, then great, but if you’re a smaller company, lots of them still aren’t in excellent shape and it’s much more difficult.

Office buildings around the country have stayed empty since lockdown was introduced on March 23 and a fresh study of 8,000 adults from eight countries has revealed that workers in the United Kingdom and the US are least likely to want to return to the office.

The study, done by ManPowerGroup, discovered that the main reason people didn’t want to go back to the workplace was because of concern over a second wave.

About 73 per cent of British workers had adverse feelings about returning to the office, compared to only 54 per cent in Germany.

The Prime Minister’s deputy spokesperson said workers should start asking their employers when they can return to pile pressure onto bosses to get offices COVID safe and he said anyone who can’t work from home should have a COVID safe workplace they can do their job from.

Since the beginning of time the human race has developed it’s working methods, previously it was to maximise profit for employers or to save the Government money, for example, to move to industrialisation, relocating to other countries and shutting down industries, for example, coal mining.

As a consequence of this transformation which was damaging to both the individuals affected up to the community that was shut down.

Throughout these times government assistance was minimal if anything at all. The effects were intense and continued for years. Then along came COVID 19 and the Government messed up the crisis management of that in the early stages.

Businesses now have a duty of care for workers and with that in mind, they’re developing new working methods that reduces or eliminates the risk and protects employees.

The negative side is some industries will suffer and people will suffer a loss which will increase costs to the country but with time, help and support to the affected, this country will recover, that’s what we do.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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