Angela Merkel Warns Germany Is On The Brink Of Coronavirus Disaster

The German Chancellor has hit back at local leaders in the country for not supporting her tough coronavirus restrictions.

Angela Merkel took part in a marathon six-hour meeting with Germany’s sixteen state leaders to urge them to do more to stop the resurgent virus.

It comes as EU countries have reported their highest ever daily calculations of new virus cases, as deaths start to climb back to spring levels and behind closed doors, Angela Merkel was enraged with the local leaders for refusing to enforce restrictive new measures to impede the virus.

Germany’s federal system permits state Government reserves to override the Chancellors measures and gives them the final say on whether to enforce new laws and Angela Merkle said she was not happy with the leader’s refusal to accept curfews and a limit on gatherings.

She added that what they’d agreed was not enough to avert disaster.

The state leaders agreed to an 11 pm curfew on bars and restaurants, along with a ten-person limit on social gatherings. The leaders also agreed to make the use of face masks mandatory in busy indoor spaces.

Angela Merkle also noted during the meeting, Germany’s cases yesterday were tripling weekly and she said that what bothered her was the exponential rate of increase and that they had to stop that, otherwise, it wouldn’t end well.

It comes as Germany reported its highest ever daily case toll of the virus, at 6,638 yesterday and it demonstrates that the coronavirus is spreading through Germany at the same pace it was at the peak of the pandemic, with the last time the country reporting over 6,000 cases in April.

It takes the country to a total of 352,107 cases according to John Hopkins University and yesterday also saw Germany record a further 33 deaths from the virus.

Angela Merkel told the leaders neighbouring countries to Germany were having to take extremely drastic measures to beat back their surges in cases.

France reported more than 100 deaths per day on average this week, with President Emmanuel Macron’s Government declaring a public health state of emergency yesterday and under the state of emergency, Paris and eight other cities were thrown into a 9 pm curfew for four weeks.

He added that they need to get from 20,000 cases per day to 2 or 3,000.

Other European leaders declared harsh new measures as they began losing control of the virus’s spread.

Of course, some of this is founded on lies, fears and scare stories, plus they’re now telling us that we can’t return to normal and that we need a new normal, hinting towards their New World Order reset.

Boris Johnson was a good one, with him saying that we need to build back better and he said numerous times that we can’t go back to the way things were.

These leaders have no intention of going back to what life was like before coronavirus and it seems that they’re using fear scare stories and lies to brainwash the people into believing they need more protection and safety.

Combine that with climate change, saying that they need to bring in measures to save the earth, but what they really mean is they want to restrict what you do by taking your rights away and that it’s our fault and they’ve been calling temporary measures the new norm from the start.

Published by Angela Lloyd

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