As if Brexit And Coronavirus Were Not Enough

Boris Johnson’s close friends and colleagues say the subdued and sullen Prime Minister is stressing and whining about money after his earnings shrank from over £350,000 a year down to £150,000.

And those in contact with Boris Johnson claim the embattled premier, usually sociable and spirited, has distress etched on his face, as he flounders to cope with ever-growing political and personal pressures.

The Prime Minister is understood to loathe being at the helm in stormy seas as his longstanding tendency for dark moods is heightened by coronavirus and Brexit, which threaten to jeopardise his standing at the next General Election.

And although this is a tidy sum of money for most, Boris Johnson is whining about supporting four of his six children through university and coming out the other side of a costly divorce from his ex-wife Marina Wheeler.

His use of the flat he shares with fiancee Carrie Symonds, with whom he had newborn baby Wilfred this year, above No 11 is taxed as a benefit in kind, while he also has to pay for food sent up from the Downing Street kitchen.

The couple are even presented with a bill by the Government if they want to host friends at Boris Johnson’s Chequers country retreat and all of this has left the poorly served Prime Minister in a bad mood, whining about money and stressing about being able to afford a nanny as he invests all his time and energy into governing.

One friend told a media outlet that Boris, like other Prime Ministers, is very poorly served. He doesn’t have a housekeeper, he has a single cleaner and they’re worried about being able to afford a nanny.

He’s stuck in the flat and Downing Street and it isn’t a nice place to live. It’s not like the Élysée or the White House where you can get away from it because they’re so big.

And Senior Conservatives who meet regularly with the Prime Minister said the twin crisis of coronavirus and Brexit have knocked his confidence and usual positiveness.

Boris Johnson has encountered criticism domestically and on the world stage for pursuing madman legislation that would defy the Withdrawal Agreement brokered with the EU last year, breaking international law in the process.

And he was forced on Wednesday to agree to table an amendment to the Internal Market Bill, giving MPs a vote before the Government can use the powers related to Northern Ireland which would breach the treaty.

Top lawyer Amal Clooney slammed Boris Johnson’s lamentable Brexit plans as she resigned as a UK Government spokesperson on media freedom.

The top human rights expert and wife of actor George Clooney revealed she was leaving the high profile position over Boris Johnson’s intention to bring in new legislation that would override part of the Withdrawal Agreement he signed last year.

She said the UK’s actions threatened to encourage authoritarian governments that infringe international law with devastating consequences all over the world and Mrs Clooney said she was disappointed to have to leave because she’d always been proud of the UK’s reputation as a champion of the international legal order, and of the culture of fair play for which it’s known.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister is attempting to balance coronavirus hawks in favour of a second national lockdown with doves, including Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who understands that Britain can’t afford another economic shutdown.

Boris Johnson is now terrified by Government scientists with warnings of hundreds of daily coronavirus deaths within weeks as they told the terrified Prime Minister that there is no alternative to a second national lockdown.

He’s now threatening to intensify coronavirus constraints as early as Tuesday as he accuses the British public for the rise in cases, despite his regurgitated pleas for people to get back to their offices and eat out in a bid to rejuvenate Britain’s dying economy.

The Prime Minister is looking to ditch his Rule of Six and introduce fortnight-long circuit breakers nationwide for six months, following claims that it was inevitable that a second wave would hit the country.

A Government source told a media outlet that the United Kingdom could face short, sharp lockdowns for the next six months until a coronavirus vaccine is ready and a No 10 spokesman would not deny the claim when a media outlet approached the Prime Minister’s office for comment.

Irrespective of people’s bitterness towards Boris Johnson, the position of Prime Minister was always a more favourably paid position because it’s the most responsible position in the country, and whatever we might think of him personally, he’s now getting way less than other people such as footballers et cetera and now Boris Johnson has a train wreck to deal with and I doubt Labour would have done any better.

But let’s face it, if he had a nanny he’d be looking at getting his leg over again, so this is saving him lots of banknotes and what is it that the Tories usually say about the impoverished – can’t afford children, keep it in your pants – don’t expect any support or sympathy if you can’t.

He’s been sacked from various positions for lies and misdemeanours, has a cluster of children by numerous women, plus numerous affairs and mistresses – this is not Prime Minister material, this is Jeremy Kyle material, so is anyone that shocked on how inadequately he’s performing so far?

And did he not save any money while making all that cash, that’s not a good trait for a leader, not having planned for a future change in circumstances.

For £150,000 I’d work twice as hard as Boris Johnson, make sense when I talk, take 80 per cent less time off and keep my promises – you know like a normal person would – VOTE me!

Published by Angela Lloyd

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One thought on “As if Brexit And Coronavirus Were Not Enough

  1. Johnson’s complaints simply make him look like a hypocrite. Most people would love to have a salary of 150k per year, and they’d put a lot of effort into keeping it. I’ll never fail to be amazed that this self-serving arrogant pillock was chosen by the British public to lead us – even without the Coronavirus he’d have floundered.

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