Boris Johnson Labels Brussels Acrimonious

Boris Johnson has risked a further confrontation with the EU by claiming Brussels is not acting in good faith over Britain’s Brexit deal and the Prime Minister’s comments came as he saw the resignation of Senior Law Officer, Lord Keen after he was forced into a compromise over contentious plans to break international law by overriding the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement (WA).

Boris Johnson stated that they believed that their EU friends and partners would want to negotiate in good faith and that they’d been paid up members for 45 years.

Boris Johnson was asked directly if he thought the EU was acting in good faith and he said that he didn’t believe that they were.

Boris Johnson now faces concerted opposition to Government moves that would override the divorce deal with Brussels regarding trade with Northern Ireland and the Government will table an amendment to the UK Internal Market Bill, giving MPs a say before it can use powers which would breach the deal brokered with Brussels last year.

About 30 Tory rebels were thought to be preparing to vote for an amendment on Tuesday which would have needed a Commons vote before the conditions in the Bill relating to Northern Ireland could come into power.

Downing Street conceded and declared in a joint statement with Conservative MPs Sir Bob Neill and Damian Green that it would strive to amend the Bill to require the Commons to vote before a minister can use the powers included within it.

Meanwhile, US presidential election frontrunner Joe Biden has insisted the Good Friday peace deal in Northern Ireland cannot become a casualty of Brexit and as Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab was visiting Washington DC to debate the matter, former vice president Joe Biden, who is leading incumbent President Donald Trump in a string of nationwide polls ahead of the November election, insisted a further trade deal between the US and the United Kingdom could only happen if the peace agreement was respected.

Democratic Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi echoed his views and before a meeting with Nancy Pelosi, Dominic Raab blamed Brussels of the politicisation of Northern Ireland issues in the context of Brexit trade talks.

He said the EU stance endangered the Good Friday Agreement.

Dominic Raab said he’d made it clear that the United Kingdom had an absolute commitment to the Good Friday Agreement and he said that UK action here was defensive in regard to what the EU was doing and that it was precautionary and that they haven’t done any of this yet and that it was proportionate.

However, the Prime Minister is the one who never seems to keep any promises and he was sacked twice for heinous dishonesty. Mind you, you’ve got to admire his brass neck, endeavouring to gaslight the whole of the EU.

The man just doesn’t have any integrity and his no deal will be a tragedy and the standard Tory response when all else fails, blame everyone else and so now we have the Brexit fiasco and most of us knew it was going to be a disaster with Captain Pugwash at the helm.

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